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Eternal... that is ebedi. Eternity.

For the Lord of Heavens, and He created us. That declaration from servants to say "O our Creator! You are our Lord and we are Your servants." That declaration making our Lord Almighty Allah to be pleased with us.

Madad ya Sultan al-Anbiya, O Most Glorified and most Honored, most Glorious Servant of Allah Almighty.

We are proud to be your nation. To be one from your countless nation. It is such a big prize, such a big honor, it is impossible to say anything for description [of] that honor.

O people! Be believers.

O people! Try to believe!

O people! Try to take away your ego and give your most high respect and glorifying only to Your Creator, Haqq, Subhanahu wa ta`ala Allah Almighty.

That is as a introduction, or you may say preface. If we are going to follow Preface, may take that speech on it, up to end of this world. And may finish if whole trees going to be pens or pencils it is so small for glorifying or trying our Lord's glorifying or our Lord's Glory.

Everything just granted from Allah, the Creator to creatures according to their understanding or according their maqdirah, possibilities for understanding. Because everything has a possibility according to their positions for understanding. Don't think that an ant's understanding going to be same as a bee. Don't think that understanding of a bird similar understanding of a bee. Don't think that falcons understanding is the same understanding of a pigeon.

Everything in existence, they have a private position for understanding of their Lord. Because everything in existence if we are looking in it, we are looking and seeing an appearance from their Creator. And everything they have special appearances in Divinely Mirrors. If no mirrors, no one can see himself or anything else. Therefore every creature just created they have special mirrors. If they are looking to that mirror, can understand about itself, herself or himself.

That is a deep ocean. Deep ocean. It is not enough  for giving an explanation on that pre-appearances that coming as a reflection through minutes and less, and less and less, to ever-ending less. If you are looking up, that appearance going to appear endlessly up to endless, up to point of glorifying on the last point of being in existence through eternity.

May Allah forgives us. We are very weak ones as well as we are weakest ones for understanding becuase every time our souls asking to know about the Lord of heavens, the Lord of spirits, the Lord of souls, the Lord of suret [picture, image] images of everyone. So different, so different. Countless differences among two ones. And this is an endless ocean. Allahu Akbar, Allahu akbar al-akbar, subhanAllah.

And He is eternal, the Lord of Heavens. Eternity only for Him Almighty Allah, but from His Endless Sakhaawa, Karam [generosity] eh from His endless Generosity, giving to everyone from His Endless Mercy Oceans, that Mercy Oceans including countless kinds of creation. Countless.

That is Divinely Glory for our Lord's Glorious, Most glorious Being. And you must happy. We must be happy on our levels, because endless creation, endless creation and endless creatures, countless, countless, only belongs to our Lord and we are speaking only on our levels that it is different from every levels of creation. Because you can't find two levels similar, same time. And it such `Azhamat, Heybet, appearance of glorifying our Lord that He is creating, creating countless worlds, countless universes, countless `awaalim, [planets], countless creation and each one it is only in its position, only one. No a second one from creation going to be same or similar to anyone else. [mashaAllah] Even Ya Shaykh Hisham Effendi, even they say there is atoms, they are similar. They are saying, for example, Hydrogen atoms, they are similar. And I am saying that I am nothing, I am saying "If they are all similars, why they are not getting altogether to be one?" If I am similar to Sahib, why going to be one Sahib and another I am here? As whole mankind, they are similar, but not hundred percent similar, no. If they were 100% similar must be only one, many not. Or Hydrogen atoms, if every one they were the same why going to be millions, billions or quadrillions of atoms. Why not coming altogether? Which thing making them to make each one appear by itself as a private , private being in existence? Must be all of them one. That means each atoms has a special being and everyone, each one just hareesan, they are so greedy to keep its personaltiy. Each atom, another personality it has. Therefore not saying, "O all are alike - you should be one block."

There should be just one block of Hydrogen atoms. That is coming to me so often, ...if Hydrogen atoms or other atoms if they are the same why they are going to be different that milions or billions or trillions of atoms. Why they are not coming to be one mass, only one atom only?  Who making them to be different? That means every atom has its own and independent mustaqill, and iwanlik being in existdnce. So no one going to be happy to be with second one together.

Everyone asking to be independent in Divinely Presenceto grant their glorifying of their Lord independently and freely. This point was coming to my heart. I would like to ask this point from scientists, which is coming to me such idea, that why atoms if they are all the same why not coming altogether to be one atom, one mass? If I am saying this, I may say if whole mankind are same, why they are going to be this one, that one, this one? They must all be in one qaalib, one form, one form, one man. Why making so [many] different billions and trillions people to be each one separated and independent? What is their independency that making them to be alone in its position, not accepting to be with that one? What is that?

