O Heedless Human Beings : the Grave is Waiting!

Shaykh Nour Mohamad Kabbani   ·   Friday/Eid Khutbah   ·   Burton , MI USA   ·   Friday, Feb 11, 2022

- O mankind, where have your forefathers gone?
- This world is the place of tests and difficulties
- You make a few dollars, then pass on
- You forgot the Day of Promises, Yawma alastu bi-Rabbikum
- You run, run, run after fleeting worldly wealth
- The first taste of Herewafter is in the grave
- Good ones are greeted by kind angels and mercy
- Bad ones are dragged to the fire in chains
- save yourself by following good spiritual leaders
- we all make mistakes
- if we repent Allah is the Forgiver.

Rajab - the Month of Allah