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Worldly Show Versus Heavenly Show

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

9 December 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

Dastoor Ya Sayyidee, madad. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa lillahi ‘l-hamd! Alfu, alfu salaat, alfu, alfu salaam. Countless salutes, honors and glory to you, O our most beloved Prophet! The most beloved and honored one in Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

As-salaamu `alaykum, O our listeners! May Allah bless you. May Allah forgive us. And, O our master, master of this world that we are on, salutes to you. Respect to you also and we are asking your holy authority to make an arrangement on this planet, to be a beloved planet in heavenly levels.

O People! All of us are knowing nothing. But we must try to know, to learn, and to understand, something. We must try to know about ourselves. We are in need to know and understand what we are knowing. Without understanding, knowing giving nothing to people. Therefore, understanding is the most important point through our lives. We must try to understand. If we are not trying to understand something, then our levels are going to be on level of the world of animals.

That is a pity for a person who has been granted to be a king, a majestic king. Leaving that and asking to come to level of animals. That is a grant from Allah Almighty. Pity! If we are losing a chance that we have been granted and asking to run on level of animals. Why? You are a mad one? No any balance for you? To know and to understand? Which one from Mankind asking not to continue on level of Mankind? Who is going to say, “I don’t like that and I prefer to be on the level of animals?” Now we are in it! Our situation now on this planet is on the same line. People are saying, “We are never interested in heavenly things. Give us what you are giving to animals, that is, ‘enjoying ourselves.’ Why you are asking us to be on unknown levels?” That is their understanding for their lives on this planet.

O People! Say, a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem. Don’t forget it because Shaytan is cheating you and carrying you from your real, honorable level to the level of animals; even under that level. It is a pity. O People! Say, a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem.

O our master, we are running to you, not to be cheated with Shaytan calling us. Please keep ourselves. We are running under your protection. Please protect ourselves not to fall through the trips of Shaytan. But people now are thinking something else. So many things we must try to learn. Say: Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem. By the name of That One who created us. For the honor of the most honorable one in the Divine Presence, ask, what we have been granted. To reach and to keep that honor. The level of animals is a blame for you.

O Mankind! You are so proud that we are reaching 2010. You may reach 2000 or 3000 or more 1000’s but if you are not changing your reality; that grant from Allah Almighty to you, not changing yourselves to reach that level, then no value for you. Think on it. O People! Say: Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem. That is our sword for fighting against Shaytan and its armies. You may ask, where are the armies of Shaytan? He has volunteers. Without payment, Shaytan may call thousands and millions to be his volunteers.

In this world now, there are perhaps 7-billion people from Mankind who have been created and honored by their Creator. But people are leaving that saying, “No, we don’t like this. We must run after Shaytan. We must try to reach what Shaytan is promising us. We must run after that one. We are not asking to run towards our Lord’s heavenly levels.” Why? Use your mind! Today you are here, tomorrow you can be through graveyard. What happened? What you are taking? What is your profit? Give something, and take whole things. That is the mentality for clever ones. Clever ones always using a balance, but their balance is not the balance of this world. Asking for heavenly balance and their Lord promising and granting it to His deputies and servants; to take heavenly balance and use it. That heavenly balance is never getting to be wrong, but the balance that you are using through this life, may be from beginning up to end, showing you wrong ways. Wrong on wrong.

SubhaanAllah, glory to Allah Almighty! But people just changed and asking daily a new changing for themselves. They like to be seen everyday with another suit. And people saying,

“Who is that one?”

“O Mr. George,”

“Who is that one?”

“Monsieur Ghaafilan,”

“ Oh, who is that one?”

“Seňora Tapapora,”

“Who is that? “

“That is Seňor O’Madrid.”

To be seen daily in another show. People like show and the biggest trip of Shaytan, insisting to people, saying, “O people, you must make show daily. Everyday you must be seen in another show.” That is what they like, their last limit. Mankind likes show. Is it not so, my listeners? At least you like to make a show with your dog. So many kinds of dogs and there is a very ugly one, what is its name? Churchill? You can’t look at that one. Like this, strange. I am saying to people, from where bringing this show with dogs? They like to carry everyday at least one kind of dog to make a show.

