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Good Actions and Bad Actions are Your Companions in The Grave

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

26 November 2009 9 Dhul Hijjah 1430

(Day of `Arafah) Lefke, Cyprus

Dastoor Ya Rijaal Allah, Madad.

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah w 'Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillahi 'l-hamd!

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah w 'Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillahi 'l-hamd!

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah w 'Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillahi 'l-hamd!

Allahu akbar kabeera wa 'l-hamdulillahi katheera wa SubhanAllahi 'l-azheem bi hamdi hi 'l-kareem bukratan wa asila.

La ilaaha illa-Llah Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillahi 'l-hamd!

Thumma salaatu as-salaam; alfu salaat alfu salaam `ala sayyidi 'l-awwaleen wa'l-akhireen sayyidina muhammadin sall ' allahu a`layhi wa sallam.

Huwa shafee`oona ...zidhu yaa Rabbee `izzan wa sharafan wa nooran wa surooran. Allahuma alhimna rushdana bi jaahi 'l-kareem ya Rabbee 'l-`alameen.

We are giving our salutes, salaams to our Master, master of this world. Everything just going on under his order; and his order coming from Heavens directly to his pure heart. He has such a power to change East to West and West to East, North to South and South to North. He has been granted such a majestic power through the seal of Prophets for the honour of the nation of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and we are saying for our listeners as-salaamu alaykum.

We are asking a protection here and Hereafter and who asking protection through this imitated life and more glory from heavens, they must know, and they must learn. The teacher is ready and his teachings going on. We are weak servants, perhaps weakest servants.

Then, we are saying now; first order, Heavenly order to everyone living on this planet, to say: aoodhu billahi min ash Shaytaani 'r-rajeem. That he is qat`a tareeq, cutting our ways that we are asking to move towards heavens. That one coming, asking to cut it. So you must know the mission of Shaytan. When he was getting disobedient to his Lord's holy command, just thrown away. His mission was reaching, taking him to high levels of Heavens but when he was objecting holy commands of the Lord of Heavens, he was thrown away, falling in a dangerous position; just changed his out-looking and also his mind just changed on wrong direction.

O People, therefore you must first say: a`oodhu billahi min ash Shaytaani 'r-rajeem, because that is important. If you are not saying, if you are not running from that Shaytan, you can't find a way here or Hereafter and no more pleasure for you here or Hereafter. Therefore O Mankind, whole mankind who are living on this planet must know what is the way to their pleasure here and Hereafter and to be against Shaytan. If you are not against him, you are going to be friendly to most dangerous enemy for the Children of Adam. You are going to lose everything because that one carrying you to Hells.

Someone saying, O Sheikh, we are in such a terrible condition now and daily getting more and more troubles for mankind. Day by day their miseries getting more and more and day by day their sufferings increasing. And you are saying something and we are understanding something else. You are saying something that now through 21st century people they are not listening. If you are saying such a things, mostly people saying, "fairy tales." Fairy tales? If you are saying for realities that it is fairy tales, day by day you must get down and your position going much more difficult and darkness getting more and more around yourself as well as that darkness rushing through your heart and making your heart to be in a dark-darkness territory. People saying, "our positions getting more and more worse."

We are saying according to holy commands that making a weak servant to make an announcement for whole nations. O the Chilrden of Adam, O servants of the Lord of Heavens: qif, stop and listen what your Lord saying. O People, beware of Shaytan because Shaytan leading you to darkness dominions. You can't find any small light. Therefore the Day of Resurrection, so many billions of people should be in darkness. Whom, they were listening and obeying holy orders, holy commands of the Lord of Heavens, they should be granted a light and that light going to be according their beliefs and its strength. And it is a Heavenly knowledge that the Day of Resurrection, most or weakest light should be for a person through his thumb. Here going to appear a light; once opening, another minute closing. Opening and closing, opening and closing. But it is going to be enough for them to walk on; the ways that they should be happy.

