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(Mawlana standing)

We must stand up for highest respect for Our Lord Almighty Allah. If I can all my life standing up all my life for my Lord's honor it is nothing.

and we are doing this at the beggining of the association and I am trying to teach some good manners that are important for servants of our Lord when His Name is just mentioned we can stand up, even one second, even one moment, as much as you can.

That makes your Lord to behappy with us and he gives us a power that we can't imagine. Our standing up gives us good health, good mind, good thinking. Cleaning ourselves.

Therefore the benefits to stand up for honoring and resepecting and glorifying our Lord, even one moment it is much more acceptable through servants in the Divinely Presence, in Heavenly Presence therefore we are standing up and saying

Allahu Allah Allahu Allah la ilaha ill-LLah.

Allahu Allah Allahu Allah la ilaha ill-LLah.

Allahu Allah Allahu Allah la ilaha ill-LLah.

Subhanak! Subhanak OOur Lord, forgive us and bless us. We are ignorant ones; we are lazy ones; we are useless ones. We are not following servanthood ways. O our Lord forgives us.

We may say Allahuma salli wa sallim `ala Nabiyyina Muhammad `alayhis-salaam, salaatan tadoomu wahtooda ilayh, ma marra al-layaali wa toola'd-dawwaam

That is our smallest or weakest respect to our most respected Prophet in the Divinely Presence. Divinely Presence only for him, not for anyone else.

Only for him. No any other maybe where our most honored Prophet where he put his holy step, no any other one through creation (Shaykh Adnan: amana wa sadaqna) only for him therefore we are asking from our most respected Prophet asking forgiveness also that we are not keeping his respect as it is, it must be.

O our listeners, through east and west.

I am a weak servant, perhaps  weakest servant, and I am looking my ego that it is so dirty ego so disrespectful towards respected ones and I am asking support from awliyaullah to support me as a weakest servant and they are granting to me a very important position for addressing to mankind and I am weakest one. My ego dirtiest one and I am running to them and then I am running to Seal of Prophets, then asking from my Lord a protection to keep best manner towards Him Almighty and towards His most glorified and honored servant Sayyidina Muhammad (s) (standing).

Everything  must be respected, Shaykh Adnan (amana wa sadaqna). Everything that created by the Holy Order of our Creator Allah Almighty, you must give their rights and you must keep your good manners with every creature, smallest one up to biggest one.

People living on earth and angels living through heavens. (amana wa sadaqna) and we must say a`udhu billahi mina ’sh-shaytaani ’r-rajeem - we are running from Shaytaan and its tricks and traps because he is teaching mankind worst teachings. He is, it is, urging people to be not good ones, teaching people to be always bad ones. But when Satan callling people and cheating them saying "I am making you excellent ones." And it is most liar one through creation, Shaytaan, and most cheater one for creatures.

Everything making in opposite, saying from good things that they are bad things and saying for bad manners they are excellent ones.

And the Lord of heavens He likes His servants to be in excellent manners. Shaytaan making it to be most worst ones. Worst manners. Therefore always good ones quarrelling with bad ones. And everywhere bad ones asking to be on power whom they are, whom they are representatives or better than representatives, agents of Shaytaan. Agents of Shaytaan they are asking to destroy agents of Heavens, agents for the Seal of Prophets (s).

That agents, worst agents that just trained under Satanic subjects. Therefore from beginning up to end that quarreling between good ones and bad ones continuously going on (amana wa sadaqna).

Now we are living in a time that giving a perfect proof of what we are saying because now people living on earth they are getting to be to be two kinds of people: one kind they are asking to be good ones, to follow heavenly orders.

Second party from mankind they are running to Shaytaan and representing Shaytaan and asking to harm people, to harm good people. Therefore quarreling between mankind continuous, up to end (amana wa sadaqna). Yes.

And people now through 21st century they are as people before 21st century as they are fighting and quarreling and killing and destroying everything to each other, now it is going to continue.

