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La ilaha illa-Allah
La ilaha illa-Allah
La ilaha illa-Allah
Muhammad Rasulullah
`alahyhi salaatullah wa salaamuh
As-salaat was-salaamu `alaykum ya sayyidee, …ya habeeb rabbil-`alameen
Allah Allah,
Beklece bunlar?
Sey yok.
[Shaykh Hisham: Kanoo mahtootun `ala suratik ya sayyidee]
A`udhu billah min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem
Alhamdulillahi rabbil-`alameen was-salaat was-salaam `ala Sayyidina Muhammad sayyidi’l-awwaleen wa’l-akhireen… wa mustaghfiran lil-mudhnibeen,
As-salaam `alaykum,
Everyone that looking or listening to be under Divinely peace and blessings. Dastoor ya rijaalullah. I am asking heavenly support from holy ones that they are always asking to be with the Lord of Heavens. They are happy to be with Divinely servants. Therefore we may take pure support from those people whom they are asking closely from the lord of heavens. And no one can be able to come closer from the Divine Presence without trying to be closer to the Seal of Prophets, most glorified one in the Divine Present. And no one can be able to be closer from the Seal of Prophets most glorified servant in the Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). May Allah forgives us for the honor  of his most glorified servant most ? servant Sayyidina Muhammad (s).
If they are not asking to be closer from someones whom they are asking only jiwaarun-nabi (s) whom asking to be with seal of Prophets (s) Sayyidina Muhammad (s).
They are running away from dunya leaving dunya and its ladhat, its pleasures. They are wise ones, o people. Wise ones. Who is wise one? Who may be able to make a difference between stone and a ruby. Bothe of them they ar stones but if a person is going to be blind you may give through his hands one ruby and one piece of rock, he never making a difference between ruby and rock piece. Because He is not seeing .
Therefore people now they are on two different ways or different groups. One of them opened eyed. And another ones blind ones. blind person never making any difference a ruby and a piece of stone. Therefore we must look someone who may understand, tameez, difference between real being and imitated being. And everything that we are looking and seeing some of them carrying real being some of them carrying imitated being. And we have been ordered to run after a real being through this life. This life its main target, people to look and to run and to find reality. Reality - that means real being of everything. But I am sorry to say it is a reality now, people running after imitated beings. Or to make it much more clear, there are now so many things just look like a real diamond, but it is not diamond. Looks like a ruby but it is not ruby. Real ruby. But people they are not looking to understand which one is real ones. they are saying “I don’t care.” If you are saying “I don’t care” you are never reaching anything through reality through your whole life and you are coming here blind and going blind. And we have been sent here for an opening. People coming blind. But prophets coming that they are chosen ones, and granted a power over our material power, they have spiritual power. They are calling people to reality. Their whole prophets. And they are real followers also they are real ones whom they are going to reach real rubies, real diamonds, real emeralds, real sapphires, real inci, [pearls].
It is so difficult. It is so difficult to find a true one to show you or to give to you a real one through your whole life. People saying we are only created for eating, drinking and for our sexual pleasures. That is the level of animals. Whom their important only is eating, drinking and their sexual pleasures, their level is the level of animals.
And now we are living 21st century in the 21st century. It is a new calendar but real calendar beginning for mankind from first man, Sayyidina Adam , the father of mankind. But they are not using that and they are saying that we are using Christian calendar that we are believing it is beginning from the birth of Jesus Christ. But they are coming through the time that mankind just found on earth and putting a limit from that time we are adding years. It is wrong. You must say the beginning of calendar first man, when he put his feet on earth, that is the first day first month, first year, for real calendar. Who knows the lord knows. And also knowing those people who they have been taught by their Lord, they are knowing the beginning of our real calendar. And others it is for some occasions if they are saying calendar of west. Countries. We have Islamic calendar. We are suing that after beginning of mankind on earth that they are keeping as a beginning or as a new beginning for mankind they are using Islamic calendar. But Islamic calendar just absolutely changed everything. The day of beginning of Islamic calendar. Before what happened it is just closed through the papers of calendars – it is not important for us. We are knowing the first beginning with Adam and eve, but most important one. Adam was the first man and first prophet. Then Allah Almighty sending to mankind. And Sayyidina Muhammad (s) peace be upon him, he is the last one that has been sent through heavens to mankind on earth so that first man was the first prophet and coming after him hundreds and thousands of prophets, but the last halqa [chain] chain, is going to finish with Sayyidina Muhammad (s). therefore the beginning of the Islamic calendar, signing that the day of resurrection is just reaching and you must add the years to that to be prepared for the Judgment Day.
Yes, the seal of prophets his chain reaching and completing circle of prophets.
Now we are saying that through this calendar, that west. Countries or whole world using it, signing that the Judgment Day just approaching. And Islamic Calendar that based on a base it is not a imagination. It is a reality. A reality.
Reality. With the Seal of Prophets (s). And everything now you may use for balancing every happening you may balance with the Islamic calendar. And Islamic calendar now, as the Prophet (s) informed that it is going to be 1500 years. Now we are reaching 1430. One-thousand four hundred and thirty.