Someones, their lights should be like lightning. Lightning, opening and coming. Some of them like stars, some of them like moon, some of them they have a light like sun shining. Some of them going on their hands and knees; and they are happy because they can't stand up. They are so weak through lives on this planet. They are so weak for hearing and obeying therefore, they can't be able to walk. To walk strongly needs a strong belief. If a person just granted a strong belief, he has strong feet for stepping. He may step strongly; some of them like an ordinary person, some of them as a running person, some of them like a person riding on horse, running. Some of them they are like jet planes. Some of them like the speed of light also. Should be...whom, reaching, because distances through Heavens is not like distances that we are here.

O People, so try to listen and obey that you should be granted such a miraculous stepping. And miraculous stepping they are never giving a tiring, no, no. And more speed never bringing a danger. On this life more speed bringing together also a danger. May be...buuu, explosion and finishing away. Their situation is something else. As much as you have been granted; much more speed, no any danger. But, you may feel much more satisfaction and safety. As much as your speed getting more, you are going to be much more in safety. Also your feeling getting more and more. As much that speed getting more, giving to you refreshment and pleasure and you are asking, "oh may be, my speed more than this." Because they are passing through channels according; for everyone they have a special channel that he must move in it and he may look someones, their speed much more and they should say; "oh, if we had such a speed."

Also as much as your speed getting more, your views getting much more; and as much as that speed coming more, your vision getting much more beautiful and giving to you countless pleasure. You may ask, "oh, if we can have or if we had such a speed, speedfully moving, stepping, we should be so happy.

O People, O Mankind, don't be donkeys. Don't be like horses, don't be like oxen, don't be like crocodile. How it is out-looking? Everyone making not to see them. Those people whom they lost their chance to look or to step through Heavenly position, their beauty just taken away from their faces. Therefore, going to make for everyone, another ugly appearance. SubhaanAllah, whole glory for Allah,

You can find ugly creatures through this life. That is in a limit but there, they can't be able to step even one step up. Their out-looking going to be changed. Countless ugly faces just dressed on them. Allah Almgihty's power is endless. His ability, capacity is endless. Therefore His command only to say for anything to come in existence, "Be" and coming. Not million, billions of people, their out-looking going to be changed in such an ugly form. Countless. Each one looking to another one; getting so bad condition and that looking to that one and saying, "What an ugly creature." And that one also much more ugly from him.

O People if you are not listening Heavenly orders, that ugliness beginning on your faces and in your physical being. So many people their faces changing. Look for example, dead bodies. Everyone's face getting another form. Clean faces, they have been granted such a beauty even if their physical being finished. Whom they never obeying holy commands and not following Heavenly commands, their ugliness beginning through their imitated lives on this planet. Therefore you may look now in our time you can see that easily. So many people after 20 their faces are beginning to be changed. Particularly for women, their beauty quickly leaving them because the looking of people, looking of men to women, taking beauty from them and leaving them to turn to be an ugly one.

O People, Look! Whom they should be on earth and not getting up to Heavens; they should be changed, everyone in an ugly face. Even we may say more than crocodiles-looking. That very terrible ugly out-looking, crocodiles and some other creatures. I think that Darwin going to be like a gorilla. He is going to ask, "This for whom?" because through aalami 'l-mithal, the fashions level; that every time according Heavenly appearance, they are are changing on that level. One level, that whole moving-creatures, they have so ugly appearances. One here, that not taking care with holy commands of Allah Almighty when she is passing from this life, just dressed such an ugly appearance. I think that Darwin and his followers just prepared for them countless appearances that if you are looking 4o years you can't eat something. Also their smelling; each ones smelling making others to be disturbed and everyone asking to run away. Each ones from other and everywhere running finding much more dirty smellings.

Allah! O people, beware what we are saying. I am not saying to you something that I am thinking and speaking to you. No, but Heavenly ones ordering me and sending me such a warnings to you for keeping your physical being here and Hereafter. Here, nothing going to be so beautiful. When you are getting real position through Heavenly levels you should find your out-looking and you are asking to run away. It is written through Holy Books. It is mentioned through prophets' advising; if a person passing, that means dying and just taken to his grave, just covered and people leaving him and getting back, suddenly, an entrance opening to that one's grave and looking; looking, if that person acting according to Heavenly commands and giving high respect for keeping Heavenly commands, should come inside such a handsome or such a beautiful one, entering, through that entrance to that graveyard. That person looking and saying,

"Welcome, welcome, you are so sweet one. You are so beautiful one. You are so handsome. Come!"

