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(Mawlana Shaykh stands)

Meded! Meded! Meded!
Allahu Akbar wal Akbar!  Allahu Akbar wal Akbar!  Allahu Akbar wal Akbar!
Subhanallah! Sultanallah! Our Creator! Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah

Let us to say always whole praisings and whole glory for You, O our Lord, our Creator.  We are so small ones.  Nothing.  Forgive us through this Holy day, that is the last week of most blessed month, Ramadan. We are expecting Your Heavenly, Heavenly mercy. O our Lord!  For the honor of your most praised one, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), that he is the reason of whole Creation, that for his honor.  Wahabi people are not accepting, Salafi people are not accepting.  Doesn't matter, doesn't matter.  No value for them!  Value for those who giving most respect for your most Glorified one, most Honored one. 

O our Lord! We're saying by Your Holy Name, most Munificent One, most Beneficent One, most Praising from pre-Eternity to Eternity.  And we are weak ones. Forgive us O our Lord!  Forgive from Your endless blessings.  Only for You, and for Your only and most precious and valuable, from Your Divinely Presence. And give us sword, Bismillah 'r-Rahman 'r-RaheemDon't take that sword to make your own thing, throw away that sword. We are asking that to whole wrong ones and their teacher Sadanas, Shaytan must know that we have a Heavenly sword, Bismillah 'r-Rahman 'r-Raheem. 

O people!  You have been granted from here and Hereafter when you say Bismillah 'r-Rahman 'r-Raheem.  Kareemullah!  Azizullah!  You are Allah!  Forgive us through our weakness.  Forgive us from Heavenly power to take away wrong ones. And from our egos we are saying A`udhu Billahi min-ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem. We are running to You from Shaytan and his followers and we are saying endless blessings, endless praising and glorifying to Your most beloved one Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

(Mawlana sits)

O people!  I know nothing.  I am a weak one.  Even I am weak one, I may do for whole dunya to be trembling.  Trembling.  When our Lord's power reaching to me, as I am nothing.  If reaching to an atom, an atom may take away this.  An atom may take, yes!  Can take when his Creator, Allah , Subhan!  Sultan!  If ordering for an atom, "Oh that one! Take whole world, carry it from its orbit and put it in a black hole"! can do.  He is Allah.  If ordering atom, "take this world on your shoulder."  He had such a shoulder?  Yes, when his Creator is ordering.  When ordering, giving an authority also to those people to do what He is saying.  This is important point.  His command is so high, if He is commanding and saying to an atom, (take) "world from its orbit!" from His order coming authority also and ability and capacity.  Coming and you may look and see, you can see that this big dunya just carried on shoulders of one atom.  Can be!  How you saying, "We are not understanding"?  You must know who is Allah.  His Command not like your command.  No!  He is Lord of creation and He may give authority.  If giving an authority on this world, if the Creator granting to an atom full authority, can carry solar system. (  (Mawlana laughs) Subhan!  Sultan!

O religious people!  Tell this to your followers.  O Christians!  O Jewish people!  O Salafi people and the Wahabi people!  Say, declare what He Almighty making me to address to you . And I am the last and weakest one through mankind and it is a grant from my Lord to address to you in such a way, in such a powerful declaration to understand who is He!  He and Hu!  He!  He!  He! Huu Huu Huu Huuuu.  Unknown!  Unseen.  Unknown.  Allahu Akbar!

Say, O religious ones. Living through the 21st C but before and before and before the beginning of mankind on this planet only the the Creator knowing, but you are using that calendar.   You are saying this calendar, real calendar  you are leaving, I must address to you in such a way that you can understand. 2009 we are saying it is a beginning calendar.  I must say, doesn't matter through  2000 years, now we are reaching beginning of another millennium.  You are saying that you are understanding, getting to be more wide, more powerful.  And therefore such a weakest servant that I am, never claiming that I am knowing something.  No.  What it is put through my reality I may speak to you.  