Giving a real knowledge about reality of this life on this planet. People – what they are doing now? They never interesting in anything beyond their material beings. They are leaving and finally coming to be dust. Taking nothing. Learning nothing. Finishing. But the lord of heavens, just sent us to know something about our lives; something about destination of mankind. That is important. But people never interesting about their destinations. Only saying they are born and finally we are going to be dust. No. it is not a true knowledge – never!
It is such a kimetsiz, no value, thought or idea. Don’t use your idea, "O people who they are living on earth now, because your ideas, as much as you can find man on earth you can find different ideas. They are not following different ideas but we are following reality that coming from heavens to chosen people among mankind through holy books. You must look after that, but I am sorry to say that no one interesting through holy books that had been sent from heavens and particularly the seal of prophets just granted the last message, the last heavenly message. Everyone know that there is heavenly messages. I am asking them: if you are believing in heavenly messages what you are doing? Are you following heavenly messages? Never! But you are leaving heavenly messages and inventing so many wasikh, dirty ideas, saying that is … theory. Theory. We are not running after theories. Whole theories are of no value because you may bring a theory and after a while another person bringing another theory and destroying your theory.
Golden is always golden. Tin is always tin. Copper always copper. Sliver always silver, gold always gold. Diamond is always diamond. But people they are not looking. People thinking that with their theories they can do something they may collect hearts of people.
No , theories perhaps can find some people to follow them, but not forever. Or cannot be for everyone. But heavenly revelations, heavenly messages no one can say this is wrong or this is not true.
Always golden is golden. Therefore people now living people on earth they are on wrong way.
Sahda, muzawar, false ideas. Hundreds, thousands, but can’t be able to take people from downstairs to upstairs. Can’t be able any idea to save people from a deep well, to take them up.
Because they are hopes like a spider’s web. Can’t be. You must use heavenly message for saving mankind now. As long as you are running away and asking we may hala, we may bring solution to that crisis. No, no one can bring. Today up to day of resurrection, people’s ideas or theories cannot bring a solution for mankind and their problems. First of all Muslim world must learn this and must believe in it. As long as they are not believing and putting that heavenly orders in acting, no solution between Islamic Countries and between their people. That is mot important point.
Therefore we are refusing everything made by man’s theories.
We are not believing, no it is impossible.
That is biggest crisis, [problem?] what is now whole world falling in it? [economical crisis] economical crisis and other things. No one can bring a solution through their mindly productions. Never! They may tiring, they may tire but never bringing any solution. Chaos. Chaos. No one can bring. Or no one can bring a peace to people through their physical beings and through their heartly beings. That is most important point that first of all responsibility for Muslim countries that they are claiming “we are Muslims and putting Holy Qur'an up high and saying we are bringing solutions for every problems of our life.” Therefore that troubles and wars and fightings and killings, everything should continue til they are coming and saying tawba Ya Rabbee. Tubna wa raji’na ilayk Ya Rabbee.
Therefore we are need for people to follow someone’s that they may look heavenly realities that re mentioned through holy Qur'an. The last message through heavens if they are not doing they should be destroyed. There is no way for them. Every way is just closed. They will not be able to get out. O Muslim countries you must come back to the judgment of your Lord Allah Almighty. Until you are coming and taking a heavenly wasiya, advices you are going to finish and vanishing and you are going to be in troubles here and hereafter. Because to run away from holy Shari`at that is the reason of troubles and troublemakers are well known people. Troublemakers are Shaytan’s Shaytanler. Deputies of Shaytan so many deputies of Shaytan. Prophet was saying before Judgment Day should come 30 dirty people. 30 dirty people, making people to lose their real ways and carrying them through mamaalik, through the values of trouble and miseries and every bad thing they should reach fire here because they are leaving real guides of mankind that Allah Almighty promising “O Adam I am sending to your children someone’s with my guidance. Anyone following my guides should be saved. If not they should be falling in fire, here and hereafter.” May Allah forgive us.
O people I am nothing. But I am saying that I am calling you to accept reality. Leave to make troubles among yourselves. Come altogether under the flag of the unity of the Lord Almighty and accept his guidance through his guides. Don’t say tavukcracy and hypocrisy. Leave that satanic ways and come and join to each other under holy flag of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). May Allah forgive us for the honor of that one. Bi jaahi suratul Fatiha ya rabb.
[Mash-Allah sayyidee, 51 minutes.]
Ok sir.
That is the reason according to command of Allah Almighty, “fa dhakkir - make them O My beloved one, make My servants to remember what I sent to them. That is My order.”
According to that order we are doing only very simple words. I am only a weak servant as much as possible, or as much as heavenly support giving to me a chance for reminding you for realities. That is my mission. Nothing else.
Because... I am not asking anything from this life, finished. I am not asking to be a famous person a Shaykh ul-Islam or a king or something, finished. No. I am only a naasih, advisor. Who accepting, welcome. Who not accepting they know “Laa ikraaha fi'd-deen - We are not forcing anyone to listen or to act.” No. they are free with their free irada, free wills they may do. I am not taking through my hand ...a stick. No! I am only trying to remind people what is necessary for them.
May Allah forgive us for the honor of the most highly honored one in Divine Presence . give all your respect to the one who is reason for the whole creation. [adhan sounds] Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.
[Mawlana stands up out of respect for adhan]
[Masha-Allah sayyidee al-yawm tajalli tamam.]
Our people may pray in mosque.