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Evolutionism Versus Perfect Creation

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

19 December 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

(Mawlana stands.)

Dastoor ya sayyidi ya sultan al-awliya, madad ya rijaalAllah. La ilaaha illa-Llah, La ilaaha illa-Llah, La ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadun Rasoolullah

Dastoor ya rijaalAllah. As-salaamu `alaykum ya `ibaadAllah.

Don’t be `abdu nafsak, dirtiest one is that one who going to be a slave of his ego; dirtiest one and thrown away from heavenly stations. Therefore, O people, beware on your egos; it is equal to beware of Shaytan. You are listeners, yes, we must listen.

O our master, who is controlling everything through east and west, from north to south, on skies and under oceans! You must know that there can’t be two iraadah, wills, on one planet. Who may show his will and may do according to his will, not anyone else. That is important. That is a very important point. Now we are trying to understand something from our grandshaykh that he is pole, qutb for this world qutb fi 'd-dunya.

You must believe, O whole `ulamas, whom they are claiming they are `ulamas. I’m not addressing only Salafi `ulamas, but whole `ulamas from east to west who are saying they are learned people. You may say that, “I am a learned one, `alim. I am knowing so many holy verses through Holy Qur’an and I know also thousands of hadith, knowledge that just arrived to us from heavens through heavenly messengers.” Are you claiming that your whole knowledge keeping through your memory or through your heart?

You are knowing to a limit, but beyond that limit do you know? Don’t say, “I am `alim (scholar),” but say, “I am taalib (student), I am asking to learn.” And that is high honor for Mankind, to learn from holy knowledge. Don’t think that what is on Earth, so many animals through animal world, so many plants through plants world, it is only that one or it is enough for you. Yes, all of them signing the existence for a creature. If no Creator no creatures, because never happened that a creature brings itself, herself or himself in existence by itself, by himself, by herself. Who may claim this?

But so many foolish ones saying Man coming from apes. How you are giving an evidence on it? What is your evidence? And is it so shining evidence they are using it for their knowledge to say that Man coming from apes? Any evidence? No evidence. But they are saying about their creation that, “This is our creation, that we are coming into existence from nothing in existence and being something.” But they are not ashaming to say, “We are coming from apes in existence.” Not ashaming and not believing also!

This is a big blame from those people also, whom they are claiming they are coming from apes. This is your honor? That is an honor to say this and to be happy? Yes, you are apes! Oh, if it was what you are saying, you are going to be dust finally and you are not calling for a judgment and the Lord of Heavens giving animals. Also coming on the Day of Judgment and saying turn back as you were, turn back to your origin. What was their origin? It was dust!

They are going to their origins, but can you, Man, come and say how you are claiming that if are coming from apes? And apes, on the Day of Resurrection, are going to turn back to their real being that was dust, going to be dust. But you are here now, I’m not commanding to your physical being, “turn back to be dust,” no. Your physical being going to be on same creation of, lahm, flesh and bones.

But you have been granted something more, that giving to be an honor. They have been granted that grant. They are taken from earth and sending back to their real beings. But you, you were created, the Creator created you as He likes and you were only a Man’s structure, or Man’s shape, nothing. You were just bones and flesh, first creating you from Earth and you were a shape just appeared as a Man, but no any action through yourself, no. You were only like a dead body. Everything okay, as a person just fell into sea and getting out and putting in a place. You are looking, that is a Man and we are looking that nothing is absent from this body and they are saying coming from apes! If his life coming from apes, you may bring an ape to give what it has to that drowned body to make it up, as sometimes there are two batteries and they are saying this one is empty not working; you must bring another battery that is working to bring from its charger to that one that is finished.

Do you see what was in it? Do you see what it lost or what was that full battery? They are saying one working but we must bring this one, to bring something from it. Anyone explaining? No. We are putting two wires and leaving and saying now it is okay, just full and charged, yes. And animals that they are claiming to be the ancestors of Mankind, what they were carrying from secrets that giving to them to stand up and to do so many things, unless they are apes? How happening? But people are not thinking, they are not thinking anything. That is a principle that putting empty battery with full battery, and no one looking and seeing finished this one, and what that another one giving to it. Never you can see.

Therefore, Man they are foolish and ignorant one (to believe) that Man coming from apes. What apes giving to a man? Who giving must be much more powerful then it is giving to that one a power. How apes are yet on their apes’ level but Man standing up, living, making, building, destroying, killing--everything? Yet apes, they are apes! (laughter) But people thinking they are superior ones, they are claiming this because who said? One priest saying this and you are believing that one person and you are going to deny 124,000 holy ones that they are saying your Lord created you and your physical being it had no life in it. After that, what happened?

Allah Almighty ordering the soul, it is a being or a creation, but no one knows its identity. We are looking only it was a dead body and then something entering in it and first he was moving, his eyes opening and looking. Then that secret power that making eyes of that new creation looking, and that power running through that shape and coming down, and we are looking and seeing that first material that the Lord of Heavens created Man from Earth. Earth beginning to move! How it can be? That secret point that granted from the Lord of Heavens to Man and Man created as a Man and Man’s creation is on top point. Others just created but they haven’t been granted a secret power to think, to know and to do! Animals world, no mind for them. A small lamb may come from its mum and running after it’s mum’s breast. Who is teaching that one? But Man is something else.

