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The Dome of Provisions, Volume 1

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

13 September 2009 Fenton, Michigan

A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytani ‘r-rajim. Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Rahim.

Nawaytu ‘l-arba`in, nawaytu ‘l-`itikaf, nawaytu ‘l-khalwah, nawaytu ‘l-`uzla,

nawaytu ‘r-riyada, nawaytu ‘s-suluk, lillahi ta`ala fi hadha ‘l-masjid.

Ati` Allah wa at`i ar-Rasula wa uli ‘l-amri minkum.

Obey Allah, obey the Prophet, and obey those in authority among you. (4:59)

Dastur ya Sayyidi, madad ya Sultan al-Awliya, ya Sayyidee Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani.

Dastur ya Sayiddi, madad ya Sultan al-Awliya, Mawlana Shaykh `Abd Allah al-Fa’iz ad-Daghestani.

No madad, no support; no madad, no talk; no madad, no energy; no madad, no provisions; no madad, no wealth; no madad, no health; no madad, nothing will happen. With madad, things change. If we leave the matter to ourselves, without their support we will be like the others. We hope that all human beings will come to this door, the door of awliyaullah in order to be supported. We hope all human beings come to door of Sayiddina Muhammad (s) in order to be supported.

Technology is improving. Day by day it is changing. You cannot say I want to go back to 1950. I was in university in the late sixties; we have to have a course on IBM machines, the computer at that time. One computer needed more space than this room, 2-3 times more and what did it produce? It produced a punched card which you have to take to another computer to read. You don't want to go back to it. Now you are using technology, a very fast laptop and everyday there is new and newer technology. If that is for dunya, what is for the message? You cannot compare what Sayiddina Adam (a) and what Sayiddina Nuh (a) came with; Sayiddina Nuh (a) was given much more by Allah (swt) of the heavenly message. It was different from what was given to Adam (a). Adam (a) was given what was necessary for his time and Sayiddina Nuh (a) was given that which was necessary for his time, different software and different knowledge.

The level of the prophets is not the same. What Adam (a) was given is different from what Nuh (a) had been given and what Nuh (a) was given was different from what Ibrahim (a) was given. As we move forward, everything is improving. The lifestyle in time of Sayiddina Nuh (a) was different than the lifestyle in the time of Sayiddina `Ibrahim (a.) It changed. Sayiddina `Ibrahim (a) was given different from that which Sayiddina Musa (a) was given. Similarly, what Sayiddina `Isa (a) was given was different from what Sayiddina Muhammad (s) was given. What Sayidinna Muhammad (s) was given is the highest, most perfect, heavenly technology or heavenly system and that is why we don't see any prophet after the Seal of Messengers (s.)

So why do I have to go back to the IBM computer? It was filling three rooms like this huge room in order to work and gave very limited information compared to a computer of today that connects you everywhere. The computers today and the Internet give you an idea, a very important idea that we have to think about . Go and sit by yourself and think. Subhanallah! How everything has been connected through that Internet! Every human being is connected today through one system so that they can reach and talk to each other. So there must be a server, if you call it a server. The system that connects everything, the main server.

Allah (swt) gave human beings the know-how of a main server so that everyone could be connected. Does Allah not have an indescribable dome, a qubbah? We don't like to call it a server. For everything, every little atom in this universe Allah created a dome that can connect the smallest atom of any species, any mineral or any living and non-living element with the other. All of them live and speak, even non-living ones. When you have many organizations, you go under one, the mother organization or umbrella organization (in business you call it a "holding company.") That organization is holding many different companies. You can have a hundred companies under it and all are connected to the main holding company. All are connected to the main server.

They are all connected to the main heavenly dome that is called by awliyaullah, Qubbat al-Arzaaq, the Dome of Provisions. Provision does not mean just food but anything that Allah (swt) gave to this universe. So what do you think about that dome which is the umbrella of everything, the main server? The main connection through which people interact with each other. Each wali has a server which connects those connected to him under that dome. The other wali has another dome. That is why the holy Hadith of Prophet (s) says, "My saints are under my domes." That means every wali has a dome, a connection. You have big domes and you have small domes.

