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Ask from Those with Goodness in Their Faces

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

21 December 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

(Part of this suhbah is in Arabic.)

(Mawlana Shaykh stands.) Dastoor Ya Sayyidee madad, Yaa Rijaal Allah. Madad, La ilaaha illa-Llah, La ilaaha illa-Llah, La ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadun Rasoolullah `alayhi salaatullah wa salaamuh. (Mawlana Shaykh sits.) Thumma as-salaamu `alayk Yaa Saahib al-Waqt, thumma as-salaamu `alayk Yaa Sultan al-Awliyah, thumma as-salaatu wa 's-salaamu `alayk Yaa Qutbu 'z-Zamaan.

We are saying, A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. Shukr Yaa Rabbee, whole thanks and whole praising and whole glorifying for You, O our Lord, O our Creator.

We are saying, A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. Shaytan is most jealous one through Creation and everyone that are also jealous belonging to Shaytan. We are asking protection from Shaytan and it's followers. Hundreds and thousands and millions from people, Shaytan graduating them. Giving them, "That is your certificate, now you are just on my footsteps and you are number one and I am so proud that I am graduating you as being most jealous one." Shaytan making, "O my real follower."

Allah protects us, Yaa Rabb, Yaa Rabb. Our egos belong to Shaytan. Therefore, jealous people belong to Shaytan, angry people belong to Shaytan and stubborn ones, they are belongs to Shaytan. Graduated through satanic academy. Shaytan, it has academy or? I have never heard such a thing, but people saying, 'Yes,' must be, but it is not only one academy, because whom they are followers of Shaytan, very anxious to have a certificate from satanic academies.

One asking me, "How many academies, O Shaykh," I say 'I don't know, ask stubborn people. Kibr, arrogance, that one also from shaytanic attributes, arrogance, I never heard such a foolish word. Kibr, to see himself over the level of everyone. Kibr, hasad, jealous and stubborn also, and anger. These four worst khisaal, attributes, all belong to Shaytan. Whom he has one of them, that one must follow Shaytan. Can't enter to Paradise and can't pass over the bridge, siraat over fire, must fall down.

Therefore, all prophets coming for cleaning Man from satanic attributes. Every prophet coming, first, proud people saying, "Who are you? We are not following you because you look like nothing! We are not looking and seeing you on our level. Who are you to say you are giving declarations from heavens that 'I am coming to teach you?' Who are you?" They are such proud ones. It is pride that is preventing people to follow prophets. First of all, they are proud, so many people. For what? And they are saying,

"We are chief of our tribe. Leader, of this tribe."

"Which tribe you are belonging, ya Aba 'Ishaq?"

"I am belonging to tribe of Bani Kalb."

"Huh? Bani Kalb?"

"Yes, Bani Kalb, and I am so proud of our name, our tribe's name is very famous and so many people under that name. If you are asking from which tribe, from Bani Kalb."

"And you Abu Maazin? From which tribe you are coming,"

"Our tribe bigger than your tribe and the name of our tribe is Bani Hanzala?" ...

"Hah? Hanzalah? When you are Bani Kalb, when I am saying Bani Hanzala, why you are never happy with our tribe's name and we are so big, perhaps biggest tribe and you are so proud?"

That is to be proud. That is making people not to follow a heavenly messenger saying, "Who are you? We are not accepting you." The worst characteristics of Man, to be proud or to be stubborn or to be jealous or to be angry and mostly tribes, they are very angry people. They are not a beautiful or lovely characteristic for Mankind. Until you are changing these four, you can't enter Paradise. The dirtiest characteristic for Man is anger and to be proud and to be stubborn and to be jealous. The four of them belong to Shaytan. Allah Almighty ordering angels: "Bow to Adam," (Mawlana bows.) all angels bowing only Shaytan is standing.

Allah Almighty never addressing such a dirty one. But on behalf of first level of heavens, an angel on behalf of the Lord of Heavens, saying, "Why you are not making sajdah?" Allah Almighty never going to address such a dirty and ugly creature. His form just changed also. When through himself his dirty position, dirty being appearing, quickly Shaytan's form changed also and going to be in such an ugly form; angels just dressed Shaytan. If you are looking even one moment, your inside going to be just mixing, everything.

