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As salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Audhu billahi min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem. Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem. Don’t forget (to say) “Audhu billahi min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem.” Shaytan always running after everyone, men or women, young or old, learned one or unlearned one. Shaytan never needing anyone way to second or third one or fourth one in people, Shaytan. Ya Rabbi! Please protect ourselves from most dangerous enemy of us, as you said, it is most terrible and dangerous creature against Mankind. But people are never taking care to say, “Audhu billahi min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem.” Say it! You should find a Heavenly support against Shaytan. Allah protect you!

Don’t forget that you have been followed by Shaytan. .... Shaytan always, you must think that he is running around you. Our grandshaykh was saying that Shaytan is, (for) example, sometimes a small child he is given a piece of food and eating, and if a cat or dog (is) looking, the small one, always running around himself to find a small one occupying with something and up, pulling it (the food) and running away (the animal takes his food).

Shaytan is always looking at people, if they are doing something according to Holy Command of Allah Almighty, or according to the Holy Sunnah of Sayyidina Muhammad, Ya Rasulallah (Mawlana stands, praises in Arabic, Ya Sayyidee.)

Therefore, don’t be his, O Man, O people, not his think that around yourself there are Shaytans, small ones or big ones, to make a trick for you and to carry you into it’s trap! That is Shaytan’s importance, yes. Therefore, don’t forget, O Muslims, to say A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem. It is an obligatory follow on you to speak, I am a weak one, the weakest one in the Ummah, and I am giving that message to whole nations, specially I am shouting to Muslim communities, “WAKE UP! Beware of Shaytan!” Put everywhere. Don’t put on your gardens or gates, “Beware of dog!” That is so simple thing to say, but you must warn people to say, “Beware of dog!” Why don’t you say “Beware of Shaytan?” Even churches, synagogues and mosques, they must put, “Beware of Shaytan!”

Because Shaytan is playing with people as he likes. I am saying for, I am saying and I am knowing that you must not say “it!” But eat, it is very lowest addressing to anything, you may use He, She, it. “Eat” has no life for animals you may say, “intentional, I am saying that ‘it’!” And “it” in Turkish means, “dog”.

You must warn people, O people beware of dog, because it is most dangerous creature, more than … wolves, more than bears, more than fox, mostly people going to be like foxes.

(Mawlana begins to hum, then sing playfully and spontaneously for much of this suhbah!)

