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Bi-jaahihi `indak, Allahuma alhimna rushdana

O our beloved Prophet. Madad.

A`udhu Billahi min ash-shaytaani 'r-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

By the Name of Allah, Almighty All Merciful, Most beneficent and Most Munificent. That is our sword that just granted from heavens for believers.  Sword is the sign of power and sword only just have been ordered to use it. Men sword,  not women, and we are saying Heavenly sword Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem gives us power, gives us honor, gives us lights, gives us hope gives us heavenly support.

What do you want O mankind? You are thinking that you are powerful. It is ignorance to claim that you are powerful ones. No we are not powerful ones. We are weak ones. We have been created weak. O our listeners from mankind; men and women giving troubles to each other. Giving troubles for creatures.  Giving trouble for man, for women. For creatures what do you think or what are you thinking? If we have been created powerful?  Allah saying “We created you weak.” If created powerful what do you think? They are cutting this planet into pieces through space, and each one riding on a piece of this world and saying “We are more powerful than you! Look here I am! Riding on my rocks more than he powerful, flying. I am flying (laughs), look!” And Allah Almighty saying, “I created you so weak.” If He created them powerful what they should know?

I am running to Allah from bad ego from bad intentions. O people! Try to clean yourself from bad thinking; from bad intentions, niyyah. Yes if you are asking to reach the level of honor of being a deputy try to clean your mind, and yourself from bad thinking. But man always thinking bad things, to do bad things; what is not pure. Our ego is not pure therefore always mankind running to ego, to false, to wrongs. What about if we are going to be created powerful? And we are now weakest creature and we may see ourselves powerful. Weak one are so many creatures. And that vision that man looking and seeing that is main source of trouble makers. Therefore always man using mirror to look at himself or to look at herself and to say, “Can’t be any one like me.” Sometimes if no one there he may show (with hands) “how powerful one I am!  And I am looking he is my friend, my twin. That is my twin. I don’t think that I am that one but what we shall do this mirror showing me same shape and I am challenging. I like to attack on it! But sometimes I tried it and this mirror just broke down on me also. Where is that one? Also  he disappeared. I am so foolish. Bring new mirror perhaps it may show to me another twin.  Putting a new (makes action).. I am like giant. So powerful. Look!”  May say very happy.  That is disease, disease or illness or wrongness through minds of people.

People never like appearance through mirror, saying that mirror cheating me and I am not such a person. Sometimes it is stomach getting too much. I am so many times hating to look that ugly shape. I wasn't such a one. I am much more ehkibaar, not polite; I was once upon a time more than handsome. Why is this mirror showing me that ugly figure there? I am not that one I am only one that his figure is best one. Someone behind mirror questioning, "O my friend who is in that mirror"! I don’t think I am that one because I have a photo here. I was in such a way brilliant young one. What is that?.. going to be gorilla in jungle that person, no any hair on his head and his teeth just falling down. It is getting such an ugly one, ugly figure. "O my friend!  You are claiming I was once upon a time a very brilliant one through the community and most powerful one like Hercules".

But what is that man thinking? To be much more brilliant one, powerful one but never accepting that figure belongs to him? He is created weak. What about if created man powerful? O our listeners, we are from mankind also. Our egos asking to be a brilliant young one, particularly ladies.

“O my darling! Are you here”? 

“Yes sir I am here. But where are you”? 

“I am looking at my brilliant figure through that mirror.” 

“Which mirror, O my darling”? 

“That one. Do you think I am that one?” 

“If I know you are that one, I am never coming to you to be your wife, O my darling.” 

“O my darling! Don’t say that, because I am not using my mirror to look at myself. If I can show to you my brilliant eh, brilliant time, brilliant time, how many years passed away? I think 70 or 80 years maybe just passed.” 

“70 or 80 years! Do you think so? If I am (so old) then I must be in graveyard.”

“O my darling! Your mind getting some wrong thinking. Don’t speak about graveyard. I am yet a young one, powerful one. Like a jaguar in jungle I am looking myself.”

That is dream of man to be like jaguar through jungles and we are created weak. Our Creator knowing about ourselves, our imagination so big, but reality is something else. Always man dreaming to be a brilliant one, a powerful one; a not-strong thinking to be much more mighty. Yes mighty, to be mighty. Shaytan cheating people from that ways. Therefore people running to be powerful one. That power making him a big figure that he can do everything or he is able to be like Hercules. On whole inhabitants as people that is the source of pride. Pride finishing people. 

