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Dome of Provisions (Vol 7)

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

19 September 2009 Fenton Zawiya, Michigan

A`udhu Billahi min ash-Shaytan-ir-rajeem.


Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaadah, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah li Llahi ta`Ala fee hadha'l-masjid, nawayna as-siyam.

Ati` Allah, wa ati` ar-Rasul, wa uli 'l-amri minkum.

Human beings are veiled from seeing the truth, but some are not. Those are of two kinds: one by divine grant and one by achievement. There are awliyaullah that are granted that state of unveiling; they are unveiled. They can see and they can hear, and they can bring knowledge that was never expected. They don't like to show the perfect ones between them; they don't like to show miracles. They want to show only knowledge as much as they can. Even scholars like to show knowledge but there is a big difference between them.

Today people are fascinated with scholars. They don't know sitting with a shaykh who is authorized by Prophet (s) is better than sitting their whole life with a scholar. That guide can raise you in one minute of sitting with him because he has permission to raise you up. The scholar has no permission; he can only give you what he read in books. And those who are granted wahban min Allah hibba they are those who are sincere worshippers in dunya, hard workers, Allah swt gives them but after many years of struggle. And the rest common people who are always unveiled, veiled, sorry...might be they want to open on common people even. So they are like us veiled, they cannot see, so when you don't see something since Iman is weak, whole Islam is based on Iman in unseen. Is it not? Prophet (s) went on isra and mi`raj and came and told his sahaba I went into isra wal mi`raj, unseen.

Today people immersed in dunya. They cannot accept that concept of being unveiled or being able to see the unseen or to know because to them everything is like these lights, I can see them.. okay. But these lights are only to show your appearance. These lights are not to show your inner side, your heart. The awliyaullah spotlight to see your inner self, your heart but we cannot be able to...That is why you see very few people these days that gather around each other and gather around a real master like Mawlana Shaykh Nazim -may Allah give him long life - because they saw from him knowledges that they never heard from anyone, between any scholar there are many scholars that come and sit, I don't like to say, (because it is live) on Internet, but they come to sit at his feet, at his threshold.

I....what you can say? Two years ago, there is someone who people speak highly about him and he said, one time, he is a good speaker, charismatic, eloquent, he speaks well. But even he speaks whatever he speaks, he is a scholar, he studied, he is not a saint. He needs therefore to sit at the feet of a saint in order to be raised up. That is why good scholar always seek to reach a real shaykh in order to sit at his feet and in order to learn.

One of these people finds he cannot achieve without seeing a real shaykh and he went everywhere and people know him very well and two years ago, out of blue he is in Cyprus visiting Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. At the beginning people were introducing him to Mawlana, he was at breakfast eating, and telling Mawlana because this is someone very important coming at the door and Mawlana delaying him and he is eating breakfast and delaying him to give him some polishing. Don't come to me with your ego, come with humbleness. Although he showed humbleness and he came to door of Mawlana Shaykh but for what reason, I know it but let's take with what is outside, not from inside and people pushing him to come inside and Mawlana not giving him an eye. Finally after mentioning too much he said, okay, let him come in. And they brought him in and put him on table and introducing as Dr. so and so, and Mawlana said, "Doctor?... Doctor of animals?" First word coming from Mawlana's mouth. That scholar understood that if you want come to door of Shaykh come humble. Then Mawlana was joking with him and later after Dhuhr sitting with him and that one realized that he must sit at feet of a real shaykh and his initials are HY and you know. I didn't say it and he understood he has to sit there in order to be raised up.

Although he is saying "there are no Sufis today, no awliya." But he has to say on his tongue something but his heart doesn't accept. Pushed him to come. Allah swt wants to guide him, He brought him there. So awliyaullah they are unveiled, they can see our bad manners and we all have bad manners. They try to work on our bad manners, not to do more good and more good, but to do more awraad to polish yourself. What is good from Allah swt and what is bad is from you. They run after the bad and try to pull you out.

They have power as we were speaking about qubbat al-arzaq, dome of provisions and we reached in that explanation that Prophet (s) is the dome, Allah swt made him dome for whole humanity, from below `Arsh and down. From below `Arsh Prophet (s) been given that dome, and not only for humanity but for jinn and angels but they explained and I am sorry to say that what we said yesterday was not recorded except what Taher typed but I will not repeat what we said. I will summarize only what we said yesterday. So when he was asked by Prophet (s) to do the mawlid Grandshaykh did the mawlid and then he did extra and for what he did he was given reward and you can go back to text yesterday which was not recorded and then he transferred for the extra, az-ziyadah, to Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq and said you give and Sayyidina Abu Bakr (ra) gave what you cannot achieve as a wali in 9 years of seclusions, completely disconnected from dunya, he said "for that extra Grandshaykh did , was given for all followers of Naqshbandi order, more than if doing seclusion for 9 years." And by order of Prophet (s).

