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Truth Rising: Surprising Events in Coming Days

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

11 February 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

(Translated from Turkish)

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: There’s more to come in Egypt. I mean, the newcomer will make them miss the previous one. Especially if Libya goes, then it’s finished. The Libyan leader also struts like a rooster. After all, he’s crazy. These ones have a little bit of mind, but the one in Libya has no mind at all. If no mind, then no work. Yemen is going to get slapped.

Guest: Is anything going to happen in Saudi Arabia?

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: At the end, yes. The kingdom will be handed over to another kingdom. Wherever there is a system of oppression, it will collapse. Iran will be destroyed, Afghanistan will be destroyed, and Pakistan will also be destroyed. He won’t leave any of them; He will sweep them all away. Astaghfirullah.

Don’t be with baatil, falsehood; the madhhab, doctrines and works of these people are all baatil. Today’s world is based on baatil. Now haqq is slowly putting forth its blossoms, and when it comes out...

Guest: Effendim, please pray so that Allah doesn’t keep us and our children away from haqq.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: Exactly, that’s what is most important. Now wherever our children put their feet, there’s baatil; there’s nothing that is haqq. These people drenched societies in baatil, because otherwise they can’t rule. I mean, in the old days they used to tie a horse to a carriage, then ride it with a bridle and reign. Now the horses are all empty; there’s no one to ride on them. They’re unable to take control over their horses because they’ve let the bridle escape from their hands; they don’t have the control in their hands.

Look at Great Egypt, how it thought it had full control in its hands, but in fact it’s at a zero with nothing in its hands. He assumes: “I can rule over Egypt, I can do as I like, I can slaughter whomever I want, and I can kick out anyone I like; the reign is in my hands.” If it’s in your hands, then do it now! The ones in Sham and Turkey are also the same. Others will have their turns as well, but we are not touching Morocco. Morocco is a sultanate; it has justice, it has its Shari`ah. Neither Algeria, nor Tunisia, nor Libya, nor Egypt, nor Sham, nor the East, nor Turks, nor Iranians are keeping to Shari`ah. Allah brought Shari`ah and these people have taken it away. Shari`ah is a government based on haqq, Truth. Democracy, as they call it, is based on halk, the people. Which of them will be victorious? A government based on haqq, Truth or a government based on halk, the people?

See! Cyprus is a country based on halk, its citizens, and look what happened? If we establish a government here that is based on haqq, Truth, not one person would say, “We don’t want you!” because we would be bringing justice; it would give tarbiya, discipline. Haqq teaches discipline. Halk, the people on the other hand, don’t know discipline; they know nothing of it. Halk, al-awaam ka al-hawaam, “The common people are as lowest animals” “Awaam” means awaamu ’n-naas, common people. And what is “ka ’l-hawaam”? They are like animals; others ride on them. Therefore, what is the validity of a government brought by al-awaam, the people.

So here, governments that are established by the people: Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. They say, “These are all brought forth by the people. We are the people’s government! We depend on our people!” What power do the people have? What do they have that you can lean on?

A person comes and rides on rotten, finished, poor citizens, and say, “We are ruling through the support of these people.” Which kind of ruling do you fall under? What power do the people have? And they shamelessly say, “The people elected us!” Did you let them elect you?

See now if the halk, people will leave you (in that position). You appoint anyone you want there.

Therefore, you will have your day too; the day will come to you! Wa laka yawmin yaa zhaalim, “O Oppressor! A day has been prepared for you as well. You oppressed, so there will come a force to crush you too.” It’s impossible; (for sure) you get what you give. Both the dead and the living amongst them will have it coming. We seek refuge in Allah (swt). Don’t be an oppressor!

Allahumma laa taj`alna zhaaliman wa laa mazhlooman! We should neither be the oppressor nor the oppressed. But now, there isn’t a place left that’s under the attribute, mazhloom, “oppressed”. Everyone is oppressing! They are oppressing!

Go to the court and see. The offender is not the type to get handcuffed. They bring him in the court handcuffed. For what? To intimidate people: “We can do as we like, and we’ll put handcuffs on you too.” This is a shame and a sin, however, these people know neither shame nor sin. May Allah forgive us. But they too will have it coming. Wa laka yawmin yaa zhaalim! You oppressed and you handcuffed. Now you will see the same. If you slapped, you’ll get one slap too. If not here, you’ll get the slap of zebânis (guardians of hellfire), saying, “Lets start from the grave first!” May Allah forgive us. What to do? From one side we curse, from the other we make du`a; du`a to one, beddua, cursing to another.

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. There! The Tzars governed Russia for 800 years. They said the Tzars were making oppression. Then came those wild communists and they slaughtered 80 million people. How many years did they last? The Tzars lasted for 800 years, and the communists finished it within 60 years. There it is: this is the ruling of the people. May they get eaten by dogs! The cursed one of Russia, the cursed one of China, the cursed one of Germany, the cursed one in Italy, the accursed leaders of Arabs, the accursed leaders of Turks, all of them will get what they’ve done. Don’t fear at all. That’s why you must walk on the straight path of haqq, Truth so that fear doesn’t overtake you. Because these people will not be given a second chance to be in power; it was only given one time, there’s no second. Would someone with a sore hand put his hand in the fire a second time? It can’t be.

Now the whip is in your hand, but one day that whip will come to us and we will overpower you. All nations should take a lesson from what has happened in Egypt. The people now have power; since they are on haqq and are mazhlooman, the oppressed; they have the power to take down zhaalim, the oppressors.

Now the era is well-known; this is the era of dictators and jabaabira, tyrants. Those of the Independence Courts used to say, “The law is between my two lips. Your law will not pass! If I say ‘Hang him’ I’ll have him hanged. If I say, ‘Don’t,’ I’ll let him go.” This is how they were. The head of them had three counselors: Bald Ali, Sword Ali, and Crazy Ali. They’re all gone, and now they shout and scream. And I say to them, “Call out as much as you want!” The one on top of the mountain is also calling out to me. I tell him, “Lay where you are so you’ll be eaten!”