So many times I was looking and seeing, particularly European countries, a woman who can’t carry herself, younger than me by ten years and I am looking, she is carrying a small animal. I am saying, what is that? “Oh Shaykh, this is my hobby, I like to keep dogs.” Is it speaking to you? “Yes sir, it may speak, ‘O my darling, speak to me.’” “Whow, whow whow, whow (dog sound),” small one saying. That is a show for a young lady who is younger than me by ten years or more. Destroying humanity, show!

O people, don’t run after show. To make a show with yourself or your animals for people. You must try to make a show for heavens so that day-by-day your face getting much more bright. That is a show. Not with your cats or dogs, or with your cars, or with your clothes. “From where is this shirt? “Marks & Spencer.” Where is that, Marseille? Market of cats? No, market of men who like show. Coming through this place, written from east up to west. What written? ‘Marks & Spencer.’ Countless people entering and countless getting out and taking something to be a show for them. For ladies, that they like always to be seen beautiful, doesn’t matter. But you as a man, running after show, for what is that show? The Lord of Heavens Who created you, created you for show?

If you are doing a show, make your show for heavenly ones, not Mankind. You and me and he and she, we are all on the same level. Why you are trying to make a show to you or you to me, for what? But Shaytan saying, “Oh, people most important thing that you must do for being an important one, you must do a ‘show.’” Therefore first, who likes show? Soldiers. They are very proud making their ‘shows.’ They are saying, “Anyone like ourselves, with white gloves”? And no moustache, no beard, and there is a sword, also epaulets on their shoulders. No one likes a show like soldiers. They are thinking that, “We are the lords of earth.” All of you like pariah, lowest level in India. Conservative people also like show and coming secondly, Labour Party members. Why you are forgetting? Why are you saying this? It is no good to say ‘Labour.’ It is a shame on you. Wearing suits and saying, “We are Labor Party people,” never making it true. When you are coming to parliament, you must do your show to make a difference between Conservatives and Labour. You must bring a shovel, hammer, ropes and big shoes. In such a way you must do your show as a labourer. Why are you dressing and coming to parliament and saying, “We are Labour Party people?” No good show. That is a very dirty show. You must dress to show people that you are something!

For what Shaytan urging people to make show? Because people mostly are idiot ones. Who are the idiot ones? Those people who are not using their mentality. Mentality never saying to you to use something to make a show or that you are something. But Shaytan blowing through their dirty egos. Dirty, egoistic. Making people to run after ‘show. For what they are working? For show. For what they are living? For show. That is the main target that people are running after in our days.

Two thousand, after one week going to be 2010. Every time they are trying to make a show. When they are getting out, when riding on a horse, when riding on don...”Don’t say, O Shaykh, donkey.” How they make show, doesn’t matter. Like me, I may ride on a donkey. My show is donkey, doesn’t matter. But you are asking for a horse to make a show. “Now it is not time of horse, O Shaykh.” Yes I know, but you like it, therefore, you may try to have a car, for car show. Who is sitting in, such a princess or Mercedes or another, Rolls Royce people.

So many people they are younger than me by ten years, are sitting and making a show also in car, “We are also reading books.” Some of them are not knowing what is the beginning and end may keep book, (Mawlana holding book upside down.) Even like this, not understanding. Looking like this to see people that, “I am such a person. I am younger than Shaykh by ten years, but yet I am trying to do something.

“O my driver, what was this?”

“I am busy now, my master.”

“When we are stopping we may look what is written.” Then stopping, service driver looking also, saying,

“I never understanding if it is English or Turkish. I don’t know this book.”

“I just bought it from the flea market. Flea market doesn’t matter. It is enough for me that people looking at me that I am a person who is 100 years and yet I am trying to learn something. It is a good show for me to people that they may give their high respect to me. Yes driver”?

“No way, O our master, no way.”


