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To Hear, Listen and Obey Gives Honor to Mankind

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

16 December 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

(Mawlana Shaykh stands.)

Dastoor yaa Sayyidee, yaa Sultan al-Awliya! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa lillahi ‘l-hamd!

O our Lord, forgive us! Whole praising and whole glory for You from pre-Eternal up to Eternal, for the honor of Your most honored one, through Your Divine Presence, Sayyideena Muhammad (s.) Give Your most high salutes and glorifying to him as You like. We are under Your holy orders, trying to keep Your holy orders, O our Lord, but we are weak ones. Forgive us for the honor of Sayyideena Muhammad (s). (Mawlana Shaykh sits.)

O People! As-salaamu `alaykum. O listeners, our listeners, means to listen to someone who may be authorized to address people and people may understand through their conscience. “Hear and listen and obey,” that is whole prophets’ first addressing to people.

O People! Come and hear, come and listen, come and obey Him, Who created you. Give your most high glorifying to Him. Don’t think that a weak servant may address ten people, ten-thousand people, ten-million people. May address, even one ant, to ten-billion people.

O Salafi `ulama, as-salaamu `ala man ittaba`a al-huda. “Peace to all who follow guidance.” (20:47) I was thinking to say, “As-salamu `alaykum”, but coming a sign to say, “as-salaamu `ala man ittaba`a al-huda.”

Allah Almighty when He was sending Adam (a) and Eve (r) out from Paradise, saying to them, “Go and live on that planet, dunya; half going to be dark, half going to be lightened.” They were crying. “You are crying, because you lost high-level life, full with pleasures in Paradise. You did that oppressing on yourself, because I was warning you. I am making everything in Paradise for you to be hallal, best, permitted. Only one thing, I am not happy for you to eat from that one.”

If anyone asking, ‘Why?’ going to be on the level of Iblees, SHayytan! Don’t ask why!!!! You can’t ask why!!! No! He is only, f`aalun ‘l-limaa yureed, “The (sure) Accomplisher of what He plans.” (11:107) The One who knows what to do, f `aalu ‘l-lima yureed . No one can say why, because first that one was saying, “Why I am going to make sajdah. I am not making. Who are you!” But he (Iblees) was drunk, drunk, drunk. Allah, Allah.

O People! Say, a`oodhu billahi min ash-SHayytani ‘r-rajeem. You must ask your Lord that He may shelter you from SHayytan’s trips and traps. Don’t trust on yourself; you can’t trust your ego. Allah Almighty was not trusting SHayytan. SHayytan was praying and trying to do his best for his Lord, and he was thinking something; his main aim was to be Number One through whole universe. That was a secret aim hiding through his being, because his heart was not like our heart; his creation is different. Man’s creation is top level, therefore SHayytan’s heart can’t be same as the hearts of the Lord of Heavens’ deputies. He wasn’t suitable to be successor or deputy, his creation was something else.

Our creation is a special manifestation granted to Man. The Lord was saying, “I am making Adam’s material/physical being with My Hands.” What it means? What we can understand? Don’t think that His Hands are like our hands, only name! Creating Man by His Hands and not any other creation! He was using His Divine Hands for giving form to that new creation. Whole creatures on Earth and heavens are not granted to be deputies, only Man. SubhaanAllahi ‘l-aliyyi ‘l-adheem. Endless Glory for our Lord. Everything that our Lord is making clear through Holy Qur’an is according to our understanding level, or no one can understand.

Almighty Allah was giving special care for Adam’s creation when He granted Mankind to be His deputy. Angels not taking such a special honor, but Allah Almighty saying, “I am making his physical being.” Therefore Man’s creation is on the level of ahsanu Khaliqeen, and best Creator for new creation going to be through the Hands of ahsanu Khaliqeen. And what He created is ahsanu taqweem, the best soorah, form, out-looking (appearance) and inside also no one can know. Only the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of Man, knows his inner creation. SHayytan was asking to be on that level. To be deputy through heavens for Allah Almighty but his manifestation was not suitable. Therefore, when Allah Almighty creating Man, just created him in a very special form; a very special being was granted to Mankind. Iblees’ creation was not ahsanu taqweem, the best form and also inner being. He was not knowing the secret of Adam and was asking something that was not for him to ask, hadha tajawazul haqq and he was going beyond his limit. That is bad manners from that one. But holy command, He was saying, usoolu aadam li aadam. (The assets of Adam, to Adam) It was not clear for him. His level of creation was not suitable and he wasn’t created to be deputy for the Lord of Heavens but he was asking. And because he wasn’t granted the understanding that the creation of Adam was granted, he asked.

