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A`udhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

La hawla wa la quwatta illa Billahi-`aliyyi’l-`adheem

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Azeez Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Kareem Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah

You are Sultan, "O our Lord! You are our Creator. O people give your most high respect to our Lord’s most honored and most glorified servant Sayyidina Muhammad (s), peace be upon him. Allahuma salli wa sallim wa baarik `alayh.

Dastoor ya Rijaal Allah, madad O holy ones!

For the honor of the Seal of Prophets give us support from your holy powers.  If no holy powers you cannot see anything in existence. Shaykh Adnan, come and sit here. Must be holy powers keeping this earth and others (amana wa sadaqna). Do you think there is only one earth?  One planet for the Lord of creation all things that belong to Allah are continuously, never ending, continuously without beginning or ending (amana wa sadaqna) and our haz luck, we are lucky that we have been granted to be in existence. (amana wa sadaqna) No  one can give an existence to himself, even Prophets, even holy ones, even planets, even our solar system. Do you think that the soalr system can give an existence to itself to be in existence? What  is that foolishness of living people now that they are looking with empty eyes, for everything. They are using only a material looking. No more.

Once Shaykh Adnan,  we were walking, through Dimashc, Damascus streets, I was walking with my Grandshaykh  and we were passing through shops. I saw that my Grandshaykh  who he is representing highest spiritual power now on earth (amana wa sadaqna) on  behalf of Seal of Prophets Sayyidina Muhammad (s)  he was standing and looking, (vitrine, show windows, display window) display window, it was a shop and some materials in it, one moment, less than one moment, he was looking and passing. Then he said to me “O Nazim Effendi. It is forbidden for a holy one to look to something and not taking a wisdom from that. They can’t do, or they can’t look something with empty eyes. They must look and must take some wisdoms from that one. (amana wa sadaqna).

Look, what about those people whom they are claiming that they are scientists they are professors they are doctors, they are academical high people, how they are looking existence of a solar system, they are saying “solar system”. So many years they are saying this perhaps, one century or more than one century, those people are saying that our (earth) our planet is a member of solar system. Yes?


But from that time up to day I am not hearing a learned person, doctor or scientist, to say, “that solar system what or how happened in existence?”

I(amana wa sadaqna)

People they are playing shatranj (chess) chet and they are putting stones in special places. They are thinking on it but those atheists and no-mind scientists, ignorant ones, they are not coming to say, to give a declaration and to ask, “Oh this solar system, just put in a way that you can’t be able to bring a solution or to bring a answer who is asking ‘how they are looking and seeing and saying ‘there is a solar system and through that solar system 7 or 8 planets?’”

If they are saying, then I  may say they are making some maps showing in center sun, then showing some (planets) then showing some orbits for seven planets. How they are looking and seeing and all of those knowledge just accepted through whole scientists and learned people they are saying “ok” and I am saying how you are looking from earth and seeing this solar system? That is reality or imagination?


What you are saying? You are saying solar system. How you understand that the solar  system is a reality, not an imagination, tell me! Tell me that one. (amana wa sadaqna) You are sitting on earth but you are showing a solar system with seven planets and around the planets that there so many small planets, ay, moon that they are around themselves, how are you catching this, do you think it is a reality or imagination. Make me to believe about what you are saying about solar system. If you are saying you saw it from far distance there is a system fortunately we are living it or you may say unfortunately we are in it, in that system.

I may say to you “I am accepting what you are saying solar system, as you showing us, as a map of solar system. It is not too much important to say Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, venus, earth and that one, huh? Mar, Mars. It is not too much important for me. Important thing for me they are saying, what they are saying, I may say, “ok.” But I am asking to them to those learned people scientist people or what say astro... astronomists, astronomes. I am asking one question in front of whole world, in front of and no behalf of all living man on this planet, yes. If you are saying chet, (chess) chet! If we are two sides, if I am saying ot you when I am seeing chet there, if I am saying to you these shapes or stones that you are saying some of them king, some of them figures, this and that, if I am saying to you, all these figures by themselves taking their positions, what you are saying to me. O shaykh going to be majnoon. Shaykh going to be (mad) not mad, but another word. (crazy) more than crazy there is some word. They should say to me “Just Shaykh going to be bunamak, stupid. Getting stupid. How shaykh claiming that those figures taking their states on chet by themselves? That positive knowledge never accepting.”

Now I am asking for them, “What do you think for solar system? Do you think that every planet taking its position by themselves?” (Allahu abkar) I am asking that question no more.

And they are getting their positions through that solar systme by themselves or someone putting them in that position. I am asking whole learned people on earth now from east to west from north to south I am asking much  more learned person in astronomy, I am asking and I am waiting an answer. I am asking for ... musbat gilim, (evidence) I am asking evidence, I am asking to those learned people to bring their evidence (hujjatahum) that we have an evidence for this solar system that they are by themselves taking their positions around solar system. I am not asking other galaxy, malaxy, no, no, it is not important. Important who is putting them, Jupiter in its position. Who is that One putting earth in its position Who si that one putting Mars in its orbit, who is that One who is putting Jupiter, Saturn in its position. And more than others putting rings around it .

