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Thinking Opens Locked Doors

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

27 October 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

(Mawlana stands)

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa lillahi 'l-hamd! Alfu salaat, alfu salaam. Thousands and thousands of salutes, praisings and glory for the most beloved, honored and glorified one in Allah's Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). We are asking your intercession, O Rasulullah (s). Dastoor, O our master, Master of this world. We are weak servants. We are asking support for addressing whole nations of Mankind from east to west. O my Grandshaykh, master of this planet, may Allah give you much more honor, glory and power!

As-salaamu `alaykum, O Mankind, whole human nature, from east to west , north to south. Listen and obey, you should reach your targets here and Hereafter. You should be honored and enlightened if you are obeying holy rules of heavens. We are saying a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem, that is making people on wrong way to live in a true way, running from Shaytan to our Lord. We are saying bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem, that is our sword against evil and devils.

(Mawlana sits)

O Mawla, O Mawla! This is an association. Whole prophets coming with heavenly messages and they were sitting with people to give heavenly messages to them. Who is accepting, just granted honor from heavens. O People! Ask heavenly honor, that is good for you. That is best for us. You must understand. Think on it. Nothing from this world and its targets will give you an honor, nor a satisfaction through your minds and your hearts. You can only find satisfaction and peace from your Lord who created you. He created all! He is the Only Creator; there can’t be another.

Therefore, O people, give some time through 24 hours for thinking about yourself, about your position on this planet. Give some minutes for thinking about that, because thinking opens locked doors or closed doors and only thinking opens them. If you are doing that, given 24 hours to you, then give only five minutes for Him Almighty. Don’t say you are not finding time; you may be liar. No, at least for five minutes say, "O my Lord, You are with me, O our Lord, You are with us. You are in our real being. You are giving real being to ourselves. If You are not giving, we can’t reach to be in existence. You are the only One Who is granting us to be in existence. O my Lord, O my Lord, O my Lord, You are looking to us, but we cannot look to You." Say this. It is going to be granted like this hair (Mawlana displays a hair on his beard), a ray, heavenly light as (fine as) our hair running to your real being.

What do you mean to say "real being"? If you are thinking, you can find it. But as long as you are not thinking, you can’t find your real being. If you are wasting your whole life with your imitated being, how can you understand your real being? You may be through the womb of your mum three forty-days (120 days) and it is nothing, nothing! No life on it. After three forty-day (periods), a heavenly order is coming from your Creator to the angel, and that is only for you, through your whole life, where you are living your life and where you are going to be on the Day of Resurrection. That one who is representing your Lord has been ordered to take from the spiritual world the soul or spirit of the one who is now in his or in her mum's womb. (Allah commands) "Send that soul to reach to that physical being; now it is okay, live there." Because time is over and that new creation is going to come and complete his life and his days in this world; coming at that moment the heart is beginning to pump, which means that life is coming from the Heavens. Think on it!

O learned people. O professors, O PhD doctors, think on it! If you say anyone just catching that moment the heart of that new creation beginning to work, say to me! No one (can make this true)! It is impossible to understand or to know the moment that that heavenly power is coming. That means our real being's connection from the heavens is reaching to our new creation through our mums’ wombs. It is beginning to pump. What do you know, doctors? Do you know that pump, that time; can you catch it? Never. Up to today, no one knowing the secret. That is a heavenly secret and it is impossible to open to people. You are only looking and suddenly the heart beginning...thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. Who is making this? How you are denying the Creator? What is that foolishness? What is that drunkenness? Why you are not moving to that One Who created you through your mum’s womb? Is it not a blame for those people to say (there is) no God, no Creator? The biggest blame for them! How are they saying this? Where are their proofs? No proofs, but they are taking Shaytan to be their master!

Our real being is beginning to appear through our mums’ wombs and that power is growing. And when the time coming, the Lord of Creation ordering that new creation to come out. Enough. That is your limited being through that womb. Now you come out by holy order. The new(born) one always coming out from mum’s womb in sajdah, bowing. You can’t find any baby coming like this (face up); always coming in sajdah, bowing to the Lord of Heavens! O People! Therefore we are in need, time by time, to get a connection with our real being. This body is not our real being. If it was our real being then it can’t be through the wombs of our mums. If it was our real being, can’t be on this Earth, no! That means everyday we are changing, and each day our appearance is changing.

(Mawlana mimics)

"Oh, this photograph."

"Who is that one"?

"That is Dr. Saleem, child photo."

"Now, where is he, that one with a long, white beard. He is now going down. Where is his real being"?

Everything that is changing is not real; thaabit, what is firm and fixed, that is our real being. It is never accepting a change. Our soul is through the heavens and our soul is never changing. Our real being is through the heavens and we have been ordered now through all prophets that we must try to be in contact with our real being through the Heavens. Therefore, the Lord of Heavens is sending His deputies, His prophets, to teach people or make a declaration, “O People! The being that you are through this life is not your real being. If it was your real being, you would not change from childhood to young ones, middle age, then to old age and then leave your being and disappear, because real things can’t disappear!"