Dom, dom, dom, dom,
You are old, you are going to be like a foxen, foxen, and foxen.
Why? You are a man! Why you are going to be
to each other like a foxen.
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
They are everlast, they are rabbits,
You are rabbits, like are foxen.
Running (rapping style)
Who is like this,
why you are going to be foxen?
Because they are saying
“If we are not going to be a fox,
the hunting because so many fox.
99% peoples characteristics like fox!
Therefore, you can say we are living
at the time of foxen!”
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
We are always lying, foxen
Lying, foxen
Not like oxen, oxen they are very good,
better than them foxen.
People are happy because they know what I am saying.
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
You heard, “Come quickly
because they are running after rallies!”
Be lying, because oxen are not like foxen.
Yes, yes. Yeah, people are singing 24 hours, but they are not singing what I am saying!
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
They are shouting without meaning.
Say something to make people happy
No, no, no one
They can’t do that because we are doing every age,
Oxen silly relation
They are for coming on people
So many crisis, crisis, create crisis
They are ohhhhhhhhh!
Marhaban, welcome our listeners! I know you are fed up from that situations, and you forget to laugh! If a person losing to smile at least, that means that one (is) just finished. Laughing people (are) showing a light, because laughing (is) from blessings of Heavens! Therefore people always their faces (are) like this (stiff face). (Imitating people)“Oh my brother, what happened? (the other answered) “Don’t ask! O Shaykh, don’t ask! Crisis, crisis, crisiiis.”
I am saying, don’t worry from crisis, eat treatment of crisis , then learn to smile at least, try to laugh, try to be sweet. O people, you have been honored, to be best of creatures! Why you are getting sorry for something that it is not for you or for him or for me?
(For) Hundreds of thousands of years, this world with its treasures (has been) passing from hand to hand and reaching to us yet. It is insane! Why you are thinking and getting angry and so full? No! You must think that the Lord of Heavens created you the most honored creature and saying, “My deputy on Earth, and they must do everything in My Command.”
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
Because they are going to Me
and asses are better than foxen.
Asses, ah, O people
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
If I am saying to you , you are asses
But finally you are going to be ashes,
because you fashion people,
they never like to be buried with their bodies,
and they are asking
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
to be ashes, and they like to be burned through fire
and to be ashes, ashes, ashes!
Noah’s people going to be under ashes
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
(Mawlana is laughing so much!)
Audhu billah
Therefore, you must runaway from Shaytan from devils,
devils run after you to change your life
from good life to bad life
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
Oh people! You must know
Who is your dangerous enemy
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
And sometimes you must look
up to heavens or you are ahead
Allah, Allah
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
They don’t know heavens looking to you
Allah, Allah
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
Be happy that your Lord (is) looking to you,
oh stupid ones!
I am learning now, music, new music, to make people happy; they should be happy, yes! This singing is very good, (it) means that making people to wake up. Therefore, today the Heavenly Manifestation (tajalli) … I am not preparing anything to whole people to speak to address to them, but when I am sitting here I am surrendering to my Lord, Huuuuuu, irada, His Will, I am surrendering to Allah jallajalaalah.
(Mawlana stands)
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
Everything fall down
You should be happy, oh people!
You are going to be ashes!
Allah forgives me, Allah, Allah.
You must say, when you are knowing that Shaytan (is) running after you, you must use a very sharp weapon. Shaytan never fears from guns or from rifles or from artillery or from nuclear bombs. He (is) never fearing, but you fear him. Why you are fearing? Fear from your Lord! That protects you. No one can play a protection or no one can be sheltered from here or Hereafter, only those who are running to their Lord’s shelter.
Everyone reached to Mankind, “O people, come shelter yourselves!” Shelter, nothing can shelter you except your Lord’s shelter. You are free. The Lord of Heavens is never going to be happy when His servants are going to be sorry, and sorrowful. He likes mankind to always be happy and proud with their Lord’s command, we are between heavenly beings and downstairs beings. They are just middle and Allah Almighty created Man by His Divinely Hands. That honor or any other honor can be granted to anyone after our Lord’s respect to mankind. Divinely respect coming on you! You must be proud, saying that, “My Lord created me!”
Endless honor, endless honor and glorifying to Allah Almighty to the children of Adam.
Why you are going to be sad? Why you are not going on the Right Path? To be (…) your Lord? Why you are running after (the) cursed one? O people, you are fighting each other, for what? If you are killing today, tomorrow you should be killed. No one going to be on Earth, and the Lord of Heavens (is) calling you, “O My servants!
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
O Mankind, asking eternity, eternity, eternity,
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
“Eternity,” such a sweet word! Eternity, to be eternal, that is Heavenly promise to you! Why you are fighting, O man! To keep people to destroy civilization, ma’murat, why you are killing and destroying? Do you think you have been created for killing and destroying? Which holy book (has told you this)?
Calling you to kill or to destroy?
Oh Christians, Jewish, Arab, Muslim brothers,
which one calling you to kill and destroy and to harm people?
