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(Mawlana Shaykh stands)


Fatiha. Dastur, madad. Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah!

You are Sultan, You are Subhan, You are our Lord, our Creator. Allahu Akbar! Give us through this holy month Your blessings, O our Lord, to be clean ones. O our Lord! Give us from Your endless blessing oceans and grant us, and we are saying our countless praisings to Your most beloved one, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), to make down everyone who is following Shaytan, and those who are not giving praising and glory to Your most Glorious servant. O the Seal of Prophets! You are in the Divinely Presence from pre-Eternal up to Eternal. You are the King of Eternity, O our most praised Prophet! Your intercession is saving Your ummah, and countless creatures have been created for Your honour by the Lord of Heavens. The Lord of Heavens is creating everything and ornamenting this world and unknown worlds, the unknown dominions of Allah Almighty. Countless praisings on You, O our most beloved one, Sayyidina Muhammad (s).


(Mawlana Shaykh sits)

O people! Say with me, a`udhu billahi min ash-Shatani ‘r-rajeem. O Mankind! Run away from Shaytan just as anyone may run away from a dragon. You must run away from Shaytan and also, O people, you must ask sheltering and ask guardian on you. And guardians, they are guardians of Heavens. There are two kinds of guardians: one kinds of guard belongs to Heavens and second guard are holy ones who are living on Earth, and they are trying to protect Mankind who are living on Earth.


Ask, O people, from a guardian of this planet, either a spiritual guardian and also guardians from Mankind. And say, O people, Bismillahi’r-Rahmani’r-Raheem. That is a much more powerful guardian for Mankind, only to say Bismillahi’r-Rahmani’r-Raheem. The power that is granted to Bismillahi’r-Rahmani’r-Raheem, all material weapons are going to be nothing! It is stopping every material weapon that they are calling nuclear power, nuclear missiles working with nuclear power. That just reached Mankind top of power, that may be giving living ones on Earth. The Lord of Heavens opening to them up to this point, beyond that they can’t reach anything after that. Nuclear limit, that is last limit beyond every scene and never-ending power stations may put all nuclear power. The Lord of Heavens is Almighty, and Man is so proud with their nuclear powers! Nothing may stop it, to say one of holy ones, that they belong to heavenly stations, looking after everything on this planet, only one master is enough. But people are thinking that the Lord of Heavens only has one world. Countless, countless (worlds are His).


Once there was a great holy one, whose lineage belonging to Seal of Prophets (s), Ahmed ar-Rufa`i Kabeer. One gigantic power that was granted to him, that was for every holy one, may run from East to West in the blink of an eye! From Earth to heavens, in one unit of time they will be there. They are holy ones; that means their spiritual power taking them in its real being. Once he was arising from Earth towards heavens and he reached the fourth level of heavens, and stopping there with his  heavenly power.


O people, Man is a creation which is impossible for anyone to understand their secrets through all creation. How it is no one knowing and he reached with his heavenly authority, he reached to Fourth Heaven. On that level he was stopping because just appeared an ocean through this manzar, view or vision. Just appeared an ocean and looking with his spiritual power to understand, when is the beginning and when is ending of that ocean? And spiritual power is not like our material power, looking like this and seeing that it has beginning but can’t reach to that beginning. And looking on his left side to see where ending that ocean, but can’t be able.


A heavenly addressing, from another world addressing, coming to his hearing and a sound saying to Ahmad Rufa`i Kabeer - Allah bless him - "O Ahmad, approach more, come nearer, nearer, come, come a little bit more to see what is in it.”


With his spiritual power he was approaching more and more, until he reached and entered through that ocean. And he was looking, seeing that is not an ordinary ocean like on Earth, no. He was looking and seeing that ocean is from sand, a sand ocean, from beginning up to end, but never knowing where the beginning is and where it is ending. It appeared for him as an ocean of sand. He was most surprising, such a big ocean, standing by itself, nothing under it or over it, over the understanding.


