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(Mawlana standing)

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah

Allah, Allah, Allah Subhanallah

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Subhanallah

Glory to You O our Lord, You are Creator. Whole glory mutlaq Glory, Absolute Glory from pre-eteranl up to eternal, for You, our Lord.

We are so in pleasure that You created us! And making mankind under the flag of Your most beloved and glorified servant of Your Divinely Presence only for Sayyidina Muhammad (s) from his nation endless, countless, absolute greatness granted by Yourself to Your most most glorified servant Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and making ourselves to be from his nation. Alhamdulillah.

O people everything in existence they a re proud, they are happy, they are in peace, the are in endless enjoyment O people, we are saying.

La ilaha illa-Allah Sayyidina Muhammad  Rasulullah (s). That is our endless honor. And we are saying A`udhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem.” We are against Shaytaan, against whom they are following Shaytaan and we are against every satanic tricks or traps. We never accepting Satanic, Satan’s ideas that trying to give to people and to cheat them. Beware O mankind that are living through your calendar, 21st century. Long time ago just this world created, no one knows.

But man, man created and Allah Almighty landing them on this planet.

We are believing that mankind not created on this planet. No. Created in a place, no place, in a time, no time, by that One that place He is never going to need a place and He is never surrounded by units of time. No. He created. Where? He knows. When? He knows. But we are not created on this planet. This planet, when it is created, He knows.

Also [they are] knowing [those] that they are granted a Heavenly Knowledge, Heavenly Knowledge. They can't say that anyone may reach Divinely Knowledge. No.

Heavenly Knowledge it is more than enough to be honor for mankind.

Divinely Knowledge, He knows. There is a hajib, (veil) curtain, that we can only say curtain. But only we can say that word, but no one can be able to bring a meaning and mahiyyet (description) and its  Description. Only we know there is a curtain. Don't think it is a curtain on your windows; curtains, through your homes; curtains through yourselves and some weak ones, no. Only for to be understood this name we may say: Hujub al-`azhama. And then so many curtains and then hijabun `azheem. (Almightiness Veil) Almighty Majestic Curtain. Countless curtains.

But there is Hijab al-`azhama. Hijab al-`azhama, uff! Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar al-akbar. Allahu Akbar al-akbar. SubhanSen Ya Rabbee! Allahu Akbar al-akbar, Allahu Akbar al-akbar Allahu Akbar al-akbar.

Majestic Curtain, Eternal Majestic Curtain for You. No one knowing.

And then countless curtains...

He Almighty asked for, better to say “asked” He Willed, He Willed to create an mirror. Mirror, Divinely Mirror for His Majestic Being.

We are not saying about His mutlaq Huwiyya, His Absolute Essence, we are not speaking on it, we cannot speak on His Divinely Siffaat. (Attributes) Attributes. No. We are coming down to His Divinely Names, Divinely Names.

Divinely Names leading to a gorus, tajalli, Divinely Names leading to a Divinely Manifestation. No beginning or ending for Divinely Names. And each Name… (Adhan sounds, Mawlana stands up)

(Adhan ends)

Sayyidina Muhammad (s) …Wahdahu

as-salaatu was-salaamu `alayk... a`ti Muhammad al-waseelah...

SubhanAllah! Glory to Allah, from pre-eternal up to eternal. Majestic and Almighty Essence, only for Him Almighty. We are trying to say something but everyone from those people who have been granted Heavenly Knowledge and Heavenly Knowledge also unable for creatures to surround and to reach its end, SubhanAllah.

This time that we are in it showing that we are running to an end and the Lord of creation, our Lord, our Creator, Almighty Allah, Almighty and Majestic, His Majesty - Shaykh Adnan Effendi - just can be seen through every creation as much as they may be small, as a mirror giving something about yourself, the smallest creature through creation (Turkish) reflecting, when you are looking that mirror you are seeing something. If no mirror you are seeing nothing.

And everything in existence that He Almighty created and if you are trying to speak on it a little bit more up to eternal, eternity, you are not finishing. Mirror reflecting to you something but you are looking in it and you are thinking that you are identity, shakhsiyya, in it, but you are not there. It is only a reflection from where? When you are standing and looking that reflects from where coming and entering in it. How entering and showing you there? And you can't touch it. Impossible. You may spread your hand (put hand forward) to it but you are unable to reach to that, there.

And you are looking yourself, "I am here" (points to himself) but who is that one (points to mirror)? “Who is that one?” If no mirror, if a person going to be only one on this earth, he may say "Who is that one?" If anyone not saying that “that is yours," You can’t believe, saying "no, how you are saying I am this one? I am here. But who is that one?  What is your proof that this is myself? I am not believing. I can't believe that I may be inside in such a clear way. I am looking.”