O People! As-salaam `alaykum. Here, don't look there. Look to me, you are seeing me but I must see you also from east to west. Doesn't matter. O people, the holy command of the Lord of Heavens just changed when Shaytan was getting disobedient, and he looks like a most ugly one. Therefore, O people, if you are looking at a person and his looking is ugly, you must understand that something is wrong with that person. Yes, O our respected `ulama from every kind, particularly Salafi `ulama. Look in mirror. If you are looking and seeing yourself handsome, you must fall to sajdah that, "I have a heavenly light on my face, therefore I am looking a handsome creature." If you are looking and seeing, (Mawlana frowns sternly.) "That is myself? I didn't think I was such an ugly one," put on your face a mask and after tomorrow night, our Christian brothers are using artificial masks on their faces for covering their ugliness.

If you are heavenly one your personality is just stamped on your face; a follower of the Lord of Heavens. Or you are a follower of Shaytan and Shaytanic stamp on your face. O our important, important, important `ulama, Salafi `ulama, you must know this. What you are saying now? There is one hadith shareef that the Seal of Prophets was saying. His knowledge is like an ocean and from that ocean you may take meanings from that ocean endlessly. Hadith an-nabawi ash-shareef where the Holy Prophet (s) was never speaking for himself. No, Prophet was speaking on behalf of his Lord because he is tarjumaan; more than translator, representing his Lord. Therefore, every word that the Seal of Prophets saying, showing a shining face on their faces. There is one hadeeth, when a person saying to you O Salafi `ulama and others, you must remember. You are saying tad`aee (claiming). You are Arab and not understanding tad`aee? when you are remembering one thing and beyond it you may find on same level, so many things. From one to second to third, jumping and coming to you. What Prophet (s) saying, this very important hadeeth shareef. It is good, yaleeq, a writing by golden letters that hadeethu 'sh-shareef. It is a balance for Mankind; never changed. What is that hadeeth shareef, Shaykhu 'l-Azhar? Say! Remembering or not? You must remember. They are saying to my heart and I am speaking to you: qaala `alayhi 's-saalatu wa 's-salaam, utlubu 'l-ma'roof `inda hisani 'l-wujooh. (Is this) `Arabi aw Turki ? Always your faces like this, never smiling to anyone. Always anger on your faces and that anger giving you ugliness. Be as Prophet (s) saying, utlubu 'l-ma'roof inda hisaani 'l-wujooh. Therefore I am asking to reach to Jalaalatu 'l-malik Abdullah ibn `Abdu 'l-`Azeez, Abdullah, Malik of Hijaz, because his face is so lovely. Sometime I am intending to go to him and say to his majesty, “O your majesty, your face is so handsome and I am coming, according to wasiyatu 'r-Rasool, the Prophet's advice and asking one million riyal. I'm not asking one billion, but one million, doesn't matter because you are so handsome. Really, I am saying how many kings coming through more than his Majesty King Abdullah, ayyadahullah, may Allah support him. Then I am looking and my heart opening. Therefore, it is an unchangeable balance if you asking some ma`roof, some goodness from a person, look to his face. Ana `arabiyyatee qaleel jiddan laakin utlub al-khayr `inda wujoohu'l-ihsaan (My Arabic is little but I know that saying, seek goodness from those possessing good faces). What about Salafi `ulama ?

If his face lovely, handsome, say, "Please, I am asking your Majesty's generosity, one million dollars."

"You are coming to riyals, after dollars?"

"No your majesty, I am looking to you up, I must go up, not one million dollars but one million euros, getting up, yes? Because your face so handsome, according to Prophet's hadeeth because you are so handsome I am asking you and you must give to me or I am complaining Maliki, or heavens. I may say that your servant Malik Abdullah saying to me, 'O Shaykh, you are asking too much; first you’re are asking riyal, then one million dollars, and now you are asking one million euros.' Please your majesty, I am asking three and asking one from your generosity. I am look your generosity granting one million riyals, one million dollars, one million euros. Yes, you are jalalatuhu."

"How? I am not speaking yet sterling."

"No but I may ask also from your generosity one million English pounds also. Do you think it is too much for you? Who gave to you, O majesty that richness? He gave you. What did Rasul as-salaatu wa 's-salaam say?