So many states, states, theyre trying to take over good people. They are asking to carry on and to take away good ones and to make satanic rules up and flags of heavens down. Shaytaan trying to do that only. Asking that “whole world must be my followers and my way is the most suitable for them." For what?" “Becuase I am training my followers to fight - to fight against good ones. And I am saying my followers, 'O people! You are best ones and you attack on that people that they are saying "we are believers in heavens, believers in messengers.”Tthey are really bad ones, O my follwers. Rush on them, attack on them! Kill them! Don't give them any chance to be up. Try, O my followers" saying Shaytaan, "that they should be, they should be down and you are going to be up high."

Therefore now nations, through themselves and through in themselves, fighting to each other, particularly beginners for fighting they are followers of Shaytaan,  and followers of Shaytaan, no mercy with them. They are only asking to kill, to burn, to destroy everything. To change this world instead to be a Paradise to be hells. Beware O people!

Try to be good ones. and good ones they are only whom followers of the Sealof Prophets (s) that he was saying "Keep the serveants of your Lord, Keep creatures of your Lord. Be harmless for everything even for a smallest virus."

Now there is a dangerous illness, they are saying, but it is (N1H1) N1H1. Saying. They are saying this going to destroy everything on earth and you must fight that.

They are not turning their faces to Divinely Presnece and saying "O our Lord! You are our Creator, and you are creating that virus and sending to Your creatures. Please, O our Lord, protect ourselves. We are trying to do our best for You, O our Lrod. Please protect ourselves.”

And what we are saying, this battles, wars, continuously going on from beginning of mankind's life on earth and going to be ended til this dunya finishing.

Never changing. beware of Shaytaan (a`udhubillahi min ash-shaytaan)

They are are writing “Beware of dog.”  Why you are quarelling with priests and bishops?  Why you are not writing on the walls of churches and big ney diyorler, abbeys, (cathedrals), cathedrals - why you are not writing on their walls "beware of Shaytaan" and (yet) you are writing "beware of dog" what am I going to do to make dogs?

That is our problem, that people they like to follow Satanic ways, Satanic orders, they are mostly for whole people it is so lovely, what Shaytaan teaching them, they are saying "lovely." But heavenly orders, they are saying "so disklied things" because touching their ego’s  ability, they are not leaving heavenly orders, never leaving our egoes to do everything as they like. No. We have been ordered to keep right way, not to harm anyone. If you are harming then coming on you someone harming you also.

Therefore whole nations, whole religions, they are saying, "O people! Be harmless." Shaytaan saying, "No. be harmful. Because I am so happy if you are harming each other, I am so happy. Make me happy, don't make your Creator to be happy with you.”

He says, “be harmless,” and I am saying to you, “be harmful!"

Is it so, O bishops or popes or kackhems or doctors. In Islam is it also, what do you think, what we are saying is it true or wrong?

What saying Shaytaan? why not sayting to people that Shaytaan saying, "O people ! follow me and try to be harmful ones."

And on the second side prophets and the Seal of Prophets saying "O people! Don’t harm people, be harmless." But you are not following the ways of the Seal of Prophets to be in peace and to be in goodness, to be in happiness, to be enjoyful, here and hereafter. You are saying, "No, we must harm people.” Everyone saying ," We must be harmful ones."

Any harming coming to people Shaytaan saying, "O we are so happy that so many people just killed, passed away and their homes destroyed and their jungles burned and their farms jsut dried and their children just killed.

Shaytaan's group they are so happy, saying, "We must follow our king's order." Who is common people's king? Shaytaan!

They are saying: “Shaytaan saying ‘be harmful’ and we must follow his words, his commands and then we should be happy and enjoyful.”

From second side, all prophets saying, not only one, don’t discuss on personality of Prophets. What was their missions? Look.

And give their values according to their missions. The mission of the Seal of Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad (s)...


Innama bu`ithu li utimmu makaarim al-akhlaaq - I have been sent to teach people most high edeb. For what he was syaing this? Preparing people for highest characteristics.

