The Proofs of the Acceptability of Mawlid an-Nabi Commemoration in Shariah

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani   ·   Public Speech/Conference   ·   San Jose , CA USA   ·   Saturday, Jul 27, 1996

Day 1 of The 2nd Annual MILAD UL-NABI CONFERENCE in San Jose,CA continued as shown below.

00:00:00 Bism'illah and Surah Fatihah animation
00:00:57 Introduction of Speakers
00:04:56 Introduction of MAWLANA ABDUL SATTAR KHAN
00:05:18 Urdu Sohbet - THE STATION OF THE PROPHET
00:20:48 Introduction of Shaykh AHMAD MUHAMMAD AAMIR
00:21:53 QUR'AN recital - Shaykh AHMAD MUHAMMAD AAMIR
00:32:19 Appeal
00:33:26 Introduction of Shaykh MUHAMMAD HISHAM KABBANI
00:34:45 English Sohbet - ACCEPTABILITY OF MILAD UL NABI
00:50:30 Announcement
00:51:05 Introduction of Urdu Naat Group
00:51:54 Urdu Naat
00:55:38 Appeal
00:57:37 Urdu Naat
01:03:09 Bism'illah and Surah Fatihah animation

1996 USA Tour