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With Every New Day, New Sustenance

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

19 October 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

Madad ya Sultaan.

(Mawlana stands)

Stand up! Our precious listeners, all of us (are) servants for our Creator, Allah Almighty. Everything from Him Almighty. How (come) you are not standing up? How (come) we are getting to be lazy for standing up? We must stand up, up to Eternity, and it is going to be nothing, O people!

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar wa lillahi 'l-hamd! And we are giving our highest respect for our Lords' most honored and highest servant in the Divinely Presence. All the other ones (are) on the level of heavens. O people, and we are saying A'oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. Allah's grant to His servants, He created us to be weak, but He is never leaving us to be weak, He is fortifying us to be powerful to say bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. Even if saying once, will never be leaving, and will be coming in the Divinely Presence and saying,"O our Lord, let us be in Your Mercy Oceans, give that to me!" Hayyyyyy. (Mawlana sits.)

And we are asking heavenly support through the master of this world, that we have seen the pole, the qutb. Believe in holy ones, O Mankind! You are weak, and no one can give you a grant except only through the way of that one. They are saying that NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has a main brain center. Every knowledge coming to that center and every orders according to their capacity or their ability. Just they are trying to send through east and west on earth, as well as sending through space. That is one center that it has that power.

We are weak ones, what we shall do? Center. Now we have also through spiritual dominion, we are asking on that center, through master of this world, you must believe, O believers. You may believe through heavenly books, Old Testament, New Testament, and who following any heavenly message, they must believe that there is connection from Earth to heavenly spaces through such a people whom they have been granted spiritual power. How they reached spiritual power? We must say first of all, as-salaamu 'alaykum.

O listeners! You may be on some ranks for beliefs on Earth, and to address to them it is much more suitable. You know, O our listeners, particularly for Muslims or Arabs, yawmu jadeed (new day)? The holy director of Shaytan understand this Arabic very well! I am a weak servant that people bringing that orchestra dish, instrument in front of me, saying, "Speak". I am saying "I don't know." The first meeting of most glorified, most honored, most majestic one, servant of the Lord of Creation (Mawlana stands), Sayyidina Muhammad (s). Jibreel (a) coming to him first, saying, "O Muhammad (s), iqra, read!" That is teaching whole good manners; you may understand from that beginning of Islam. (Mawlana sits.) Beginning of Islam. "Iqra bismi rabbika alladhee khalaq - Read in the name of the One Who created," (Suratu'l-`Alaq, 96:1) it is true.

(...audio from broadcast is lost here for 2.5 minutes...)

Something that it is so wrong that camel it is knowing, and Salafis, if you are giving honor, try to be in his presence saying salawat. Saying for Muslims, "You are mushrik, you are mushrik (idol worshippers)," then you are following Shaytan, not following that one. But everything in existence giving their highest respect to him, Sayyidina Rasulullah, Sayyidina Muhammad (s)!(Mawlana stands and sits.)


اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ خَلَقَ الْإِنسَانَ مِنْ عَلَقٍ اقْرَأْ وَرَبُّكَ الْأَكْرَمُ الَّذِي عَلَّمَ بِالْقَلَمِ عَلَّمَ الْإِنسَانَ مَا لَمْ يَعْلَمْ

Iqra bismi rabbika alladhee khalaq, khalaq al-insana min `alaq. iqra wa rabbuka al-akram alladhee `allama bil-qalam, `allama al-insaana ma lam ya`lam.

Read in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created. Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood. Read! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful; He Who taught (the use of) the pen,Taught man that which he knew not. (Suratu'l-`Alaq, 96:1-5)

What greatness, `azhamah. You can’t give any measure for the power of heavenly words that Gabriel (a) is bringing. Yet our Jewish brothers are not understanding. They are understanding, but not accepting; they must accept. If Allah Almighty giving an honor to someone, don’t be jealous; He is your Lord. He is giving that honor through His most beloved one. He was knowing nothing, and the Lord of Heavens making him to know and to teach and to reach to whole people whom they are carrying something from ‘aql (intelligence).

Make us understand why they are insisting not to accept, and Christian brothers also, because whole Mankind is one family. Islam is the main tree trunk and growing on it through its branches, some of them saying that is Christians, that is Jewish, another branch saying, "We are Muslim." Yes. On same root, we are coming. Christians saying Islam not true and Jewish people saying Christianity not true. All of them from the same root. What is the sign? At least a person must understand that this Islam as it has been sent before, through Abraham (a), Moses (a), Jesus (a). But Shaytan saying, "Don’t accept." Why? All of us from same root of humanity. We must correct our understanding. We must use a mentality for understanding about the Seal of Prophets (s), most beloved and most glorified one!

Yes, Archangel Gabriel (a) coming and saying, “Stand up and recite, ya Muhammad!" (Mawlana stands.)

"What I may recite? What I may recite?" (Mawlana sits.)

"You recite, repeat what I am saying. We know that you never went to any school. You never learned in front of any teacher; we know it. But Lord of Heavens sending me to you for teaching. Even you are most high-ranked from whole angels, heavenly beings, but I have been ordered to give to you what you are going to recite, to know, to carry, and to keep through your memory."

Yes, O people, as-salaamu 'alaykum! Anyone from Mankind whom they are using their good understanding and mentality, is going to say that Archangel Gabriel (a) bringing to him, going to say (Mawlana stands) la ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadan Rasulullah. Is his power finished? What do you think? O Christians, what do you think? O Jewish people, what do you think? What do you think, O no-mind people??? Working this power, on or not? Sayyidina Muhammad’s (s) power is on, even making weakest servant to speak to whole nations. YOU MUST BELIEVE!! If not believing, cursing coming. (Mawlana sits.)

