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Honor for Man Is to Know What Allah Loves Most

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

16 January 2009 1 Safar 1431

Lefke, Cyprus

Yaa Allah yaa Allah madad ya Rijaalullah madad! (Mawlana stands.) La ilaaha illa-Llah, la ilaaha illa-Llah, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Sayyidina Nabiyyina Muhammad rasulullah (...) (Mawlana sits.)

Huuu... thumma salaam alayka, yaa Sayyidina Sultan ul-Awliya, who is controlling everything from arsh to farsh, from high levels of heavens as well as up to down last point that people’s knowledge reaching there. Beyond that point no one knows. And they have also a limit, last point that they are knowing and beyond that they knowing nothing. If they are forcing themselves for looking, they can’t carry appearances of those levels and they may be just returning to be no one. And we are saying a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem. It is protection for Mankind in front of bad or dirty ones, dirtiness, protecting from it. When saying a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem, dirtiness can’t come to that one; therefore, use it!

O Our Listeners! As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Take it and use more care, our life going to reach an end. For everyone, there is a light for their life, giving lightening and coming down, down, down till reaching point of zero, the point of finishing. The life of this planet has a very, very short limit! Through short time the Lord of Heavens creating such creatures, from millions to trillions to quadrillions.

O Salafi `ulamas, marhaban, marhaban, welcome. You are teachers that teach people that the Creator, our Lord, rabbuna wa rabbukum, no limits for His Power Oceans and no limits for His Will Oceans and no any ending for our Lord’s miraculous or majestic Kingdoms’ Territories, and our Lord’s endless Power Oceans, that through them no one knowing the numbers of universes that just created; some of them appearing, some of them disappearing.

O Man! Try to learn for Whom you have been created, for Whose servanthood you have been created! Take much more care! Caution for you! Such a things that they are making me to speak on is always on the level of nothing! Whole creations that our minds and our understandings never reaching about their real beings. Take care (to learn) who are you and for Whom you are servants? That such a knowledge given us, such a refreshment through our real being. Two kind of beings: imitated beings and real beings. Now we are through imitated beings’ oceans and Allah’s (swt) Greatness coming and showing, make a show through Creation then they are going to disappear, and no one knowing from where coming and to where going.

O Salafi `ulamas! You are claiming that you know something. Don’t say, “We know something,”but say that you know nothing. Always claiming to know something, but they are not reaching a level where may look to see something of Allah’s (...) Oceans, to see His Divine Attributes. Yes, you may know something, but you must understand what going to be sent to my so-simple heart, something you must try to understand. Now we are running to reach to one of endless, endless Reality Oceans, to know something, kullu `ilmin yadul li 'l-`abid, to Unknown Ones’ existence.

Every knowledge leading people (to know) the existence of the Lord of Whole Creation, and we are asking that they are trying to learn something through that knowledge. We are trying to approach to learn something about our Lord’s Existence, dhaat (essence), and siffaat (attributes), asma (names), and af`al (actions). The Almighty’s Existence, what they are saying about that now is only a limitation by creatures. We are not yet reaching another level of knowledge or understanding. Through that knowledge, we are asking to approach for understanding one of endless sources that belongs to heavenly beings of the Lord of Heavens! We are asking to approach for ‘ilm, knowledge, because there is such a pleasure (in that) for your hearts.

For some, there is such a pleasure to reach to that point and those pleasure levels are countless. It is not only one level that people reaching, getting mutlaq, absolute pleasure, no. Because that is something from main knowledge levels, something you can’t reach; it is a grant only from Allah Almighty. For example, you are looking at sun in skies. The sun is a big grant from our Lord to people living on this planet. It is okay (...) if we are asking to (...) a little bit more, you can’t do. You can’t do. The level of pleasure is with Allah Almighty, because without Allah Almighty there is no pleasure for you. Allah Almighty giving to His servants to reach a level to be in pleasure with their Lord.

Now people are thinking, “What we are going to do when we are passing away?”The Lord Almighty is saying, “Now I am just occupied, something from My Divinely levels that you can’t reach.”(It means) if you are going to reach, you are not going to taste anything. Like a small baby, you are going to eat what gives you pleasure. If you try to give to a small child what making your pleasure, you can kill it. Therefore, you must try to get up, to climb from one level to another, from that level to another, from that level to another.

Everything that belongs to Allah is eternal, no beginning and no ending. Everything belongs to Allah, our Creator! And if you are asking to give something that you are eating, you may kill that one. Because that one may not know how to swallow, and may pass on. Therefore, we are here now for a preparation when we are going to present for Lord of Heavens. We must learn and we must be prepared for that levels to reach up. And prophets are saying the most simple knowledge about our Lord’s Heavenly Presence, or heavenly presenting in Divinely and Heavenly Appearance.

Now, we are saying, a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem. Always, Shaytan, through his worst attribute, he is asking to prevent Man to reach maraatib, ranks, not to reach and not to taste. Therefore, he is trying to occupy Man with such nonsense. Now for people to be occupied with such a nonsense, talab, request, making people on zero level. Shaytan asking to make people, when they are asking to go up, taking them on a wrong way, taking them to a level that they can’t see, they can’t hear, they can’t taste! Like such a small creature living under Earth, can’t see, they are making work for generations, they can’t taste. Therefore Shaytan is making so people can’t taste anything from illaahiyaat, divinity, taking on wrong direction, and now whole world on wrong direction. There is explanation for that: people never tasting for their spirituality, but they are running after their material being.

