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Everyone Has a Star

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

24 October 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

(Mawlana Shaykh stands)

Dastoor ya Sayyidee, madad.

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar, la ilaha illa-Llah, Sayyidina Muhammadun Rasul Allah, radeena billahi rabban wa bi 'l-islami deenan wa bi Sayyidina Muhammad rasoolan wa nabiyyan, wa bi 'l-Qurani kitaban. Allahumma thabitna `ala 'l-haqq. O our Lord, Lord of Heavens, grant us from Your endless Mercy Oceans!

A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem, wa laa hawla wa laa quwatta illa billahi 'l-`Aliyyi'l-`Adheem. Al-`azhaamatu lillah, al-`izzatu lillah. All praising and all glorifying is only for the Lord of Heavens!

(Mawlana Shaykh sits)

All of us are on the level of servanthood. We must know this; we must try to keep advices of heavenly messengers. If we are not following a guide, we may be just like a person found through a huge desert. If he is not asking for a guide he may lose everything, every chance for his life and he can't be able to reach his last talab, request. He is going to disappear; he is going to die and to be dust. Wild animals may run on him, eating his flesh. If being buried and not knowing about himself, he is going to be eaten; he is going to be a carcass.

As-salamu `alaykum, our happy listeners! I am trying to see you, if I can be able to be with you. It is not possible now but some people, they have radars and they may see from far distances. Not everyone has a radar. I wish to have such a radar, yes. We can find it, but who is going to work on it? Who is going to use it? Therefore I am asking madad ya Saahib al-Waqt, O Master for this time on Earth, I am calling to you because you are the holiest in this world now and you can reach to heavens through your heavenly power. You are not cut off from the heavens. Whoever is cut off from heavens has no value. If a person is not reaching a station through heavens, then it means that he is a carcass.

He who may reach that point should be in a strong stage, able to stand on it. Therefore, I am asking from the master of this world now. If you are not knowing, learn! If you are not hearing, hear! Don't think that you can know everything through east and west, particularly if you are claiming that, "I may reach anywhere or everywhere with my phones."

(Mawlana mimics phone conversation)

"O sir, who is speaking"?

"Finance minister of WC on Earth." When he is speaking with that one, coming another call:

"Yes sir, what about. Ah-aha. You don't know me? You know me."

"How I can know, you are not in front of me?

"I am that one who is knowing you well from childhood. Ah, ha, ha, put that down. Yes sir, I am speaking to you from Far East, the prime minister of Korea, very proud president or chief minister, prime minister. Yes I am reaching east and west."

"No, it is not reaching. That everyone may do."

"We are asking who may reach to heavens, but we are never understanding about heavens."

You are so ignorant one when you are saying this, because you are not looking around yourself what happening here and there. You are using only your physical capacity. Through your physical will, you may reach only a distance of ants. But this space is so big. Look up, time after time, and you can find something that you never thinking on it. You can find what you are asking through holy books and that one who is master of this world must open your heart and make your radar to work."

Prophets would sit with their companions and sometimes their out-looking (appearance) just changed. They are leaving that community and coming through himself (a heavenly manifestation), because it is at this time that he is in heavenly connection, then he may speak to you. They have a chief radar for the whole world and they may grant it every time for the master of this world, the pole. "Pole," not "pope." Star of the pole (polestar). Do you think anytime that there is star of pope? (laughter) No. But I may relate a tale that they are giving me through my radar and from that we must believe. We must believe that for everyone there is a star appearing through space, when that one is born. That is mentioned through the Old Testament, New Testament and in the Holy Qur'an. For everyone there is a star until that person leaves this life. That star is shining and when it is disappearing the person takes his last breathing, finished. For everyone there is a star. Don't say that is below everything and we are not finding. No, I am reminding you, O learned ones, chief rabbi, and the chief of Christianity, all holy ones living on Earth. The Lord of Heavens sent all the prophets as messengers to warn his servants and the last was Sayyidina Muhammad (s). He was the last Warner, who said that Judgment Day was approaching and that they should take care.

Accepting the reality of truth is only for truthful ones and most people are running away from the truth. Being truthful is the highest rank for Mankind! A very few people are coming to accept the heavenly revolution. It is important. As we said for everyone there is a star appearing for everyone who is born. O People, the Last Days are approaching! Everyone's star one day is going to finish! Take care of the one who has got the position to be the representative of the Seal of Prophets (s)!

