From Where Comes the Power to Move, to Live, and for Health?

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Sultanul Awliya   ·   Sohba/Discourse   ·   Lefke   ·   Monday, Sep 07, 2009

• our existence and health are grants to us
• do you think that through your physical being you can move by yourself?
• hunger will make you fall down; ignorant people insist no relationship between our bodies and what is outside of our bodies
• don’t let Shaytan trick you into thinking you are self-sufficient and independent
• The Lord of Heavens sent prophets with heavenly orders with such a power making you to believe; making you to move; making you to glorify your Lord Almighty
• rebelling ones will never reach good health through medicines
• come and believe if you would like to be healthy here and hereafter and to reach to eternity

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