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Everything in Creation Has its Foundation in the Unseen World

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

4 July 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

Bismillahi 'r-rahmaani 'r-raheem.

Because everything with it and ending as He likes. He Almighty has no beginning or no ending.

Dastoor yaa Sultaan al-awliyaa, we are asking heavenly support for our meeting and for every good acting, we must ask a heavenly support. Or our juhud, effort going to be suda, meaningless, as long as people are forgetting their Lord, no chance for them to be happy here or hereafter. That is some qa'idah, principle, it is unchangeable principles, must be known and must be learned. That we are not by ourselves. No. If no any relationship for mankind on this planet it is impossible to be in existence, to move, to act, to think, to learn, no. They should be like statues.

First of all man must learn about themselves, about their positions.

Glory for Allah and His Glorious from pre-eternal up to eternal. Absolute Glory for the Lord of heavens, for the Creator that He created. No one can claim that I am creating something. We may ask 'show us what you created." If he is saying, "I created myself" they are liars, unacceptable, cannot be. because you are coming from your mother's womb. Think on it, holy quran.

That whole knowledge appeared from holy Quran. and everything that belonging for knowledge it is coming, not growing in ourselves. Man taking everything from his outside.

Because everything beginning with Him everything belonging on knowledge it is coming not growing in ourselves man taking everything from outside it is impossible for a person to feed himself by himself to feed herself by herself, to feed their descendents through their wombs; it is impossible. Must be granted to them something from unseen worlds.

It is a principle something if it is seen must be unseen on same level. Now we are seeing something, here. If we are looking and seeing something, must be behind that our side, another side, that it is unseen. Yes, we may say this atmosphere. Atmosphere it is unseen, unseen waqi`a, incident. we are saying that there is atmosphere. If you are asking them, "can you see it?" no one can say, "yes I am seeing." If you are saying "I can't see" and you are saying "there is an atmosphere but I can't see it," that means for everything you can find an unseen, unseen happening about that one. "Happening" means to be in existence and something to be in existence as a happening must have a Happener Who (is making that) Happening. There must be a Happener for something to be able to be in existence and to be in the universe that we are looking and we are seeing something and then beyond that distance we are seeing nothing. That is something that if you are speaking a little bit deeply about it, we must say for everything in existence, there must be a "room" that it may be through that room, and through that room it must have something about its happening.... or can't be a happening for that thing, that atom, because that atom it is in existence. And it has a space, yes, it (occupies) a space. If it has no space, an atom, can't be in existence.

And we may ask, what is an atom's space? Is its space bigger than the atom? Or is the atom bigger than its space? We may ask if the atom is much more powerful, or its qa'ida, its base?

The base is more powerful, not space.

More important we may ask: "Who is that One that is making for an atom its base?" I am asking from learned ones and scientists and academic people for an answer.

For an atom, it is a "happening" that just "happened." It never happened by itself! But it is in a space and that space contains possibilities for everything. If no possibility for that space, nothing can be in space. Then that atom, without a base, cannot be in existence and it can't be seen. If it is seen, and it has a base, there must be another power that is covering and catching that atom and making it to be on its base.

That is a very important question that no existing one can be without a base. If you are saying this world is without a base, it is foolishness and it is a ignorance. This world must have a base. If no base, no moment. If no base, no existence. Because base is carrying existence for everything. Beginning from atoms or less than atoms.

Look! There is nucleus, the center of atoms and we are saying its position is positive and scientists are saying that it has electrons around itself and their positions are negative. How can a positive happening be friendly with a negative one? And they are turning around itself. What is the base of the nucleus? And what is the basis of electrons? You can say their base is the nucleus, but really that cannot be, because that is positive the electrons are negative. So what kind base exists for the nucleus, and which kind of base is there for electrons?

How are they denying an Unseen One and saying "because we can't see it, it is out of existence or no existence for it"?

That is 21st century's ignorance. A base is so important that everything has just been put on its base.

What do you think? Who is that One putting an atom on its base? And what is the base of its nucleus? What is the base of electrons? Which thing is making them to be fixed. The nucleus is on its base. So which one is making and forcing electrons to keep their bases and to move?

How they are saying that nothing is unseen? That is the utmost level of ignorance. But they are such heedless people. No one is asking what I am asking them up to today.

We have power from our Holy book to speak on such positions. No doubt, no doubt! But atheist people they cannot answer me. I never heard a physicist to speak on such a subject. No one is saying there is a base for an atom and no one is saying about the base of electrons and what about that nucleus which is carrying different pieces from creation.

Everyone, if they are in existence, must have a base because without a base, nothing can be appear, finished!

Therefore, I am warning whole scientists, that if they are going to continue on their ignorance something may happen through their heads leaving them as a majnoon crazy one. They should lose.

Yes, man they have bases. Each one if we have a base in existence, and our bases each one is independent from all others. My base is never going to touch to your existence, to your base.

The sun must have a base. Without a base it cannot be in existence. What is that base? It is something that may be known or not?

No one knows what carrying sun from east to west or Who turning our globe from east to west? And without a base, how it can be moved, or how it can be in existence? A base is the real reason for happenings for everything. The Creator just created and His creation is most perfect. It is in absolute perfection. Absolute perfection is for Allah.

Why they are not saying this? They are afraid? Why are they afraid?

I am asking and waiting ,looking for an answer for that happening.

I am knowing nothing but sometimes my heart going into relation, connection with some centers. We are reaching to bases, through our unexpected or impossible-to-be-known powers carrying some people to some realities.

Some people are saying they are realists. What is a realist? If you are a realist say about your real being what your base is. Now our base is here, and after one hour our base is there, moving. Like your shadow, a base must be there.