O people! Now we are saying that the understanding of mankind just changed and we are saying that we are living in time of ignorance. Now everyone claiming that they reached top level of understanding.  Therefore they are making such a weak servant to address to them and say what do you know about your Lord!  Therefore I am addressing to religious people.  Who they are most authorized one through their beliefs, through their religious systems, say about your Lord, Lord of Heavens who He is and how He is.  You don't know!  Ask that tree.  It says much more than you.  It knows much more than you and it obeys much more than you its Lord's command; that palm tree, obeying and it is obedient.  And it's Creator, it's Lord saying to palm tree, "Be a palm tree.  That is My order to you. Don't be a pine tree, but be a palm tree."  And it was saying, "O my Lord, as You like. I am ready." And it was palm tree. 

So many kinds of creation. Saying to orangutan, "Orangutan", Its Lord just ordered to that one, "Be orangutan"! and it is saying, "I am ready, O my Lord, as you like," and it is being orangutan.  And saying to its brother (and sister) ancestor?, "O gorilla continue to be gorilla, and as long as this world going on, you should be gorilla.  I created man.  You are not a man, I am the Creator, I created you as a gorilla. I am not making from you a man. I am that One who from My Divinely Hands and Divinely Will, I designed man! I am not designing man from you - you are going always (to be) gorilla. I created with My Divinely Hands." Say to people, O gorilla, speak to them, address to them whom they are claiming to be your ancestors. Spit on them and say to those people who are claiming that they are your brothers and sisters, say to them and spit, ptuu ptuu!  Say, "how are you claiming this?  Ptuu"!  Once again, and every time they are looking. 

(Mawlana singing)

O our listeners!
Marhaban, welcome to you.
Welcome to you!
dome dome dome dome dome dome dome dome

Even gorilla spits on those no-mind-people. And someone said to me that this gorilla every time, making like this (spits) "ptuu, ptuu, ptuu"!  And asking me, "O shaykh, why doing in such a way, ptuu, ptuu, ptuu"?  You are learned people. Ask to high school and university academic professors, science men, ask them what is the reason?  So many people I asked, "Why this gorilla, same type? Why O that apes always eating then makes,  ptuu, ptuu, ptuu."  I asked so many, even I asked Pope and he is saying, "I don't know." I say, "O Pope, it is written in your book and you shall find this in your holy books, Old Testament. Look you should find this because holy books giving news from beginning and from end also. Not books that you are writing. Like a mirror you are changing but it is book from past, from the beginning of this creation to the end of life, that is a holy book. Not like we are writing books; that is not books.  Book, Holy book, you may look from one side  and you may see up to beginning and second side you may see what is going to happen.  

Pope, religious people, bishops, reverends, so many that they are saying, "we know everything."  I am asking whole religious people and also rabbis.  Once I am asking to rabbi, rabbi he was sleeping and waking, but just I have been ordered to be seen in front of that rabbi. 

