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Ya RijaalAllah, madadikum!

As-salaam `alaykum our listeners As-salaam `alaykum `ibaadullah, as-salaam `alaykum servants of our Lord. We are all servants. We must know that we are servants.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah `Azeez Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Kareem Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah subhanAllah

Allah Allah, SubhanAllah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Sultan Allah

From pre-eternal up to eternal, O our Lord. You are Lord. Absolute Lordship only for You. Nothing in existence, You are the only One. You are Creator. If You are not creating nothing coming to be in existence.

Madad ya RijaalAllah. O Holy Ones! O precious Ones! O diamonds. O rubies! O pearls! Give us from your holy powers. O precious ones!

Huuuuw.  Give us heavenly powers that you have been granted by the Lord of Heavens, and you can support; only you can support. No other creatures can be able to support.  And we are asking your support, heavenly support. If you are not supporting us, we cant speak; we can’t say anything; we can’t do anything. O precious ones! O pearls from servants of our Lord!

Servanthood (is) highest honor that we have been granted by our Creator, the Lord of creation. O people! Say: a`udhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem. Say that you are running away from evil and devils.

Run away! It is not your honor to be with devils. And it is not your honor to occupy yourselves by evil, O our Lord’s most expensive, most selected creatures. It is not your honor to work for devils. It is not your honor to occupy yourselves for evil. O precious ones!

Hear and listen! If you are asking your Creator’s Pleasure with you, try to do good things that giving pleasure, first of all to creatures.  Try to do lovely things so that every creature may run to you and giving their congratulations to you; giving their thanks to you, and honoring you. That is the ways of the Lord’s messengers. That is very good, very important.

Therefore say, “O our Lord! We are running away from evil and devils because it is not honor for honored one to work for evil and devils.” Take care for you! (ask) “What I am doing? My doings gives me an honor; gives to me what I am doing, giving to creatures an honor?”

You must think if your works giving honor to nature; you must think what you are doing or your doings giving lights to this planet?

Come and think on it. That “(Is) what I am doing giving an honor to nature and everything that living on it?” Look if giving to you honor what you are doing, the Lord of heavens asking to grant to you honor. When the Lord of heavens giving to you honor, when you are doing something that something giving honor to everything around yourself; giving honor to that planet; because so many millions of creatures they are going heavy burden on shoulders of this planet, dunya.

Because what they are doing from bad things; dishonored things, that dishonored things  giving to earth so heavy burden and asking, this earth, to throw them away from its shoulders.

O people! Think on it. And try to do honorable services that giving to you honor in the Divinely Presence.  Try to do that . Think on it!

Don’t complain from so many things that happening around yourself. You must know that if you are doing honorable works, honorable actings, honorable actings and doings, that gives you honor. And if not, a heaviness comes on you, landing on your being; landing on your head; landing on your heart; landing on your physical being.  Because what you are doing something that it is not honorable actings, coming and settling through your head, through your heart, through your physical being.

Now people ninety-nine percent they are complaining. They are not happy. Complaining everyone - they are saying, “O my head!” So many ones saying, “O my heart!” So many millions saying, “O my stomach!” So many millions saying, “O my back!” So many millions they are saying not stand up , coming down. That is important for them. But they are not asking the reason: “what is the reason?” they are not asking.

They are only looking a material look through people and beyond that physical being, nothing. And they are (thinking that they are only) physical beings just ta-aththara affected from material reasons.

No, it is not a material reason making you to be unrest or making you to complain or making you to be sick or making you to be in imagination (awhaam) they are thinking like this and thinking like that and saying “that reason making me unrest; that reason making me unhappy. That reason making me not to be (not) restful .that reason, that reason.”

People are runninng behind reasons and that reason never troubling a person if the Lord of heavens not punishing that servant. Because that servant occupying himself with such a dirty thinkings; with dirty ideas; with dishonored works, that is the main reason for that person to be unrest(ful) and they are looking to find a reason through material reasons, or physical reasons. They never thinking that dishonorable works, actings, going to be headache for them or to make them to be unhappy; to be in troubles; to be in pains; to be in such a trouble.

O people! Now listen to me! I am only a weak servant and I am only translating to you some realities, and it is not from me but it is something heavenly reaching to my heart to address to you.

Whole troubles, whole miseries, main reason is that that one (is) working or doing dishonorable things. They are occupying their physical being with such a dirty doings, dirty works, that making them to be in troubles, to be in miseries, to be unhappy, to be in negative way through their mentalities, through their hearts. That is so simple. That is from beginning of Adam up to day that has never changed - (that ) rule.

(Allah saying: ) “O people! If you are not following honored way, and if you are not doing honored actings, I am sending on you somethings to make you to always in troubles.”

There is misery oceans, suffering oceans, for those whom they are not looking and taking honorable works, honorable aspects that just now whole world they are atheist people, they are not believing in such a thing that I speak on it. Then this heavy burden coming on them and then even the air we are breathing, air that it is poisoned.

Think on it.

Everywhere they are  saying “So many so many illnesses! So many troubles.” Their real reason they are saying is coming from dirty air, what they are saying poison heva, (air) not nadheef (pure), poisoned air everywhere. What you are breathing is poisoned air. Full, from east to west (and) from north to south and people yet Shaytaan sending them to be in big cities to breathe more and more poison atmosphere to be falling in much more troubles. Countless doctors, countless hospitals; endless deva, medicines. Never giving a rest to people’s physical being and if physical being going to under that heavy pressure their mentality also going to be frozen. They are not understanding and they can’t think on it. Because they are running away from their Lord and they are running away from honorable works and honorable actions, and coming running, going through black black oceans, black oceans that poisoned oceans they are falling in it. Therefore people as much as coming new medicines, hundreds and thousands of physicians, hundreds of hospitals, never giving to them a satisfaction; never giving them a real rest and real health.

Real health just finished now on earth.

O people! Come to me. I am weakest servant and I am calling you to truth. Use what Prophet (s) saying and what prophets bringing from heavens through their holy messages. Come and keep that holy messages from heavens to be your lives in safety, in pleasure, in goodness, in lights, in restful. If you are not doing this you are going to be ground with every kind of miseries, and troubles should rain on you. You are going to finish.

May Allah forgives us!

O people! It is a very important association that just I have been granted today from my spiritual center that I am belonging to them and I have been ordered to warn whole nations and also they are making me to showthem the right way for save themselves, physicallly and spiritually.

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

That happiness just  finished. So many kinds of music, never taking away from people that troubles. They are getting in it and getting out same.


O people! You must know

... iyyy uuuh kulllu maa...

O people you must learn that is ...

Baa bee boo kullu maa baa bee boo

You must follow the ways of heaven, O people

Don’t run away

Don’t run after Shaytaanic ways

Dishonored works making you always carrying

you always to come down through darkness oceans

Through misery oceans, through suffering oceans

Tastanaani talmanti kullu maa taa tee too

Saysunanee salaanee salmaanee saa see soo

Kull maa soo saa see soo

O people!

Try to hear heavenly singings

through your souls

And hearts

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Alllah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Huwa Allah

Allah Allah Huwa Allah

As-salaam `alaykum.


Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar la ilaha ill-Llah. shukr Ya Rasulullah.

Ya Sayyid al-awaleen wal-akhireen, as-salaatu wa’s-salaamu `alayk.

Ya rijaalullah amadana bi madadikum.