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A`udhu billahi mina ’sh-shaytanir-rajeem.

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

Oh people! Servants of the Lord of Heavens. Peace be upon all of you to be in peace here and Hereafter. Welcome to you! To listen something as much as you are in need to listen and to obey. I am also more than you needy for listening Heavenly orders and to be loyal and to be obedient to our Lord Almighty Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

Oh people, oh people. Don’t forget who created you, give your most high glorifying to your Creator give most high honour and respect and glorifying to your Lord that created you to be His deputies on this planet on dunya, on this globe.

If He was ordering us to stand up from beginning up to Last Day of our lives it is nothing! We can't say that we are giving a little bit glorifying to our Lord. Whole creation, if they are giving their most high glorifying, it is nothing! Through His greatness through His Glorifying, Glory Oceans that it is impossible, even one of them, to reach to understand and to give a glorify.

Oh people! You are so small ones! We are so small ones, we are so weak ones! He Almighty who created us, wa khuliqal-insanu da`eefa- “mankind was created weak”

Oh people ! Oh mankind! you just created to be very weak one, destur ya sayiddi madad. An ant may be much more powerful than ourselves, and we are weaker than an ant. How it can be oh Shaykh Hisham? Yes.

Now people they are running away from pig flu, that is a virus may be able, that virus may be able to make a gigantic person like Heracleous [Hercules]. That is a symbol of power in Greek mythology. Sometimes they are making me to remind something from past times.

Oh people! I am a weak servant and I was from my childhood, I like to learn. Perhaps up today I read and I was trying or I tried...to learn something. I was learning and I like to learn more and more, more and more...

The honour of mankind, Shaykh Hisham, according to their knowledges.

A jaahil, ignorant one, their level is level of donkeys. Perhaps donkeys they are knowing something, but ignorant people not knowing anything about the Creator.

Welcome to you! Try to learn, to learn the laws of learning, countless. Hal min mazeed- the ranks of knowing people endlessly. Therefore, Allah Almighty signing thru holy Quran. Allah Almighty giving a description of fires conditions, siffaat, description, ta`reef.  You may say another word description. Giving a description about fire.

Fire always asking....”O my Lord! I am never getting to be full, I am always hungry. Give to me more and more and more and more and more from pre eternity up to eternity. Asking, “O my Lord give, grant to me more and more. More and more what You are granting to me I am learning something more about the most Holy and glorified Essence.” SubhanAllah!

Oh people! Oh listeners. We are weak ones and I am asking a support. Why Allah Almighty saying mankind created weak that means, O mankind don't be proud, don't be proud. That signing that mankind always are proud ones and to be proud only for the Lord of Heavens Holy Creator, not for anyone else.

But our egos claiming that I am also that one and I am so proud for what? because I am carrying some ..... title...titles, that titles giving me an authority to say that I am something and I must be proud.

When you are going to proud, you may say to those people whom they are claiming they are not on the level of common people because they have some titles. From whom you have been granted that titles?? Do you think that tittles that just given to you from your people it is something? Never!

But they are all imitated titles among yourselves. Real title coming from Heavens. I am hearing that in Christianity from chief leader of their churches, they are using a election they are making an election among themselves, they are choosing, saying “this one. We are happy to be our chief to be number One.”

I am asking that to be number One coming Heavens?

“Nooooo shaykh never! We are giving to our head ones that honor. We are giving that title to be Pope or to be Bishop or to be more than bishop. We are giving that means nothing particularly something that granted from people to someone. No any value. But people running after that imitated titles. And they are, I am not saying created, yaj`aloon. They are making among themselves some rules and using that rules for making someone from first step to last step.

Therefore, such a religions people giving to their chiefs or to their highest position people. They have nothing from Holiness that granted from Heavens. Therefore, now seegha, seegha of Islam - characteristics of Islam, every religion never be able to give something to people from Heavenly levels to make them to go up through Heavenly levels.

Because people may give something, for example, Nimrod just ordered to be built for him a huge tower for what ? To be closer the Lord of Heavens? But he fall down, he fall down greatness and to be closer from the Lord of creation, if it is granted to someone, that one may reach higher and higher stations through Heavens.

Therefore now it is 21st century according to their calendar giving nothing to their followers and they are using so many things eegha’an, [encouraging them or tempting them] tempting can't give anything...

Yes, they may go up from a distance but no more. They are saying must come down we must come down but the creator, Lord of creation He is sending a stairs...and who may climb on that stair, reaching Heavenly positions or with material means, material aspects, never giving to mankind something from Holiness of Heavens.

But people now just they have been cheated! cheated through Shaytaan and through Shaytanic missions. Countless Shaytan’s followers , they are cheating people and we are saying now...advising....please listen our ...oooo ooooo oooo....

And people standing up. They are thinking this is heavenly sound...

Dumm dumm! dumm dumm dumm dumm.. No meaning, no any power to make people even to rise up to 10 centimeters or 5 cm or 1 cm to get up from earth. Because if a person going to be able to rise himself through earth from his gravity he may reach such a stations that ...people even cant be able to dream.

What we are saying? Why we are speaking?? What is our aim? Real aim, it is not something that you can look and think on it and you can find a solution, no! It is only Heavenly grants.

Heavenly grants, earthly aspects never taking you up even 1 mm. Because you can be able to rise your feet even 1 mm from surface of globe that one may reach to move from sight of this plant up to endlessly Heavenly positions.