All holy books asking to break down pride of people therefore saying bow to your Lord five times daily. If you are asking are you bowing to your creator they may say, "O shaykh I haven't enough time for bowing even once. You can be like this (bows) 10 seconds but pride never leaving man to bow to his Lord. Shaytan was ordered to bow to Adam and he said, "no, I am not bowing to him" and whole disaster, whole cursing coming on Satan for the sake that he is not bowing to Adam. Bow to him for a second and the Lord of Heavens that created you is going to be happy with you. But you are not bowing and Allah sending demon from His Divinely Presence. I don't like someone to be proud in My Divinine Presence.  O our Lord all praise on You. Europeans say daily O our Lord whole glory, might and praise on You, forever from pre-Eternal up to Eternal. That word makes your Lord happy with you. 

Leave that pride and be a servant. Humble, humbleness for you and to be proud? Proud, all praise and glory be on You our Lord. It is only for the Lord of creation. That is main source of troubles now people living in it because they are not following holy commands, holy orders from heavens. If they are following less than one second the Creator, the Lord of Heavens sending His heavenly blessings on you. Everyone going to be smooth in happiness and they should be glad forever, not taken from them once again. If Allah almighty giving something not taking it back but when servants not giving enough respect to their Creator, Creator only taking it down and man looking to mirror and seeing himself as most ugly one among creation. Beauty coming from heavens not form earth O people. 

Particularly ladies they must ask from heavenly beauty not using, cosmetic things making them more ugly. Ask heavenly grant from heavenly beauty oceans. Beauty oceans full with glory of Lord of Heavens. Ask! comes to you, you are never going to be ugly looking but Shaytan cheating people and making their ways on wrong way and people following them and Shaytan dressing them with ugliness and saying, "O my followers use some cosmetics, also use surgery for your skin, for your breasts, for your stomach to be younger, younger so that people may run after you. That is Shaytan's cheating and we are saying today this important point to wake up people. Whom they leaving to make for their Lord a bowing, they are eh, most ignorant ones they never going to be a good shape for them. They are getting more ugly.

They were showing one month before I think that one person who was man or woman that one? What his name? (Micheal Jackson) he has billions but when he is looking to mirror he was saying "I don't like this figure must change it, this looking no good for me, I must try to make my looking such an elegant and brilliant", and going to doctors using so many kinds of medicine or creams. So many times they are making surgery on himself and finally he was going to be uglier, most ugly and then he passed away. That is a big lesson for people whom running to show beauty. Do you think that is what Allah Almighty asking from you? Even 90 years or more their vision and appearance going to be so beautiful. But people now Shaytan making them to drink, all drunk. Only this point. We must change we must come from pride level to our usual level that we have been granted and the Lord of Heavens may grant to you what you are asking. You may be 90 years but you should be seen so brilliant, so lovely and elegant.

O people! I am addressing you from east to west, your religious leaders must say to you, leaders of different beliefs they must fight against Satan, because Satan that is the source of whole miseries and troubles and sufferings. I am calling the whole worlds religion's leaders to come and to make this to save people from Satanic lies, to give them real knowledge that they are seeing and looking and reading through Holy Books. O people! Be obedient and follow what Holy Books showing to you. Holy Books trying to take from you pride. Therefore I am saying, people are  created weak and they are asking to be powerful. What about if they have been created as someones, powerful ones? What should be? Worse and worst. And weakness, illness, bastiriyor, pressing them. They can’t find a space to do everything as they like. Don’t try to do as you like, but try to do or to be as the Lord of Heavens likes then he is happy with that one.


Bow to the Lord of Heavens

and obey heavenly orders

you should be happy

here and hereafter.

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,dumm,dumm, dumm,dumm,dumm...

O Glory

O Glory

And whole creation for our Lord.

Give O our Lord!

From Your Endless Mercy  Oceans

to Your Ways, pretty ones, handsomes,

And brilliant ones

Because that is the main source

of being the Lord’s servant

That it is written through Old Testament

And New Testament

And Psalms

And in Holy Quran.


Huuwwww  huwww, Huuwww, huwwww, huwww, huwwww, huwww, huwww, huwww, huwww

The Lord of  creation,

You, Only One Who praised

Only One (for whom) that bowing 

Glory You O our Lord

Forgive us and grant us

from Your Divinely Presence

As a present from the Prophets

for your weak servants

to be saved from Satanic

traps and tricks

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Alllah Allah Allah Allalh

Allah Allah Kareem Allah


He was looking mirror Abdus Salaam, Abdur Rauf and saying "O my beard too long and I must cut it to be much more smart and more brilliant. Cut it, cut it down, O barber.