Yes, your eyes seeing everything except themselves. Our eyes looking seeing everything. Only can't see themselves, therefore looking that mirror and saying, "Who is that one? Who is that one?" And we may say, "you are seeing your eyes there, is it so my eyes, really?"

This is a piece of glass. How you are saying that my eyes in it and look to yourself from there you are looking to yourself and making very... (looks up and down) Everything is ok, but my eyes, I can't see them.

These eyes can’t see themselves but I am looking and seeing there. what is that one? Am I that one or another one? That is an appearance. (mazhar) mazhar, appearance, mazaahir. Everything there appearance, but how, from where coming their appearance, no one can say.

Therefore the Lord of heavens, He is creating from pre-eternal up to eternal, takhliq, to be able to create, endlessly going on. And it is impossible for a one, for a person to follow and to add numbers and their attributes from beginning up to end, because you can't be able to know beginning and ending.

And the Lord of Heavens. How many heavens? Seven heavens. According to our capacity.

A ant may look through it self around itself. And its understanding that area but he, it cannot be able to see whole world. It is only looking and seeing what it is possible for itself. And we are now looking a mirror and saying, "SubhanAllah who is that one? Am I that one? You must bring witness that (testifies), “this, you are."

And everything in existence, the Lord of heavens, heavens, only we are, we have been granted seven heavens. Beyond that seven heavens how many countless heavens running? (amana wa sadaqna) running, running, running. What is their beginnings and where they are going and where are their ends, no.

But everything now, O people, they are happy and proud about their creation, therefore they are saying, "SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah glory for our Lord only, Endlessly Glory, endless Majestic Glory for our Lord." Everything saying this tasbeeh, (amana wa sadaqna) and they are happy and proud that they are in creation. Only mughaafil, heedless man, that it is, it was ... ehaqqe, (deserving) deserving to look and to say “SubhanAllah,” but man they are heedless. They are heedless.

Someone saying to me Irish people good people and adding only they are drunk and I am saying now they are drunk by drinking whiskey, or such a wines. Wines that making them not to be able to collect their minds on such a realities. And now people are now drunk through this temporary (temporary muwaqqat) temporary life aspects, making people drunk and no time for them to ask, "Who is that One who placed everything in its place, who is that one?" Because drunk can't ask. some awakening people whom they are taking from... “bal hum k’al-an`am bal adal - Those people who are not asking more from this life their levels under the level of animals.”

Today Subhanallah…time is over. وَلِكُلِّ قَوْمٍ هَادٍ Wa li-kulli qawmin haad. Two meanings. "For every nation there is a guide."  (13:7)

Also naqul haad, as limit. (eg) "For everything there is a limit" and we are reaching to a limit that is appointed to ourselves on this plane. Then what is coming, no one knows. The only thing we have been asked by the Lord of Creation is to say “Absolute Glory, Majestic Being for our Lord Subhanallah. Only this the Lord of Creation asking His servant to say, "O our Lord, You are so mighty, endless mighty, endless beauty, endless essence, endlessly life from pre-eternal up to eternal. Eternity for You. We are proud You created us for You. Whole glory and absolute powerful to be powerful is for You, we are so Happy, O our Lord, to be Your servant.”

Look O mankind, even every atom they are so proud  because they have been created and just brought in creation, therefore .


وَإِن مِّن شَيْءٍ إِلاَّ يُسَبِّحُ بِحَمْدَهِ وَلَـكِن لاَّ تَفْقَهُونَ تَسْبِيحَهُمْ

Wa in min shayin illa yusabihu bi-hamdih. there is not a thing but celebrates His praise; Al-Isra [17:44]

Everything glorifying their creator except heedless people, that they are (maskhara) whom they are Shaytan’s slaves, they are not thinking on that glory. They are in heedlessness. They are not saying we are so proud and happy our Lord created us.

O people! Leave Satanic struggling and discussion and quarreling and fighting! Leave everything and turn your faces to Heavenly Presence of Your Lord to be happy here and hereafter forever through endless mercy oceans of your Lord, through eternal life. May Allah forgives us, Fatiha.


(bahrun `ameeq, Mawlana] `Ajabak? Hisham, Adnan Effendi?

how long now, (five weeks) about 30 majlis. Allah Allah.


(Allah, Allah SubhanAllah. ilee `indahu internet bishufu)



(masha-Allah, masha-Allah, shayyin `adheem min `uloom al-awaleen wal-akhireen)


how many people now?


mubashiratan. direct live.

from beginning up today, how many.

(1.5 million.)

(yantafi`u min weyn hadha  al-`uloom.)