أنفق بلالا ولا تخاف من ذي العرش إقلالا

anfiq bilaa laa wa laa takhaaf man dha 'l-`arshi iqlaalan

Give without (saying) 'no' and do not fear humiliation from Lord of the Throne.

Anfiq bi laa laa wa laa takhaaf man dhil `arshi iqlaala. Therefore, I am asking from you one million golden also." (Mawlana laughs)

Yes, hadeeth shareef, I am speaking also qawlu rasul as-salaatu wa 's-salaam `alayk, anfiq bi laa laa wa laa takhaaf man thil 'arshi iqlaalan, give, anfiq yunfaq `alayk, is this Arabic or Turkish ? Your majesty understanding, ana `arabiyyatee qaleel jiddan laakin `arabiati katheer (my Arabic is very limited but my Arabic is very advanced) when I am remembering riyals, dollars, euros, sterling pounds and golden coins, coins....

Yaa Abaa Maazin ma qawluka fi abaa ishaaq? Oh, kama ta`rifunahu yaa ameera 'l-mumineen. Annahu abaa Ishaq, waqtan bi waqt `indahu fi `aql, laakin ahyaanan yudee `aqluh. Yaa ameer al-mumineen laa tusaddiq hadd anna abu maazin laa `aql lahu laa anta ma` man laa `aqla lahu, because he is asking, `am yas'al `an ashyaa halli maa laa yalzamuhu.

Na`am `am bi'sal min ameer al-mumineen haythu wasalna saalimeen shahr Muharramu 'l-haraam; wa kaan yawm `ashoora ameer al-mumineen `Uthman ibn `Affaan radiya-Llahu `anh, kaan yuwazzi`a danaaneer ya ghulaam ahdir shuwaalin min ad-daraahim hatta nuwazzi`ah li `ibaadillah. Yaa ameer al-mumineen `Uthman ibn Affan (r) kaan yuhaddir shuwaleyn mamlu`atan min danaanir; laa bi 'd-daraahim.

On `Ashoora day, the Prince of the Believers Uthman ibn Affan (r) used to distribute money. He used to prepare two shawls full with dinars, not with dirhams (as sadaqa) to distributed to Allah's servants.

Yaa Abu Ishaq anta wahid laa `aql lah. Huwa kaan aghna 'n-naas fee ahdi 'n-nabi salaatu wa s-salaamahu `alayh. Nahnu maa fee qiyaas baynee wa bayna ameer al-mumineen wa idhaa huwa anfaq shuwaleyn dananeer nahnu bidna nuwazzi` ittiba`an wa iqtidaan bi khulafaai 'r-raashideen shuwaleyn min a 'd-daraaheem. Yaa ameer al-mumineen, `indakum sifaatiku 'l-karam. Yaa ghulaam laak aba Ishaq khatar kalaam ziyadah wa idha izqatan lahu khudh `ala kulli shuwaal kam katsha min ad-dananeer w 'astur `alayh. Tahtu mithil maa`aantu hut mina 'd-daraaheem.

He (Sayyidina `Uthman) was the richest of the people in the time of the Prophet (s). there is no comparison between us and between the PRince of the Believers. Wherease he was giving out two shawls full of dinas, we are in need to disribute the same, in imitation of the Guided Caliphs.

Abu Ishaq looking his eye, one eye looking like this saying (mumbling) inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji`oon (To Allah we belong and to Him do we return) Yaa ameer al-mumineen look Abu Ishaq, yatarajja, inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji`oon. Asbahna fi zamaan ameer al-mumineen Allah yazeedu bi 'd danaaneer. Ya ameer al-mumineen, O yaa Rabbee zidhu bi d-danaaneer laa bi 'd-daraaheem. wal aan nahnu fi hudoor malik al-hijaaz, malik Abdullah, ayyadahullah fa saddad umooru yazeeduhu bi 'l-haybah narju li annahu wahjhuhu wajhhu khayr. malik al-hijaz `indahu abqa badal danaaneer al-maass. shoo al-maas ? diamonds...hat masriyun laa `aql lahu kadhaalik maliku 'z-zamaan. shoo bidna na`mal.

