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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaha ill-Allah w’allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar wa lillahi ’l-hamd. Allahuma salli wa sallim wa baarik ala Habeebika Sayyidina Muhammad, Sayyid al-awwaleen wa’l-akhireen
Welcome my Lord’s servants, welcome! Ummat al Habeeb, the nation of Sayiddina Muhammad (peace be upon him).
We are knowing nothing. If they are giving something to know, we may transporting from one to another. If they are not granting from Holy Knowledge to our hearts we can’t speak. We are really seeker of knowledge. To know something and it is really we have been sent here for to know and to learn something. We are not coming, if you are coming only for eating and drinking, our level going to be level of animals. We are not thinking what they are eating and drinking...for their generation they are thinking only sexual desires and that is the level of animals. No more honour on that level, if they are going to be on same levels they are animals no more. But we have been created in another creation, and we are human beings. And we are saying A`udhu billahi mina ’sh-shaytanir-rajeem, Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. That is a rank that granted from Heavens to mankind to say A`udhu billahi mina ’sh-shaytanir-rajeem Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.
If we are not saying Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem, no value you for ourselves. That is honour granted to mankind, and you are saying Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem and running from evil and devils to our Creator, to shelter ourselves from Shaytan and its Shaytanic levels, not to be on Shaytan's level. We said Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem it is...SubhanAllah, something coming, closing the line, tawbah astagfirullah.
Madad ya Sultan al-Awliya. We are in need to know our levels and to be improving. The stairs of getting closer from Heavenly present that we have been honoured by granting from Divinely Presence this is our honour. May Allah forgives us and blessings, we are in need to learn and to do something, according to our honours. 
O people! Keep a way...I am not saying that I am knowing something but as a TV speaking and that instrument addressing to ourselves, we are hearing and we are not saying that this TV machine knowing so many things, no! Knowing nothing, but when it is suitable for addressing people, it is using a power, a secret power and that secret power running when you are pressing that button, speaks and showing, but really it’s knowing nothing.
And we must try to be at least on that way, not to be under the level of TV. At least you must be on the level of TV. Leave yourself in front of Holy Centers, Heavenly Centers to come and to enter through your heart without hindrance, and biggest hindrance that preventing people not to reach to Heavenly position it is dunya, dunya, problems of dunya endlessly. Man creating for themselves through themselves, and their teacher is Shaytan. 
Shaytan throwing so many things in front of mankind that people falling in a position that no time for them to look beyond their problems. Whole people running after so many problems and asking to find a solution. They are asking so many ways to find a solution, endlessly problems, one after one, one after one. Shaytan throwing in front of people, now doing whole world, Shaytan throwing in front of them everywhere, countless problems and it is all of them belonging to our stomachs. What I am going to eat and drink and dress and to live, that is no any other thing, and countlessly Shaytan throwing in front of them problems. One finishing, second throwing, finishing crisis, economical crisis. O that is like a big ocean ha ha, economical crisis, countless and endless. One finishing coming another one, and all of them for what? For to fill our stomachs, to eat much more delicious meals and to feed our donkeys. Anything else? Our importance only to think how I can feed my donkey, to be my donkey, more pleased and to be in pleasure, how I can feed my donkey? And that is man's last goal? Yes. You may be on top level but you have possibility from every way for feeding your donkey, what happening? What happening? Nothing! 
But Shaytan putting in front of mankind one after one, one after one endlessly problems. Family problems, community problems, nations problems, human problems ho ho ho, whole governments losing their minds how they can arrange this. Impossible, impossible! Because Shaytan throwing endlessly problems. Making a small drop as an ocean in front of people. O people...ooo what we shall do now, economical crisis what we can do, your economical crisis what doing for you?
The Lord of Heavens sending to you rains from skies from up sending to you and you can plant everything. As we were small ones in elementary school yet for example, 80 years ago I am remembering coming music, a musician person for music lessons, and he was sitting and putting his one foot on chair, and he was beginning to say (Mawlana singing in Turkish):
dumm, dumm, dumm,
dumm, dumm, dumm,
dumm, dumm, uncle farmer,
dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm…
Whole students we are after you also, some of them....(Mawlana imitating teacher and students singing)
Allahu Akbar (Adhan for Salatu ’l-`Asr in Lefke, Cyprus). Cut it for Adhan.
(The Transcript has been cut short due to some interference with Livestream)
And their most important importance is what you are eating and drinking and up one step more people asking how we can enjoy ourselves by feeding our donkeys? And third they are running in a tunnel that they are not knowing or they are not tasting after that level, if they are eating most delicious food. First level a hungry person may eat dry bread and enjoy it. After that they may find an ordinary food and they are eating and they are happy enjoying themselves. After that level they are entering in a tunnel that waiters bringing to them most delicious food from every kind of food but on that level they never understanding what they are eating or what enjoyment coming to them. They are out of understanding, or they are out of their feelings, what they are eating and if they are enjoying themselves or not. Finished, finished. 
Now people, majority running to find even dry bread to eat. Another level people they are asking to eat something or that level that finishing their hunger and they are saying we are full now, bring another level of meals and after that when they are using prohibited drinks they are going to be out of their consciousness. They are finishing. What they are eating or drinking not anything they are knowing about it. One of them falling in that way, one another falling on that way, one another falling on tables, one another falling on their backs and a dirty looking coming on them.
