Shaytan's Main Trick to Trap Human Beings

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Sultanul Awliya   ·   Sohba/Discourse   ·   Lefke   ·   Tuesday, Jul 28, 2009

-Satan works to cheat people, but if you use your mind and willpower you will never be cheated
-unbelievers cheated many times daily and fall into endless hopelessness Oceans with lowered morale
-Shaytan says: “O mankind, follow me and I am able to carry you to endless life and enjoyment”
-as reminded in Holy Books through history, people have accumulated treasures underground; no benefit to the hoarder
-people living today take no lesson from what happened to past nations leaving their treasures
-people need to make themselves believe in Heavenly messages
-instead people say, “Every treasure in the world belongs to me”
-I ask, where are you going with that treasure?

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