Sayyidah Maryam (a) had one dome, a small one. They ask what Mawlana means by "dom, dom." O listeners and viewers! You have to know what he is meaning by "dom, dom"! Allah gave each wali a dome, and all of them are under the main dome that was given to Sayiddina Muhammad (s). He is calling you through "dom, dom" in order to tell you that you are all under that Heavenly Dome that Allah (swt) has given. As much as he is mentioning it, this heavenly singing is asking to open for you your "dome." It is because his students, his mureeds are domes. They are going to be domes for others on the Day of Judgment! They are going to be like shining stars on the Day of Judgment, like you see stars in a dark night!

Mureeds of the Naqshbandi Order and others (we speak of our tariqah, they can speak of theirs, it is up to them,) will be like shining stars. They can be identified easily, wherever they are. As-haabee kan-nujoom the Prophet (s) was saying, "my comanions are like stars." Awliyah say, "our students are like stars." Not the same ranks as the Sahabah. They are shining stars. The companions, their stars cannot be imagined. They are huge but the students of awliyaullah are shining stars also. Small ones, depending on the level of each one. You want to be a big star or a small star? Everyone wants to be a Hollywood star. They call them like that; big star or a small star. They are big stars in the way they think but not big stars in the understanding ot the awliyah. The big stars in the awliyah's understanding are the mureeds that come and listen to Shaykh through a representative or through the Internet today. "My saints are under my domes," said the Prophet (s) and "my companions are like stars; whichever of them you follow, you will be guided."

Awliyaullah inherited a secret from the Prophet (s.) There are 124, 000 awliyaullah and there are 124,000 Sahabah. Even a small child saw the Prophet (s) he or she was considered a companion. It means any star, but not like huge star. It is a star. Even if you had followed that child that saw the Prophet just once, it was enough for your happiness all your life. But how can one see? Because through that child's eyes are the eyes of the Prophet (s,) who looked into his eyes; he saw the Prophet (s,) so the reflection of the Muhammadan light was dispatched. That light never stops and it is constantly moving at the speed of 300 kilometers per second. That light never dies. The light that the Prophet (s) is sending to the ummah never dies, it is continuously moving.

So the Prophet (s) said, from Allah (swt) saying, "my saints are under my domes." It means that everyone was given a dome like Sayyidah Maryam (a). Sayyidah Maryam (a) found provisions; they will find provisions - physical and spiritual. They are not in need of people. Allah makes people to serve the awliya. Don't think if the Shaykh supports you he will let you down. How many times we suffered here from mureeds. One day Mawlana stood up, when he came here and said, "my son doesn't need all of you," in California, "Hisham doesn't need all of you, he has my support and it is enough for him." So when you are supported, don't worry. All of you are supported, or else you wouldn't come to these associations. Every one around the world, from the followers of Mawlana Shaykh is supported. If they were not supported, they would not listen nor would they care.

I am surprised that all of them, shouldn't say "them" rather all of us, we declare our love for Shaykh. Isn't it? Leaving that aside, if a politician is going to speak on TV everyone will stop his work and whatever he is doing to see what that politician is going to say. They send that around the world and broadcast it live. Millions of people listen to that dirty speech and there is no benefit from it except dirty reasons and dirty words because they want to see and hear what that person is going to say in order to know how they have to interact.

What do you think about someone who is taking you to the heart of Sayiddina Muhammad (s) and speaking to you from that ocean? Don't think that he is sitting in his chair and talking like everyone else. He is connected and you are connected through him. Don't lose that live broadcast as the heavenly one is sending heavenly messages through it and that heavenly knowledge is lifting you higher and higher! I am surprised when I look at the names of people watching. It doesn't click in my mind as I know there are more watchingbut they are not mureeds. No importance? How do you say, "I love the Shaykh?" If the president wants to give a speech everyone is waiting for the best time, 8 o'clock in the evening, prime time!

O dumb, dumm, dumm, Shaytan is making us deaf and blind. We know there is a live broadcast, full of blessings, coming from the heavens from that dome; that which we did not describe yet is from the main dome under which are all the other domes. The dome of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), the Dome of Provision, Qubbat al-Arzaaq. It is providing you with all kinds of information about how you should behave and improve your moral excellence and it is giving to your heart secrets that you never heard before. And where are you O people when this live broadcast is being transmitted? We say to ourselves, we don't exclude ourselves; we will listen and hear it later. But at that moment the tajalli and blessings are coming. If you are hearing, you can get it. You will get it but not all of it.

