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Destur ya rijaal Allah

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar la illaha ill-Llah w'allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahi 'l-hamd.

O our Lord!  You are our Creator.  Destur.  Alfu 's-salaat alfu 's-salam, all glory, all majesty, all honours on Your most beloved and honoured and majestic deputy Sayiddina Muhammad (s).

So many Shaytans, so many devils, countless devils they are against Your Holy command.  Against and they are so jealous, jealous for Your most beloved deputy Sayiddina Muhammad (s).  Give more ya Rabb, o our Lord give him much more love, much more respect, much more mightiness, much more glory, much more majesty and grant to him whole dominions.  We are not in need for anything.  O our Lord!  Forgive us.  Forgive us.  We knowing nothing and give one of your servants the master of this world to teach us.  We don’t know anything.  May grant from You to ourselves for understanding.  Let us to be our souls so pure and to be in Your Divinely Presence bowing always from pre-eternal up to Eternal and we are saying A`udhu billahi mina 'sh-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.  Madad ya rijaal Allah

Give your Holy support.  O our Master’s Holy servants, give from your glory to weak ones, give from your Holy power good understanding.  Grant us O the Lord of Heavens.  Madad ya Sultan al Awliya.  O our great master, our Prophet’s representative, look ourselves we knowing nothing support us, support our souls to be pure and against Shaytanic tricks and traps.

Hu Allah, Allah Hu

A`udhu billahi mina 'sh-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

La hawla wa la quwatta illah billahi 'l-`aliyyu 'l-`adheem

Take biggest veil, curtain, we are saying take away biggest curtain and try to be with your representing one who you are trying to represent him and you are nothing.  You can’t be a representative of most Holy one, or Holiest one for our Lord on this planet who is in charge with his endlessly and mighty, mighty being to help weak servants.

O people!  Salute to you. As-salaam `alaykum, O listeners!  Come and listen!  It is not from this weak one.  I was thinking that to prepare something for approaching to you or to speak to you and to give you something from my side, my side then it is so weak.  If we are trying to do that, we are doing something as an ant asking to give from itself to whole ants something.  How it can be?  I have so many books but it is, it is never going to be useful to you, useful to you.  If I am reading and giving to you, no!  They are saying don’t worry and don’t be tiring one for preparing something for addressing people.  It is not for you.  Who making you to sit on this point and to address people they knowing what it is necessary or what people they are needy and give them.  Then I was so restful, so restful because a very heavy burden just taken from my shoulders. 

You must not be, you must not worry when you are sitting here and asking to speak.  Don’t worry because we are not putting that heavy burden on you.  You are so weak, you can’t be able to address people.  Leave that, leave that worrying.  No!  You can only putting that like switch, putting on electrical center, and running to you.  If you are thinking by yourself you can give some lights to people, it is so weak, weak, weak!  But put switch through centre of electricity may run, man may run to your heart and from your heart to your tongue and before your tongue running through your understanding centre that it is under the control of master of this world.  Be rest.  Don’t worry.  Yes sir.

Thanks to Allah, shukr.  Endless Glory and Majesty for our Lord Almighty Allah.  O people!  His Majestic Oceans, countless Oceans, o people, your Lord’s Glory Oceans countless.  My words, it is not enough to explain to you, I can’t do nothing.  If I am saying the Lord’s Majestic Oceans, our Lord’s countless Glory Oceans, our Lord’s countless Dominions, our Lord’s unexpected Mighty Oceans no one can reach through that Oceans that if you are saying an ant come and take something from this world what it is going to take from this world.  An ant what can carry?

You, O people, whom you are so proud because you are very, very, very, very small perhaps at the end of being nothing you are same and asking to speak people and to make them to understand something.  Your authority that you may going coming in it, it is less than an atomic distance but people so proud because they are saying we are graduated from most famous academical centre.  Highest level of knowledge, yes I know, you only going from one side and coming from another side as written in some places “in and out.”

You are entering from one side and quickly turning back on zero point.  Zero point you are getting in and zero point you are coming out.  Going zero, coming zero!  Because if you can reach something over zero, you may reach a big amounts but it is impossible, impossible.  You must be every time empty to take something and using that emptiness and coming out empty.  That is a very wonderful description for whole creation.  They are getting zero, on zero point and coming out zero.  They can’t take anything from Majestic Oceans or Divinely knowledges.

O people!  Where are you?  You are wasting your times, wasting your understandings, wasting your physical being and taking nothing but you may use another one that giving your personality to you.  One personality that it works by battery, second one works with Divinely Power.

Therefore, o people!  What you are learning about this world and its secrets, secrets power if you are thinking on one atom, and asking to find its end can’t be!  That is one atom and from six direction of it, there is so many atoms that each one it has an identity, special.  Each atom is special.  If you are asking to know specialty of one atom, perhaps you can’t reach an end.  What about its Creator or its Lord or its Manifesting One because every atom it has a special manifestation.  Yes?

