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We are saying A`udhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem and Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem and asking from Holy Ones, Holy Support and saying Dastoor Ya RijaalAllah. O our Lord’s Friends, ahbaab an-Nabi (s) friends of the Seal of Prophet they are no the way to be friends of Allah almighty. As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakutuh. Peace be upon you O mankind whom they are using their minds for good things. Some people they are using their minds and wills also on wrong way. And their minds going to be curumus, rotten, rotten. Rotten, "O people! Look and hear and listen and obey. Don’t be rotten mind ones. That is important. People running to cure their illnesses. And they are building hundreds or thousands of hospitals for recovering their physical illnesses. But I never hearing that people are taking care for their minds’ if it is rotten one rotten mind or not. People they are never taking any care for that point. They are saying, "O they are perfect mind person. W are perfect ones. We love everything. We can understand everything. We can do everything. We are not in need a guidance from heavens, particularly if you are saying, "O people! take care for a guidance from heavens.” They are saying, “No, no. We are not in need to take guide and his guideness. No. we are on this earth, we are patrons (bosses). We are masters. We are commanders. We are perfect ones. We are full-mind perfect-mind ones. We never need to take a guide from heavens or guidance.”

That is wrong idea that covered now from east to west, from north to south.

Everyone thinking they are in perfection through themselves. No one accepting anyone to be over his level. They are saying, “Our level last level. We are not, we can’t carry over our levels to be even one person.”

Yes, thousands people. Past time, that time dunya inhabitants on dunya they were like handful bi nisbet (by comparison) by comparison to our time, their time, they were only handful people. Therefore from beginning the Lord of heavens sending, as He promised to human nature, when He is sending them down to be on this planet.

I am asking sometimes, "O people you are occupying yourselves about space, about planets, about solar system, about galaxies. And you are looking through your telescopes. You are researching planets. For what you are keenly desiring to find a living creature on any planet? Up today no one reporting that they found a creature on Mars or on Venus or on Saturn or on Mercury or on Jupiter. No one reporting even nearest one, from our system, the moon. They are keenly  making a research on the moon if they can find any living creature on it.

Yes, they said that they landed on the moon. Maybe wrong. Maybe true. Leave that discussion. But they said, "that they landed on the moon's face. Face on moon and going around looking a sign from a living one.  From plants or from animals or from mankind. Do you think that they found any isharet, sign, of life? Never!

Yes stupid. Now leave that come and look where you are living. You are saying that we are living on a planet. We are looking from far distance a sphere. Sphere. We are looking from a distance, it is only a globe turning and running. Jumping and dancing. Time by time our globe dancing also, Nabeel you know? Huh? Yes. They may say, “our planet, time by time, jumping, time by time and dancing; time by time making zigzags. They may say . And I am asking, “If our planet is dancing must be someone singing for it so that it must dance.”

Yes!? Because without music no one standing up and jumping and dancing. Must be two of them, same time. I am asking, I ask some professor that he was very very serious professor. Looking like this. “O professor, I have a question.” “Yes sir what is your question?” “Do you think that our planet running?” He s aid, “yes.” “if it is running, it may jump?” “Maybe jumping.” “What is the sign of jumping?” “The sign of jumping is sometimes going to be earthquakes, that signing that our planet, sometimes jumping up.” “Yes, ok, do you think that our planet…eeey, hearing and jumping hearing and jumping after jumping, jumping there is a dancing?” “Yes, maybe, maybe our planet also may dance.” “Yes, thank you.” “Are you dancing?” “Once upon a time I was dancing, not now. I am dancing no, when I was young one I was dancing.” “You are dancing without music?” “No, no, no can’t be. Man can dance by music. Music coming, going, then we are dancing.”

(Mawlana singing):

If we are full drunk oness

And when we are drunk ones,

We may sing,

We may dance


“What do you think you are saying our planet dancing, I am asking to you as you are saying ‘I am authority for heavenly for space, for astronomy,’ how, what is your opinion, our sphere dancing without singing?”

“Oooh? Singing?” “Yes, singing. Without singing you can’t dance. You are hearing singing?” “I am not hearing but if anyone dancing must hear singing, then he can ask to dance. Therefore our globe if dancing because it jumping must be a singing for it. And what do you think for our globe it may hear, hearing heavenly singing? Why you are not accepting that? Why you are not accepting that there is singing through space? Must be singing and that singing it is heavenly singing. Heavenly singing belongs to the Lord of heavens who created heavens that heavens they ar singing and their singing is heavenly singings. Not like your singings. You are going to sing when you are going to be drunk, but our globe, it is not drunk. It is knowing about the Lord of heavens and that nashaat, enjoyment coming to our sphere and singing and dancing and his singing is not like singing. Its singing is to say “praise and Glory be on You, "O my Creator! From pre-eternal up to eternal, You are the Only One Who is Praised and Glorified and Majestic One Who His Dominions (n)ever-ending from pre-eternal up to eternal.”

