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[Shaykh Hisham: (reading from chat) Sometimes they miss the awrad because too much dunya, what they have to do?]
I am not concerned such things now, leave them. I am not sitting here to answer such questions. If she has a shaykh or na'ib ash-shaykh, she may ask. I am not occupying msyelf with answering such things. I am sitting here for whole world, not for what mureeds are doing, no, no. I dont like someone to ask such questions. There is Shaykh huna,[indicates Shaykh Hisham] such quesiotns he may answer and we may say only, we are syaing, first of all, as-salaam `alaykum, our brothers and sisters in Islam, or through human family. Brothers and sisters. We are only to speak, for whole nations from East to West from North to South. Please don’t ask any question concerning yourself, but for whole nation you may ask. I don’t like “what am I doing for our dhikr?  What is the way for progress for my tariqah?” This is not important. That is something making shaytan to occupy such a meetings, not to be given granting to whole people. I am sorry and I am angry. Please no one asking any question concerning herself or himself, or his family, no. And we are saying as-salaamu `alaykum. Whole nations, that they are members of weak [big] human nature, tree, may Allah forgives us. [ameen]
Peace for you. I am asking from my shaykh or from my guide or from my teacher, asking from him, that he is supporting me, through spiritually, he is supporting. And I am asking humbly from my guide, that I am believing that whole prophets they are guides, and whole people that they are following prophets really, they are guides for mankind. And everyone from mankind must ask a guide.
And I am listening to my guide, what he is throwing to my heart, spiritual heart. I don’t mean to say when I am saying my heart, that piece of ...flesh, no. That every creature they have a physical flesh heart.
We are believers in holy books, Shaykh Hisham Effendi. That we have been created by the Lord of Heavens.  Our physical being just that mentioned through whole holy books as Allah Almighty by His, by Himself, even saying “by His Hands,” but it is for understanding because wthout hands doing something, we can’t imagine.
Therefore the Lord of Heavens, [demonstrates with hand], asking to make a understanding for mankind because people may ask, they are asking, “first man, who created?” It is mentioned through holy books that first man is Adam, peace be upon him, and upon every prophet and upon the most glorified prophet Sayyidina Muhammad (s), it is not too much to people to stand up for his honor. Some people may object on that point, “For what Shaykh is standing up? For the name of the Seal of the Prophets?”
Man, if they are knowing people, according to their knowledge they are knowing. But for so many things that they are not knowing they are ignorants. Yes, may object. They object because they are not knowing for what they are standing up.
I am asking a very surprised question to those that they are saying “Why Shaykh is standing up when the name of the Seal of Prophets just mentioned?” Yes. We are Muslims. And our knowledge from holy books and from holy ones; our knowledge is not a production from our..., or through our inspirations (searching for right word)...not inspirations...our knoweldge is not sammarat at-tafakkur, [it is not the fruit of reflection] it is not the fruit of reflection, yeah.
Two kinds of knowledge in eveyr religion but particularly in Islam. One `aqlee, naqlee. Naqlee that is coming from Prophet, or from prophets, reaching to ourselves through Prophet’s inheritors. And thani, and second one, knowledge it is the sammara, the fruits of our thinking, that knowledge coming throughs according to the capacity of our understanding and according to our logics, [logic], [logic Sayyidee]. Logic.
Two kinds of knowledge in Islam: naqli, coming from Prophet (s) or from prophets, reaching to ourselves through the purpose of (spiritual) inheritance. And the second one, knowledge of the fruit of thinking, coming through according to the capacity and understanding, and according to our logic.
And Islam is coming as a heavenly message from Heavens and you must believe it without saying “why”, or “no”! You can’t ask for divinely revelation, you can’t ask “why?” or “for what?” You cant do a decision for heavenly revelations. You can’t use your minds or your logic because you have a logic (that) it is a miniature balance, and you are asking some questions for balancing on that small miniature balance. It is impossible. For example, you can balance this whole world on a balance? How? Impossible! Therefore, it if forbidden to use your own logic for balancing news that’s coming from Heavens as a revelation from the Lord of Heavens to His selected servants! That is the biggest problem!
