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(Mawlana Shaykh arrives at Shaykh Hisham’s home in Lefke, and is received by the family and many murids. Speaking in Turkish.)

As-salamu `alaykum. (Mawlana looks at his watch) Ya Rabbee ... Ya Rabbee ... Ya Rabbee

As-salamu `alaykum. As-salamu `alaykum. Madad, ya Sultan al-Anbiya! Madad, ya Sultan al-Anbiya! Madad, ya RasulAllah! (Mawlana stands.) Madad, ya Sultan al-Anbiya!  Madad ya habeeb Rabbi’l-`alameen. (Mawlana sits.)
A`udhu billahi mina ’sh-Shaytan ir-rajeem. Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-`alameen. As salatu was salamu `alayka Ya Sayyidina Muhammad, sayyid al-awaleen wal-akhireen.
Welcome! Welcome! And we are saying ash-hadu alla ilaha illAllah, wa ash-hadu anna Sayyidina Muhammad sal’Allahu alayhi was sallam wa `abduhu wa habeebahu wa Rasuluhu, wa Safiyuhu, wa khaleelahu.
Maded, ya rijalAllah! Madad, ya RasulAllah, Sultan!
I am asking from Shaykh Hisham permission to speak, because now we are here under his nazhar, under his spiritual power (Shaykh Hisham blushing, embarassed). And we are in need, Lord of Heavens, they are in need (for) spiritual power. Therefore, there are some centers of Heavenly Power; the Lord of Heavens is not leaving Earth without a Heavenly Power Center.
Maddd, ya Sultan al-Awliya! Madad, ya RasulAllah!
I am nothing and I am not claiming that I am something, but according (to the) High Command of holy people, I am coming here to meet servants of our Lord Almighty. We are claiming to be servants for Allah Almighty, but mostly we are going to be in winned, maghloub, winned by our egoes by our egos, and our egos are never getting to be happy if you are claiming and asking to be servants of the Lord of Heavens! Lord of Heavens (is) sending heavenly support to Earth; if Heavenly Power was not coming on this Earth, it is going to be like Jupiter, and Saturn, and seven running stars Iy iyme? [na`m sayyidee]. His Heavenly Order just had been sent from heavens to this planet, and from that Heavenly Power life appeared on it (Earth), not like other planets that are only rocks. Some no-mind people or some people that they are claiming we must know everything for this space, and it is impossible, no possibility. But people are following Shaytan, and Shaytan is occupying them with something useless. But they are trying to know, to know but they are sloop, [their way] airway? Saloop? [method] Don’t sleep Egytpian `alim.  And from their activities, their spiritual power is going to be on zero point, and also their physical power is coming less, less, less, and going to be dust, nothing!
But they are trying to know what is their method, and they are asking to make stairs from here to space, and we are asking, what are you doing? And they are trying to reach space. How are they trying to build stairs to reach there? That is method? Those people un-normal people, no thinking they have nothing! And (they are) saying, “I am building this huge tower, we are going to build a huge shey, ne dirler, buniye tower, and to look.” And I am saying to those people, “Oh people! Before you, Nimrod tried, and you are asking to try now? And he was saying to his grand wazir, O Haman!”
Dom, dom, dom, dom,
dom, dom, dom, dom. (a recent theme in Mawlana Shaykh’s suhbahs)
Coming that Pharoah (Nimrod) to test Abraham (a) if he is a true one or not. What can we do? Nimrod thinking he is the most clever one. “O your majesty we may build a tower of power. Tower of power.” He said (Mawlana imitates), “Oh power! Power, oh power! Ohhhhh!”
Whole ashes, dom, dom, dom, dom, you Earth, dom, dom, dom, dom. Nimrod said (imitating), “This is very lovely beginning, yes, you are building a huge tower that is signing our power. Yes, building. I am going up to look where is the Lord of Abraham, to find His palace and to fight to Him and to give a warning that if they are not reaching to Him, he may send a warning, ohhhhh, to the Lord of Heavens, I am sending to You a warning that I am coming to You! Make a way so that I may reach to You for fighting!”
Because country in space or any country to Nimrods or to Pharaohs must be won! We must go up. And he was reaching… knowledge, people now claiming “We are technology professors, we are scientists, and we must look what (is) happening through space.” Therefore, (their thinking is) we must try to reach to space and look around. And that is a wrong idea, impossible to to build a tower and to reach to planets and beyond, universe, beyond our sey nedirler? Beyond our galaxy. But they are trying. But Shaytan is making them to try, to do something.
Allah, Allah.
And now people are wasting their egos on one Heavenly Power station, on one ray, and it has countless rays reaching, directed to Earth, (and) without this atmosphere this world is going to finish so quickly kharab eder. Destorying so quickly. They are trying to do this, but they are not asking another power station, because our Lord of Heavens separated Earth men and his wife in Paradise — not on Earth, in Paradise —and granting them a physical being: it was lying on Earth from Paradise! Not any movement, only a shape for Adam p.b.u.h., and upon the most glorified prophet, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), giving material life to his body, his suret, was lying there (on Earth when Adam was still in Paradise).
