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Struggle Against Your Ego!

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

21 November 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

(Mawlana Stands.)

Stand up for your Creator, for Allah Almighty!! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa lillahi 'l-hamd! O our Lord, forgive us. We are asking Your blessings. Our intention You know, only to make all people say, la ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadun Rasoolullah (s).That is an honor for Mankind. If they are not saying, there is no honor for them here or Hereafter.

We are also giving our most humble and high respects and glorifying on the most honored one through your Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), and for the prophets who are taking heavenly lights from him. No one can take any lights by themselves. Not Mankind, not even angels can be able to take from heavens' lights or lightening. They can't reach lightening from heavens if (not for) the Seal of Prophets (s), most high and respected one in the Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s)! That gives us honor; we are not asking honor from anyone else. Alfu salaat, alfu salaam, thousands and thousands of heavenly salutes to you, O our most beloved one! You are the reason of Creation and you have been granted from divine grants. No one can reach divine grants except Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Mawlana sits.)

O our master, that is your grant to a weak or weakest servant. If you are not supporting such a weak servant, it would be impossible to stand up and say anything. It is your grant, O our master, who is the master of this world. Ask him, Who is that one? You must ask that one. Who is asking can find, talabana, wajadana. You must reach what you are asking. There is only one condition; that you must be mukhlis, sincere. Your sincerity makes for you a way for understanding and knowing who that one is. We are weak servants. Who is knowing he is weak is asking a support from a powerful one. Yes, that is custom through this life. Everyone who is feeling that he is a weak one, is asking a powerful one for a support. If we are not supported we are falling down. We are saying salutes, greetings and heavenly glory on our master.

Masters' attributes. What is that? Masters are such people who are knowing they are nothing. When they are knowing with certainty, they are asking a support. Anyone who is knowing that he is weak one, his knowing is reaching to the point of certainty for him, then heavenly support is coming. We are nothing and we know nothing. What we are knowing is only for our imitated beings. We are saying now, a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem, Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. Shaytan can't approach to change our minds or our hearts and it is waiting to find even a needle hole to enter through our minds and asking to run through our hearts. Allah, Allah.

Imitated ones are thinking that they know each other and are not in need of anyone. Shaytan is saying to them, "You are such an important person and when you are important you are not in need to ask support from anyone else, because you are Number One and important!" There are really important ones and there are imitated important ones. Now, all people are running after imitated importance because Shaytan is blowing into their minds; He can't reach the heart as the heart is protected. What is heart in Arabic? Qalb. Qalbu 'l-mu'min, `arshullah. Qalbu 'l-mu'min, `arshullah, "The heart of the believer is Allah's Throne." This is such a big ocean for understanding. Who understands this, is going to be acceptable through the heavens and heavenly beings. Heavenly beings are looking and understanding that. Those are real representatives; what they are granted is by their Creator, by their Lord. But now people are not interested in anything for their inner lives. They are never interested about their real being. This is not real being. If it was real being, we would not die and be buried. So understand that, O my Listeners.

O my Listeners, listen! You are thinking that you have a real being. If you have a real being, how are you dying and leaving your life, like a carcass, buried. If our appearance is representing our real being, this body is not going to die, be buried, or be dust, or be a carcass. The doctors are saying, "We are first." Professors, scientists, this-or-that ones are coming in front of people and showing themselves and asking people to give them respect. You and listeners are on the same stage. You can carry a hundred certificates. They can't give you a real being, no. Are you reaching to take a certificate from heavenly ones? Say it! Say that you are believing in the heavens, or not? If not, you are going to be a carcass that people are running away from. O Learned People! Look and see. Hear and listen. Listen and try to understand! No one through this life has a real being; all of them are imitated ones. Our lives are imitated and not real. People who reach real life are not going to be a carcass.

What is the Holy Qur'an saying?

Wa lā taqūlū liman yuqtalu fī sabīlillāhi amwātun bal 'Aĥyā'un wa lākin lā tash`urūn

And say not of those who are slain in the way of God, "They are dead." No, they are living, though you perceive not. (2:154)

fī sabīlillāhi amwāt, (dying in the way of Allah). Allah Almighty is saying through His holy book, `azheemu 's-shaan. Those who are reaching the rank being shaheed, martyrs, are giving up their imitated beings for their Creator, Allah Almighty. Subhaan Allah, Sultaan Allah. Fidaa, sacrificing, their physical or imitated beings. Don't say that they are dead ones, bal aĥyā'un, they are really reaching the level of real being. Yes, how can a person be a martyr? A martyr is fighting for Allah Almighty against Shaytan. Now living people are going to be in two parties or groups. One of them fighting for Allah and second ones fighting for Shaytan. Those fighting for Allah are sacrificing their imitated being for the Lord of Heavens. They have been granted and dressed with real being from heavenly levels. Now even Muslims are becoming strange ones; they are changing their understanding and never asking what is real reality through the holy verses.

You may say that those people who are fighting with unbelievers and killed are reaching their real beings. What about others? Others are not fighting, but the Lord of Heavens is ordering all believers. His holy command is, faqtuloo anfusakum, "Slay yourselves!" O our very proud doctors from east and west through Muslim countries, who are looking at themselves through mirrors to appear as great and respected ones, making like this or like that or wearing also eyeglasses, to be much more important ones. Sometimes my friend saying to me "O Shaykh, you must use also eyeglasses to be seen as an important one." Day time I am using, night time I am losing! Where I am putting (my eyeglasses)? To show our people, our listeners that I am a very important one. How you are looking at me? "O Shaykh, something wrong with you." Perhaps, I don't know.