"Oh! thanks to my Lord, who is that one? Who are you?

"O new guest for this cemetery, new guest for this grave," he or she answering and saying,

"We have been sent by holy command of the Lord of Heavens to be with you, not to leave you alone. We are coming with high command of the Lord of Heavens to be with us."

So familiar, and that person going to be so happy, so in pleasure that you can't imagine. When he is asking,

"Who are you?" and he should say,

"I am your good steps, good works, good actings. You never left to do good things. You never forgetting holy commands of your Lord and following them. Then the Lord of Heaven created like me to be with you from every goodness you did. I am your good actions, good praying, good servanthood."

He is going to be so happy. Then another one may be buried but he was not keeping any Heavenly orders. They are saying, "We are coming from nothing, going to be nothing. We are coming from earth going to be earth."

Never accepting their real being that had been sent from Heavens to their physical being. Then when he was buried an opening coming; and he was looking and seeing a very ugly and wild face entering. With worst smellings on that one and that one saying, "Oh, I am running away from you!"

He can't say I am running to my Lord because he never remembering that he had been created by the Lord of Heavens. Never giving any respect to his Lord. He was never believing in such a things and when entering he was coming to cover him and saying,

"Don't be surprised for you, I am your bad conditions, bad intentions, bad actings. You never hearing holy commands; Who created you and you were always following your most dangerous enemy, Shaytan. Your Lord created me from your worst actings. I am from you and you from me. Now I am coming to you."

"Oh, oh, oh, so badness for me. So bad luck one."

"Don't run away, I am going with you, because you are always getting with haram like this. Now I am coming with you up to the Day of Resurrection."

O People, enough to be drunk ones. If that day not coming tomorrow, coming day after tomorrow. If not coming this week, coming next week, if not coming this month, coming next month, if not coming what you are waiting this year, next year coming. You must look for that. Don't think, "Economical crisis, economical crisis!" It is not important. Important finally who is coming to be with you up to Day of Resurrection.

May Allah forgive us. O People, it is a holy night. Keep yourself for this holy night. Take a bath, clean yourself and if you can find a mosque go there and ask forgiveness. If you can't find, put a prayer carpet through your home and say, "O, my Lord, just I was oppressor on myself. Please, O my Lord forgive me. Make me clean here; not to be there to be in such an ugly vision with ugly ones. O my Lord, forgive me." Try to be morning `Eid prayer. Come and make sajdah and ask forgiveness and mercy form your Lord, Allah Almighty.

O our Lord, we are asking. We must ask, everyone must ask their Lord's pleasure. Try to make your Lord pleased with you. Try to make your Lord pleasured with you. Try to be with your lord happy. Happy that that is going to be forever. Never ending up to eternity. Up to eternity. O People, so beautiful, so sweet to be in eternal life. Eternity; never ending life just prepared and just promised. That is your Lord's promising. He never leaving His promise; His promise coming on you. May Allah forgive us. O our Lord. Tauba ya rabbi, tauba ya rabbi, astaghfirullah. Make our feet to be on right path, O our Lord. Help us to make you happy. Happy with You, to make You happy with us, O our Lord.

Allah, Allah, Allah.

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

Heavenly music, if you are listening and hearing perhaps your soul should run away. Should come out to reach and to hear Heavenly singing through Heavenly levels. Tauba ya rabbi, tauba astaghfirullah. Fatiha

(50 minutes )

For `Eid, Fatiha

(346 )

Masha Allah, Alhamdulillah. Everyone must hear bi idhnillah. We are weakest one, coming masha Allah gigantic, powerful ones that their teachings shaking whole world. We are like ants in front of elephant or small sardine... shark or marina, whale. We are so weak ones, we cant carry more.