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Dastoor ya Rijaal Allah, madad

Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah, Sultan Allah, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah

Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Llah wa ashadu ana Sayyidina Muhammadin `abduhu wa habeebuhu wa Rasuluh

We are weak servants, we are nothing. O our Lord, give us something for understanding, give us to learn.  Help send from Your Heavenly support.  Help.  Help us.  We are on this planet helpless o the Lord of creation. 

We are asking for the honour most honoured in Your Divinely Presence Sayiddina Muhammad (peace be upon him) that You honored him, You glorified him and his being is majestic.  He is carrying from Your endless Majestic Oceans only as an atom no more.  Whole Majesty for You o our Lord nothing else in existence.

You are the Creator You are Giving, Kareem, Generous, You are Ever Generous.  No limits, no limits for Your generosity, no limits for Your Greatness, no limits for Your Majestic Essence.  Allahu Akbar You are Akbar.  O our Lord send us for the honour of Your most generous creature that You created from pre-eternal up to eternal for honour of that one send us one to help us that one You know him.

Welcome for our listeners.  All of us creatures all of us member of mankind that he is created by Eternal Creator and He Almighty He Who is Majestic, Majestic being only for Him and His Majesty can’t be known where end but may appear as an appearance through smallest creation that we are knowing and that is atoms.  His Majestic Being just may be seen through one atom. 

An atom 's history or atom’s history no one can be able to surround its limits or to reach an atom’s last limits, that atom carrying and standing up to make to be witness for its Creator and for its Creator’s Majestic Being every atom is standing up and saying You only o our Lord.  You are Creator Your Majesty endless o our Lord that is the meaning of tasbeeh glorifying His Majesty and declaring His Majestic Being.  That is a very very simple description of tasbeeh to give Majestic declaration of His Divinely Being.  Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.   Everything calling us to believe in Him.  Dumm dumm dumm.

Every atom calling us to believe in Him to believe in His Majestic Being and His Almighty Essence calling us to say Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah.  Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah.  If leaving Allah Almighty one atom to make its witnessing for the Majestic Being of an Almighty Being of the Lord of Creation this world going to come to be like this. 

Only one light Shaykh through whole year Shaykh Hisham through whole year only one opportunity just granted to one atom for declaration.  Its declaration for its Creator so that that is only once happening through whole year the Night of Power.  The Night of Power it is a good name to be Night of Power.  The Lord of creation asking to show something that it is going to be an appearance on an one atom’s creation asking to make whole creation to see some sight about that witnessing to our Lord’s Glorious Being that going to appear through smallest part of creation, atom that is.  Therefore it is a good understanding to say for Laylat-ul Qadr, the Night of Power.  The Night of Power means to appear to come in sight, to come in sight of someones for creatures about His power.  Power of night, night power, Night of Power more than this can’t carry creation only to disappearing instantly.  Therefore, only on one atom that we are knowing it is smallest part of creatures in creation that Divinely appearance ordering for that smallest piece of creation look and be thaabit, firm, be firm coming Divinely appearance on you. 

Coming on that that we can’t make it two parts only one part.  Look coming Divinely appearance on you now to show whole creation about His Majestic Being.  The Night of Power now and that one when coming you can’t find in exist to stand all of them falling on sajda that no more can’t carry.

Even Shaykh Hisham even maybe like this creation billions and billions, trillions and trillions, or quadrillions times big but can’t carry more than this appearance on that point that it is a smallest part of creation.  Can’t carry more than this whole creation just disappearing and getting in endless Eternal Oceans of the Lord of creation Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

O people!  We are wasting our precious times.  We are losing our chance for understanding such a things.  And we are occupying ourselves with nonsense; no valuable things and we are losing our chance to knowing about such Heavenly understandings.  We may be so no hope, no hope, hopeless, hopeless.  No more chance should be granted for this creation to come back and to understand passed away finished, that passing never coming back.  Everything in Divinely appearance getting only once no more to be a second just changing that finished.

O people!  We have been granted and we are so lucky ones that the Lord of Heavens bringing ourselves from nothing to something.  We are coming from nothing and appearing as something. 

Both of them nothing but Divinely appearance from pre-eternal up to Eternal and we are speaking on something making our understandings to tremble because the Lord of Heavens for His endless Majesty or Mighty Majesty for the Lord of Heavens it is. 