People in our days are asking something that is (of) no possibility. They are asking impossible things, opening impossible things from their understanding! It is impossible. Man is created to be able to believe! Believing something and knowing is something else, because if you are trying to know everything, you can’t know it as you like. You can say amantu billah, I am believing, and that is the wrong way. Whole nations are asking, “Why this, why that?” Whole countries,  it is so `ajeeb, very strange, unacceptable!
To believe, you must not use your logic! You must say, “Yes, this is coming from Heavens. I am believing because with … you are able to understand.
Therefore, Allah Almighty, jalla jalaalahu, He was using through revelations, a method that people may figure out, so that giving something as (the size of) a microbe of understanding, its very small; maybe their understanding is as much as an atom! Therefore, people are asking, “From where we are coming?” because they don’t know Heavens!
(Allah is) saying, “I created Heavens and Earth, and I created your first father, I created for understanding everyone,” He (Allah) is saying, “by My hands.”
We can’t imagine that we can do something; therefore, we don’t know Heavens descending to the levels of understanding of people, and saying, “I created Adam with My hands” then they are saying, “Yes, yes it is true.”
And there you must believe! You may ask, “Allah Almighty has hands?” If we are saying “no hands”, they are saying, “We have hands, and with our hands anyone…” they can’t imagine. That means they don’t know Heavens. Yes! He (Allah) has hands. Therefore when foolish people (are) objecting on the Seals of Prophets (s) and say “yadullahi maghloula” They are saying “Our hands are open but Your Lord’s hands are tied,” that is their understanding level, no more they can think on it. But the Lord of Heavens, glory to Him! He …. a hand, as you are thinking, or imagining, no! That is their level. They are saying, “Allah has this, yes, His hands are tied and our hands are open.”
He is not in need a Hand as you are thinking or tasawwur, imagining. No. That is their level. Level of understanding. They are saying “allah’s hands are just tied but our hands are open.” And Allah Almighty refusing “bal yadahu mabsootataan” that his hands are just spread, to everywhere and to eveything. Everything taking their shares for being in existence from their Lords’ Divinely Hands reaching to everything and giving them everything that they are in need! MashaAllah! Holy Quran! Subhanallah, Ma `adhamoo. So big, so mu`azzam, Allahu Akbar, Allah Almighty’s words, Divinely Words, Divinely Descriptions the way people, so endless Oceans, may Allah forgive us!
Yes, we are coming for something that we are saying, bil inglize, [glorifying Prophet Sayyidee] ta’azeem an-Nabi, glorifying Prophet (s), glorifying the Seal of Prophets (s).
You may ask, do you think we need doctors in Islam? You would think Allah Almighty’s glorifying is something you can ihaata encompass. Allah Almighty’s words no one can do a limit of understanding. Yes. Allah Almighty just glorified Adam first. For what? Glorifying Adam for his most noble and glorified son, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) [adhan is called, Shaykh stands up] Allahu Akbar Allahu abkar, shahid al-haqq.
 (Brief exchange with Shaykh Hisham in Arabic) Wasalna ila hadarat an-nabi. Kam kalima ba`dayn? (We have reached the holy spiritual Presence of the Prophet (s), what need for words after that?)
(discussion of duration of recording, now at 40 minutes)
Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem. What you are in need is an Ocean and don’t think that the Divinely Being has only one Ocean. Countless oceans! Therefore, we are coming and speaking something that (is) so small, so small, also sending according to the capacity of Mankind; as long as they are using their logic, it cannot be granted more than this, and it is an Ocean, even (though) you can’t put your feet in, not approaching (it), but from far away you may look and our Lord, His Divinely Attributes, His whole purpose, they are trembling for that addressing, His Holy Name, that Allah Almighty is (`Alaam al-ghuyyoob).
Yahtaz li `alaam al-ghuyoob - whole prophets they are trembling for that addrssing, His Holy Name, that Allah Almighty is `Alaam al-ghuyoob. `Alaam al-ghuyoob. I am nothing, but every time but every time I am passing through some sentences that Allah Almighty `Alaam al-ghuyoob, my whole being trembling for the `azhamah, for the Greatness that yudhish al-`uqool, [make the mind astonished, stunned] astonished. Subhanallah!  