Because asta`eenu billah, w’Allahu yad`u ila daar as-salaam - Because we have been invited to the Divinely Presence. Allah Almighty inviting His servants and it is no good a harmful people to come in.

First condition to be acceptable in Divinely Presence is to be harmless: Dont harm anything (amana wa sadaqna).

He created, Allah Almighty, created everything, and ordering to them, everyone, if they are not harming you, don't harm them.

sami`ta al-khabariyya. (al-aan)

Anything in creation, everything that not giving any adha, (harming) harming, you dont harm.

Shariah saying "kullu madurrin yuqtal - not harming leave on their ways. Till harming you doesn’t matter, kill it."

And Man that they have been created to be masters of this world, masters of life, that is a command heavy command. Special command: “O people! keep everything. dont give harm to anything.”

Before our time, some and then with new people , that they are edice yapilim, whom they are disguising, or they are not giving any ihtiram, (estirde, making fun,) anything if not harming you, leave on its way. If making harm, yes, you may kill it.

Because we have been created to be good ones, not to be bad ones. A good one never harming. A bad one always harming. That is Shariatullah. (khiyarikum fi'l-jahiliyya khiyarikum fi'l-Islam.)

Holy command this:  “you must try to be good ones.”  Goods ones for everything. If you are harming someone without a reason you are not going to be a good one, you are going to be a bad one. “Try to be a good one,” that is the summary of messages of heavens. heavenly messages ordering "be gentle, be merciful, be ihtiraam, respectful. be musaamaha, (forgiving), tolerant. give your most tolerance to everyone then you should be in Divinely Presence a good servant (awliyaullah).

Who harming people they are (awliyau 'sh-Shaytaan) they are against Holy Orders of heavens and they have been thrown away from Divinely Presence. O people be harmless.

O people be merciful! O people, dont be cruel! O people, dont be a bad one! O people, dont be an oppressor (dhaalim). Dhaalim. Dhaalim that must be punished. Oppressor must be punished and no way for them bidoon punishment, to enter Paradise, no. And good ones, never going to be in hells. One good one can't be in hells, hells not accepting. saying, "For what you are coming, go away!" They are sending him away.  Bad ones swallowing. Good ones, saying, “For what you are coming? This is not your way, your way over there.” And Paradises saying, “O you good one, respectful one to Your Lord's creatures, come to Me.”

O people, try to be good ones. Don’t follow Shaytaan, then you should be bad ones. And bad ones their destination is towards fires and hells and may Allah forgives us for the honor of the most beloved servant.

(sall-Allahu `alayhi wa sallam wa `adham wa karraman wa sharrafa)

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm


O people of heavens!

Come and accept what Prophet is saying and calling you

calling servants to be good ones,

calling servants to be good ones,

sending away bad ones

that they are belonging to Satan's

and through their armies

may Allah takes them away from good ones,

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

O our Lord

You are most One that granting His mercy

To Your creation

No one can be like You, My Lord,

You are the Best One for asking goodness from Your servants

O Most Most Merciful One,

We are running to You,

Please give us from Your endless Mercy Oceans

and Clean us to be good servants to You

and to be good ones for Your creatures, O Allah.

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

cifti dayu...

Allah  Almighty'en guzelliklarindan ...rahbetlerindan

bringing to people what it is best for them

and you are trying to make mankind pleased and in pleasures

O our farmer, keeper,

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

senin uysin, senin karam, daim edik durum cifsi

cifti dayu

sen always bizim kizmet,...senin dirirsen, good life, good lucku for you O our farmer

through east and west,

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah


(mash-Allah, bir saat)

bir saat oldu.

(illa daqiqatayn. B`ad daqiqatayn baseer saat, biddak tukammil dumm, dumm?)

la ilaha illa-Allah

Huuu, Huuuw, Huuuw, Huuuw,

Huuuw, Huuwww, Huwww, Huuuw

huwwwu, Huuuwww,

Hayyy, hayyy, haayyy,  haayyy,

Huuuuu, Huuuuuu, Huuuuuu