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Are You Ready for the Moment After Death?

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

1 July 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

(…no audio for three minutes…)

And we must run and run, then suddenly there are going to be ....surprising, where we reached? We are not expecting that should be for us an end, we (are) never thinking on it, that we are reaching to a limit. We were thinking that our beings (are) going to be endless, endless, and we were searching to find something to make our beings on this Earth unlimited, unlimited.

But now we are looking and seeing, just we reached a limit; now what we can do? It is impossible to turn back ourselves and to look another way that we can find there, in limited ways, that never thinking on it, what we were thinking for ourselves through this life. We are asking (for) unlimited distances.

We were running to a horizon and we were thinking that that horizon (is the) last horizon that we can reach. And we are rushing on it, but just we reached and finding behind it countless horizons! What we did? We lost our chance because we wasted everything that we have been granted. It is, or it was, (a) Heavenly grant (and) we just wasted all of it, and now finally, in front of us, a limited area (…) but we were thinking unlimited distances

O People! No benefit. But now people living on Earth, their main subject, their main target is to reach infinity, that unlimited life that everyone may understand that it is impossible when they are reaching to their last breath, leaving this life and jumping to another. But when they are jumping it is not like their physical life. You must remain in your physical being as an ashes or as a dust. There is something else, something from yourself, and (they are) looking, and their looking is not going to be one distance or one direction.

You should find yourself through a being that (reaches) unlimited directions. But you are not prepared yourself, how you should know when you are going to be free from your material being and astonishing and falling down, falling down, falling down, that never-ended falling, through darkness, holes, darkness. That is some others and some worlds are in darkness, tawbah! Endless happiness to that ones who they are reaching the Enlighted climates, and such sorrow for those whose last breath of their life is ending in front of the way of darkness, through Darkness Worlds. Only this, through holy books, is trying to teach people.

O People! In front of you, you should reach to a life in the Enlightened World, or you should reach to darkness that has no possibility to save yourself through that darkness. May Allah forgive us! But people, now they are drunk. Why they are drunk? By drinking wines? No, that is easy! But they are drunk, and blind also, because they are never following any prophet’s purpose and (the) Lighted Way, to be with them and the Lord of Heavens. And whole prophets, they are like suns, through lights that you can’t be able to bring a description (of) their lights, and you can’t be able to give at least, and they are standing from lighted doors, (and) it is impossible (to describe), and they are running in it!

That is man’s lacking, from reaching the area of Lighted Worlds. And lights, that every moment, every second or less, are changing. Coming lights that you can’t be able to think and to understand and to give a name to that lights (that are in) every second or less, giving such a (re)freshment, such a pleasement, such an endless pleasure to you!

Everything is coming from Heavens, yet they are Enlightened Worlds, giving unlimited pleasure, unlimited pleasement, unlimited love, unlimited beauty, unlimited wisdom, unlimited knowledge oceans, unlimited beauty oceans! Tawbah!

It is so big happiness that no one can be able to speak the kind of happiness, the kind of their pleasure. Listen in front of us! Everyone is running on that direction, but some people are changing their ways from their Lighted Worlds and Lighted Heavens and they are running to another wrong way, that it is dark, darkness. And every second they are reaching to another blindness, and every moment, every second, they are surrendering with such a badness, darkness, that is giving them troubles or carrying them to unlimited blindness, unlimited, and no refreshment for them there!

And thus, we are trying to say something about the future of real humanity, for their futures. Who is accepting, they have endless, endless pleasure and pleasement. Who is refusing, they are reaching to an endless darkness and miseries and sufferings and everything that is giving trouble, giving to them as harming them.

It is just mentioned through whole Holy Books! What we are saying now, it is just main subject that Holy Books asking to give to people and calling them to the Enlightened World, and trying to carry them out of darkness and dark trouble and endless miseries, asking to carry them away. But Shaytan is making so many countless tricks to change people from the right way to the wrong way, from goodness to badness.

It is beginning now a new period for Mankind, because they just reached their last point where they are asking to reachm and beyond that no hope for them. Whole things that they are reaching making much more trouble and problems for Mankind. Every new inventions giving another trouble to people. But people are thinking, “Oh everything now is so easy! We can do everything through technology and we are happy!” But finally, they are finding that technology is against Mankind and the biggest trap put by Shaytan. People were so happy before technology, but then technology coming into existence and giving their fruits, and people are astonishing, saying, “Oh! We are such lucky people, technology is helping us!”

But it is not really helping; it is just for showing off, not giving people every goodness. No! for us, technology is changing the life of people from goodness to badness. But what can we do? We are such weak ones and we need Heavenly appearance, support for changing everything from technology to its real being. That means technology is changing people from nature, and now people are understanding that to be far away from nature is the biggest cursing. Now they are asking, how can we come back to nature? Nature is like the mother for everything, but just Allah Almighty is making it for everything on Earth, and technology people are taking it away from nature.

As long as they are far away, they are going to be in misery and going into much more trouble. May Allah forgive us! It is so simple, but people are teaching technology and they are changing what is going to happen for Mankind. For other living aspects on Earth, if you take away technology you should find yourself, even on Earth, living in a paradise!

May Allah grant us a good understanding; we are in need for that, and if it has been granted, Mankind going to be saved, or (without that) they will be destroyed. But now Mankind is anticipating a big destroying on Earth, and that is going to be through technology, to destroy everything on the name of civilization; technology is going to take them away. Technology is the final aspect that is directed by Shaytanic powers, to take away everything off Earth and to leave Earth like a desert! No more they will find something to eat or drink. Nothing to think on it, because their idea is just finished and humanity (is) just falling down.

May Allah forgive us! May Allah take away (technology) from Mankind so they will be reaching to their real aspects and happiness and pleasement!

Oh people, today I am not singing for you (smiling, Mawlana is referring to suhbah of previous day, when he sang throughout. He then begins to sing in a tender, sad voice.)

Turan, turan, turan, turan,

turan, turan, turan, turan.

(Mawlana imitates in a soft voice:)

As a nature mourning and crying,

“O my creatures, coming to me,

passing all technology.”

O people! Try to reach happiness and glory, and through this life you will reach Heavenly treasure, Heavenly beauties, Heavenly desserts, Heavenly tastes. Through knowledge you will reach to beauty, to aspects through your life. O People! Leave technology out and follow the ways of prophets, to be in pleasure here and Hereafter!

(Mawlana hums) Turan, turan, turan, turan.

O our Lord! Fatihah.

They are saying, “Don’t eat.” They are saying, “Don’t drink water.” What shall we do, if we are not drinking? I am saying, cursing on you! Dome, dome, dome, dome. Now coming dome, dome, dome, dome on the head of Shaytan and its followers coming dome, dome, dome, dome to break their heads because their heads just, have no understanding! (laughing)

When a donkey, when you are speaking, is making a sound (saying), “Oh shaykh, you are speaking truth.” But those who are laughing at me, no mind for them, (only) cursing on them! I am very happy that I am taking (away from) no mind people. They are not making advertisement to drink water and (are rather) saying, “Don’t drink water; always (drink) wine and alcohol.”

May Allah make us away from those no-mind creatures! We have endless subjects from Heavenly centers, never-ending.