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Salawats on Prophet

Recite this Holy Verse for Protection

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Sultanul Awliya
Subhana'lladhi yusabbihu'r-ra'du bi-hamdihi wa'l-mala'ikatu min khiyfatihi wa huwa ala kulli shayin qadir.
Sohba/Discourse - Lefke Cyprus
Recorded: Friday, Dec 21, 2012
Added to site: Saturday, Dec 22, 2012

Friday, Dec 01, 2006
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Tuesday, Apr 01, 2003
Coming of Mahdi Alayhissalam - Part 7 - 313 Generals of Mahdi
Saturday, Nov 29, 2003
Thursday, Jan 01, 2004

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