But its base is not the shadow. The real reality of being belongs to that base, (not to the shadow).

What is that base? That is the secret of secrets that it is impossible to reach. If you are reaching one secret, appearing another secret ocean. And beyond it you should find another secret ocean. Never-ending oceans.

Therefore the Lord saying, all glory for Him, "I am that One who creating. I am that one that giving a base for creatures. I am making creation and creation going on with its bases. All bases tasbeehaat, are praising and glorifying Me. I am your Lord, so glorify Me." All bases glorifying the Lord.

Those ignorant ones that they only know 1, 2 3, no more, their heads can never carry such things and we are speaking only very very very very simple description to carry that description for the understanding of mankind.

Yes. The sun what is its base? When it is in the east and what is its base when it is reaching to the west? Where is its base?

Holy Quran saying that sun coming and setting down in a black sea, in a black ocean.

Surat ul-Kahf about Dhul-Qarnayn.

حَتَّى إِذَا بَلَغَ مَغْرِبَ الشَّمْسِ وَجَدَهَا تَغْرُبُ فِي عَيْنٍ حَمِئَةٍ

hatta idha balagha maghrib ash-shamsi wajadahaa taghrubu fee `ayni hamiyatin.

till, when he came to the setting of the sun, it appeared to him that it was setting in a dark, turbid sea; (18:86)

That is base that when the sun is moving from one point to another point its base is getting different. It is not same base that the sun is reaching at the end of the day. Holy Books and particular the Holy Quran are signing, giving some signs about that and saying the sun is just setting and it has another base for it. Beginning with a different base, like a train beginning from one station and reaching to another station.

The sun is also moving. Don't say it is not moving. No it is moving. And without a base it can't be moved must be has a base, if no base, no sun. Allahu Akbar.

Who its base appearing running appearing according to Holy Commands of heavens and coming and reaching to its last minute for a day and disappearing it has another base there.

But people now so suthi, superficial, shallow. Reality is something, shadow is something else. And through the shadow appearing and setting, rising and setting. Where is Real Being that it never needs a base? It is in Unseen climates of Unity of the Lord of creation. Beyond that no one can reach to that point. Only that is belongs to the Creator. Therefore, He is Wahidun Ahad, (One and Unique). Wahidun Ahad. Qul huwa allahu ahad. Say! He is Allah the One the Unique.

Such a things in our days it is going to be unexpected positions people they are asking to learn something that it is so cheap. But like plastic toys. But no one asking to enter in it.

Therefore we are saying for every seen happening must be another happening in unseen worlds.

That means `alamul-mithaal. that there there is no need for a base. That when the Lord, the real positions of everything it is under Holy Commands of Lord of heavens. When He asking in that plane it is unseen. When he is asking it to be seen, the way of creation, He knows:”

هَلْ مِنْ خَالِقٍ غَيْرُ اللَّهِ

hal min khaliqun ghayrullah,

is there a creator, other than Allah (35:3)

Only One may create and bring in existence with its base for without base nothing is going to be in existence. It is going to be only for the Lord's endless creations.

Naas, people now, are running to know very cheap knowledge about creation.

And we are saying that if something just appear in creation it must have a real Being through Unseen worlds.

Look and think on it to know something. Don't run directly to know the Creator. No, no! First give what I am asking you, say to me a reply, an answer. Say to me what is your reply about what we are saying. Say! Then we may speak another page and endless pages through creation that belongs to the Lord of creation.

May Allah forgives us. I think it is a heavy ocean and I don't think that it is a too difficult for understanding. It is giving something to people for understanding that they can catch it and that catching may lead them to real reality. Because reality you can't find here by your mind. Mindly-production it is not enough. Another Being or another happening that is going to happen through a man, it is something else. And you may get up one degree after another degree. Different levels. And you can find in front of you endless levels.

Therefore, the Lord He is the Absolute Power, with Absolute Knowledge with Absolute Wisdoms according to His Absolute Willpower. And you, O man, you are so small

But according to your position the Lord of heavens giving soemthing to you for understanding, from a small bubble endless expansion.

May Allah forgive us.

It is something that most, or perhaps all people living in this world, are heedless about and they are denying. The reason for denying, is they are not using their thinking power for such a thing.

It is so small, yet so important. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!

My Allah forgive us.

Today it is something that is unexpected.

Allah keeps us not to fall through the valley of objection. Therefore if asking more, Allah gives more. If they are happy to be on their real level, the first level, they should be there forever. But whoever is moving they may move eternally and through eternity they should find something that belongs to eternal worlds, to eternity. And that is real pleasure for a person from mankind: not this world or the simple enjoyable levels after death (physical pleasure Allah grants to common believers in the afterlife). No, the enjoyment for wise men, prophets and their followers

it is something else. It is something else: asking and approaching as a fish always has its mouth is open and never closing it. They have an endless ihtiraas, greed. Someone was asking why a fish is always opening its mouth. Just he asked from a holy one (a saint, waliullah) and he was answering, "Because that fish is running to drink the whole ocean. Therefore always opening its mouth and its last desire and demand is to reach to the whole ocean."

Men on earth now their mouth has been open and they are asking to drink or to reach everything through this life. And it is impossible.

May Allah forgive us.

That is the teaching of the Lord Almighty to His prophets, and prophets are teaching to their real followers who are believing in unseen worlds, unseen happenings, unseen power oceans, unseen wisdom oceans. Who is asking endless beauty oceans and endless endless oceans, that is only for the Lord of heavens (to grant).

May Allah forgive us. Fatiha.