He gave them power of interceding for all relatives from east to west up to Day of Judgement and their descendents. And no way for that to be changed. Grandshaykh said, that if followers will do mawlid they will be granted that at every mawlid they are doing, as if worshipping in seclusion for 9 years, they will be granted that. And as a wali will be carrying all the sins of his mureeds and coming with those sins on Day of Judgement. Allah swt will not diminish the personality of that wali because of that carrying the sins of his mureed and will not change him from going to Paradise, the same way Allah swt will not change those rewards to Naqshbandi mureed doing mawlid. And as Allah swt said, we are best tellers of stories...nahnu naqqussa alayku ahsan al-qassasi bima awhayna ilayh, we are , Allah saying to himself, nahnu naqussu alayka, we are narrating for you the best of stories, the best of stories means there are the best

and there are the worst.

Allah swt always looks at the best. He is the Best, the best in His hands, He is owner of best and perfection no one else. So he is saying We will tell you the best of stories, so stories important in suhbat when you don't mention stories it lose taste of suhbat, because it gives an evidence. So he said, Grandshaykh, may Allah bless his soul , it was one night that was 12 Rabi al-awwal and coincide with Monday, coincide with same night that the Prophet (s) was born, as many narrations say. And it was same night that as the famous hadith of Prophet (s) that Allah will release Abu Jahl from hellfire on every Monday because when he heard of birth of Sayyidina Muhammad from his uncle he released his servant Thuwayba out of happiness. So Allah swt release him every Monday from hellfire as he became biggest enemy for Prophet.

So on that same night coinciding with that Monday night, Sayyidina Shah Naqshband (q), sitting in his room... you are going to see miracles in this story. You must believe in unseen or else no need whole tariqah, better to go home and sleep. So today you are not sleepy. so ahem!... where we arrived? So that night always highest level awliya, they will never be disconnected from the presence of Prophet (s), always they are there in presence of Prophet (s) that is why they ordered all of us, all of you to make sajdah after salat an-najat, that will take you to under `Arsh to presence of Prophet (s) and that takes you to presence of Allah swt.

So he was in this (environment) heavenly feeling in sajdah after salaat an-najaat and we call in Arabic al-haatif ar-rabbani (the heavenly call)

Allahu Akbar! How you know that? Heavenly call, the haatif ar-rabbani as we call telephone in Arabic, al-haatif it brings voice of someone else. Mawlana Marsafi, our shaykh, new shaykh here, said, al-hatifar-rabbani said, "Ya Shah al-kull!", that means the sultan of all awliya in your time, "I want you to find the best, the most sinner in his time, the most sinner in this precious night of mine that I created my beloved one Sayyidina Muhammad (s), I want you to find that one and guide that person and I will forgive him".

Awliyaullah from, high caliber of awliyaullah, can look at whole humanity without being disturbed, one overlapping the other. At the same time as your TV box can receive, at same time many thousand channels, why we are going to be amazed a wali can see thousands at one time? If a box because digital these days, very sharp wavelength; the awliya have more sharp, perfect, precise wavelengths, as they can see everyone as everyone has a different, acute wavelength. They see with their box which is their heart. So he threw all his baseera, insight, on the right from east to west and looking and finding one who is written from the people of hellfire the worst of that time. He looked and he found that that one at that moment said, ... that one said, to the self of that one speaking to himself or herself - we don't want to say his or her - saying, "like everyone celebrating Prophet's birthday, I like today, tonight, not to work, that never been happened. I am tired of my work, I want to celebrate that (holy event)." And she put some ashes with oil and lighted it, or a candle, as that is a tradition to show love to Prophet, to put a lamp in a dark place that people can see in their walking. And if no candle they have honey wax they light it. So that candle they put it and giving a light to the area she is in and he looked and it was the best excuse to decide to go to that lady. So with the power of saying, Bismillah-ir.Rahman-ir-Raheem, he was at her door by folding space and time.

Don't say it is too much. Today they use airplanes to make distance smaller, by Bismillah-ir.Rahman-ir-Raheem, you also can have these powers and miracles but we are not using it with its power. We are trying to say it by tongue, not feeling it in the heart. Awliyaullah want to make sure you are feeling it in your heart and they keep uploading the secret and baraka of that Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Raheem until one day you will be able to use as already they prepared you for that.

Don't underestimate the power of (Naqshbandi) Golden Chain shaykhs. As sultan of the time - there must be a Sultan al-Awliya in every tariqah and we believe our Shaykh is Sultan al-Awliya of all awliya of all tariqah. As he can fill you with power of Bismillah-ir.Rahman-ir-Raheem. All begin with that verse except one surah (Suratu 't-Tawbah). Iqraa bismi rabbik alladhee khalaq. When you recite Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Raheem 100 times every day, that will raise you higher and higher in levels and make it easy for Shaykh to uplift you in levels and one day he give you your keys and you find yourself already inside. As when children playing playstation, it will open more and more doors, and it never ends. And all put on a very small chip. Cannot wali do that: put on a very small chip and fill you up with all kinds of games of akhira? They are games, you have to be able to move around all kinds of difficulties and obstacles that come to you in the way of religion.