I know nothing, but O people, you must try to learn! That learning going on, going on, up to end of this world. And we have a chance to look after reality of Islam. I am sorry to say that our Muslims, learned people, our authorities in Islamic knowledge, they are now unable to show Islam as it is to whole nations. They are fearing. From whom they are fearing? Fear from your Lord, Allah Almighty! Don’t fear from those people; all of them, their life is between two breaths. But they are fearing and are taking imitated titles, or to be killed, if the Lord of Heavens not sending Azra`il (a) (Angel of Death), no one can kill you. But they are not getting deeply to understand the identity of Islam.

We are so idiot ones, Holy Qur`an’s verses are so open, and we are not able to give to people to say to them. And they are looking for themselves, saying, "We found our ancestors following this way and following that way, and we are not going to live our ancestor's beliefs and obedience." Now it is the time that we are getting in the last period for this world. The Lord of this world sending us one to introduce Islam, its real understanding. Then whole nations should say (Mawlana bows), "We believe what the Seal of Prophets (s) just brought to us, his message and he is just messenger."

I am knowing nothing, therefore I am saying bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. We have been created so weak, but Lord of Heavens is saying, “I am supporting you. You are physically so weak, but I am supporting you from My Heavenly Present to you. I am making you enough capacity that you can understand what is granted from Allah Almighty to his most beloved servant, and beloved and glorified one in his Divinely Presence." You must understand! He is getting proud if I am saying, "My brother, Pope." He is one of all of us, (we are) brothers. But they are understanding something, and we are trying to show what is true understanding and what is wrong understanding. Yes, I am sitting here. So many books. So many books when I am beginning to know something more, coming to me a headache. But the Master of this world that this globe and ourselves are under His (swt) control.

(Mawlana imitates a comical conversation.)

I said to someone, "What is flying there?"

He said to me, “You don’t know it is a plane, flying?”

"What is that? How it is flying?"

"You are looking as an idiot one. You don’t know that is a plane, there are pilots, there is a captain for this plane and sending it to its last target, last station." "Thank you. Thank you sir, don’t follow me because my mind not too much to understand."

"O shaykh, you may learn. You never been in a flight?"

"So many times, O my son."

The first time I traveled in an airplane, I was about 22 or 23 years old; you are not created then. I was knowing that airplane only for fighting purposes through WWII. No any airways or civil service for airplanes. And I may say to so many people that 1945, 1946, 1947, that the first transport was beginning on Earth. I was first one through Cyprus taking airplane from Nicosia to Beirut, for visiting of Damascus, and visiting Holy Land also. I know that it is not flying by itself, but I am asking to you another question.

I said, "This airplane--you say and I know that it has been commanded on a special direction that they must go on it, I know this--but that flight was lead by a captain, a pilot. So what do you think for our globe, which is so big and running through space? Do you think it has no captain, no pilot?"

He answered to me, "I never heard such a question!"

"Hear and learn. If for one plane you are not accepting for it to move by itself, how your mentality saying that this planet, this globe, is running by itself, turning by itself, without a commander on it? How you are saying this to me?"

“Never teaching us such a thing, O my shaykh.”

Yes they are not teaching you, but they will be on the Day of Resurrection when they will be thrown through hells, because they are not teaching you from reality! You are saying "nature", you are saying "planet", you are saying "sun, solar system". Who is putting that solar system? By itself, it can’t be. Yes, I am knowing nothing, I know. And now I’m speaking something to whole people, "Come and use your mentality!" If anyone may say that I am wrong, they are wrong! And I am making an introduction for today, addressing to my Lord’s servants. They are making me to speak in such a way.

And just I began to say yawmun jadeed, rizqun jadeed (new day, new sustenance). Every day coming a new appearance through Creation. Even most high learned people, never knowing what going to appear tomorrow or after one hour. Therefore, they make me to speak on yawmun jadeed, rizqun jadeed. Every day is a new day, every. day coming new appearances. From where coming? Don’t ask me this. Ignorant ones they cannot understand. Ignorant ones are never looking, never seeing, never hearing. And those who are unbelievers, don’t make yourselves to be tired from insisting to teach them something! It is impossible. But for understanding people, you must say, yawmun jadeed, rizqun jadeed. Every day new appearance from heavenly center with a remote control. They are understanding "remote control" is here for everything, but they never accepting that this world is also a remote control. This is our fighting with those people who are not understanding reality of Islam and other heavenly religions. Remote control, I learned something new, O my listeners! (smiling)

You are escaping, saying, "We have something to do, tomorrow we may listen what that old person is saying." Don’t do this; give time through 24 hours. They are making me to reach up to a 100 years, making me sit here to speak to you, and you are not giving respect! Listening to such a strange subject. You are running away. This speech going to be from Far East to Far West. And I am a weak servant, and old age, sitting for the honor of His most honored one here. Asking forgiveness, and as the Shaykh of al-Azhar Shareef knows that yawmun jadeed, rizqun jadeed. Every day the Lord of Heavens through His beloved one, sending such a very weak addressing. If some of those heavenly identity people on Earth speaking, whole nations should be listening to everything and trembling.

I am weakest servant, not claiming I know something, no! I am sitting here and they are making me to address to you. Today we reached to a new understanding and new understanding taking my listeners, taking the weakest one's addressing to them. And I am asking, "O my Lord, they are listening; give them more love to Your most beloved one first, and then to our Lord Almighty Allah (swt)."

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Fatihah. (55 minutes)