May Allah forgive us! We must understand, we must understand. Before we are invited to go, we must understand something. Because the Lord of Heavens going to ask His servants “what you learned?” May ask Lord of Heavens, “Did you reach something?” “No.. oh my Lord. I never getting up even 1 mm from surface of our planet.”

“I sent to you hundreds and thousands of elected ones, hundreds and granted some khususiyya, speciality, you never heard about them?

What is going to be your answer? If Allah Almighty saying “I sent to you hundreds and thousands of My Selected Ones from My Divinely Presence you never listening and following and reaching anything?”

“O my Lord! Just now I am hearing this. what is this on earth through your life what you did? Oh my Lord you know I was a business man and oh my Lord to give business and to be busy with something. To be business was making me occupied with its nonsense aspects. I was always trying to be a big business man, or first one through business area? [field] Number one..

Never oh my Lord. That means you day`atu, you lost your chance that granted to you once to be in existence. Now you finished. We are heedlesss

O people ..we are really heedless ones, we are wasting most valuable chances that we have been granted by our Lord.

Bismillah Ya Rabbi... Shukr Ya Rabb. Our souls hundred times, thousands times, millions times, more thirsty for Heavenly aspects. But you are losing it! That is the reason of cursings that coming closer, closer, more closer. The people that they are living and they are heedless from Heavenly orders. They are heedless, they are ignorant about heavenly positions

approaching, approaching.

Oh people! Keep yourselves! Now today, we are living but should come a day for future that can be taken away from this life. We and this physical being going to be a dust but your real being going to be in prison after that death and it is most pity for our souls that we reached through this lifes to our heavenly aspects and you are bringing nothing.

Therefore, everything just shown and just talked to people taught. Through selected ones ....chosen Ones and that ones just going to lose their chances and they should ask oh our Lord, give us once again a chance to be alive and to be on Your order. Step by step passed away, passed away.

We are sitting here and I was as a broadcasting machine. I am saying something, but it is prepared through Heavenly ones .. from your hearts to my hearts. It is not something that I am thinking and speaking to you or I am not looking books and asking to speak to you to address to you but it is something special and speciality from the Lord of Heavens to someone’s for to wake up people whom they are running and their eyes closed down.

And angels saying.. Oh people wake up! wake up! wake up! But people they are saying we are in such a beautiful dream are opening our eyes we may lose this handsome, beautiful views and we must keep always our eyes closed down. No openness... no anyone who closing his eyes never seeing anything. Open your eyes..

Wake up 21st century people... open and wake up. Where are you and look what happening. Wake up.. where are you and look what happening with living ones on your right hand or left hand in front...

They are falling down and they are saying that one yesterday running today he cant carry himself. We are not thinking on it, and we never like to think. Because when you are thinking, your egos getting never a pleasure from this life and pleasure for our egos through this global tastings. Beyond we are not thinking anything, but when final breath coming they should say, "oh we lost everything".

Before going to shout and to cry we are losing everything that we must take that we must carry them with us. Nothing in our hands and no level for us. May Allah forgive us...

Oh people! oh people! That is something that very important to be known leave to be servants of your dirty egos, but try to be your Lord's graduated servants for your Lord Almighty Allah. That work is most honourable but if anyone working for His ego, that is ...waste oh shaykh.....we are saying, "O, ego ego ego” and we are... Dumm...dumm..dumm..dumm..

[Sayyiddee, we are trying to make something a singing.]

And we are singing euro, euro, hummm.,

O my euro, to be more and more,

To be on dollarrrrr.

But no hope for us,

When Her Majesty's sterling pounds

Going always over us.

That makes us to be much more

To try and work

To reach and pass pounds.

Our euros, that is our egoes’ command to have more euros.

dumm ...dumm ...dumm..dumm.

Oh Ego... dumm... dumm... dumm... dumm...

You must try to climb over pounds

Wing... wing... wing...


[We love you ya Sayyideee!]

Oh people! Allah grants a little mind.

My mind coming down

and your minds losing their balance

for dunya and no more any wishing,

any demands for eternity...

Ohhh eternity...

Dumm ...dumm... dumm...

That means continue O peopleeee to reach eternity!

Wake up... O peopleeeeee...

Because of eternity ...

Oh shaykh you are so mad...

no.. no.. no age!


O my Lord's

servants to be happy,

Give your Lord,

be happy...

he grants to you happiness pleasure..

it is a grant from your Lord

O people !

Follow your Lord's orders

to be happy here and hereafter

through eternal life

pleasure it is a grant from your Lord

O people !

follow your lord's orders

to be happy here and hereafter

through eternal life

You may be Shaykh of Al- Azhar

You may be Pope

You may be Bishop..

You may be Chief a humble Shaykh in Jerusalem

You may be in Tibet....Dalai lambooooooo

Must be happy! Why not

You are happy? Unhappy?

Because Allah created you as man

You were thinking to be donkeys to be happy??

or to be snakes..or foxen.. foxen

Because wolves coming and claiming to fox

you are so dirty one.. go awayyy

[Okay? Ok Sayyidee]

What are they saying there?]

[They are saying we love you Sayyidee.]

They love you, they love me, Allah loves who loves me.

Dumm... dumm..dumm..dumm

[Ya Sayyidee!]


Wa min Allah at Tawfiq