Their crisis mostly people now on earth now on three stations, three levels. And the Lord of Heavens granting to them but they are saying “No! We must have thousands, hundred thousands, millions and millions of Dollars, Euros or Pounds or thousands of golden coins.”
We are full now why running after this? And they are saying, “(it is a) very big crisis, what saying, in economical.” What is that? It is big blame for mankind to fall on that stage and getting angry or feeling themselves hungry and feeling themselves not enjoying with anything of life because of problems of economical crisis. That is Shaytan throwing in front of them one after one problems and finished. Or people so easy so as we learned… 
(Mawlana singing in Turkish)
Dumm, dumm, dumm,
dumm, dumm, dumm,
dumm, dumm, dumm,
dumm, dumm, dum…
old farmer,
you are planting wheat
that we are making from it
delicious breads
and we are
so happy. 
And we are
praising you saying
cifti dayu, cifti dayu…(Mawlana singing)
We were small ones and we were learning such a thing. And now? Crisis! Economical crisis! American banks bankrupt ah! “How you say bankrupt? Banks falling on their heads?” “No sir, no sir, they are saying that some zeros in front of one getting less. It was 10 zeros, now coming to be 9 zeros and 9 coming to be 8 zeros then coming 8 zeros 7 zeros then coming 1 zero and after a while we are going to be only one….one euro…one dollar…In Switzerland also, they are also bankrupt.”
I am saying, “go on mountains and ask goats and sheep if they have any sorrowful thing for them and they are eating on mountains only dry grass or sometimes green grass and they are so happy!”  Tuh on you that you are running after…dollars (?) O mankind! Go and learn happiness from sheep and goats. They are so happy on mountains eating thorns and they are so happy and on their necks there is rings also and running from side to another side. Teaching you: “O Man,” and saying to you “it is blame to you O mankind to think so wrong thinkings about yourself. 
Look ourselves, we are only eating only thorns and dry grasses and dry leaves falling from trees and we are so happy. Look, our bodies we are giving to you our milk, we are giving to you our meats and we are so happy. You! Everything created for you, everything you can find and you are crying and saying ‘ehhh economical crisis!’”
You are not looking, everyday you must pass in front of a Church. Must be everyday one or two or more or less hearse bringing someone in coffins. Putting in front of you and saying that passed away and some people asking “what happened to them?” “Because, O my brother, he passed away because of economical crisis.” “How? What happened?” “Economical crisis!” “He was not eating something?” “Eating, but he was so sorrowful because his money coming from 10 zeros to 9 and from 9 coming to 8 and coming from 8, 7 that just poisoned his mind and his mind stopped and he falling down and looking people running after that person just passed away.” Doctors coming saying “what happened?” “Nothing happened” “He passed away because of hunger?” “No.” “Because of thirsty?” “No.” “But his stomach full. How then?” “Grieving.”  (Mawlana says, all of you sleeping! Tawba astagfirullah)
Grieving making him to die. Give that person a new book and write on it 10 zeros. You can write behind one, so many zeros, you never taking any care and saying “I don’t care.” (e.g. 0000001) But when you are putting in front of one, you are taking so care, put more zeros that that person may be in rest (e.g. 100000000). Now he is very sorrowful lying in his coffin.
That is Shaytan’s dramatical history of mankind through 21st century.
And I am saying, O people! Try to be free ones, not to be slaves for nonsense, nonsense crisis. You must be thankful that you are finding bread and eating and you are filling your stomach. Be happy. What benefit coming to you if whole banks and its capitals for you? What going to give to you? Nothing! Use your mind, O people! Don’t follow Shaytan. This is an advice from all advices of Prophets (peace be upon them). Keep yourself and don’t be sorrowful for zeros. Be thankful and the Lord of Heavens grants to you. If He is giving to you don’t keep it through banks stores, give for the sake of your Creator to needy people. Needy people.  If you are giving needy people the Lord of Heavens grants to you compassion through your hearts, satisfaction grants to you. O people! Think on it from today up to tomorrow and send me some messages if I am true or wrong. If you are saying wrong, I am saying Lord takes your soul after tomorrow to cemetery! Ha Ha Ha. 
(Mawlana singing)
They must be thankful servants then Lord gives to them contentment. Should be very sleepy, (saying) “I am sleeping and I am saying Oooo shaykh be happy!” I am saying for what? Because newspaper in New York, famous street, Wall Street, now they said “whole treasures in Wall Street belongs to you.” “Who saying this?” “All people they are writing but nothing in my pocket because you can’t carry…..”
We are making magic theatres also sometimes. Yes you may do also. Today all England banks on them just written on your name, O Sahib…….
Thank you sir.
Say thanks to Allah that granted to me whole banks, golden stores!
(Mawlana singing)
That is for jinns singing ehhhhhh, ehhhhhh, ehhhhhhh. Be clever, don’t say anything against Shaykh, Shaykh may send on you black jinns to take you on the Himalayas Mountains, may do, yes, beware from Shaykh.