"Where you come?  From where you are coming?  Really!  But I am very anxious, fearful from you." 
"Don't fear!  I was with you so many years, following you to catch you and ask you a question."
"What is that?  Which question"?
"I am asking why apes always making pttt, pttt, pttt, spitting, why?
"One moment." (shuffles pages of book, looking)..  
"You can't look that book even one year. How 'one moment I must say from book' "  
"Because Holy book will give for such a question a right answer. I know it because Holy book, it is like a mirror for past time and also for coming times.  Therefore, I am famous rabbi.  I must look. Just I find."
"What you find? Because that gorilla always is making like this (spits), and I was wondering also". 
"But just I find it because... O my guest, from where you are coming? Door was closed and windows closed. From where you are coming"?
"You are rabbi and you are not knowing the answer"?
"I must look that book."
"Leave this book, to look this book. Every time looking at this book. What is that? You are reading and reciting in it, Old Testament"?
"Yes I am, so many hundreds of tales of prophets written in it".
"Say to me"
"Yes-sir. Just I am not remembering,  I must look once again this book." 
"Say to me.  If  you not knowing, say to me, it is honour for man to learn? Yes, you may say. You are rabbi and who is your prophet"? 
"Our prophet was Moses and he had been granted Old Testament and through Old Testament there was so many hikaayaat stories of prophets.
"Who is that one?  I never looking and seeing such a..ajaaib, curious person."
"Yes-sir, I know.  I am saying to you something about how I am here now, and you are saying, 'From where you are coming? From window or door?'  No, I am coming just here and it is written through your holy book, leave that. This book not holy book what we are speaking on it."
"We are speaking on Old Testament."
"O bishop"
"I am not bishop"
"Yes I know, I am making a mistake, your Holiness."
"I am not your Holiness." 
"Who are you"?
"I am representative of Moses."
"You ever recite Old Testament?"
"I think so"!
"Leave...leave that! (touching book) and speak to me.  Up to next year we are not finishing that book." 
 "I shall speak to you, yes."  
 "I am nothing, but sometimes coming to my memory something. And I am asking, you are speaking, doors closed, windows closed.  Who are you?  Leave that book!  And I am saying to you, do you  remember that once Sayyidina Dawud was sitting on his throne and looking in front of him two persons there"?
 "Who are you"?
 "I shall look (in this) book, you must leave and I will look (in this) book."
 "Just remember now that one day Dawud, nabi, sultan came down and was sitting and coming two persons in front of him." 
 He was wondering, "How you are here, doors closed and windows closed? Yes-sir, you are a true one."  
 "I am trying to be a true one.  My master ordered to me to speak on that point, you understand?  Don't ask me now how you can be here.. doors closed, windows closed!  You have shaahid, proof in the Old Testament!  I am asking a question."
 "What is your question, what was it "?
 "That monkey, gorilla and its tribe; people saying that man coming from gorilla. And you are saying that, 'How it can be I am here?' I am coming to speak to you on that important point."
 "Yes-sir!  Must be through Holy books one sign for this, yes. "
 "I am saying to you that how scientists and researchers looking after animals,  looking and saying that apes and gorillas always they are making pttt pttt pttt. It is written what is the reason? "
 He said, "I don't know. I may look once again. You may say to me, from where you are coming"?
 "I am coming from entrance and we speak on that important point, because what I am understanding, from my teachers granted to me that apes and gorillas are very angry with those people whom they are claiming that man coming from them. From where is man coming? Therefore animals always making pttu pttu, to those foolish ones (evolutionists)."  
"Don't ask me, I am a weak servant. I shall speak this week at our synagogue about that point. About Darwin that whole gorillas making on him, pttt pttt pttt."  
" 'Why you claiming this, that you are coming from our line (apes telling man)'? making on him and spitting on them.  That is the reason for their spitting! Allah the Creator, that He creating everything. How you are saying that man is coming from apes? They are spitting on you, pttu pttu.  And nighttime particularly, in the jungle, all animals are sleeping, only gorillas are awake.  Every time it is coming to their memories, and they are saying ptttu, ptttu, ptttu." (Mawlana laughing).
Oh people! What we shall say. I am speaking about Holy books and you are not understanding.  Don't blame me for such a thing that I am knowing something and people knowing something else.  O people!  Try to correct your beliefs and try to correct peoples' beliefs. Man is created as man.  Sultan is sultan and sultan's son is crown prince. Just granted honour from Heavens. Leave that batil nonsense,  but Shaytan making them to catch it so firmly, not to come to truth, to say wrong things always and wrong theories.  May Allah forgive them.  O people!  I know nothing.  But they are making me to speak from east to west. I must speak and address whole nations. If they  are not listening their design going to be changed to apes.  Can be!  Yes.  I may continue with that rabbi tomorrow about that important point to understand holy books.  May Allah forgive me

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You are only One who can create everything as You like.
O our Lord!
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That is to listen to Heavenly singings for Your honor, O our Lord!
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