O People Wake Up!

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Sultanul Awliya   ·   Sohba/Discourse   ·   Lefke   ·   Saturday, Jul 18, 2009

-don’t forget Who created you
-give your most high glorifying, honor & respect to your Lord that created you to be His deputies on this planet
-Allah Almighty says mankind was created weak.
-created weak means: O mankind don't be proud
-we are really heedless ones wasting most valuable chance granted by our Lord
-keep yourselves for one day this physical being will be taken away to become dust
-your real being going to be in prison after that death
-it is great pity our souls reached nothing in this life and bringing nothing (of Divine Grants)
-angels say: Oh people wake up and open your eyes!
-people only say we are in such a beautiful dream of beautiful views
-open your eyes or when final breath comes you will say, "Oh we lost everything"
-you lost your chance granted to you only once to be in existence

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