They are never tasting for their realities that are taking them to their mawjood, heavenly creation. They are in such a way of laa yubsiroon, no hearing, no listening, no looking, no tasting, nothing! You bring a small insect under Earth and you put it on a king’s table, what it is going to taste? Nothing. Even if you are having on that table so many things, that small creature running away. Why the Lord of Heavens is asking to teach servants? For what they are living, for what must be their last target or aims? People not knowing (this purpose), people knowing only that everything for this world is their last desire to reach there. There are some clean insects, but there is also some living in dirtiness.

Those first ones’ levels are higher, but the others are pleased with their delicious desires, they are happy. But there are others living on dirtiness and never asking to go to high levels, the most high levels that are just granted to Mankind, to know, to do, to taste. Yes! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillahi ‘l-hamd!

Now we are speaking to Salafi `ulamas. Prophet (s) once was speaking to best actions, anna khayru ‘l-`amaal, you understand? I think so. Best actions or best efforts, what is that? A Sahabi (r) was asking, afdal ‘l- `amal, best work for a person, what is that? Perhaps Salafi `ulama knowing this hadith, but there is another that Prophet (s) said what is the best efforts, the best doings, what is the most precious thing? Yes, Saheeh hadeeths? What is that we are asking from Salafi `ulamas? What do you think? Why so many days you are only speaking on such a topic?

Now coming answer that people asking. “What is the best effort, best praying, what is that?”Prophet (s) was saying al-`ilmu billah. Most important point that giving Mankind honor, al-`ilmu billah, to know what Allah (swt) loves, what is best actions. We may give an example. You may be called to a policy session and you are going there and you are looking at a person sitting behind a table and he written now new fashion, written name and written under it “most famous teacher through Damascus,”yes, this is one. You may be called in a king or sultan’s place, to his sultanate and appears on him in that area not same as a policeman sitting, that is man. For which one you are giving your most high respects, for police or colonel also? We are taking this out myself, I may see them, I may find such a people. But when you have been invited for Sultan’s feast, you are understanding and yourself preparation going to be same as for a (chawish)? (...) Sultan giving you an honour, and therefore so many days they are sending people as a message for their Lord’s holy beings or for Lord’s holy being, for their understanding, as much as you are understanding Sultan’s grant coming to you.

Once a person from Bedouins was asking to go to caliph’s centre, to city, and he was asking, “O my darling, I am intending to go today to see Ameer al-Mumineen, Muslims’ Sultan. What is a good thing for me to take because it is not a good thing to go empty handed.”Finally their ideas coming together and they are saying, “O the best thing we can take is water. Abee batal, fill the bucket, that is best.”Because he was living in desert and in desert nothing going to be much more precious than water, and he was carrying this, going to Sultan’s palace.

And guardian saying, there is someone to meet khalifata 'l-Muslimeen Sultan. “Come in, welcome.”

He was coming in with his bucket of water and giving his salute to Sultan and saying, “O your Majesty, I am bringing to you a bucket of water.”

Sultan saying, “O well done, memleketli, citizen. I am so happy that you are bringing water.”

“Yes, you are Sultan, and I am bringing to you most precious gift, I am filling and bringing to you.”

Sultan was saying, I am so happy you are giving to me,” and he was ordering to fill his bucket with gold, and taking, going back to his wife in his tent.

And he was so happy that Sultan granted to him a lot of golden coins. And then his wife looking, “What is this? What is gold? It was better to fill a bag with straw, it was so valuable for us, and our donkey was needing and asking, it was so precious to us!!! Put in front of our donkey.” And then bringing, (dumping that gold) into a heap, and the donkey was looking. (Mawlana makes puzzled expression.) “I am asking what is that?” speaking, giving a lesson.

You must understand your Lord and His endless generosity. He is granting us such a thing but we are donkeys, making like this for gold: we are asking for straw. Don’t ask for straw, ask for strawberry! Yes, and now people they lost their meezaan, balance. They are never interesting for gold, but they are interested for straw. Therefore, command from holy ones to people living on this planet, saying anta kulli bi haqqi haqqa is true! People are asking for straw. Leave them and they are asking for strawberries or straw! They are never interesting for jewels, they are asking for straw. And that is the reason for economic crisis, that whole world fell in it, because they are asking for strawberries, saying, “Where is straw?”

O Our Listeners! Listen and try to understand what our Lord Creator granted to you and promised for you up to Eternity! And you are asking for straw and they are saying “economic crisis.” For what you are saying economic, you are asking for straw, you are like a donkey bringing stones, donkey never interested, donkey much more clever than its owner!

O People! Be interested for Endless Life through heavens! Beware, (...) when you are going to make your Lord happy with you, He is going to pleased with you and making you to live in pleasure and enjoyment!

May Allah be pleased with us, for the honor of His Most Honored One. Sayyidina Muhammad (s)! (Mawlana stands and sits for honor of Prophet [s].) Allah, Allah.

(53 minutes)

They are making up. Laa hawla wa laa quwatta illa billah.


Alhamdulillah, they are showing the interest of people for reality and being cheated by Shaytan’s groups and insha’Allah Allah takes them away, to make peace from east to west, from north to south. Hearing, it is not easy, not easy.



(Sayyidee, people asking if today is the first of Safar?)

(Today is 1st Safar 1431)

Safar is the heaviest of months and I am fearing something happens through this month. As a protection, our grandshaykh (q) was saying that daily you must keep three times (recite) Kalimatu 'sh-Shahadah and 300 times astaghfirullah, and give sadaqah of even one penny (small daily charity), and keep at least one sajda daily and pray for Ummah of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). Yes sir, may Allah forgive us.