Firaun’s, Nimrod’s and their followers were not accepting heavenly knowledge. They were saying, "We are lords on Earth and we are not accepting any other over our power." The Lord of Heavens drowned Pharaoh under the Red Sea. The second one who was claiming to be the Lord of the whole world, Nimrod, was killed by a mosquito. One mosquito killed Nimrod and his armies. Whoever says that he is powerful and he is your god, Allah is making them razeel, not only down, but worse--finished. Abraha and his army came to destroy the House of the Lord in Mecca al-Mukarramah. They were destroyed through a community of birds throwing on them very small stones, making them to explode and finishing.

O People! Take care on this point. Anything that has a beginning through Creation is going to end; it has a beginning and ending. Now this world and Mankind, for a time they should be here. Then they should be taken away because for every beginning there is an ending. That is an unchangeable rule. People believing, a whole billion people saying that the first man was Adam (a) and the first glorifying as a prophecy, that crown was put on Adam, peace be upon him. What did Adam (a) say for the Last One? All people saying that the first prophet was the first man, okay. Now we are asking, do you think that the last one was not mentioned through your holy books? I am asking the chief rabbi, I am asking His Holiness, the Pope. Everyone who claims, "We are religious leaders, we know more than others," I say to them that it is mentioned through holy books that when someone is born, his star must appear and when he passes away that star passes away also.

It is written and mentioned through the history of religions, that Sayyidina Ibrahim (a) was not the Last One. Sayyidina Ishaq (a), Isma`eel (a), and other prophets were not the last ones. Hundreds and thousands of prophets came from the line of Sayyidina Ishaq (a) and Sayyidina Yaqoob (a) The Bani Isra`eel were granted the Old Testament and the New Testament through Jesus, Sayyidina `Isa (a). Perhaps they never heard what I am saying now, but it needs to be said. It is a very strong base from which I am speaking; it was just mentioned that the Bani Isra`eel were knowing the Last One is going to come, to be sent from Arabia. Where was the House of the Lord that Sayyidina `Ibrahim (a) built? They know this, yes, and they were knowing also that the Seal of Prophets (s) must come from Arabia. Okay. Therefore they were migrating to the Khaybar and other places, but mostly they were in Madinat al-Munawwarah, `ala saakiniha afdal as-salaat wa 't-tasleem (upon its special inhabitant the best of praises and greetings of peace). If you are saying something you must say, "Give your proof, bi 'l-`arabi haatoo burhaanakum." Yes they were there, but for what? It was even mentioned that the Seal of Prophets (s) would come to Arabia and he should be from the Children of Isma`eel (a), but they were hoping that he may be with them, from the people living in Arabia, particularly the Jewish brothers. They were making centers there and were looking to see what was happening, searching.

On the night of the birth of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), a Jewish rabbi came running and was (happily) shouting, "O people of Madinah! The star of Muhammad has just appeared, it is just rising! Mujla. Good tidings for you! The star of the Seal of Prophets, Ahmad, has just appeared," and until morning he was running around the streets of Madinat al-Munawwarah. Anyone denying this? Wahabi people not knowing, Salafi people not knowing, Egyptian `ulama not knowing. Why are they not saying that for everyone there is star that must rise, and when his life is finishing that star must set? Therefore, we are saying now what they are making me say, that there are stars for everyone! There is a star appearing for everyone and as a proof we are saying that Jewish rabbi running around Madinat al-Munawwarah, who said, "Tonight the star of the Seal of Prophets has just appeared." You must believe this, Children of Adam! You must believe this!

I am nothing. Even though I am nothing, through their powers, something. Who is going to refuse what they are saying? O my Christian and Jewish brothers, His Holiness, the Pope, and the Chief Rabbi, you must look to your books. What do you think? New gold and old gold. People running to the old one or to the new one? No-mind people are not understanding, saying, "Old books, you cannot reach it." What you are writing is muharrak, and giving meanings according to your hawa so many things.

O People! We are warning. I am under the Warner of Mankind! I am a very small servant and they are making me to speak and to address all people, who may understand. If they are not understanding they should run through sewage channels to Shaytan!

May Allah (swt) forgive us for the honor of the most honored one. Fatihah.

(46 minutes Sayyidee) SubhanAllah.

(Mawlana sings)

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

As-salamu `alaykum! (mu`azzam muhtasham!) Allahu akbar.