Shaytan was coming and looking to that original Sayyidina Adam, and it doesn’t matter.; it is not important for us. We may capture it.
Then the Lord of Heavens giving to statue of Adam from Heavenly nafas, blowing, and this shape of Adam is standing up! That means without that power, Man is only like a statue. People are trying to make such a thing, but they are only making the shape of Man, but no one but the Lord of Heavens (can) give one from the Heavenly Breath for Adam, and Adam standing up!
This is mentioned through whole holy books: Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and the Holy Qur`an. (All) mentioned that if no Heavenly Breath, no one will be other than a statue. But people are not trying to understand that there is some power making Man to stand up, to grow up, to do something! They are not trying to understand that, they are only looking for what is on Mars! What do you want on Mars? If it is going to be Mars [made] from golden rocks, how we are going to bring golden rocks on Earth? Yessir, we may throw them up and they may fall to earth.
They think that economical crisis, as I am saying, dom dom dom dom, dom dom dom dom.
They are going to go to …. because golden getting less, less, less on Earth and therefore, economical crisis is tied to this, and Americans (are) too much, mashaAllah, very clever ones! They are saying, “How much you need?” “We need 10 trillions.” “Too much.” “8 trillions.” “5 trillions.” ”too much.” “Because it is so long distance they are going to bring it to you, but you must arrange Earth to come just under Mars, and then we will throw them up and just they come to earth.”
 Then going like this, like that, without any benefit. First class, sending with big cases. People running then coming to look, what happened. If Allah Almighty is not giving to you, you cannot bring it from Heavens, (or) from space, (because) nothing coming to you!
For example, if the Lord of Heavens closing the water springs, no more water running, what is making that for you? Bringing solution? Bringing the end of Lord of Heavens on Earth, but no mind!
Shaytan making them run for nothing, useless wasting their power and time, and Man must understand that we are in need of Heavenly Power! Without Heavenly Presence, we are nothing. We may disappear on this planet in a second if Heavenly Power is not reaching to you, but they are laughing! They are like asses, not thinking they are going to be ashes and dust.
That is biggest cheating from Shaytan to people, to waste every valuable aspects that they have been granted by the Lord of Heavens! They are waiting and finally, they are reaching to nothing, nothing!
O People! We are coming from every direction of this world; we are here handful [of] people, but such an instrument reaching from east to west. But what I am saying, it is something thrown to my understanding, on the way of my heart. I am not knowing anything, but something coming Heavenly (inspiration) to my heart, and the heart is Sultan!
(If we are) Taking that Heavenly Presence, we may understand. But people not taking that power. They are saying power is if you have much more golden, much more money. This is their thinking and running after wrong way. That is there only from Heavens to people.
Try to reach Heavenly Power, that it is open for everyone! It is not forbidden; (it is open to) every human from Lord of Heavens. If they are asking for Heavenly Presence from the Divinely Presence, they may reach to it. Ask! They are not asking! And every trouble that we are in now (is caused by) people leaving Heavenly Presence stations and running after material power stations.
O people! You must learn, 21st century people! You are only occupied by teknologia, but it is never giving satisfaction to you, no. A person can’t be in satisfaction to have pleasures. Like Qarun, he had billions and billions from jewels, but never he was giving to him any support to be in life. No, finished, disappeared. O people! You are learning, but your learning is always against humanity! But even our religious people are never speaking on that subject; they are fearing, for what? They are saying they will be cut off from their salaries; they are saying this is not enough real logic, because he is never using his mind also. Only if they are using their minds, showing so many ways, but we are not using them also.
Therefore, people running to kill each other and to destroy everything on earth. And Lord of  Heavens is saying, as-sulhu khayr. “Peace is best.” That is the Lord’s Command and advice of the Lord of Heavens!
O people! Don’t quarrel, don’t fight, don’t be troublemakers! Whole people now are troublemakers! How can this world going to be a good place for Mankind and Lord of Heavens, (if you are) trying to destroy everything on this planet? Peace is better that is heavenly order for all mankind. And asking for peace! How? We must change our minds now. If not, a cursing (will be) coming, cursing time from Heavens! If Heavenly cursing comes, (it will be) taking only troublemakers. Don’t worry, be good ones, don’t be a harming one for people, try to be a good one, don’t be a bad one. Whole Heavenly Message from the Lord of Heavens is, “O My Servants! Be good ones, don’t be bad ones!”
But Shaytan saying, “Don’t listen to Heavenly Messages, don’t listen. To kill each other [is] better for you, to harm each other [is] better for you, to destroy each other [is] better for you!”
Which one is true: to be good one or bad one? But people never making a difference between good one and bad one. How are you hoping the future of mankind on earth is a good one? We must change our steps, our minds, and we must take our steps back to good ones, (away from) bad ones.
Oh people! Come and follow good way, (there is) food for you here and Hereafter. O people! Don’t go on that way, harming you, destroying you, your might on Earth, destroying every valuable thing on Earth!