“Because so many people are coming, making show. Let you also coming down, to make show with people.”

That is a scenario. People making a scenario. I may also do with them, to be seen that I am making a show. “Who is your teacher?” No one is my teacher, but I may think on it, I am looking sometimes, seeing good, but sometimes I am looking and seeing something, up and down, up and down (upside down.) I am making a show. Sometimes I am making a show also to Shaykh Hisham because he is saying to me, “O Shaykh, put wax here also (Mawlana curling moustache) and it becomes a very good show for you.” I am trying and looking at my beard and honey coming on it and I am shouting. When I am shouting, people thinking something happening, but my real intention is to make a show for people.

People are coming and looking, “Oh, so young person. What young person? This 90-year-old person and maybe.” No sir, he is making a show for people because his teacher teaching to him from childhood up to today to make a show and now the whole world is on that way.” Everyone is asking to make a show, show, show, show. What? I can’t walk. If I can walk, I am running to say show, show, show. What? Their teacher is Shaytan making them to make a ‘show.’

Our suhbah, association tonight is very important, O my listeners! Don’t laugh. You are also like me. Everyone likes to make a show and the whole world, from small ones up to old ones running after show to make people interested with them and they should be happy when people looking and saying, “What a zhareef (stylish) person. Even though he is 90-years-old but more elegant, so elegant.” That is enough for me that people looking to me and saying, “What an elegant person.” He is not thinking that people saying, “He just lost his mind and becoming like ape.” Thinking that people looking after him, after her, what is that?

Our master teaching now, from east to west, even through Africans, through Tibetan people, through Indian people to show themselves with a new show. For this reason governments are making wars and fighting. People are running through streets and saying, “We are democratic people,” others saying, “No, we are socialist people,” others saying, “We are Tibetan Buddhist. Much more heavenly people on earth, look ourselves, we are making ‘show.’” Small ones, big ones, women, and men, they are doing this.

People are losing their ways and this is an important point. No one is asking to make a show for themselves when they are passing from this life to the real life. It is mentioned through all holy books that when a person passing, dying, his or her soul is going up with angels towards heavens. And some people are saying, “So beautiful one, so enlightened one, so elegant one.” And for others, “Oh so dirty ones, so ugly one, so idiot one, so dark one.” They are not thinking on it, that on the Last Day their soul is going to be taken to heavens, therefore, try to make show there so that angels will say, “So beautiful, so elegant, so enlightened servant of our Lord. Welcome to you.” They are not thinking that. For those no-mind people who are trying to make ‘shows’ on this planet, when coming up, going to be in ugliest show, ugliest one! Angels saying, “So dirty, so hated one, so ugly one,” and running away.

O People, one day coming that you should be finishing your life here and angels taking you up and the angels of heavens should look to you. Make your show there, the real show, with heavenly lights. Try to be enlightened ones so that angels will say, “So beautiful, so elegant, so perfect one.” Do your show there, not here, no. If you are trying to make show on this planet, your level under level of animals because no animal asking to make show. At least they are keeping their origins and they are happy, never trying to make a ‘show.’

O People! Listen and obey. Ask from your Lord that beautiful show. Don’t ask from Shaytan to say to you, “Oh you are so beautiful,” no. May Allah forgive us. That is our trying from Allah Almighty. O People, use your minds! You can reach highest levels of humanity. If not, you may fall down under level of animals. Astaghfirullah. We are asking forgiveness from our Lord and asking His blessings for the honor of the most honored one in His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s).


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Don’t do anything for show. Who making everything for show, that one and Shaytan on same level. But try to do everything for your Lord’s pleasement, enjoyment and pleasure. That is the honor that we are gaining. Try to reach heavenly show. Not on earth.


[47 minutes] It is okay. Yaa Rabbee, Yaa Rabbee, Yaa Rabbee. From one word, one whole association coming. Signing or pointing that: O People! On one word you are playing and that is making you either to fall down or to be taken up. “Show.” Good show and bad show. Astaghfirullah.