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…And so ignorant ones to make Rasulallah (s) respect and asking to make the Seal of Prophets like themselves but they are black stones, and Rasul salawatullah wasalam `alayk Sayyidina Muhammad (s), you are yaqootun, diamond.  No one can know your honour, your endless honour your Lord granted to you that nafsee fida (myself be a sacrifice for you).

Our souls just under your Holy feet; that is the honor for us for every creature to be a dust under your Holy feet.

O Seal of Prophets!  O most beloved one, most glorified one in Divinely Presence that Allah Almighty saying Nabi Musa, Sayyidina Musa "Fakhla n`alaik!"  when he was arriving in the valley of Muqaddas Tuwa the Lord’s command, fakh la`nayk fa innaka bil waddee al-muqaddasi toowa!

This Allah jala Jalaluhu saying to Sayyidina Musa take your shoes away and come!

What is it of value dunya of that place yes it is value because Lord of Heavens, Lord of creation endless Greatness, endless Glory, endless Majesty asking to speak to him and saying take your shoes I am addressing to you take your most respect for Me or your level should come My most beloved one the Night of Journey you should welcome him on Bait ul-Maqdis and he is coming out.  I am not saying to him ‘O Ya Muhammad take your shoes away, no!  Until he reached, no any one reached to that level and Dhul `Arsh.  He is Malik, He is Sultan, Sultan of Holy Throne no one, no any other creation maybe much more honoured like honoured `Arsh - Holy Throne.  And the Lord’s Divinely Command, Divinely addressing coming to His most beloved, most honoured, most glorified, most majestic one that representing the Lord of Heavens.  The Lord of Heavens addressing, o My most beloved one!  Put your feet on Holy Throne to be honoured by stepping on it!

Where is those Shayateen, Wahabi’een that they are not giving real honour or running to understand who he is?  Allah sending them someone to bring them on the line of good manners.  Astagfirullah.

Dastoor ya Sayyidee, ya Rasul Allah


And on Arsh hu huu huuu huu

huu huuu huuuu huuuu huuu huuuu

huuu huuu huuu huuu huuuuu huuuu

O My most beloved one.  O My most respected one.  O My most majestic one through my creation come to Me, come to Me and listen to Me.

Huu huuu huuuu huuuu

All of creation saluted you the highest respect despite Wahabi people, Salafi people and those nations they are claiming they are Christians and they are not real Christians because Jesus Christ taking honour from that honored one.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

(Mawlana singing)

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,…Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,…Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,…

Arch Angel Gabriel, Arch Angel Israfil, Arch Angel Mikhail, Arch Angel Isra’il and whole angels they are singing the Holy singing that they never sung it before and some singing after.

Ya Sayyidee, ya Rasulallah,

Ya Sayyidee, ya Rasulallah

Yet Christian world people reciting Old Testament and New Testament but they are blind ones yet they are not looking and seeing that ones that unknown one, only he is known in Divinely Presence.  His real position and condition no anyone else may understand no!  Because the Seal of Prophets, most beloved one, most beloved one, that representing the Absolute One from pre-eternal up to Eternal, up to Eternity.

O those people whom they have been granted Holy books and Holiness of that books only for the Holiness of that one that granted by his Lord Almighty Allah.

Allah Allah Allah Allah

Allah Allah Allah

Don’t say Dios, don’t say Theo, don’t say God but you must say “O our Lord!”

Ya Allah, Ant Allah, Ya Allah, Ant Allah

La illaha il Allah, La illaha il Allah

Ant Allah, Ant Allah

O our Lord!  Lord of whole creation from pre-eternal world up to last Eternal.

O people!  Come and listen.  O people!  Leave to be drunk but try to listen, try to understand what Holy Books taking their holiness.  For what they are Holy ones, for the honour for whom Holy Books going to be Holy Books?  How they are Prophets how that Holy ones taking that honour from pre-eternal up to Eternal?

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

Allah Allah Allah

O subhan Allah!  We are running to our Lord from Shaytans and its followers.  Shaytan thinking that it has so power.  On its power I am urinating - Shaytan's power that it claiming "I am powerful," I am urinating on Shaytan!  Who believing in Shaytan on them also coming, and should be clean this world.

