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Don't Let Yourself Be Imprisoned

Mawlana Sultan al-Awliya Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

2nd October, 2009 | Lefke | Cyprus


Allah Allah Allah Allah

As-salamu `alaykum!

[Someone in audience says to Mawlana Shaykh "Mu'azzam" (honored one)]


As-salamu `alaykum! How much times you are saying "As-salamu `alaykum," has a rahmah. Everytime that you are giving salaam, you are raining from Heavens blessings. Therefore, don't worry use to say As-salamu `alaykum.

O our Lord! O our Creator! [Mawlana Shaykh stands] You are the Lord of Heavens and we are giving our best salutes, all glory, whole praisings for You. O our Lord, our Creator, if You are not creating, no one creates these creatures. We are saying As-salaat was-salaamu `alayka ya Sayyidina Muhammad (s), Sayyidi' l-awwaleena wa'l-akhireen. Our best salutes to most beloved one in Divinely Presence. We asking intercession from most beloved one in Divinely Presence.

O People! Listen and obey and try to be obedient servants for your Creator, for Allah Almighty. It is very important thing for you, for me, for everyone from mankind to say A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytani'r-rajeem and then to say Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Raheem. Everyone must learn just we have been created and then we have been sent on this planet. We are not created for earth, but imprisoned on this. Because every wrong thing [brings] its fruits, [for] every disobediency, its fruits is to imprison. And when you are imprisoned, you are in darkness and you can't taste anything, even [though] you have been created to be kings on earth, to be deputies for the Lord of Heavens.

When a free man imprisoned, a good person, happy person, an enjoyful person, when he is doing something wrong from disobediency, I am speaking some rules that people using on earth now. If a person making a mistake, making a criminal thing, government catching him and putting that one in jail. So many people coming and asking," O Shaykh, our relatives, our sons, our husbands, our children some of them just arrested and jailed in jail. Please ask forgiveness for them in Divinely Presence, not only Divinely Presence for ourselves, Heavenly levels." And they are saying, "O Shaykh, please ask forgiveness in Heavenly Stations whom they are looking after creation, ask forgiveness for our relatives because they are now in jail and jail it is a place that people getting in suffering and going to carry troubles that they have been granted." When they are giving their high respect and glorifying to Allah Almighty, that peace granted to everyone. When a person breaking that and going to be on wrong way, whole troubles raining on them as rain raining on earth.

O People! Beware not to be imprisoned, or making something wrong: must be imprisoned for our lives through on this planet. Governments holding that one and arresting and putting in a jail that he is never going to be happy there. So, if a person doing a wrong thing for humanity, making trouble to creatures of Allah Almighty, there is a court on Heavenly levels. They should punish that person who he is doing something wrong against the Heavenly law and coming an order, put him in a jail. Yes. Heavenly responsibility that makes people sometimes to do bad things because to do bad things it is not honor for mankind. Mankind they have been honored but if you are throwing away that honor and making something that it is not for such an honored one to do [so] that he had been taken to a jail and that jail not coming? There is an imprisonment through himself. Beware! If you like hayaatun tayyibah, good life, enjoyful life, honored life, glorified life, keep yourself, don't step for wrong things.

SubhanAllah. Allah Almighty sending so many deputies whom they are really followers [of] the steps of prophets and much more people whom they are following steps of the Prophet (s), Rasulullah (s), after Sahaba, after Salafu 's-Saliheen , but those who are claiming themselves Salaf, they are wrong ones. They are never following steps of Salafu 's-Saliheen whom they were following Sahaba, companions of Prophet (s) step by step. You may look after one of them. We are saying that one of the most careful to follow the steps of Sahaba kiram and after them Tabi`een and Tabi`i 't-Tabi`een whom they are following? In every step Sahaba were stepping, they are following after Sahaba and after them Salafu 's-Saliheen never losing steps of Sahaba, and after them, asking so many people to step on steps of Saliheen, good ones. Good ones, honored ones in Heavenly level.