The Lord of Heaven saying, “Demon, go away.”

“How you are saying? Why?”

“Who giving you that authority to ask Me why I am ordering? I am not That One that can be asked by anyone, ‘why doing this’ or not doing that? I am f`aalu ’l-lima yureed, I am That One doing everything as I like and as I will. No one can say in My Divine Presence, ‘why’? Go away demon!”

Therefore, whole prophets calling Mankind, saying, “Come and hear, come and listen, come and obey!” The Seal of Prophets (s) just been ordered to collect people on the hill of Safa (In Mecca al-Mukarrama). Allah Almighty ordering him, “Call people to you.” For what? To hear. First command from heavens to the Last Prophet (s), “Come to the hill of Safa.” Safa (purity) is a very good word in Arabic. To reach top of happiness, calling people, calling them, and people going there, and he (s) was saying, “O People! Hear what I am saying to you.”

(Mawlana stands.) He (s) was saying, La ilaaha illa-Llah, Muhammadun Rasulullah alayhis-salaatullah. He (s) was calling people, “Hear this from me and repeat it and keep it through your minds and through your mentalities. Then when you are hearing, we are sending to you, who gathering on this hill, some orders. Allah (swt) is ordering you: to hear and then to listen, La ilaha illa-Llah, Sayyideena Muhammadun (s) Rasulullah.”

Hear, then listen, and the third stage was “obey”. That is honor of Mankind: to hear and listen and obey, gives honor to Mankind. These three making Paradise to open for those people whom they are hearing and listening and obeying. No way for anyone else to enter Paradise. Who asking to enter Paradise, must hear heavenly words, and then must ask, “What does it mean?” Listen. What does it mean, what you are hearing? Then third, the Lord of Heavens asking, “Obey Me.” Be obedient ones to your Creator, to the Lord of Heavens and of everything in existence. But people are running away. Who is running away, is running away from Paradise and their troubles and miseries and sufferings beginning through this life. Who are not hearing and listening and obeying, troubles, sufferings, and miseries beginning here and running on their head!

Therefore, O People! Which of you are happy now, or in pleasure, or in enjoyment, or in happiness, or in satisfaction and peace? No one! Not only common people but rich people, powerful people, sultans, kings and emperors, all in trouble, miseries and suffering. No peace now for 21st century people, lost their happy lives, joyful times and peaceful life. From east to west and from north to south, all people have lost their peace. Now people are asking a peaceful life on this planet. How can it be? If you are not following holy orders, holy commands of heavens, how can you hope for a peaceful life?

Therefore, O our Salafi `ulama, what is Allah Almighty saying? Why you are not saying to everyone, to kings and presidents and prime ministers and commanders? And you are reciting Holy Qur’an? What is Holy Qur’an saying? Wa man a`arada `an dhikree fa inna lahu ma`eeshatan danka. (20:124) I am asking you, why you are not saying? You are saying dhikr is bida`, and Allah saying, wa man a`arada `an dhikree. No need for commentary on dhikr because it is clear word in Arabic. What is dhikr? Nabi alayhi 's-salaatu w 'as-salaam is Arab. What does he say? Afdalu dhikri La ilaaha illa-Llah, La ilaha illa-Llah, La ilaha illa-Llah Sayyideena Muhammadun Rasulullah (s).

I don’t like for anyone to deny or else throwing something on their heads through this holy month; first (month) is Muharram, then Safar (second month), then Mawlid an-Nabawi shareef. Be careful Salafi `ulama who are following their wrong way, man a`arada an dhikree. You are saying bida`. Don`t you know dhikrdhikr with heart? How are you denying that? How? Who ordering you to say say this? And Prophet (s) saying, `alaykum bi ‘s-sawaadu ‘l-a`azham. hadith or not? You know everything but you are not saying truth. What do you think? with tongue,

