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Try to Be Obedient Servants

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

13 October 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

Forgive us and bless ourselves for the honor of the most honored one through Your Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s.) Zidhu ya Rabbi, zid-hu Ya rabbee `izzan wa sharafan noora wa masroora alhamdulillah. We are thankful to our Lord, that He created us from the nation of Sayyidina Muhammad (s.) We are saying at the beginning a`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. Madad ya Sayyidee!

As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh, to our listeners and all Mankind. Try to be obedient servants daily. We may repeat these words. O Mankind! Be obedient servants or try to be. If you can't be obedient, then you must try to be obedient servants for the Lord of Heavens. Our Lord Who created us is never asking anything from us except obedience, (saying) "O My servants! I am asking from you obedience. You may be Muslims, you may be Christians, you may be Huuuu... Jewish servants. You may be black ones, white ones. You may be learned or unlearned ones. You may be yellow ones or red ones. I am asking from all of you, one thing. I am that One Who created you and gave to you the honor to be My servants. I have created you, O Mankind, and ordering you. O My servants! I am asking from you true servanthood. Be true servants to Me. I am not asking anything from you. I created everything on earth, in the skies, through east and west. Everything I created and I am giving to them an understanding. I am asking from you one thing. I am not using you for My purposes. You are not workers. Workers, working for their masters to give some benefit to them, to help them. I have not created you to work for Me. No. I just created you for My servanthood. I am not making you slaves, no. Servanthood is something, and slavery is something else. To be worker, that is something else."

O Pope, Your Holiness, you are giving daily order to whole Christians. You are a basheer (herald.) Are you sending your holy reminding every day to Christians and saying to them, "O Christian world! I am reminding you and warning you that you have been created to be servants. Servanthood is the highest level that may reach any Creation."? Are you daily, sending a message through east and west to say, "O Christians! Wake up. I am seeing that you are just occupying yourselves for dunya or for Sadanas or for your egos. Beware! I am your holy one on earth. As pope, I am ordering and reminding you. O Christians! Try to be right Christians."? Morning issue. Night time also for reminding you. I am reminding you that, "O people, O Christians, it may be your last night tonight. Try at least to be tonight an obedient one to your Lord, your Creator." Are you reminding them or not, Your Holiness?

I am nothing, but I am asking because mostly Christians running after dunya, this life, to reach much more material wealth, and their last target is to make heaps of materials only to be written or just mentioned through registration office, "that one has such-and-such buildings, fields or villages or cities or banks." That is their last target, but you must try to wake them up! O Pope, I am a weak servant, as you are a weak servant, also. But what you are dressing that people are saying you are the head of Christianity? I like Your Holiness to wake up whole Christian world to come and to say for their Lord, "O our Lord, we are working for You!" That is a suitable warning that is coming through whole holy books. You as a Pope, you know what is written through Old Testament and New Testament.

What was Jesus Christ (pbuh) saying to the Children of Israel, what was he saying? "Come and listen to me, O Children of Israel! You are running too much after dunya, after this temporary life; people running much more after temporary targets. Leave that and come to a real being in your Lord's Divinely Presence. Come and accept this." What do you think Jesus Christ was saying, fairy tales to the Children of Israel? What was Sayyidina Musa (as) saying to the children of Israel? Calling them to this temporary life? Or calling them, "O Children of Israel, my Lord just spoke to me and saying 'O Moses! Go and call your nation, the Children of Israel, not to run after temporary pleasures. Say to them enough what they are saving from golden and precious stones or to fill treasures.'" No. It is not from Divinely Wisdom to make prophets from heavens to say to people, "Gather, take as much as you can take from treasures of this world!" Which prophet was saying this?

Now the Children of Israel, are crying, "O Shaykh! This economical crisis is just breaking our backs. We lost so many billions of dollars. So many things we lost. Show us, O Shaykh, show us the way."

I am saying, "Take away this economical crisis. Is there not enough for you for eating and drinking freely, everything?"

"No, O Shaykh, we must save more."

"Why you are not going to be like Moses, did he save something?"

"No sir, but Qarun saved."

"What happened at the end? A big crisis just hit him, from up coming on him and all that he was saving and collecting just passed away. Nothing is with him now."

You know this through holy books, O Chief Rabbi! Are you sending a message to the Jewish nation, the Children of Israel? Why are you not making issue daily from Chief Rabbi's center? Official command from Chief of Rabbis saying, "I am ordering to you, don't be worried for dunya. Don't try to collect. Leave that and try to collect treasures from Eternity, for Eternal life." Oh such a beautiful word that when I am saying "Eternity", coming to my heart such a refreshment. Such fresh power coming to me and such endless pleasure. I am saying Eternity, Eternity, Eternity, Eternity! O Chief Rabbi, say to the Children of Israel, "You are losing also this (supplicating on prayer beads), instead to say 'dollars, dollars.'"

Now a big crisis coming. Say instead "Eternity, Eternity, Eternity. O our Lord, to be with You, Eternity, Eternity, Eternity." Look what is coming to you. No quarreling. Allah Almighty, the Lord of Heavens, the Creator, is never giving permission to Mankind to fight each other for dunya.