Our globe is drunk but not drinking dirty waters of Satan.  Its, its singing from Divinely drinks, making it to be drunk for the love of its Creator, for the love and respect of its Creator, "O people! now it is going to be preface. There is something else. I am asking, “You are looking everywhere to find some living ones on planets. Because they can’t reach beyond planets. It is impossible to get out from solar system. Impossible, even inside, but they are trying to find some creation on planets. They are never finding. And the prophets whom they have been sent by the Lord  of heavens, by the Lord of Creation, they are asking to find some new creatures but it is impossible. But we are on this planet. And through holy books and through holy declarations through holy knowledge that granted someone’s on this planet, signing and saying and informing and teaching living ones and saying to them “O living ones on this planet! You are not in existence on this planet. Your existence coming from outside of this planet."

Therefore there is so many wrong things that so many religious or religions or religious people they are not bringing reality to say to people “they are saying that Adam and Eve was created on this planet.” No. That is wrong, wrong understanding and wrong declaration. Who living now on this planet its commander whom they have been sent on it they have been created through heavens and then they have been landed on this planet. Therefore our creation on earth as man, they were landed from heavens on this planet. No one was created on this planet. No, only they are coming from heavens and if you are saying objecting on it, what about mankind and their dhurriyah, offspring (generation) what about them? Yes. They were not in existence before their mom’s getting pregnant, no life. No life. But they are coming when the Lord of heavens asking to create a new one on this planet sending that one’s soul from heavens, coming. Nothing going to be in life by itself on any planet. Coming from up. From heavens.

Yes. And they are speaking on a very important point that people they are getting wrong ideas and they are not trusting heavenly declarations and they are trying to make a solution for everything on this planet without asking any yardim, aid help, from heavens. They can’t do. Every solution for everything on this planetis (only) going to be solved by heavenly orders. That is biggest wrong that people thinking that they bring for everything a solution but they are 100% wrong ones. Everything is going to be on its real majra, channel, through heavenly orders. If no heavenly orders, no raining. No plants, no animals. No oceans. No waters. Everything by the Order of the Lord of heavens.

O people! You are on wrong way now. You are making a way heavenly powers, you are trying to make it to be forgotten. Everything that sen garistinme everything on earth, every happening must be in, must be related through heavenly orders. And people ,professors, doctors, specialists, scientist they are on wrong way asking to make everything from earth, to earth. No! There is a unbroken silah, connection through our planet and heavens. And our planet never moving without a new order from heavens but Shaytaanic teachings trying to cut off people’s relation from heavens and that is the sources of every cursing just happening and should happen in future.

Therefore, O people! you must try to change your minds. You must try to understand what we are saying, it is something from holy books. You are reading holy books like a fairy tale books, haasha. You must understand therefore Allah almighty saying fas’al bih khabeera, the Lord of heavens saying "you are not understanding anything you must ask from such a people that they should be very rare, like rubies."  They are also very rare if you are asking to understand something, such as the secrets of this planet and its connection with heavens.

May Allah forgive us and give us a good understanding.

Leave shaytaan and don’t follow its nonsense ideas, come and follow real knowledge from prophet’s inheritors. That they reached, their knowledge reaching to heavens.

May Allah forgives us, Fatiha.

(40 minutes)

(Mawlana makes du`a:Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem)

At least O man, you may ask for yourself, “who am i?” Yes you understanding English? Ask yourself, “who am i?” and you may ask another question: “where I am going? Where I am going?” “who am i?” first question and 2nd question “to where I am going?” bring answers through your knowledge if you are not in need of heavenly knowledge, answer to me as I am saying to myself, “Who am i?” and second, “where I am going? Where I am moving? Where am I taken?”

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm

Shukr sana, ey rabbiniz shukran san

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm

Who is only that One Creating everything,

No one knowing for it any beginning or ending

You only One the Creator,

You only One Glorious,

You Only One Majestic,

You Only One the Lord of creation

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm

Huw Allahu huw Allahu alahu Allah, huw Allah huw.

Allah Allah, Allah

You Only One

Allah Allah

You  only One

Majestic One


From beginning

From beginning from eternal to eternal

You only One

the Creator for everything

Forgive us

Forgive us

And give Your endless mercy

through this holy month


how long?

(45 minutes)

(Shaykh Hisham, Hajjah and Omar sending salaams.)


Yes very happy.