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This Life is Temporary

Sultan ul-awliya

Shaykh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani (q)

1 September 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

Destoor Ya Sayiddi, Meded! (Mawlana Stands)

Anta Allah! Ya rabbana. Oh our Lord. Help us! Glory be to You and to You be praise and You have no partner and Muhammad is Your messenger. Ya Rijaal Allah! Destoor Ya Sayiddi Ya Sultanu ’l-Awliya. And we are saying As-salaamu `alaykum to our listeners. I am knowing nothing and I am a weak servant and this is a humble association. And to make our aim to make our Lord's order to be up never going to be done down just granting an honour. O people!! Beware Shaytaan and its followers and we are saying, a`udhu billahi min as Shaytaani 'r-Rajeem, bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.

We must learn and try to be good ones. That is our aim and target and that is what the Lord of heavens asking from His servants he is asking that His servants - to be good ones, good ones. O people!! Try on it. Try to be good servants. May Allah forgive us through this holy month. Through every occasion, we must try and learn something.

Oh master of this world! Look after the weak servants of your Lord and send us of your holy breathing that if reaching to a dead body, making it to stand up to be alive. Yes! Masterhood: that is their sign that they are breathing may bring a dead one into life. Can be? Yes it can be, one thousand times “yes!” O people!! Look and ask, “Where is such a master whom his breath gives you a real life?”

O people! It is a big occasion that we have been granted, we have been sent on this planet and the reason to ask a heavenly breathing that if you are breathing heavenly to reach real life. Temporary, (this is) a temporary life. You came here (for a) temporary life, now we have been real aim for the creation a place extending to eternity and we have asked to reach the level of permanent lifestyle.

Therefore, the Lord of Heavens just sent us special ones; selected ones; elected ones; glorified ones, to carry people (from) here to the level of permanent life. And people that living on this planet always fearing from dying and no way to reach to a level of permanent life (without) passing through our temporary life. You must pass through this bridge of temporary life to reach the level of real state of permanent life. When you are reaching lifestyle, it is eternal but you must pass or leave something here to be lighter; light, lighter, to reach the level of permanent life station or heavenly level.

Now, we are not on heavenly level. This life is most dirtiest life. Now we are in this life through dirtiness, dirty level of life of mankind, but people like it and they are trying to take much more dirtiness from this world and dirtiness is cutting our ways of reaching from permanent life stations that is heavenly level. Therefore, that is most important point which mentioned through holy books (and) very few people, they are understanding the way for reaching permanent life level that it is (the) heavenly level. If anyone reaching heavenly level no dirtiness there; no darkness there; no troubles there. Nothing may give man a sadness; nothing making man to be hopeless (in) that heavenly level. It is `ajeeb - amazing and astonishing level - and people they like to be always on this level of asfala saafileen (the lowest of the low).

You can find Holy Quran to give mankind everything on a planet that it is or it was the centre of troubles and miseries. Yet people like it. They are not thinking beyond this life a permanent life or heavenly life. They are always getting in sadness because daily they are feeling melting (their) beings, physical beings, coming down, coming down to be on dust point; zero point. SubhanAllah - Glory to Allah! He was saying to His servants, “I am putting you in My Paradise. No trouble there; nothing hurting you there. You should find everything there. But you did a wrong thing and that point through your creation, as long it is with you, you can’t reach back to Paradise. Therefore, that point making you to fall in sufferings and miseries daily running on you; miseries and troubles and sufferings. Because cursings coming from heavens on people on earth and they are not accepting or not understanding that there is a level that it is (a) heavenly level. Nothing can (make) suffering (for) you (there); nothing making you unhappy there. But the level you fall down (is) full of troubles and sufferings. No taste for you (but) misery and troubles.

The Lord of heavens send to you from high heavenly levels to take you, to save you from troubles , and dirtiness and cursing from earth to take you up the level of heavens. (There, there is) no miseries, no fear and no troubles. No anything making you to fall in miseries and sufferings. It should be forever it is permanent life level heavenly level and permanent means eternal. Eternal for your souls! You can’t be able to taste anything really and anything physically giving to you some enjoyment. No! Never giving to you. It is finishing and you are going to be dust and it is eternal life and you are going to be in trouble and sufferings (and) everything around yourself going to give you some suffering. From everything you are taking - even from far away. You may say, “Oooooooooh! Such a beauty of this planet,” (but) never giving to you a real enjoyment. At least you may say, “I am approaching to my life's end that it is temporary life enjoyment. Just going to finish day-by-day. He is feeling inside that one or for everyone coming and entering through a darkness like when sun shining, men going to be so happy and sun walking and after `Asr before sunset, it is going to be a source of trouble or miseries. He thinks that one day is getting to be like that sun. It is beginning with lights and lightening (then) it is beginning to become less, approaching to its last point every day. (The) sun is giving mankind a very good lesson or advice.

O people! you are warning and running to disappear. Your last day coming to you and last day with its last time that you are going to disappear from existence. That is giving people biggest sorrow, biggest sorrow, to look and see (that) “like that sun I am rising, and now I am setting.” That is temporary life. Therefore, the Lord of Heavens sending his elected ones, His messengers, (saying) “Oh My servants! Don’t worry. I am sending to you My Message. Don’t worry if this level of life of temporary life cheating but I am preparing for you heavenly permanent level of life.”

Allahu Akbar! Holy Quran al-Kareem and Holy Prophet's Words to teach people (that) “Your life is a temporary life, but this must be finished. But I am calling you to permanent life level which is forever, eternal.” But people (are) following Shaytaan and Shaytaan giving much more hopeless and they are cutting their hopes from another level of life.

O people! Believe in holy books and (they are) making such a weak servant to speak to you (on) some realities. You must understand this life is a temporary life and don’t be hopeless. And this way is taking you, if (you are) preparing yourself (it is) taking you to heavenly advices and following masters of this world and reaching to heavenly levels. Don’t worry! You are reaching the level of heavenly levels that it is the level of permanent life and first of all the Lord of heavens (giving) as you like. If you are believing and ready, preparing... If you are preparing for heavenly levels, real life (is) there. This life is not real life. You must understand and follow the prophets, particularly the Seal of Messengers. Try to reach to that level. The Seal of Prophets (s) just reached to that level (where there are) no more troubles; no more miseries. You should find eternity for you.

May Allah forgive us O people! It is a huge oceans that we are entering. Try to entering in it. O people! Listen and believe and understand or you are given your punishment to yourself (thinking “I believe) temporary level of life. I don’t know beyond that life.” May Allah forgives us! Oh our Lord! All thanks to You that you don’t leave us to hands of devils and You save us through this holy month.