Most careful ones they are Naqshbandi Tariqah people. Mostly they are taking steps of Sahaba and Tabi`een after of Tabi`i 't-Tabi`een. This is a tale to understand something. One of Golden Chain Imam that he was Abdal Khaliq al-Gujdawani, Allah gives him more honor and glory to be closer from Heavenly Presence of the Seal of Prophets. He was saying, "O my followers, just that I am remembering through 37 years, I never putting my foot on a dirty, or jumping on it." This is a deeply knowledge that granted to him and through him to real followers. "I am never putting my foot on a dirty or never I am jumping on it. I am so looking, for what? To be clean. To be clean." Sometimes you are putting your foot on dirtiness and making like this, like this, it is okay. He was saying, "I never giving for dirty a chance in 35 years," they are taking so care not to put their foot on a dirtiness.

What is dirtiness? Dirtiness it is what Shaytan calling you (to), Shaytan calling you come and put your foot on that place. Yes, Allah Almighty forgiving but it is not good to make Allah Almighty to be occupied by such a thing for His awliyas, it is not from good adab. You must try yourself, not to step on dirtiness.

What we were saying now? We were saying that when you are stepping on a dirty you should be a dirty one and dirty one just carried to a court and then court giving their judgment and saying that person he did so bad thing, put him in a prison. No need a building, or prison but they may - angels may - imprison that person even that one may be sitting on a throne. Yes. That is their imprisonment not to put through one room and to look on it, no. May give that punishment even to a king or queen or emperor or empress may give and they are sitting on their throne but they are feeling themself in imprisonment.

O People! Don't make yourself to be imprisoned and the real reason that making you to be put into prison, your dirtiness. Dirtiness. Allah created you clean [Mawlana Shaykh sneezes]. How you are making this, 'haaachooo'? Salman making like this "choo, choo, choo" [Mawlana Shaykh Nazim smiling]. That is for ladies, to say [softly] "achoo achoo"; say it, [forcefully] "Haaaaaachooooo!"

O People! O People! You must learn what is hayaatun tayyibah, a life full with pleasures. And taking you in front of the Lord of Heavens and you should be so happy and in pleasure. Try to know this and to follow this way. But people never looking, putting their feet, not only their feet, they are diving through an ocean giving something like sewagE. I am getting out....all this for rates, for channel, doesn't matter, so important for us. Mostly people like to dive into channels of ....sewage channel.

What you are saying to cheat me? [To someone in audience]. Sewage channels, not Swiss. Dirtiness channels that running in it. Don't throw yourself through switch channels, you should be dirty. Get away! That is nasihah, advice of all Holy Ones. O People! Beware to fall into sewage channels because if you are putting on yourself whole water channels you are not going to be clean one. Therefore, you must learn this, but now our leaders and our rulers they like to be through sewage channels and asking people also to follow them. But Heavenly sword coming to cut their heads. Heavenly sword cutting their heads because they are leading people through sewage channels, dirty channels.

O People! That is summary of meaning through Holy books. O People! I created you clean, come to Me, turn back to Me clean. May Allah forgives us. O People! We are approaching to leave this life, if not today, tomorrow. If not through this week, after this week. If we are not leaving this life this month, next month. If we are not leaving our life this year, next year. One day coming a Heavenly angel saying, "Give that one that we trusted on you to keep so cleanly, give it to us. We are getting it to his Creator."

O People! Try to be clean ones here, and when you are leaving this life you should be in enjoyful, in peace and in pleasure oceans. No fear for you, nothing, nothing hurting you. What we shall say O my listeners? My English so short but what we shall do? You must understand. You must understand. They are sending to me and I am speaking to you. I don't know. Only they knows! Allah gives you honor and lights to be known that you are good people and you are on your way to Paradise forever.

O our Lord! We are hoping from Your endless Mercy Oceans to clean ourselves and to grant us from Your endless paradises to be for us a place and He is saying , "O my last servant who is entering to Paradise that you are looking and saying, "It is full my Lord," I am giving to you like dunya ten times, only for you."

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah `Azeez Allah

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Kareem Allah

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah SubhanAllah

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Sultan Allah




Al Fatiha!

[Bay`ah insha'Allah]