Assawadu ‘l-a`azham from the time of this ummah, where they are? The great masses of this ummah; where they are, you must follow. Assawadu ‘l-a`azhamummata Muhammad (s.) They are denying dhikr. How can you deny when Allah Almighty saying,Wa man a`arada `an dhikree fa inna lahu ma`eeshatan danka. What is dhikr? Prophet (s) is making clear, “The best dhikr is La ilaaha illa-Llah.” When you are sleeping, your eyes saying, or your nose saying this, or your ears saying this, or by your tongue? I am asking? I am coming to destroy every baatil, falsehood, on Earth bi idhni-Llah, (by Allah’s will). from

You are fearing from pig flu, that imagination is a virus, never seen under a microscope. I am not fearing because I am a simple person. Doesn’t matter, simple person may sometimes shake east to west and west to east. How it can be? Yes, can be! Because Allah Almighty giving taffawuq, to be high. Sometimes taking from them and giving to western people a highness, but no taste for their highness.

O People! remember what is being said through such a humble and simple association. I am not claiming anything or I am not asking anything, because my two legs now through graveyard. But you are hoping something from dunya. If you are asking something from dunya, you are on the wrong way.

Therefore Salafi `ulama, look what Allah Almighty is saying. Wa man a`arada an dhikree fa inna lahu ma`eeshatan danka. What do you think of the lifestyle of Muslims now? They are under hegemony of western people or they are over western people? We know that Islamic world is under hegemony of western people, non-Muslims. It is a blame on you to follow them. Now Islamic world is in their worst position, everywhere troubles, miseries, sufferings and killing. And Western people are saying to you, “O Muslims, how you are getting to be in such a bad position?” What is the answer? You must know the answer. Answer is from Holy Qur’an, from Suratu ‘l-Kahf (Chapter 18). Who is leaving dhikr, is given a very heavy life so that they are never going to be happy.

Look at Palestine, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan and Muslims living in the east and west. Some of them eating others, running through the streets. In hadeeth shareef, and hadith are holy, that is our belief, safwat al-ayyaam an-naas yarkudoona fi 't-turuqaati ka 'l-bahaaim wa 'l-wuhoosh bidoon lijaam, “Days will come when people will run in the streets like unbridled beasts.”

What is shouting and demonstration in Islam? In what book you are finding ‘demonstration’ in Islam? Why you are not saying it is haraam? And they are asking to put their names on top point. That is never going to be for you! Say to people demonstration is forbidden in Islam! I am saying to Iraqi, Palestinian, Egyptian, Turkish, Iranian, Afghani, Pakistani people, demonstration is haraam, haraam, haraam! Al-haraamu bayyinu wa 'l-halaalu bayyin. “Haraam is clear and halal is clear.” If understanding, understand. If not understanding, you should be in Divine Presence and Allah Almighty making His Judgment on you. We are only giving our announcement to people.

I am a very simple one. I am not claiming that I am something, no. People coming and bringing machines and asking me to speak. Heavenly power making me to speak, then I am speaking. I am only a warner. Innama anaa nadheeru ‘m-mubeen. He knows, but you are Arabs, you must look. You must understand, wa man a`arada an dhikri fainna lahu maeeshatun danka . I am only reminding you that people are losing that, and running through streets, shouting. For what! Why not going to mosques and saying, “O our Lord, save us!” Why you are running like animals in the streets? For what?! I am warning them and urging them, “O People! this is haraam. Go to the mosque and pray to the Lord of Heavens to send you a sahib, who may keep the reins of everyone, to bring Islam up and keep kufr down.”

Wa min Allahi 't-tawfeeq. I am making music for Salafi `ulama:

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome

I am happy that I am trying to say what is true, but you are not saying! Therefore, you can’t sing! (laughter) (Mawlana sings in Turkish) Singing for Salafi `ulama and for Wahhabi `ulama. Unfortunately, they cannot hear singing! I am singing, because they are unhappy from, dome dome dome dome, therefore I am singing for them another singing so they may be happy. As-salaam alaykum. Allah forgives us.

Hayy, Hayy, Hayy, Hayy, Hayy, Hayy

Hayy, Hayy, Hayy, Hayy, Hayy, Hayy


(50 minutes)

(Shaykh Hisham Effendi and Hajjah Naziha are sending salaams.) If no happy, I am sending to Salafi `ulama! (laughter)

Fatihah. Tomorrow night first night of Muharram, Friday first day of New Year. Fasting tomorrow and day after, Thursday and Friday.