That is secret of the Lord of Heavens. Secret of the Creator that He putting that He is not accepting to be in its independency. No that is independent and that is independent and that is independent and He is filling the world with mankind. If they are similar then there is only needed to be Adam and Eve. Why coming from Adam and Eve, billions and billions, for what that huge number of people? What is the reason? Why the Lord of Heavens not keeping them all in one man and one woman?[Rather]  Making them to be countless independent beings.

Always I am thinking on that those atoms. Why all those atoms not going to be happy to be similar to silver atom? We must ask also which thing making silver atoms to be independent and never asking to be a golden atom? Why?

Who making them to insist to keep their personality and everyone happy with their being with their existence, existent, they are happy. No one silver atom asking to be a golden atom or a golden atom never asking to be silver atom. Each one they are happy being silver, being golden, being copper, being hadeed, iron, being teneke, tin, why?

That showing that the Lord of Heavens, Allah Almighty He is doing and granting them special name in the Divine Presence. SubhanAllah, Hisham Effendi.

I don’t think that a fish, shark, asking to be like usral, dolphin or dolphin asking to be like a balina, whale. No, everyone saying, even small ones, they never asking to be like gigantic fish and gigantic fish not asking to be like small fish.

Everything in its position is happy with its Creator and... may Allah forgives us, Hisham Effendi.

And O people don't waste your valuable times to be empty, because everyone running on their destination. That destination it is another endless ocean to be granted everything in different destination. Maybe one hundred whales but everyone's destination is so different.

It may be one thousand small blue fish. No one asking to be, yumaththal, to be representing by another one. No, everyone is saying "I am independent. I don't like anyone standing on behalf of me and he is saying 'my representative, I am giving to you because you are like me and I am like you.'"

No, all different and we are speaking on atoms and no any atom is happy to say to second atom [saying] “ you may represent myself in yourself.”  No, [rather] saying "I am something else, you are something else.  You are in Divinely Presence an independent being as well as I am myself  an independent being in Divinely Presence.”

“Why I am going to lose my independency through yourself? No. I am standing up and I am glorifying My Lord myself, not through yourself, no. To be, to grant my glorifying to My Lord it is honor for me independently.”

“You also, granting your endless glorifying to Your Lord and it is all for you. No one asking to me mumaththal, represented by another, no.”

 That is the Lord's Endless, Endless Power Oceans. Endless Knowledge Oceans. Endless Greatest Creation Oceans. Such a things, when you are hearing or listening or trying to understand something, giving to your from ma`rifatullah, from Holy Knowledge of Creator, Allah Almighty.

O people look. Leave useless things and come and listen and accept real diamonds and pearls that granted to you through heavenly beings, through prophets, peace be upon them. One day you may be peshman olma [enemy] dushman deyil. One day you may be ya-rayt ma..., [wishing that I didn't do it] another one [regretting] regretting why I am not using what granted to me alone and I left this to that one, when the greatest opening coming to everyone on the Day of Resurrection, Resurrection making everything to wake up and understanding and that understanding beginning from the Day of tem... Trumpet. From [time of] Trumpet and on, you can’t imagine that people ask “Why, why, why, we wasted a chance to know such a things through our short life and may Allah forgive us !” O Shaykh Hisham.

It is a deep ocean coming today that I never thinking on it but suddenly coming to my heart and going to my mind and opening through my speech.

May Allah gives us maqdirah [ability] ability to understand something that [has] no scale, its amount.

[tea is poured for Mawlana]

Bismillahi ’r-Rahmani ’r-Raheem   

May Allah forgives us. Such a knowledge preparing people for big events, big visions that they are running on it and they are coming on them. But people now they are only khadaam [servants] servants of their stomachs and they were mostly they're servants of their rides*, nothing else.

Now we are living [in the] 21st century, but people they are occupied themselves with such a things that [have] no value, and leaving most precious things that canot be reached a person after death, after this life. They should be on their levels no more getting up. Therefore prophets asking, "O people, leave that muwaqqat, temporary life and come and ask permanent delights of your life that you are running on it.

May Allah forgives us.

[masha-Allah ahsantum. High level English Sayyidee!]

Masha-Allah, I dont' think so.


Shakespeare cannot speak what I am speaking.

He should be ashamed if English language like this,

I must leave English language and

I must  try to learn his language.  My language.

[Mawlana this is best language, dumm, dumm, language]

dumm, dumm,...

dumm, dumm,...

O my people,

O my people,

listen to me,

run after such a vision

 glorified futures for eternity,

you should be happy forever,

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

[masha-Allah top quality of music]

He is saying that now I am reaching top point of singing,

but I don’t think that it is true,

because he can't understand what is the high position of my English,

here, hereafter,

dumm, dumm, dumm, 

[`Asr Sayyidee]


*sexual desires.