(summary translation)

"Ask for favors from the good-looking faces."

Spend a lot and do not fear humiliation from Lord of the Throne.

The king of Hijaaz has instead of dinars, diamonds. If he filled two bags filled with diamonds or red gold, it would not affect his treasure.

Ask from his highness. May Allah give him more from His bounty.

The fourth can fill up a quantity from sterling pounds then the fifth quantity from gold. Ask kind generosity from good-looking face.

If you spend a lot, the Lord of the Throne will never humiliate you.

Jallalatu law abba mush keesayn laakin miatay keess mamluataan bi almas wa bi zahab ahmar, ma yiathir ala khazzayinu. Wa idha o shaykh is al min jalaltihi annahu yumkin Allah yatee yukrimu ziyadah law yatteenee millione riyaal thani ; thani millione dollaar americaan khazaahumullAh ; rabi' yumkinan yabbi shuwaal min baad ad dollar, euro wa baad al euro yuabbi shuwaal min as sterling, thumma al khaamis shuwaal zahab, shoo b`aadayn ?d because rasul wassa "utlubul maroof `inda hisaan al-wujooh" maa daama huwa min hisaan al wujooh ana atlub ma`aroofuh. Law aata badal wahid kees miyat kees maa biaththir `alayh lianu wa`d Allah subhaanahu wa t`aala haqqun. Yaqool an-nabi alaihi 's-salaatu wa 's-salaam annahu "anfiq bilalan wa la takhaaf min dhil `arsh idhlaalan" hadith ash-shareef. Kadhaalik anfiq rabbee yunfiq `alayk.Anfiq yunfaq `alayk. Ma azun jalalatuhu yakhaaf an yukrimanee shuwaal mush waraq minna zahab wal-almaas kifayatuna. Allah yuhibbu 'l-mukrimeen madad. Marhaban ya ulamauna yuktubulee khat talabee uqaddimuhu li-jalalatihi idha masahha kalaami `alaykum dhanbee wa dhanba 'l-ummah yawm al-qiyamah.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, `Azeez Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Kareem Allah

La natlub min al-`abid shay haadha saar mishaan mizaah shuway haadirum yifrahu min shaan hadaf kallamoonee bi haadhal awsaaf rabbaaniyoon.

Only slightly joking to make people happy, as per the inspiration I got from the divine ones.

O Jalaalatuh, fee hadeethin qudsi, kifayatee ma atlub ayyi shayyin min al ard rabbi yakfeenee Allah almighty is enough for me. hadeethun nabawi qudsee, saying al- Haqq subhanahu wa ta`ala, bismillAhi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem, "Ya `abdee, (`ulamaauna, ayyi jinsin minal-`ulama y`arifoona hadhal hadeeth ash-shareef?) kadhaalik al-haqq subhaanahu wa ta`ala yaqool ya `abdee ateey'nee aja`aluka rabbaaniyan taqoolu li shayyin kun fayakoon. Fee shay, fee ghalat? Idhaa fee ghalat dhanbi `a la raqabatee. Idha ankartum dhanbukum `alaa raqabatikum.

There is a Prophetic Holy (qudsee) Hadith (do any of our `ulama know this blessed hadith) : "O My servant. Obey Me and I will make you Lordly, say to a thing 'Be!' and it will be." Is there any mistake in that? If there is an error, the sin is on me. If you deny that hadith however, and it is valid, the sin is on you.

Dome Dome Dome Dome

Dome Dome Dome Dome

Dome Dome Dome Dome

Dome Dome Dome Dome

Dome Dome Dome Dome

Dome Dome Dome Dome

Dome Dome Dome Dome

Dome Dome Dome Dome

Fatihah. (Mawlana laughs.)

Allah Almighty ordering to our organs to speak and be true ones and our hands, our legs, our tongues, our every organ they are going to speak and they must speak truly. Therefore, that person going to be astonishing, how only my tongue was speaking. Now speaking my hands, my legs, my ears, my organs speaking also. How can it be? They are going to speak to say, antaqan Allahu allathi antaqa kulla shay' . Khalas, marhaban!


(52 minutes) (Speaks with Hajjah Naziha via phone; Mawlana is very happy.)