But those people who are claiming they are professors are really knowing nothing because Man’s creation, no one can know it except their Creator. Don’t make your level the level of animals, or don’t make it under the level of animals. Where is your honor? As being from human nature, how you can say apes on same level with Man? If man coming from level of apes and there is level of mankind. If you don’t have something you can’t give.

How those people they are saying that Man coming from apes? Man has so many specialities that making Mankind on a level and making animals on different levels! Who doesn’t have something can’t give to Man as he has such a speciality. Speciality of Mankind, O professors, O scientists, O liars, O shaytans who are claiming Man coming from apes! Darwin said this, and you are not believing the declaration of 124,000 special beings, but believing one crazy one. How? First there is a rule through nature that something going to appear once it may appear also several times or endlessly may continue its being and its real being. Man is most honored one in existence on this world. How you are claiming Man coming form apes from animals? Who may accept to be said that my grandfather was an ape and I am coming as a man? If your grandfather was an ape, he was speaking? He was making something? No He was learning something? NO!!

How you are saying you are coming from something, that you are not keeping the attributes granted to Man, that was never granted to apes? Why you are claiming and making so much nonsense?! You are claiming that Man coming from apes, and you are not ashaming to say this? No brain for them? How you are saying if Man coming from apes, from where apes and cats came? Cats are very proud ones because they are saying, “Our uncle is lion,” and saying meoww, meowww!They are so important ones, for what? What is that? Don’t say this, “Our uncle is lions; therefore we are so proud.” Someone saying to them, “If your uncle accepting you to be its child from its generation, from where you are coming to me? I am lion! When I roar, whole jungle trembling, so what you are saying, ‘meowww’? Who listening to that from you? I am the king of jungles, no any relation between lions and cats!” Even cats look like lions, but small size. We are thinking that dogs not claiming to say, “Our ancestors was wolves,” and wolves saying, “We are so proud that our grandfather was apes," and apes very angry, (saying), "Who are you to say to me (you are a) lion from my generation? go away or I am killing you!!”

Another and another, so many kinds of Creation, everyone they are claiming and looking themselves as best creatures. They are not happy saying, "Cats coming from lions." Jaguars saying, “My grandfather was tiger.” Tiger saying, “Who are you to be my grandson? Go away!” No one asking to be like another creature, but Mankind is so foolish, in such a mental house, never getting out with such a foolish ideas, bringing such a foolish ones to make the understanding of Mankind in such a way that not to say. Our Creator just created us as a man.

Donkey saying, “I am thankful to my Lord that He created me.” So many saying that we are coming from this or from that academies. I am saying that if coming, make what donkey making "hee haw hee haw!" Make it, make how monkeys (are) shouting! I am asking those people whom they are believing their ancestors were apes, make like it and look its face and your face through mirror, how you are claiming this? And I’m sorry that through whole world, who is teaching that they are coming from apes, they should go not to Paradise, they are not smelling even its beautiful smell!

Use your mind and try to know Who created you and for what He created you, and which thing your Lord asking you to do! You are running after Shaytan and Shaytan carrying people to fire! Their life here is in miseries and sufferings and next-world fire waiting for them! May Allah forgive us!

It is so dangerous claiming and very shameful for Man to come from his high level to dirtiest level of animals! How they are doing this as a knowledge? Such things making the Lord of Heavens to be angry for them and opening door of technology to kill, to destroy each other’s cities and countries. That is the Lord’s punishment for those who are following Shaytan and Shaytan’s representatives! And then you are claiming, “Holy Qur’an saying like this,” and saying, “We are not believing this; we are so new ones, learning new knowledge!” What is your knowledge? Try to learn Holy Qur’an! Allah Almighty sending Holy Qur’an for you to learn about Who created you! Without learning this, you are on wrong way! If you are not knowing about yourself and what you have been created from, you are on wrong way! You must learn true way, O Mankind, or heavenly punishment coming on you daily and nightly.

May Allah forgive us! And bless us for the honor of the most honored one in His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Mawlana stands.)

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah `Azeez Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Subhaan Allah

Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhaan Allah

Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultaan Allah

This for those who understanding their positions, heavenly and earthly! There is a second dome, dome, dome, dome.

(Mawlana sings.)

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

That singing giving some spirituality through the hearts of people! May Allah forgive us. Fatihah.

44? (48 Sayyidee)

They are making themselves such a creatures that they are always asking to be friendly with an ox. They are very happy to be with oxen or donkeys, but they are under their tail coming there making shower also. (Mawlana laughs.) They are very clean ones because they are asking several times daily to make a shower, because they are very friendly with cows and sitting behind cows and cows making showers, shooooooo. (laughter) Now so many people they are leaving Holy Qur’an and following Darwin. Their example just this sitting there then suddenly shooooooo, shower for us!

O our Listeners! How are you? May laugh His Holiness, the pope, may laugh His Holiness (the) Patriarch, may laugh for this even kings, Muslim kings and Muslim presidents may laugh for this, Jewish rabbis also are so happy with what we are saying. Only you must clean yourselves, O Muslims. Only clean ones going to enter Paradise, and dirty ones will not.

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome

May Allah forgives us. Good night this night, for new understanding because New Year coming, and people preparing themselves for Christmas and such a things. Therefore this is a preparation for their mindly productions. Thank you! (laughs) Thanks for Allah. Okay?