But people (are) drunk, drunk, looking and going? How it can be? How they will be saved? Look at the holy books of the messengers; look at the Heavenly Command of Allah! Was Allah saying, “Destroy everything, or kill everything, or harm everyone”? That is the lesson. (Allah is saying) “O people! Come to Me! I like that you should be good ones! Oh people! Come and be My servants!” Lord of Heavens (is) calling people, “I am your Lord! I am your Creator! O people! Come to Me and be good ones!
But people are saying, “No, we must follow Shaytan.”
Dom, dom, dom, dom.
This is my music is good,
Turayn, turayn, turayn, turayn,
Turayn, turayn, turayn, turayn.
This shall be our final point,
O people, message of Shaytan,
(Asking mureeds) You are tired? (No, Sayyidee!) Then stand up and dance! (Mawlana laughs)
May Allah forgive us. At least we are finding such a way that it is only on the first level for Lord of Heavens. They think that because they speak on different levels that the levels of knowledge never ending! There is one level, there is another level on it. But because we are on first level and occupied only through our physical powers, that means we have been captured by physical powers and no more people getting interest for Heavenly beings. That is deficiency, mistake, try step-by-step, try to resist; you must defeat Shatanic ideas, you must say you will stop it, do not give me.
Before teknologia, people were so happy! Before teknologia coming and bringing every trouble, miseries. No, we are not in need. Teknologia people, they are eating with big pots? No, only small pots. Technology is making people’s stomachs to be smaller, saying, you must work too much, you must eat minimally. You like it? No. I like that I may work a little bit and eating too much! (Laughing) And your whole life asking to be happy and joyful, so many kinds of sounds making you like a drunk person, but you are saying, (singing), Dom, dom, dom, dom. It is enough! No need tablas (drums). No. I may sing to you… (Mawlana sings, again!)
I may sing to you
Only a small mind
You may sing so, so kindly
Thinking nothing for tomorrow
So many realities we are putting it on the understanding. If you are eating whole (bottles of) medicines it is harming you, but if you are using a small amount you should be happy. Therefore, I am not saying…
(Mawlana hums!) eeyyyy, aaayyyyy, small stomach! (Ha!)
Insha-Allah, you are going to change because Heavens are asking that Mankind must change themselves, because the way that they are on it now, it is very terrible and dangerous and dark! Terrible! We must change that direction. We must fight Shaytan and Shaytanic works! We have some power, Heavenly People, to stop technology, when `Isa is coming, peace be upon him and upon the Seal of Prophets (s) - one command from jinns may take the heads of these nuclear bombs and it is going to be like my whistle (Mawlana blows whistle around his neck) finishing!
And I am saying it is ok, may Allah give us from His Heavenly Powers, to destroy baatil [falsehood] and to make this Earth as a Paradise. InshaAllah, we hope that this message of Heavens is reaching to His weak servants.
Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, `Azeez Allah!
Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, KareemAllah!
Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Subhan Allah!
Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Sultan Allah!
Sultan sensin, Sultan sensin.
Everything has a power for meaning or for being in existence. Nothing can be in existence without carrying a power. Atoms carry huge power, even you can’t see it or touch it, but it’s carrying such a power that you can’t imagine. Everything in existence is representing endless powers of the Lord of Heavens! O people! Try to know about your Lord only! This news is an important target for Lord of Heavens, must be. Everyone, Lord of Heavens, should understand something from prophets and from their followers, something of Heavenly Powers that is covering everything.
O people! This dunya, or planet, I’m asking those foolish people that they are running to find something on Mars, what about this world? This world, is it in an empty space or a full space? Is it running in an empty space or is something in it? Say it to me! It is going with feet or without feet, or is it turning with a turning machine? Pushing it and someone pulling it? Say it to me! How?
This world’s movements are very precise and accurate. If I am saying that airplane (is) moving by itself, no one accepting this from you, they may say you are foolish, because it is driven by a pilot. I am asking, do you see in it pilots? No. And yet you know, the plane without a pilot can’t move to any direction. What about this world? Without a pilot, how is it running around itself, same timer, orbit around the sun, and how it is running through solar system? Who is commanding? Say to me! Why you are running to know about Mars? Say to me now! But they are followers of Shaytan and graduated from Shaytanic schools.
But to keep your mind and look at holy books, those books with their writing and trying to teach young ones, it is false and therefore, I am against education system that they are using now from beginning up to end. No reality in it, because they are not using holy books through their universities. Why? What is wrong with holy books, that you are not putting for your education system? Why you are preventing youngsters from learning holy books? What is the reason? They are graduates by Shaytanic people.
May Allah save us. Fatiha.
Adhan. (Mawlana stands)
We have so many things to say, and one century and if we may sit here, we may sit on never-ending sources of knowledge coming. And it is written through my heart and not stopping, only if I am getting to be tired they are closing, … and when it is going to come down, they are closing. For everything there is a limit, a limit. You may be hungry (and) one, two cups, OK. If you are asking to eat big pots, you may eat and you may leave also. May Allah leave us hungry for our minds, and hungry to be on Divinely Knowledge through our hearts.
Ameen. Ameen. Fatiha.