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Sayyidina Zayn al-`Abideen answers Hajaaj the Oppressor

Sultan al Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

24 December 2009 Lefke, Cyprus


Dastoor yaa Sayyidee. Madad yaa Sultan. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa lillahi ‘l-hamd!

I am a Muslim. We are Muslims. No one can accuse me that I am not! Ash-hadu ala ilaaha illa-Llah laa shareeka lah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan `abduhu wa habeebuhu wa rasooluh, sall-Allahu `alayhi wa sallam.

Madad yaa Sultaan al-Awliya. Madad yaa RijaalAllah. Madad yaa Saahib az-Zamaan. Madad yaa Saahib al-Imdaad!

As-salamu `alaykum, O human nature, through east and west on this planet, on this dunya, as-salamu `alaykum! I am asking Almighty Allah’s mercy on all of us. Please give your hearts for hearing. Don’t be full with Shaytanic bad attributes and dirty intentions. Shaytan always has bad intentions, never asking to be through his heart good intentions. Shaytan thrown away, thrown from the Heavenly Presence of the Lord of Heavens.

You, O Man! Always try to keep through your heart goodness, good luck, good intentions for everyone. As much as you have such precious thinking through your heart, you are going to be more closer to your Lord, Allah Almighty.

I am a weak servant. According to a heavenly one’s addressing, I am addressing you. Don’t say that I know something or not. If I am knowing something, it is a grant from holy ones, and you must try to be holy ones: that is your good ending. If a person asking to be ended their lives in a good way, or better or best way, they must try to make their hearts full with mercy for whole creatures. If you are carrying good intentions for every creature, they are giving to you what they have been granted through their Creator.

O People! O Mankind! Come and listen and think on it. As-salaamu `alaykum once again, to carry you closer for a holy association or holy meeting, as you must follow the Seal of Prophets (s), the teaching for the whole Creation what is best for them or for what they have been created, because no one can be able to be in front of their Creator and to speak, can’t be! Can’t be! He is Allah Almighty, all-Merciful! No one knows about His Existence, wujood; it is impossible for anyone to know the reality of His Existence, impossible!

O People, once again, As-salaamu `alaykum. This is a holy night through a holy month. Perhaps it is much more holy after Ramadan, Rajab, Sha`baan; may be this month after them is most precious, most holy month through twelve months. And listen, because Allah Almighty granted to Man for listening and for understanding, because the way of understanding coming through ears as well as through your eyes. And we are all weak servants of our Lord, and we must be so humble, humble, humble!

O People! We must learn that the Seal of Prophets was saying, طلب العلم فريضة على كل مسلم و مسلمة - “talaba 'l-`ilmi fareedatun `ala kulli muslim wa muslimah” The holy Prophet (s) was saying to try for learning, it is an obligation on all believers, men and women. Therefore, we must learn or we must try to learn. From whom you must learn? Who knows, you must learn. Not from ignorant ones, no! Who knows, you may learn from that one. Don’t be cheated by imitated titles. Imitated titles never giving an honor to Mankind, no! That is your grant, what you have that you are granted. If you have something, you are keeping for yourself, not giving to others. Yes. Imitated titles! People giving some of them for some others, no value. It is only for this limited life, mu’akkat, for temporary life, people enjoying to be said, “O graduated from where?” “That one is a doctor that graduated from....ha, ha, ha.” They should be, our Salafi `ulama, very angry. Doesn’t matter. If they are angry, they are harming themselves, not harming me. What is the meaning of Daar? "Ad-Daar jalla jallaalaluh," what does it mean, say to me (O `ulama)? You are thinking that you can harm someone, but you can’t do.

Once upon a time, the time of Ahlu ‘l-Bayt, you must give them honor whole kings, presidents and dictators, as the Lord of Heavens ... know Arabic or not? Where I am looking to find, I am forgetting....Salafi `ulamas, you know Arabic? They are saying, “Yes.” What does it mean, "ad-Daar"? You may be angry for some reason for me, but I am nothing! But you are saying, “We are something.” You can’t harm something that claims, “I am nothing!” If someone saying, “I am nothing,” what you are going to do for that one? Nothing. But who is saying they are something, holy order comes, “Cut their heads!” Because very serious shaykh this one (Shaykh Hisham). Speak to those serious shaykhs also, you Shaykh Hisham, never smiling! (Mawlana smiles.) Two heads cut, one cut down. For what? If a person saying nothing, how are you cutting nothing? Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah.

You must believe that Allah Almighty...(audio cut)… always keeping his position, but the Lord of Heavens when a person claiming something that it is not for his authority, divinely anger reaching to that one and taking that one away. We are saying we are now speaking from east to west, from up to down, downstairs, upstairs, we may speak. Some people getting angry and maybe they think that they can do anything.

The time of Hajjaaj azh-Zhaalim, you know? So many people knowing, so many people not knowing about Hajjaaj azh-Zhaalim. Hajjaj as-Zalim is a famous oppressor. That one was against Ahlu ’l-Bayt, peace be upon them, the holy descendents of Rasulullah (s). (Mawlana stands.) He was in Baghdad and he was hearing about Sayyidina Zayn al-`Abideen. “Who is that one that people are running after him? I must look and I must speak to him. I must understand who is that one and I shall try to make him to know something about me. Bring him to me.”