I am nothing but sometimes nothing may do something and something enough for cleaning this world from Shaytan and Shaytanic ways, Shaytanic ideas.  I am that one that I am going to strike on his head to make that one and who is following that one.  And I am so weak one.  I am weak one.  I am not saying I am powerful one and because I am ashaming to ask more than I have been granted.  I am weakest one.  I am ashaming to say that someone he is much more power astagfirullah.  I am asking forgiveness to use any power belonging to Heavens for defeating dirty Shaytan and its followers.

Time is over and zero now coming command to move from left hand towards right hand.  We are not fearing from Shaytan’s traps or tricks.  Now it must know that weakest servant using his weakest power to put Shaytan, not only Shaytan but its followers in one trap only and one weakest coming and urinating on them, on that trap. 



La ilaha illa-Llah, La ilaha illa-Llah

Most from everything that making angry Shaytan and its followers Adhan.  Shaytan was trying to be called its name every time on earth and it was ordering to its followers you must do as believers do for Sayyid al-awaleen wal akhireen Sayyidina Muhammad (s).  As Muslim believers making last point of their respect and honouring, giving majesty to Muhammad (s). 

(Shaytan saying: )

I was asking from my followers at least you are following me make every day five times to be called my name also.  That is making me to be melt every time I am hearing Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Ashadu an la ilaha illa-Llah ashadu ana Muhammadan Rasuluh and his nation standing up and giving their salutes and most high respect I am melting.  I did everything for my followers but only on that point I am not happy with my followers because they are not trying to make my name five times, leave five times, only once I was so happy.  Once and you are following me fully O western people and western life lovers from eastern people from Muslim countries. 

I understand European western life people I am understanding that fully they are following me and it is okay and I am so angry every time when the followers of that one, who is that one, say his name Muhammadun basharun wa laysakal bashari

Huwa yaqootatan wan-naasu ka’l-hajari

(Muhammad is a man but not like any man,

Muhammad is a diamond and all other mankind are pebbles.)

That making me to be melt.  I understanding western people they are not following him and I am angry with them also that even once they are ringing every time dumm, dumm, dom…

Therefore I am not ordering to you I never said to you to make that ringing dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, I never said to you.  Where is my name?  Look at followers of that one, his name even if disobedient of Holy orders, but five times saying Muhammadun Rasul Allah (s) Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Llah wa ashadu ana Muhammadan Rasuluh

That making me to be melt every time I am hearing Adhan, melting, melting, melting and I am finishing and I am so angry with my real followers through western countries, through most improved people, most civilized, my followers not saying my name even once.  Also I left them even weekly they are not making my name up, weekly they are coming to cathedrals and church but the are saying dong dong dong dong…

Leave that dong dong, say my name that I am chosen one to take you to Hell.  Why you are not saying my name?  Look Muslims even I make them to like the western life of people, they are so ghafil heedless people now but yet they are calling that one’s Holy name.  I am, I was trying not to say but from Heavenly one making my tongue to say Holy one.  You are saying Sayyidina Muhammad (s), I never like to speak his name but when I am asking to say his name they are making me to say that Holy one.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

I meet eastern people eastern countries that belongs to western countries they are very, very, very interested to be like my western followers, I did it, but they never leaving that they are saying Adhan and making that one’s name up.  That making me every time to be melt like lead to melt my heart.

You are following me and you are saying 100% we are followers you, why not saying even once a day, leave once a day, through one week, why not you are saying that for my name to be up my name?  Look Muslims they are following you I just made them to follow you but even now they are saying when that one’s Holy name, huh, huh Holy name, what is Holy name, (saying Shaytan), I don’t know how I am saying Holy one?  I can’t be able to say “that one” but I may say Holy one.  If you are understanding, you may understand what I mean to say. 

O people!  That one is Holy one.  Say this to Wahabi followers they should be very angry because they are giving a respect to that one even they are not saying Holy but I am saying for that one, Holy one.  Therefore, their ranks coming under my rank, Wahabis ranks.  May Allah forgives us, Ya Shaykh.  Is it enough?  This is something not prepared before but it is something that most weakest servant’s heart, it was enough to declare that declaration even from now up to next week, up to next month, up to next year, up to end of the world, up to Eternity!

Allahu Akbar wa lillahi ’l-hamd

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

(Singing in Turkish)

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

Who leaving that Holy one’s way and asking new ways to save mankind you can’t do.  Come to Holy Shariah you should be saved or not your way going to Hells, Hells, Hells, Hells.