The Beauty of Angelic Singing Would Cause the Children of Adam to Pass Away

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Sultanul Awliya   ·   Sohba/Discourse   ·   Lefke   ·   Tuesday, Aug 11, 2009

- listen and obey to reach our Lord's endless Glory Oceans
- come and ask for eternity
- Eternity is biggest grant from our Lord to His servants
- O people, come and run to Him and fall into sajda, bow yourself in front of His endless Greatness, Majestic Oceans
-The first one named as surrender(er) is Sayyidina Ibraham , the Friend of Allah, but it was through the Ascension of Sayyidina Muhammad (s)
- Sayyidina Muhammad (s)is the only one who can know and understand what it is to be in the Divine Presence
-leave your egoistic enjoyments and run after spiritual enjoyments; heavenly enjoyment of endless pleasure, beauty, peace, lights, endless pleasures, and everything through that level is endless
-if the Sons of Adam could hear the singing and praising of angels, they would run from materialism to hear that

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