They are going and saying, Zayn al-`Abideen, Amir al-Mu’mineen’s deputy, Hajjaaj azh-Zhaalim, asking that you may come and see him. Zayn al-`Abideen was 13-year-old, or 14-years-old, can’t .....and Hajjaj was sitting on his chair, never giving t`azheem, respect and honor that he is Prophet’s (s) grandson, saying, “Who are you?” Zayn al-`Abideen answering, “ana Zayn al-`Abideen.”And Zayn al-`Abideen(a) was asking, “Who are you? And you are from that tribe.”

Little by little, Hajjaaj azh-Zhaalim was getting angry and after he was asking this and Sayyidina Zayn al-`Abideen answering to that Shaytan like this, like that, finally reaching up to here. Hajjaaj azh-Zhaalim saying, “O young one! Are you not fearing from my haybat, power and my position? You are not fearing from me? I can order that sayyaaf, executor, for cutting people’s heads. I may ordering one of my jallaad, executors to cut your head. You are not fearing”

And look, “O Hajjaaj, not yet coming news that the Lord of Heavens giving authority for you to order of Angel Azra’il to take my soul!” He (azh-Zhaalim) was trembling before this 13 years old. “I is not yet reaching to me that Allah Almighty giving to you Azra’eel’s to come to take my soul to kill, to cut.” And he (azh-Zhaalim) was getting up and down. Look: Baytu 'l-hikmah wa baytu 'l-`ilm, Sayyidina `Ali karam-Allahu wajhah (Family of wisdom and family of knowledge, the descendants of Sayyidina `Ali, may Allah ennoble his face). “Don’t say such things, we are from home of the Seal of Prophets! Habeebullah’s descendants! You can’t say this to me! I am not fearing your shouting! What you are saying it is for you and not for me!” Hajjaaj azh-Zhaalim trembling and saying to take him quickly out to leave him to go as he likes.

This is a suitable story for those people whom they are thinking, “We can kill, we can cut, we can do such things.” No. If the Lord of Heavens asking, you can do something because no one carrying a name, "ad-Daar al-Jalaluhu". You can’t harm, you can’t kill, you can’t do anything if Allah Almighty not asking to be done for that person. If the Lord of Heavens protecting a person, no one going to do anything.

Once the Prophet (s) was in Safar in battle and he (s) and Sahaba were stopping on a plateau. Sahaba were taking their rest and Rasullullah (s) going a little bit up and there was a tree and he was making a little bit for resting. Suddenly, one mina 'l-badoo (Bedouin) was watching him, tarassud. That Arab Bedouin coming and sharing his sword and saying, “O Muhammad, now who can save you from my sword?” Prophet (s) was saying, “Allah!”

Dome! When Rasul answering (his question) “Now who is saving you from me?” (by saying) "Allah!" the Arab falling down his sword and it falling out of his hands. Rasulullah (s) taking it in his hand and saying, “Now, who can save you from this sword!?”

People are thinking that Islam is something that is fairy-tales, something that has no reality in it and not taking any care. Pthuuu! On those ones that are claiming this. They should be under earth. This is deenullah, Allah Almighty’s religion that He is ordering to His servants, “Come to Islam!” Sent his holy letter to Viceroy of Rome, Caesar of Constantinople, and it was written first on it, “Come to Islam and be in safety here and Hereafter.” Therefore, so many people may be angry with what we are saying. Ad-Daar, O Allah. Ad-Daar, O Allah.

If you are saying that, “We can harm a person, or do our best for anyone,” you are on wrong way. You must believe that Allah Almighty granting or taking His grant.

Salamu `alaykum. Don’t be heedless, O people! I am not asking from dunya but so many people with imitated titles asking for dunya. Dunya under my feet. I am on my way to my Lord and you are thinking you are never going to be in holy presence of your Lord. You are making trouble this and that. The Commander of this planet making my tongue to speak about real Islam and its reality! If not, you may fear that through morning in your bed, you can be a dead body. “Can’t be!” Yes, can be! Beware, beware!

(Rubba ash`ath aghbar) law aqsama `ala allahi la-abarrah - it could be someone with unkempt hair, dusty, if he were to swear an oath by Allah Allah would fulfull it. Don’t look at a person’s dressing. There are so many people that can’t find anything for dressing as you like, but their words never going back to him but the Lord of Heavens may say, “My servant asking, must be.” It is a long story for awakening. I am not asking to be a malik (king), to be a grand shaykh, to be a viceroy, to be his holiness, no. All of them are useless. Whole titles that people giving to you have no reality. Don’t be cheated but try to take a title from the Divinely Presence. That is our last desire that the Lord of Heavens calling us, “O My servant, yaa `abdee, yaa `abdee, yaa `abdee.

Don’t claim that you know everything, no. Don’t say that our opinions are true and others are wrong, no. Keep your adab with Saahibu ‘l-Adab, Rasoolullah (s), and Allah protects you and accepts you.

First of all, I am asking forgiveness but they are making a weak and old servant to address whole people from east to west. If anyone is saying that is wrong or not true, the responsibility is on myself, not on them. They may say what is true what is wrong that they are saying.

May Allah forgive me, and forgive them and forgive you for the honor of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Mawlana stands.)

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, `Azeez Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, SubhaanAllah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

O People! You must know that if anyone going and trying to be like someone else, he and that one are on same way. That is an important warning, because now whole Muslim world also, they are saying that this night (Christmas) is a holy night and they are liars! Can’t be a holy night, this night, because no spirituality, nothing in it. People dressing very fashionable dressings and they are cleaning their houses, they are cleaning their cars, or buying cars and new furniture and doing… (video cuts)