Here we are six, seven people, each one they have a special being.  As this, for every atom the Creator just granted to them a specialty that can’t be, that specialty, to a second atom as same in first one. 

We are speaking on such a things, we have been ordered, we have been ordered to speak now because people they are so proud with their knowledge.  If whole books bringing it can’t be a enough explanation for an atom.  It has secrets beyond secrets, each atom, horizon after horizons atom!  Must represent each atom its Lord’s creation secrets! Allahu Akbar!  And we are trying now to speak on such a things, yes.  A man may run from one to another knowledge, from one book to another book, from one source of knowledge to another source of knowledge, for what?  For what the Lord of Heavens He created, He bringing countless atoms with countless worlds, for what?  And man may take from each one.  And He Almighty He created so many flowers and roses!  And created also bee, bees.  Only that bee with its specialty may come on every kind of that plants that giving flowers and roses and taking from it something and bringing to its own, miskaan their own hive, bringing and making something.

What’s that bee bringing, a bee is not getting unhappy because millions of flowers covering everywhere to say, O I am tired, no!  He is going to be much more happy, running from one to another one and the Lord of Heavens just created just created only He is saying “Be!” and coming in existence, for what?  For His deputies.  His deputies to take from each one a honey, a little spot honey, honey spot collecting, bringing to its hive and feeding them and eating, enjoying.  And the Lord of Heavens created so many countless creation, for what?  For His deputies to look, to know, to taste and to be enjoyful.

Allah, Allah.  To make a honey, to be a big show for His deputies, to be happy and happy and happy up to Eternity!  Because our Lord He is Kareem, Generosity of our Lord, countless and no any measure on it!  That was the Lord making for everything man to come on everything and taking that honey points and to fill its, to make itself enjoyful making from wax homes and then filling them with honey and it was so happy.  And making such a biggest or, leave to say biggest, that majestic dominions for Lord’s deputies.  It is not easy to be our Lord’s deputies oooo.

O people!  You have been granted so Mighty Oceans of Power and tasting and doing and understanding because the Lord of Heavens asking you to be majestic ones!!!  Majestic ones!!!  The Lord of Heavens He is giving that honour to man.

Allahu Akbar!  Countless understanding and countless dominions.  To reach countless dominions and to know the Lord’s Beauty and His Mighty and His Majesty and His Absolute Glory, Absolute Majesty, Absolute Mightiness, Absolute Dominions, Absolute Oceans of creation.  O people!  O people!  Come and listen!  Come and try to understanding, leave fighting to each other and come and hear.  Listen and try to understanding.  I am nothing!  I am nothing but the Lord of Heavens asking through His selected ones to address people, His servants, His servants, o people!

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

O people!  That is from ma`rifatullah, Heavenly Knowledge Oceans.  It is only a very small spot.  Try to reach that and to suck the most tasteful, tasteful rivers, tasteful oceans, oceans, rivers from wine and countless milk oceans, countless honey oceans, countless water oceans that giving life to everything. 

O people!  Come and understand.  Leave nonsense things that you are wasting your most valuable, most valuable understanding to be for you to enter in it and to enjoy with your Lord’s endless honey oceans, endless water oceans, endless wine oceans, endless milk oceans.  O people!  Come and think on it because today living and wasting your life and tomorrow going to be dust underground if you are not understanding anything through this life.  May Allah bless you, o people.

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

Holy people,

Holy people

calling you.

O everyone!

to come

and to know

and to taste about

your Lord’s Endless Oceans. 

To be enjoyful forever,

to be enjoyful forever,

to be in lights forever,

to be in light forever,

to be tasteful

and enjoyful

forever, to eat…

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

Heavenly music of angels

calling you to come

and to sing,

and to know,

and to taste

more and more.

Huuu Allah Allah Allah

Allah Allah Allah Allah



Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

Come and listen,

come and be happy

and be obedient to Me

always hungry for your souls

to reach that Ocean of Allah.





 That One Who can do

everything as He likes.

Huuu Huuu Huuu. 

That is our life’s music.

Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

(We are) asking to carry your bodies to the level of angels.  Be like a bee and give from your hive honey to the people, your brothers, to your relatives, to your same level people.  Grant them from your Heavenly honey to be more stronger today more than yesterday, to be much more happy and joyful and be much more handsome and elegant and beautiful in Divinely Oceans of the Lord of Heavens.  You never going to hear such a music, Heavenly music, that taking you from everything except taking you to the Lord’s Divinely Presence.

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Huuuu.

Ok Abdus Salam?  It is not from me, Heavens!