Sayyidina Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (q), one of the great scholars of tasawwuf and Shari'ah before he became open-hearted, was like every other scholar. However, he had doubts, whisperings came to his heart also. You see inayatullah when it comes, it comes. Allah's Divine care when it comes, is what counts. You don't know when it will come so you have to keep continuously observing and watching for the time it comes. You have to be ready always, yatahara, seeking the time it will appear. Just as they go to the beach to sight the moon for Ramadan, and just at the last moment when the sun sets, yatahara al-qamar, they seek out the moon. Also the awliyaullah seek out or try to reach out to the appropriate time when Allah's Divine care is coming in order to ''jump" into it.

One day, Imam al-Ghazali (q) was sitting as usual writing, however that day he had to write an important letter to save someone who was to be hanged or tortured. A fly came on the ink into which he was going to dip the reesha (quill.) When Allah (swt) wants His Divinely care to reach someone it may reach in any moment but one has to be ready for it . He said to himself, "Allah (swt) created that fly and He created me as well and we are both created from the light of Muhammad (s) and tonight is the Prophet's birthday, laylat al-ithnayn, so I will leave that fly to suck the ink for the sake of Mawlid-an-Nabi." We will see in the coming session the importance of Mawlid-an-Nabi.

That night was the night of Divinely care, so as he was letting it to Divinely care, inayatullah adrakatah, it reached it. He was ready for it and you don't know when it may come but you have to prepare yourself. So that night which coincides with 12th Rabi-al-Awwal, the same time as the birthday of Prophet (s), he let the fly drink for love of the Sayyidina Muhammad (s), Allah liked that from Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali that inayah, Divine care reached him and opened an ascension on him. That was not because of studying scholarly material, no, it was because of that small action that Grandshaykh mentioned it to us.

So when that station is opened that Divinely care will reach you. Not on your own time but on their time, heavenly time. So when you are ready and waiting, waiting waiting, any moment it can reach you.

We know it is "on-demand" (Sufilive) and you can see it later, as many are seeing it later, but try. If you have work you may see it later but if you are lazy, like most of us, we are lazy, sleeping. Here we can understand. Here we are in a different time zone but what about Europe and Arab countries and the Far East? They are still in the same time zones, the difference is two, three or six hours. But still they receive something. And those translators that you are translating what is coming from that dome of knowledge, don't think you are not being rewarded for what you are doing. Every letter you are writing, Allah is opening 12,000 oceans of knowledge from the secret of Mawlana's request for them, as they have the dedication to write and translate to make Mawlana's speech accessible to everyone. So increase the people that can translate and more people will be reading. Like, I am not seeing the Russian language. In Central Asia, everyone knows Russian. Why no one is not transcribing. Russia itself, in Moscow, many Russians, many of them come to Mawlana, to ask help from Mawlana. Why are they not sitting and translating. Many of them come, even the Mufti of Moscow.

So the importance of that Qubbat al-Arzaaq, the Dome of Provisions is that it is the main source of heavenly secrets that will be sent to the hearts of people. You have your computer, I was asking someone two days ago, I don't know these things. But I am asking, he was teaching, that person said, as I was complaining about that one here he is not reading his emails that come to his computer. He said, "Oh, I have 1000 emails, I am busy." The other said, "Oh, that is nothing, I have in my inbox 20,000 emails and I never read them." That means these emails they come to your computer and then they are transferred to the archives and they sit there. Whenever you need them, you get them.

You think that awliyaullah they don't have emails? It means inspirations that they send to your heart, when you are not available they keep sending and your heart, your computer heart, is saving these inspirations, send them to the archives to sit there until you have free time, until you will have the time to read them. In dunya-work when you have time you can read your 20, 000 emails. They keep sending and your heart, your computer is saving these inspirations and sending them to the archives to sit there.

When you become free you have time to read them. But for awliyaullah, sorry, you cannot do that. When they open it for you, you read them, you are seeing that in archive and that means that time when you submit to Allah (swt) you don't see your ego, you are clean. Then they will show you what you have archived to your heart over many years.

So one explanation is that Google, Shaykh Google, is now a big wali. It will put everything in your archive in alphabetical order. You think awliyaullah cannot archive for you all the inspirations they are sending in order that one day you retrieve them and look into them? So we go to that Dome of Provisions, dom, dom, that dome. Too many meanings for dom, dom. Bahr muheet! (All encompassing ocean.)