Not same words using in every minaret there, every one has a different calling with different holy words, saying Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, calling with different holy words, Allahu akbar. This is our adhan around the whole world, it’s the same. Their adhan through each minaret in another way, in another words. Allahu ta`zheem. That is for the Lord’s greatness and glory and majesty. Allah is never going one same, second one. Allahu akbar!!

Allahu akbar al-akbar! Just appeared this. That is one from these mighty oceans, not power oceans. Mighty, most mighty power oceans that coming as new creation in such an oceans. Such a new creations, not one grain of sand was same as the second one. This what we are saying perhaps adna, lowest, ta`zheem glorifiying of Allah Almighty. It is only one wali. What about countless holy ones? That is holy one, putting his feet in that ocean and hearing and looking where its mustaqar, where that ocean just put on it; it is impossible to know. And approaching to one and saying tubtu wa raja`tu ya rabbee, “I am sorry to ask or to think about You, our Lord."


As much as you are tahayyal imagining, bringing to you more and more that number beyond, endlessly. Allahu akbar! O people! Try to understand something for your Lord's greatness, and praising endless territories for Him, never-ending worlds, never-ending dominions for Allah Almighty. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! O our listeners, we are trying to say something, because if we were using something less , it is impossible to understand an understanding of our Lord's Greatness! It is impossible. Allahu akbar! allahu akbar al-akbar!

O people! Come and try to give your high and last point of glorifying to Allah, to be open to your hearts such refreshment and pleasure and lights and beauty! Try to reach that point! That point is much more than enough, but we are occupied, occupied by Satan's callings. Satanic cheatings are making people not to be interested in such things. And if we are saying after this point, the beauty oceans that covering each one of that worlds through that sand ocean—Oof! Allahu akbar al-akbar!

O people! As salaam `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh! Come and listen and enjoy yourself! You are a mirror only and may reflect through your mirror something, something la yudhkar. never going to be mentioned. O people! You must be happy and enjoyful for coming days! And so honored and so refreshment and so beauty and so satisfaction and so ornaments and so unexpected designs that will appear! For millions or billions or trillions of years, you will not reach to see and to enjoy (such greatness)! Allahu Akbar!

This is the holy month. Why is Allah sending this holy month? We are coming from high station down to our level to say something. Why saying holy month? Why the Lord of Heavens granting to Ummati Muhammad (s) one month to be holy month? Because through this holy month going to be so quickly reaching from our material being to unexpected nur, lights oceans. And asking the Lord of Heavens that His servants may reach even one smallest part of this Light, to be a mirror for ourselves, and through that mirror you can be able to reach humbleness. And humbleness carrying you to reach holy ones table!

If no holy ones, you can't reach holy territories, and the Lord Almighty Allah is asking that His servants be holy ones. Because that holiness giving honor for us, particularly through this holiest month. This is holiest month and taking much more holiness through this month. Going to be your heart much more what you are saying, sagaf, purek, transparent. Never needing there this heavy material. This (flesh) is so heavy material. Therefore our heavy material likes heavy material and heaviest material on earth it is golden; therefore, our being asking to reach more heavy material. Our material being is asking, not our souls asking; souls never asking.

Perhaps our souls going to be what you are saying, our souls hating from material, and material hating also from our being. That is it chafaf, transparent. Heaviest material you can't carry it up, but without that you can reach up to the Divinely Presence, it is not so easy. You need to take away every heaviness then being chafaf, therefore all prophets are chafaf, transparent and our souls asking to be on that level. If looking on that level and seeing holy beings there. with this heavy body you cannot reach, but with your souls you can reach. May Allah forgive you!

(Mawlana sings)

dumm dumm dumm dumm

dumm dumm dumm dumm

cifti dayis..
sen ekersin su bugdayi

Heavenly singing giving something from refreshment for heavens to people's ears. May Allah grants us.

As-salaam `alaykum.
(45 minutes)