Lord of Heavens saying through
Old Testament, New Testament and Holy Qur`an
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
O my servants, be kindly be kindly
and generous and good ones to each other to you
because I like that from you and you are glorified through My creation
Dom, dom, dom, dom.
O our Lord, and us to take away Shaytan among ourselves, to be lovely to each other, to give our love to each other, to give our respect to each other, to give out health to each other.
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
Then angels coming to you, and looking,
and congratulations, Heavenly congratulations
coming, coming and angels giving to you
their congratulations to Mankind,
“You are so lovely, in Divinely Presence!”
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
You should hear so sweet singing and songs in the Divinely Presence, and then you should going to be like melted ones from the tasteful and sweetness of the Divinely Presence. Singings, whole angels coming the last day and they are singing, “Ooooohhh hhhuuuuuuuuuuu, oh huuuuuuuuuu, huuuuuuu huuuuuu.”
Allahu akbar, ya Rabbee!
And we are saying Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem.
We are (…) entering Oceans, but people take
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
They are very happy! (Mawlana and Shaykh Hisham are laughing at the murids.)
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
(Looking up)
O our Lord! Send us Your blessing quickly, quickly, and save us from our egos. May Allah (be) dressing you. Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem. O Muslims, say by the Lord of Heavens, “ALLAH, ALLAH, ALLAHU  AKBAR!”
As salamu alaykum! O my brothers and sisters, who made you (the) human family. Be happy! Don’t worry, don’t be sorry, everything changing through your life or through life of Mankind on Earth, according to their treatments: for good treatments, bringing goodness, (and) bad treatments, bringing badness.
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
trying to be a holy servant, a holy servant
You should be happy for all eternity,
Eternity, eternity, eternity,
we are asking from Eternal One, Allah.
So sweet, love. I am never getting happy with European languages; only with that word, “eternity, eternity, eternity!” I am going to be melt with the sweetness of that word! Eternity, eternity, eternity!
O people, come on us, eternity!
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
Ask from your Lord, “eternity, eternity, eternity!”
It is enough for you from pre-eternal to eternal!
So sweet (the word) “eternity.” No any other word affecting on my being. I‘m not saying only from my heart or my head or my physical body, but whole my being coming to be melted through an endless Ocean, that Ocean filled with sweetness! Pleasure. Therefore I am saying, “eternity, eternity, eternity!”
O our Lord! (We are) asking from You
to be eternal, to be eternal,
because You are Eternity,
You are an Eternal One, Eternal One!
Leave everything and sing with me (gestures to murids)
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
O our Lord! You are eternal,
and (we are) asking (for) us to be eternal,
But we are asses!
We are not sending,
We are understanding only to say,
“I like to be burned and to be ashes!”
Be careful! Wow! Wow! (Mawlana asks Shaykh Hisham what “wow” means)
Therefore, all the beauties, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah! All beauty, O Mankind, it is for you, through Eternity, Eternity. O our Lord, You are eternal, eternal, and love is eternal! SubhanAllah!
We are going to change. I am weakest one, no value, but I am trying to put my ego under my feet, and to put Lord’s Orders on my head! O people, if you are asking to be happy, endless happiness, endless sweetness, endless honor, endless everything, please do (put) your egos under your feet! So that you should feed your real being that belongs to Heavens, O Man! Because you are a real being through Eternity! Try to, try to be to eternity. Leave destroying and leaving madness, leaving enmity and jealousy.
You should be like angels, angels flying by wings, but you are not in need to fly with wings, you are beings are going to fly through Eternity, O people! Come and ask the Ways of Eternity!
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
You should hear heavenly singing,
You should hear heavenly singing
Archangel Jibreel, Mikaeel, Israfeel, Archangel Azra`eel
And whole Heavenly Beings,
you should hear their singing!
O our Lord! O our Lord! You are blessing, only we are weak servants. Take away shaytans, their hands from Your servants, O our Lord!
Ovoom, ovoom, ovoom, ovoom, ovoom, ovoom, ovoom! Seven times bombs are coming down on Shaytan, on his army. Heavenly attacks on Shaytan and his followers! Don’t worry, try to be good ones and you will be under Divinely Shelter.
We didn’t speak anything! Half an hour (and) our association is dom, dom, dom, dom!
I am bombing
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
I am bombing
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
I am bombarding shaytans
and their followers’ whole services!
As salumu `alaykum. Fatiha.
If (the) Pope hears this speech, he is also going to be astonished! If Shaykh al-Azhar hearing this he (will be) saying, “Subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah.”
We never heard this, don’t think you know everything, or you know everything a weak servant is like …. Broadcasting on a radio. I’m not preparing anything to say to people, this is coming through Heavenly Ways. I’m going to make trembling, I hope that weakest servant of Allah when he says,

Dom, dom, dom, dom,
Iblis is coming like this, and coming like that
Don’t be astonished, skyline Buyuk pilarlar.

Making high buildings to come down
to come on Earth,in prostration, and get up,
because of their Lord.

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah!
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
O Beloved One,
O Glorified One,
All Your Honor,
we are happy and
all our hope is to Your Intercession!
O Sayyid al-awwaleen wal-akhireen.
Heavenly Master of creation,
O Beloved of our Lord,
O Sayyidina Muhammad!
(Mawlana stands)