Reality is never going to disappear; it is from pre-Eternal up to Eternal. That is very important. Therefore, all prophets were urging their followers to think about their real being. A person may ask, "What is my reality, my real being? Childhood, was that my real being? Or when I was young, was that my real being? Or when I am getting weak and I am an old person? Was that my real being?" Real being is one only, but through your life that going to be changed. And no one can say, "My real reality was when I was born or when I was in childhood or when I reached to maturity, or when I reached middle of my life. Or when I was getting to be 90 years of age, I was reaching my real being." You can’t say.

Now everything is changing but reality is never going to change. Reality is from pre-Eternal up to Eternal. Therefore, prophets saying, "O People, think on this point, think on your real being." Where were you before, a hundred years ago? You are saying, “We were nothing,” and if saying that, then how did it happen that you were granted to be seen through this life as something? That means you are not in your real being here. Your real being is in the Divine Presence through His endless Life Oceans. Your souls are there (Mawlana raises hands) in never-ending, Enlightened Oceans through endless dominions of the Lord of Heavens.

This point, think on it.When you are thinking, an opening coming to you that you can’t imagine; so many things coming. That’s why Prophet (s) said, "Tafakkur as-sa`at khayrun min `ibaadati saba`een sannah - an hour of reflection is better than 70 years of worship." To think on such a position even for one hour makes you to ask your real being to not think (be distracted), “What I am doing tonight? Where I am going tomorrow? What I am going to make for the New Year? What new-fashion car (do I want) for 2010?" You are not thinking like this? You are going to be like a cock (rooster). They are saying, "A hungry hen dreams that it is at a grain depot." It is common people’s saying. It is hungry and dreaming that it is in a big warehouse, full of grain. Therefore, all people are dreaming, thinking for what?

(Mawlana mimics a husband and wife in conversation)

"O my darling! O my darling! Just coming nearer New Year, 2010! I think we must change our cars. It is the new fashion."

"Yes, O my darling, I am thinking on it, but you are in such a hurry to remind me, I was thinking for my possibility through this economical crisis. Instead of buying a new car, what about painting blue car into a red car and people may say that our neighbors just bought a new-fashion car?"

"It looks like a new fashion, but I am looking that only its painting changed."

Yes, because it is important for us to think that something we are having and we can’t reach, we must use some tricks that people will say, "Well, our neighbors just bought a new car, a red one," and if coming to look closer, saying, "It is the same car."

People now they are thinking in such a way. We are losing! Whole nations, whole people are thinking only for their imitated beings through this temporary life. No one is asking to look forward or further to see what we were before, and what we should be. To think on it trains people. It is a very big heavenly wisdom spoken by prophets, to wake up people for their future, for their end when they are leaving this life. That gives a power to our souls. To look at our beginning and ask, "What I was then, how I was at the beginning? Who is making me to grow up to be a young one, and who is that One, to make me when I was young into an old one? At the beginning my bodily power, my physical power was in such a way and now, Who is making it to be less and less and finishing my physical power, controlling my being here?" (Thinking like) that gives power and you must understand.

Every heavenly message giving to people a message for thinking. We are only making an explanation for understanding something in order to ask people, "Who was I and now what is my identity?" If you are saying "my identity is this, maybe," where is my identity now? Just changed my identity now. How can that be? How many identities I am carrying through one life? To make them think that there is a real identity for everyone; it is protected through heavenly oceans of life that is only appearing through the physical being by the order of the Creator, "Go and be a man, or be a woman!" That opens for people such a horizon to make them to know so many things, and also to be in such pleasure through themselves. They are not going to be hopeless (thinking), "The calendar finishing and that means my life is finishing." No, never! Life never finishing, because you have a real being in the ocean through your Lord's Presence; a heavenly being through heavens.

Don’t be hopeless, but try to open the door of realities, to know realities. Don’t waste your life for useless purposes. It is sorry for a person to waste his life for nonsense. It is a short period but it is enough to collect your understanding and your whole power. Tafakkur, thinking, gives you much power, also endless hope, endless happiness and endless pleasure. We are saying, "If I am dying, no worry because I am reaching to my real being." Don’t think that anything can be in existence without having a real being, even ants.

May Allah forgive us, and grant us to understand. That understanding only coming through heavenly ways open to prophets and from prophets to their inheritors. Therefore, look for someone who belongs to heavenly realities to give to you something from reality, or you should be through this khayaal, imagined life, and going to be dust.

(Mawlana Shaykh sings)

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

You must


without words

when we are saying...

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

This signs to Mankind

their pleasure, endless pleasure

when they are reaching

to their real beings...

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome

Fatihah. (45 minutes)

They have closed. Mashaa-Allah something, but it is such a big ocean, you will open it if you are thinking. I am knowing nothing, but they are sending me something for the servants of the Lord. I am asking forgiveness for me and for you.

(Mawlana Shaykh Hisham sending salaams)

Alhamdulillah, is he happy?

(Everyone watching is sending salaams)

Alhamdulillah, may Allah give them salamaat, to be in safety here and Hereafter.

(321,000 viewers)

They are going up, as He likes. We are under His command, under the command of Habibullah (s) and under the command of masters. Thank you for listening, mashaa-Allah, alhamdulillah Yaa Rabbee.

(Mawlana makes du`a)