All prophets were saying, "ad-dunya jeefatun - This physical world is like a carcass." Why are you running after it? What happened? What happened to Rockefeller, one of richest persons? Why not saying, "O our Lord, please don't let us to be occupied with nonsense. Let us be only for You. Our Lord, I love You, O my Lord, we love you, O our Lord. You are so beautiful; endless Beauty Oceans for You, endless Glory Oceans for You, endless mighty Power Oceans for You! Endless dominions for You! Why am I wasting my life for nothing? Chief Rabbi, I am only a weak servant reminding you. Wake up and say to your nation, "Stop quarreling! Stop fighting and give to everyone their rights." Everyone must give rights to everyone. I am not talking about what happening between Arabs and Israel, and I am not saying only what happening in Christian countries among themselves. That is a common warning coming from heavens, to keep quiet, keep gentle, be clever. Try to use your good mentality. Try to be a good one. Try to be an obedient servant.

O Pope, O Chief Rabbi, O bishops, I am saying anything wrong? He knows and you may look through your holy books what is written in them. Now people fearing from others more than their Lord. O People! Come and listen and try to be obedient ones only for Allah. Therefore, an angel through seven levels of heavens have a trumpet, and calling, "O People! O Mankind! O whole Humanity! Try to be obedient servants. We are looking that you are forgetting that you gave your promise in His Divinely Presence and said, 'O Our Lord! You created us and we are going to be Your servants.' You are forgetting that oath and saying to Shaytan, 'O Sadanas, your way is good, happy and enjoyful, and we are following you. You must be first and we are the last ones following you.' It is big blame for nations. It is big blame for Christian world. The Muslim world are trying to follow western countries. A big blame for them also. No one is trying to teach nations the right path."

Allah Almighty is going to take His revenge on all nations that are following Sadanas and leaving heavenly orders. Heavenly orders only, "O People! Try to be obedient servants, morning and evening. Religious people's real mission is to call people to their Lord's obedience. Jesus Christ (a) never coming to reach something from this life. Jesus or Moses (a) never coming to collect treasures from this Earth and Sayyidina Muhammad (s) never calling his nation to a high life, to enjoy themselves, to fulfill their egoistic desires and fulfill their material aspects. No! He said only "Allah" and he walked. When he said, "Allah," Allah opened for him east and west and through 25 years his power just reached from far east to far west!

Zidhu Yaa Rabbee Sayyidina Muhammad (s) sharafan wa karaman. Ya Sayyidee, Ya Rasulullah! We are trying to follow his holy ways but we are weak servants. What we can do? I am a weak servant but my hobby, my hope, is to convey to everyone what they are saying. I am ready to accept their objections on such a speech. I am ready. No one may object and say, "You are speaking wrong." No. Those who say this must be Shaytan. May Allah forgives us.

Dome, dome, dome, dome,

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

O Man!

You are asking

always for a high life.

Come and listen

what I am saying!

Dome, dome, dome, dome,

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

His Saying to Mankind

is only to come

and be obedient servants!

You will reach everything

that you like here and Hereafter,

and you should be happy by saying:

Dome, dome, dome, dome,

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

(37 minutes Sayyidee)

I am a little bit tired. This is enough for those who are understanding something. If they have a head like football, never going to understand! If they are making me to address you up to morning, never getting anything through their minds. Those who are renting their heads and their willpower through the hands of Shaytan are never understanding. But they are making me to address only those people who are not yet giving their whole will power to hand of Shaytan. Therefore, O People! I am sorry for whole nations because the situation on Earth, every nation they are making last power, efforts, for dunya and for Shaytan. That making my heart to cry, and I am asking forgiveness from the Lord of Heavens.

O our Lord! Send us what You promised to take Your servants from that condition, to save them and to be Your good servants! I am asking for myself to be a good servant and asking for everyone to be good servants. O People! What is spared to me that I may spare to you. Sometimes some people going too much forward, and may be tomorrow through graveyard. I am a weak servant but it is terrible being with me, as they are fearing from some virus. There you can't see them but you can see me. The Lord of Heavens is saying, "I have some mukhlis, sincere servants; I am giving to them some heavenly power and if they are saying to something, 'Be!' it is going to be." Beware of those people. Keep your tongues or something may reach to you tomorrow and you are not going to be happy. May Allah forgive us.

I am weak for two days with a weakness coming on me. Some of them may say, "Shaykh passed through heavens and we should be free ones now, to do everything (as we like). That shaykh speaking always against ourselves, making our enjoyment (malhah). We are losing when we are listening to such words. We are not taking too much enjoyment from anything, therefore we are asking he should leave quickly and we should happy!"

No, if that shaykh goes ten others are coming! If ten going, 100 coming and if 100 going, 1000 coming and if 1000 going, 10,000 coming! Every time one is going, another one coming. Heavenly armies are now surrounding this world because people are getting out of order.

Allah, Allah, Allah, Ya Rabbee, forgive us, we are weak servants. Fatiha.

(45 minutes Sayyidee)

Thank you for our listeners. Don't worry, don't worry. If not today, I am going tomorrow, if not tomorrow after one month or after one year or after ten years. "O Shaykh too much, ten years. Every day we are listening to this." Yes, perhaps I may go after 25 years. Perhaps He may give me a long life like Noah. Like 900 years they are hearing from you, "No. A little bit, a little bit." If they are giving, I am keeping a stick that I have been granted from heavens from my Grandshaykh. Sometimes my stick may come on their heads and Allah (swt) taking them away. Sometimes, I am the weakest one but power coming to me. Amin.

Welcome to you, welcome to you, welcome to you. The leaders of nations, number ones. Number ones or even number two, or even number three, you may come and listen and hear the sound of heavens through a weakest servant's speech. I am not asking to be anything. I am hating to be something. I like to be nothing, but you like to be something. That is big bala, cursing on people.

Alhamdulillah. I was asking, no working downstairs or upstairs. Ha ha, yes sir! Enough.