Positive knowledge they are saying. They are liars. I am asking from pos. Knowledge that I studied on it also, I am not coming from village no, I have high education in positive knowledge also. I am asking to them. Let them to say to me, before big bang. That is foolishness , fully foolishness to say that. Who is putting Saturn on its orbit. I am asking to them. Who is putting Venus on its orbit. I am asking who is putting Neptune on its orbit?” I am asking this. If they are saying we are knowing everything and we are not finding, no God they are saying, who is that One that putting that seven stars, seven planets on their orbits?” and I shall tell to those atheist people that they are denying the Lord of Heavens and they are denying the Creator, I am saying, “tell me O that foolish one that is claiming that I am not believing in anything. Huhuhu? You think it is s o easy to say I am not believing in anything. First of all come and give an answer about our solar system. When you are answering this then I am asking, because they are saying that he solar system is part from our galaxy. Yes and those foolish ones are saying that our solar system moving towards alpha star. Yes? Alpha. A gigantic system also. Or gigantic sun.

If we are putting solar system on it it is going to be  lost. I am asking. Another thing I must understand from them, they are saying the solar system is moving. I am asking you are looking that solar system from in it or from outside. You are saying this to people teaching students through high schools you are saying that our solar system moving. It is not important if moving or not, but important to me that they are declaring and accepting that our solar system is not fixed through space. It is moving. Eh good.

Another thing that I am not understanding, I am asking that proud ones, what , which system?

(adhan) Allahu akbar, al-`azhamatu lilah, al-izzatu lillah.

Muhim ilmu

Al-muhim mawlana


You are also `alim.

(buhoor ya mawlana radan qati`a)

Hujjatun qati`a mithlu sayyidina ibrahim.


Allahu akbar, al-`azhamatu lilah, al-izzatu lillah.

Yes. I am simple person I am aking to understand. They are claiming no god. Atheist people. I am asking who put solar system in its system? When they are saying solar system, just moving. Which direction?,  because through space no direction. Endless directions. You may say north east west south on earth you may speak direction according to sun’s movement. But in space no direction. But they are saying “yes we found another huge system, alpha system. It is also a gigantic system through our galaxy.”

Good, I may accept. Another question to our proud scientists and astronauts, I am asking humbly, “O astronauts, astronomes, O learned people, O scientist people . Ok as you said, our solar system moving towards alpha system. No jadal, no argument with you. I am not arguing with you, no, I am saying “yes as you said. But tell me how solar system moving towards alpha system? Do you think they are pushed or pulled? Because for moving something must be pulled or must be pushed, no any other way. We must hook it or you must pull it. Tell me, our solar system, with which way running towards alpha system? Someone pushing them behind of that or something else pulling them towards Alpha system? Tell me also this!

They have a... my understanding is not so easy to understand but they are saying they are doctors, PHD, professor, this and that one, please tell me, solar system how running towards alpha system? On a gazak? (sled) flat? Led? (shu taqsad mawlana) Just put on it and carrying it. (sled) led. (sled) sed. Yanee to carry it on. Aah! I am asking if someone putting solar system on a sled and carrying from head side or pushing from backside, please they may answer to me. Yes. I am an easy person for understanding. Doesn’t matter, what they are saying I am looking. I must think on it. And then behind it I may ask other questions to them. Who putting solar system on a sled? Ooh, ooh, oooh!

With which zengirler diyerler, with which chains or ropes, how they are binding and putting and coming? And they are knowing the way towards alpha?

They are cheating to people and they are laughing to people and they are saying to cover their jehalet their ignorance and they are saying that the beginning of this world is from a big bang. They are fully ignorant ones. They are fully graduated by satanic ways.

I am not an easy one! I am so simple one, I am only asking so simple questions hat even unlearned person may ask. I am on first step not high step ones. First step person I am asking and looking now what is  going their answers. I am not asking to pope an I am not asking to bishops and I am not asking to Muslim muftis. I am not asking Hindus, and I am not asking Buddhists and I am not asking to this one or that one because they have their answers.

But those ?? ones, those stupid ones that they are trying to cheat people with big bang, I am asking those people who are saying big bang, just built on lie, hundred percent. I may say 1000 percent, I may say 1 million percent they are liars, asking to cheat people. I must speak truth and true one they have honor. Cheating people they are with shaytan with satan and its followers. Liears. We are not lying and holy books never giving lies to people

And the last holy book Qurani Kareem, Quran, giving 100 percent truth, million percent truth, billion percent truth, nothing can be wrong through understanding through holy Quran. No one touched on it, it is like the day descended, sent from heavens through archangel Gabriel to the Seal of the Prophets. Even so many idiot ones, haha  idiot (likes the word). They are not saying not accepting this but we are saying you are only idiot ones. More than stupid that was what I was thinking, that is so big honor for them. First class idiot ones. I am rushing on them and bombarding idiot ones’ castles to make them down. I am nothing.

May Allah forgives us.


(masha-Allah, masha-Allah Mawlana Masha-Allah)

Dumm, dumm, dumm,

I am so happy

That I can speak to those for true ones.

I am addressing only to those that they have something from understanding

I am not addressing to anyone of asses or donkeys that they haven’t granted for an understanding but they have also an understanding level even they are going to be an ant, o people come and ask to those no-mind people, atheist people, give us your answe to that one speaking and attacking on you, ooooh, oooohuuuu, huuuuu, dumm, dummm, duummm,dummm, dummmm,

May Allah forgives me and forgives you to be reaching His Belessing here and hereafter, O people use your minds you should find readl reality through this creating Allah, Allah, Allah

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah , Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

Yahu bravo!!!!


(min bahr al-wahdaniyya tala` al jawaab shadahum shadd. Hadha al-muhim)