We are speaking on a point that it is impossible to imagine taking ourselves out of our imaginations also.  Therefore, mankind that he is representing Allah Almighty’s Majesty in the size of sizeless Being.

He is Almighty.  (Something in Arabic) Impossible to surround the Creator’s Majestic Being, space and (Something in Arabic) imagine the space of His Majestic Being.  No time for His existence and no any no any seat or no anything from makaan, seat surrounding Him never.

He is never in need to be a seat for Him or to be asked how many billions years for His existence no.  Zamaan wa makaan, time and space impossible, impossible.  Therefore, we are speaking on a point that to bring to people a meaning from tasbeeh glorifying Him or tasbeeh that means to declare His most Majestic, Most Mighty Majestic Being.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar (Adhan being called)

We are luckiest ones through creatures as well as we are so unlucky ones our among creatures because we have been granted such a marifat, Divinely knowledge and we are not taking care as well as we are such a creatures that we are not giving our whole being for understanding for the Lord of creation through one atom and less and less and less.

We are speaking now, they are making me to address people according to their pride that they are knowing.  To make their knowledge under zero.  From zero there is also under zero so that they can’t be able to be their heads up.  They are knowing nothing.  No one can object on this point from beginning up to end.  Powerful opening coming to take away as a river coming and everything finding on it life carrying it away.  And coming… Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar… Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar…

La ilaha il-Llah, La ilaha ill-Llah.

Allah jalla Jalaaluhu jalal…

No any explanation for that point.  jala Jalaaluhu

The meaning of jala Jalaaluhu, what is the meaning of Jalal can’t be knowing from pre-eternal up to Eternal.  And we are knowing nothing, only nothing from beginning up to Eternal.  But Allah Almighty He is happy with us what we are knowing.  Therefore, when a person his soul leaving his temporary body, and getting free he is going to be asked what you learned?  What you learned?  And the laws of that what you learned endlessly, countless levels from pre-eternal up to Eternal endlessly running that levels, never ending, never ending.

O people!  Dum dum for you, dum dum dum dum

Come and believe into your Creator Almighty Allah,

(singing) dumm dumm dumm


For Allah Almighty’s Sultanate, Majesty

O Shaykh Hisham Effendi, so brilliant, so Majestic.

Therefore, reaching to me some knowledge from Holy Knowledge of Heavens that greatest creature that is Divinely Throne, `Arshullah in every moment, not moment, less, less, less, less, that is dressing 70 thousand of colours from light, it is so weak word.  So weak word.  Tajalli, manifestation and appearance dressing Holy Throne of the Lord of Heavens through every smallest part of time just dressing 70,000 new colors with new appearances.  Don’t think that what we are saying it is in a darkness knowledge, no no.  The appearance only coming on Holy Throne of the Lord of Heavens on every smallest part of time just dressing 70000 different colours of light!  Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

Magnificent and Majestic!

O people!  Come and listen.

O people!  Dumm dumm to you come and listen to me, come and enjoy with me, it is for you forever.

Come and believe and follow me you should reach some limits and they are unlimited limits!




[Shaykh Hisham says, Allah gives you more Sayyidee]



Therefore, I am so happy O people, I shave my head!  Ha ha ha and I am very happy!  And I am asking to be put on my head such an honour crown for new understanding, ameen!

[Shaykh Hisham says, Mawlana on the Internet there is one lady that she asked, you know her, Gulshen her name is, she is asking permission to translate this into Turkish, she is already translating this into Turkish, I said no problem…]

May Allah gives her such an authority to make a translation, I don’t know.  I don’t know even myself I may say that I am so weak to make a translation of this into Turkish because Turkish less than anything for giving a meaning such a Majestic declarations.

If you are using the words that it is artificial…

Ayna Musa, ayna `Isa, ayna nuh, anta ya Siddiq `aasee, tub il al-mawla al-jaleel.

Anbiya, whole Prophets they are trembling to enter such a channels of ma`rifat, Heavenly Knowledge, trembling

Ayna Musa, ayna `Isa, ayna nuh, anta ya Siddiq `aasee, tub il al-mawla al-jaleel.

Allahu Akbar

Anbiya whole big Prophets they are getting to be in front such a knowledge saying “we know nothing, understanding nothing…”

O Siddiq! How you are claiming that you are understanding…?

Ask forgiveness from the Lord of Heavens, Allahu Akbar.