What is the Holy Qur'an saying, faqtuloo anfusakum. That is a command and everyone is going to be addressed through that command. How are you going to understand? Stand up and sit! (Mawlana stands.) Doesn't matter. Makes clear for everything. Once Rasoolullah (s) was coming from battle. They were so tired from the difficulties of that battle. They won by Allah Almighty's order and by Allah Almighty's favors they came to Madinat al-Munawwara, `ala saakinaha afdal as-salaatu wa attimu 't-tasleem, (On its resident, the Prophet (s) the best and most complete salaam.) They were so changed from the heavy conditions through the deserts; fighting is not like other fighting. When they were reaching Madinat al-Munawara, `ala saakinaha afdal as-salaatu wa attimu 't-tasleem, their families were coming: sons, daughters, mothers and wives, children asking, "Where are our fathers, our uncles, our sons, our brothers?" They were so changed.

O People! Listen and try to reach good behavior; it grants heavenly honors to you. They were asking for their fathers, brothers, uncles and husbands. They were coming and resting on that majlis, gathering or scene. The Prophet (s) was saying, raj`ana min al-jihaadu 'l-asghar ila 'l-jihaadu 'l-akbar, "We returned from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad." I think that all `ulama from Hijaaz, Yemen, Egypt, Damascus, Baghdad, Turkey, Pakistan, Ajemistan, Sudan and others are understanding what the Prophet saying, "We returned from the small war, now there is another powerful enemy in front of us that we must fight." They were asking, "Yaa Rasulullah, how? We came through such a heavy burden through that fighting; what can be jihaadul akbar? What was answer of Rasoolullah (s)? Jihaadu 'n-nafs!

The command from Allah Almighty: faqtuloo anfusakum. Doctors? `Ulama? Shaykhs? What about your understanding? I am saying wrong? I hope that I am not saying wrong or lying. You are understanding? O People, `ulama, you have high degrees, but are you ever thinking for fighting jihaadu 'l-akbar? Kallaa, never! You need to fight your most dangerous enemy, your nafs (ego) and you must kill that one! Because the holy command is, faqtuloo anfusakum and Allah Almighty is addressing all Muslims. If you are not fighting and killing (your ego), my Divine Presence's heavenly levels are not going to be opened to you. Understand! What has been said to you for fighting. For so many years young people are learning and practicing the ways of fighting for jihaadu 'l-asghar. What about for jihadu 'l-akbar? What do you think?

Do you know how you are going to defend yourself and kill your enemy? And professors are saying "tariqah is bid`a, and shaykhs are doing and saying what is not written in Holy Qur'an." What about this? I am saying through my stomach or through my heart? O People, try to understand. Leave to be proud ones; that pride is going to take you to the fire. I am here, I am nothing. If anyone is asking to learn I may teach from east to west. I am responsible. I have an authority to teach all `ulama and doctors how they should defend themselves against their egos and I am nothing! I have no title. I am trying to be accepted through the Divine Presence only. As a servant, as an `abd. I should be so happy if my Lord says to me, "O My servant." I am leaving everything but that my Lord addresses me, "O My servant," and says, "O My servant, you did your best." Which paradise is going to be greater than this? What can give an honor to you after this. Allah Almighty's generosity, saying, "O My servant! You did your best and I am happy with you." Do you think that all of Paradise is going to be the value of this? Nothing can compare, O our Lord!

O People! Try to listen and hear. The Day of Resurrection, that your Lord Allah Almighty may address to you, "O my servant you did your best, I am happy with you." Allahu Akbar.

I am asking humbly to all learned people from Arab brothers' learned people, Egyptians, Sudanis, Damascus, Iraqiyun, Ajamiyun, Pakistani and everywhere. I am asking Christian brothers and Jewish ones. Do you think that you can imagine any more happiness or pleasure than to hear from your Lord, "O My servant, you did your best, I am happy with you." Say! Say I am wrong! I am not collecting dunya and I don't like my name to be written here or there. I am only asking humbly for the intercession of the Seal of Prophet (s) to accept me as the weakest servant of his Lord. O people, try to understand the Holy Qu'ran and the Holy Hadith. Try to understand the secret that is asking Allah Almighty to teach His servants and asking the Holy Prophet (s) to teach his ummah. I am a weak one.

O People! Sometimes I am shouting. Don't be angry with me that I am shouting. I am shouting on our egos that are always asking to follow Shaytan's way and leaving the Lord's holy ways.

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I am so happy and so many people are understanding now. I am even asking the Pope, Chief Rabbi, the Buddhist leader who is asking Tibet's independence. Are you living for independence or are you living for your Lord's servanthood? Dalai Lama, where are you? I am here, O Your Holiness, Pope, I am here. If I am saying wrong, say it. Write that "Shaykh is wrong." O Salafi people, if you can say, "Shaykh's understanding is wrong," Allah gives you mawt up to morning! To not live to tomorrow, not to reach `Eid!

Sometimes I am something; don't try blaming me. I am the weakest servant. I am not asking for any rank or title. Here everyone is running after titles. I am only asking servanthood for the Lord of Heavens, our Creator, the Lord Almighty.

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I am happy also. I hope that my Lord never finding anything for me to ask, I am so useless one.

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(45 minutes) They are closing now, enough. Thank you. Thanks to Allah. Huuu.