So he looked and found this good excuse to go and help her, he went there and knocked on her door. She said, "Oh, today I declare I am not working, who is that?" She went to the door and opened it and found Shah Naqshband (q) the, famous scholar, everyone knows him and top awliyaullah in Shari`ah. They are top in Shari`ah they, don't like to break Shari`ah; we always like to break Shari`ah. She said, "Oh you". She didn't know him. "What are you coming here to do with your turban and big beard"? Sayyidina Shah Naqshband (q) has a huge beard and it goes all the way to the ground, it was never been cut. And from his back (looking at him from his back) you can see his beard coming very wide from the sides, like two hands (width).

And I saw him one time with this huge beard as Grandshaykh described it. And she said, "O you are a shaykh coming here to do what?" She was you know what? A famous lady (that meets with men). She said, "You cannot come here, it is not your way, maqaam. What is this? Has dunya changed?"

He said, "You don't argue with me, you have business and I am a customer. You cannot reject or my people will come and throw you out. I have to go inside." She was worried she said, "Do you have the money for that?" He said, "I have not only money I have more than that." And he gave her bag of golden coins.

He went inside with two followers to be witnesses so as not to break the Shariah (ie to be alone with a non-mahram lady).

So she said, "Okay I am ready. What do you want?"

He said, "No, not that what you are thinking. I am not here for that. Now you do what I say, we are not coming for what you are thinking."

She said, "okay, where is the money?"

He gave her the golden coins. And she was the richest woman in her time and he entered and he said... they were sitting in the room.

He said, "Take my turban and put it on and take my jubbah and put it on, and go to the end of the room". So the lady began to move from there to the end of the room and then he said, "Ya Rabbee, that lady I am seeking for her forgiveness. I am asking for her forgiveness as she is obeying me I am authority here and that is based on the verse: ati` Allah wa ati` ar Rasul wa uli 'l-amri minkum - Obey Allah, obey the Prophet and obey those in authority. "she is listening to what I am telling her and she is, Ya Rabbee, regretting what she has done, this is how she is going there, for the sake of Prophet, forgive her". As he is saying this, this mercy descending down and reaching her and she reached the end and she began coming back, and Shah Naqshband said, "come towards me; leave dunya and come towards akhira." Then he said, "Ya Rabbee! That lady is asking forgiveness and she is repenting completely asking You to send Your mercy on her."

And as soon as she arrived (back to Shah Naqshband) she fainted and from Allah's forgiving her sins and in seconds, whatever they are uploading, because they can reach the mureed immediately and whether sinner (or not) they can reach them and bring them back to normal. In a few seconds he delivered her her trust.

So look quickly some people are granted, quickly granted to be wali - becoming a worshipper sitting in her room and she never went out again and some ladies dedicated themselves to serve her. She dedicated all her wealth to Shah Naqshband and that wealth was used to buy so many properties and still they are using that properties. And why that happened? Because of Mawlid an-Nabi, because Allah wanted to forgive the most sinner person on that night, and the most sinner was that lady in that time and that attracted Allah's swt care. It is inayatullah because she said, "I don't want to work" that night and she lighted candle for the sake of Mawlid an-Nabi (s).

So to do Mawlid an-Nabi, even every day, you will be rewarded endless rewards, you cannot imagine and that is the importance of Mawlid an-Nabi, as we said yesterday that someone came to mawlid only at end only to eat or someone received food from a mawlid that person will have his sins taken by Allah swt. The manifestation of tajalli for forgiveness you will receive that due to the tajalli on that mawlid. That is why it is recommend to put salt or water and all masaajid in the Middle East, in our country, up to today, when they do Mawlid they put water, salt or sugar and that will be under that recitation and there will be baraka there for the whole year, when they recite on it. They add on to it (when it becomes less), so it is able to last through the whole year. Now all these traditions are being lost, even in the Subcontinent these are being lost due to some strict conditions and ideology.

So tomorrow might be `Eid, we will see. You have to fast same time as people are fasting, have to break fast at same time as others.

Complaint from some people, some people broke fast on Friday. Who gave them permission? They made Ramadan 28 days. That means you missed two days. Ramadan Might be 30 or 29. If 30 they missed two days. If those people are watching—you fast with the country, break fast with the country. Not your decision. You have to follow the jama`ah or the people or if you live in a Muslim country you must follow the government. They missed 2 days or 1 day then have to make it up. I remember this happened in one Ramadan, a few years ago. One of the major Arab countries, sighted the moon wrong, and lost two days. Then government said must fast two more days. I want that to be special flash on the Sufilive, that you have to fast with the country you live in. You have to follow the authorities, you are in Muslim country you mus fast with people. Those who do that are deviant until they repent and they cannot use our picture and not use our name. I am condemning them, on behalf of my Shaykh and they are outside of Islam(ic) (way) they have to repent and they have to fast these 2 days that they missed. May Allah forgive us may Allah bless us.

Bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha.

Today break fast is in the masjid. We will wait. If Sunday ‘Eid then we don’t do taraweeh. You have to fast with your country. You cannot break the law of Heavens. If you are staying in a Muslim country—you break fast with the people, you fast with the people. The people who did that wrong are on a deviant way until they repent. They are outside of Islam(ic) way, when they do that. And they have to fast these two days that they missed.

Bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha.