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Be Clean and Come to the Lord!

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim

20 December 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

Dastoor ya Sayyidee, madad. (Mawlana Shaykh stands.) Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaha illa-Llah Allahu akbar allahu akbar wa lillahi 'l-hamd!

He is our Lord and He is the Lord of whole creatures. He is Creator, not anyone else! And whole creation just coming in existence for the honor of His most honored and beloved and glorified servant, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). O our Lord, for his honor forgive us, and for his honor grant us from Your endless blessings.

O our master, master of this world, that he is appointed from heavens for controlling everything and preparing everything for our Lord's servants, may Allah bless him and give him much more lights and glory!

And we are saying as-salaamu 'alaykum, O our listeners, whole Mankind! Hear and listen and obey. That is our wasiyya, advice to everyone. First, my advice to my ego. We must try to order our egos. If a person not going to be able to order his ego, no any value for that person here or Hereafter.

O our listeners! O Mankind! We are all Mankind, but we have been honored by the Lord of Creation to be His special servants. That means to be His deputies. Deputies can't do anything by themselves, but they are going to be under holy command of heavens so that they can do what it is asked from them and (spread the message), "O Mankind! Hear and listen and obey!" Every time we must say this:

وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالْحَقِّ

wa tawaasaw bi 'l-haqq

And (join together) in the mutual teaching of truth. (103:3)

Allah Almighty is saying that for those who asking to save themselves and also everyone. Who is asking to save himself or herself and also to save whole creatures on this planet, one of them just honored on this planet. Mankind has been honored through heavens. And countless creatures through Creation of the Creator going to be with us on this planet, but honor only given for Mankind because they are deputies for their Creator.

O our Lord! Give us something for understanding. Allah (swt) says, "I just granted to you, but you are running after your egos."

O Mankind, what the Lord of Heavens granted to you, that heavenly grant, you are not using for your Creator, Who honored you to be His deputies. When you are using what you have been granted by Allah Almighty for yourself, your dirty egos and egoist demands, then your high value coming down! When a person's value falling from heavens to Earth, he lost whole value that granted by Allah Almighty for them, finished! There is a fruit, mushmush, apricot, as long as keeping itself on its position on branch, it is so good. As long as tree keeping that, it is okay; but if tree going to tire from it and leaving, coming on Earth, finished!

O People! Keep your positions, not to fall from heavens on Earth. Who is on heavens, his value just excellent. If falling down, then going to be no value and no way. Taking that apricot that just becoming dirty, taking and eating? No. That is important. Try to be clean to the end of your life and the One Who granted to you that cleanliness, taking you clean and putting you on a clean level, and you will be respected one! But whom they are not looking for their positions, and leaving themselves to fall on Earth, that bush taking it away.

O People! Try to be clean ones from every dirtiness on this planet. Try to be clean for whole life so that when the Angel of Death comes and asks, "Give what is granted to you from the Lord of Heavens, give it to me." Looking if it is clean, then just taken to the level of honor, the level of holiness, the level of lights, the level of oceans. Thank you! Why you are losing level of honor, making every dirtiness here in this short time. Why you are not keeping yourself clean, O Mankind? Therefore, every prophet, peace be upon them, and the Seal of Prophets (s) was saying, "Believers must be clean. Unbelievers, they are not clean ones." What we must do? How we can do? What have we been granted from our Lord to ourselves? How we can deal with ourselves and how we are going to deal with our Creator? That is knowledge, `ilmun nafi`ah. That knowledge is giving you benefit because that knowledge keeping you clean. If not that knowledge, they are always in dirtiness.

The Seal of Prophets, peace be upon him, was saying, "Cleanliness is imaan." If a person not going to be clean, no belief in himself, he is not believing for his Creator and His holy commands. We must learn this. Therefore, Allah Almighty ordering to His most beloved one to teach people, "Be clean." Try to be clean. Cleanliness is not cleanliness of our suits or our clothes, but inside you must be clean. (Allah Almighty is saying,) "Don't come to Me dirty. Who is coming dirty, he is not accepted!" Anyone asking to be acceptable through heavens must be clean, as believers never coming for worshipping without ablution, or without shower. Therefore, main point for everyone to learn through his life is to be clean, and when they are clean, they must keep their Lord's most high glorifying. You must try that He grants to you heavenly glorifying. Who is not thinking on it, they are not granted any grant here or Hereafter. They are going to be dirty ones and dirty ones are outside, take them to be clean. Where? In fire, they may be clean there, O our Lord!

O People! Listen and obey, clean your ears for listening because our ears, our hearing, full with satanic singings and satanic speakings and satanic orders. It is not for you! O People! You must try to be clean ones. Don't think that to be doctors, scientists, PhDs, academics, or to be in high positions for your learned matters is making you clean! It is never giving any benefit to you, but if you are asking benefit for future life, here and Hereafter, then you must be clean ones. Therefore, coming whole prophets, particularly the Seal of Prophets, ordering to be, clean, clean, clean!

Clean in what you are dressing, eating and learning. If you are giving to you cleanliness, okay. If not, you are going to be in a well filled with dirtiness. We reached the Last Days for the life of Mankind, according to holy knowledge that granted to prophets. You can't know this through new books. They never showing or teaching you what is real knowledge that is making you to be clean ones. So many professors, so many learned people, so many doctors, so many academic peoples, only their titles something but their inner position is so dirty! If anyone's thinking is dirty, that means his production is dirty. That person is going to be like WC (bathroom) or sewage channels. If a person not giving to you a cleanliness, that person like WC. Who running through WC? Rats. They are very happy to go through sewage channels, and they are saying we are making shower also, going freely through east and west, running, jumping, eating. We just asking to reach our last target. We reached there and we never asking anything beyond this. It is perfect target also for Man, to be able to think on it.

"What you are saying, to come out? We are finding everything through sewage channels. Look our bodies are so weak ones."

And those rats saying, "Some man may hunt you and making you barbecue. Beware, O our friends, run away from Mankind. If they are hunting you through fire you are going to be so tasteful meals for Mankind, run away! Don't show yourselves, keep yourselves, hide yourselves because they are running after you and we are here so happy. If we are unhappy we may call them, we may do weekly meeting making advertisement, 'O people, who asking a high life, they must join our group. We may take you to an unexpected high life that Mankind they can't dream or imagine our lives here.'"

Some of them asking for rats, "Who teaching you?"

"Our teacher asking to teach you but you are escaping from it. Our teacher is Shaytan, Diabolo. Our teacher, teaching us also to call everyone outside to come and to enter."

Glory to Allah Almighty! Now everywhere, particularly at night time, east and west, people running into sewage channels. "O Shaykh, what about preparing ourselves for Christmas? Christmas enjoyment; we were hoping and wishing to be every night Christmas, every day to be Christmas!"

(Rats saying:) "But those foolish Mankind not following us and making this big feast, they are making only once annually because no-mind, Mankind. If they are like ourselves they are understanding, because we are experts at such parties and we are doing parties that Mankind making it only once yearly, but we are preparing every night this feast and enjoyment. Therefore, we are calling them, 'Come, O Mankind, to be with us.'"

That is Shaytan’s declaration. Really Shaytan is teaching Mankind, "Come and join everyone Christmas day or night because it is so pleasure in it and you must come. You must try not to only do once yearly, but every night you must do this, come with us, to be like us!"

"I'm the chief of rats, so learned one, because our ancestors also they are teaching me and I am teaching to new ones for tasting a real taste and to be there every night, Christmas night, everyday Christmas day but they are not following us because they are saying, 'Oh we prepared some money only for one night. How we are going to be every night in sewage channel?' And that rat saying, "look you are dressing anything? .......take whole clothes and daily 7 times and nightly 10 times, go in it and get out, go in it and get out." Then what about our clothes?" "You are going after a while feathers coming out and .....no need for clothes.........??...no government, no national military, no schools, no factories, no government officials, no, come with us. Try to be with us here, free, never-ending enjoyment, never-ending eating and drinking through sewage channels."

That is the meaning that Shaytan making people targheeb, to encourage them, "Leave everything and come and enjoy yourself." That is top point of Shaytan's training for Mankind, "Leave everything and follow us."

O our Listeners! As whole prophets saying, that is going to be the end of this world. Dajjal, the Antichrist, coming and saying, "No work, no national service, nothing. Come with me and you can find what you are asking." Finally that Antichrist calling people and cheating them; now Antichrist has representatives through east and west and everywhere you can find people of foolish minds saying, everyday and every night, "No working and..."

O our Lord! Please forgive us and send us someone to clean ourselves and to teach ourselves what heavenly ones asking to be for ourselves. Heavens asking, "O My servants, try to be clean ones," and Shaytan and its rats saying, "Come with us, enjoy yourself." What is happening now, every kind of dirtiness through youngsters running, running, running, making them to dirtiness that if it is opening, no one living from its bad smelling!

O People! O our Listeners! The Lord of Heavens is calling you, me and everyone, "Be clean and come to Me." And cleanliness being through your mind, body, hearts. "Be clean and come to Me! If you are not clean, you are never coming in My Heavenly Presence." Prophets calling to cleanliness and Shaytan calling people to dirtiness. You are between two ways, one showing to cleanliness, second showing people the way of dirtiness.

This is whole world, they are saying, "happy, modern life." What happy, modern life? They never asking heavenly cleanliness. People left worshiping, left their holy places, their mosques, temples, cathedrals and also after that there is for kings, buildings. They never asking. Therefore, people now they are saying, "What we can do in this bad economical crisis?" First clean yourself, then that cleanliness taking you out from dirtiness, but they are not coming. They are only making shikwah, complaining. Be clean and you will be saved here and Hereafter from every dirtiness, from every badness, every cruelty and every dirty thing but people never hearing. They are saying, 'modern life.' What is modern life? To live as rats? No differentiation between clean and dirty? That is modern life? They never liked the life of people who were living before this period of time. Everyone was trying to keep themselves clean and to be their Lords' servants, but now they lost their Creator and saying, 'No we must eat drink and enjoy.'

May Allah forgive us.

O People! Be clean, save yourself! If you are not going to be clean, no safety for you here or Hereafter and you are going to be unhappy with such people. I am sorry to say Muslim world is also following western life. And I’m surprised we have 'ulamas not saying anything, never saying and they are fearing from whom? They are not fearing from Allah but they are fearing from their children, their families, because they taught them through such institutes or universities. They are teaching their children and their children never listening to them. Even the sons of kings, queens, no no one listening to them. Muslim world also, their sons and daughters looking, to reach the night of Christmas. What is your relationship with Christmas, O Muslim community? O Muslims! Why you are asking that? Not shaming from Allah Almighty to follow Shaytan and not listening to Allah? May come a heavenly punishment through this year that you will be regretting through whole year.

O People! Beware of Shaytan. If not, heavenly punishment is ready this year. It is a heavy year and it is very terrible events, like camel caravan following people one-after-one! Beware of Shaytan, leave Christmas. Leave western people to follow Christmas. Muslims, follow the way of the Lord of Heavens, so you will be happy here and Hereafter. May Allah forgive us!

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah `Azeez Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Kareem Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah SubhaanAllah

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Sultaan Allah

Dome dome dome dome, Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome, Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome, Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome, Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome, Dome dome dome dome

Dome dome dome dome, Dome dome dome dome


May Allah Almighty save us from dirtiness, make us clean ones to be in His Divine Presence.