Therefore, I think that once that we are granted to Mankind and we can … it is a very, very, very short association, we may continue on it after next week, next month, next year, never finishing. Do you think that a person with buckets can be able to make oceans water to take and throw it away? It is possible or impossible? Impossible! But we must say something what is impossible, because 21st century scientists or scholars think it is so easy to speak about the Lord of Heavens, and the Lord of Creation. Big mistake! I am saying they must be able to take a bucket and finish (emptying) the Pacific Ocean! First of all, he must have a (considerable) distance that when he is taking with his bucket from the Pacific Ocean and taking and putting there(he must have somewhere vast enough to pour that water). Possible or impossible? But people are thinking, when I am speaking, asking such foolish questions, that there is not meaning, and from their questions is a sign of their ignorance.
The Lord of Heavens is saying, “Ask to know, because there is not limits in knowing for you!”
If I was leaving you in a limited Ocean, you may say, “What is behind that limited Ocean?” And now that Ocean, you are asking to reach to that point.
Therefore, Allah Almighty is making them to think and always … their limited understanding.
Qaalat namlatun [ayat about the ant and King Solomon] Just one ant is speaking or spoke, or addressed, to whole ants according to its knowledge it was saying, and all the ants quickly run to their holes. (That ant instructed them), “Take care for yourself, that King Solomon and his soldiers are passing and may destroy you, and to your homes, quickly run away!”
That is the capacity of knowledge; that is the understanding, and we, what we are saying, knowledge of, you don’t know Heavens. If you are asking to know everything, His knowledge is a Pacific Ocean, the biggest ocean. You like to know everything,  yes—take! Take in buckets (from Divine Knowledge)! Take! Finish!
First of all you can’t find a distance like Pacific Ocean, it’s a big mass. Then you are taking from here to put there, from here to put there. One ocean is not in limits. Because is it Allah Almighty’s Oceans (of knowledge). But ignorant Man is asking as if it is in limits, but take more! Yes, according to your capacity! Look at yourself in front of a mirror, and (see) what you are claiming. But people now are following Shaytan and Shaytan is giving them such a position, and we are such a people, and we must show everything how it is going to be.
That is the beginning of ignorance on Earth, because they are making people to get out of the circle of discipline (adab). They are asking people to pass their limits; it is not their capacity to pass on an ocean! SubhanaAllah! So knowledge that just reached from prophets, it is like an atom, it may be like an ocean, full of knowledge.
O Mankind, leave that pride and come say, “O my Lord! You are everything and we are nothing!”
People just lost their good adab, and always asking some things that it is not from good adab. Know your limit and keep your adab! May Allah forgive us. As salamu `alaykum.
 [Shaykh Hisham: bahr sayyidee, a big ocean, Allah zeedak.]
Barakat Shaykh Hisham Effendi, lam yudhkar, na`m. Now is coming time to make some methods to make their heads down. Now their head like this with pride. Now just coming new generations that making old generations that are claiming something that is not for them, to make their heads down. O our Lord forgive us! O our Lord, bless us. O our Lord give peace to our hearts. You are the Only One; You are azali, Pre-Eternal up to Eternal. Thanks bi la haddin, [without limit] to You. Thanks ever-ending thanks to You, O Our Lord. Please forgive us. Please bless us, ourselves, to be on your way. That you mentioned to your holy ones ,your beloved ones, your elected ones, your glorified ones’ way. Salaam alaykum. Fatiha.
[Shaykh Hisham: 50 minutes. ]
As-salamu alaykum. Fatiha.
Huuu, huuuu, huuu coming from that Ocean. And Mankind is so small, in limits, come with adab. O Man, don’t be proud! O Man, try to be a servant! Fatiha.
(Discussing with Shaykh Hisham how many people are logged on sufilive.com, and reading names of countries) Algeria, Brunei, Iran, Egypt, Italy, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Pakistan, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, France, Bangladesh, Argentina, Australia, Lebanon, Indonesia, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Canada, UK, USA.
(Shaykh Hisham explains to Mawlana Shaykh how people are watching via computer.)
Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: “Subhanallah!”