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The Curse on Tyrants for Cheating Their People

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

27 March 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

(Translated from Turkish)

What is the attribute of our Prophet (s)? Saahib al-jood wa ‘l-karam; mawsoof bi ‘l-karami wa ‘l-jood, “He is the owner of generosity and benevolence.” It means, the Prophet, `alayhi 's-salaatu wa 's-salaam, is like the blowing wind. He was so generous, not leaving anything in his hands. Whose ummah do these people belong to? They are shameless! These people show attributes of Qaroon, saying, "I shall keep collecting, collecting, and collecting!" What is the benefit of collecting? May Allah forgive us!

Allahumma salli `ala mawsoof bi ‘l-karami wa ‘l-jood! Karam and jood is the attribute of our Prophet (s). He is the one who never gets tired of giving; a prophet who feels relief when his ummah is at ease as the result of his giving. And that is the attribute of Allah Almighty, al-Kareem. Koonoo kuramaa! He's ordering us to be generous, so don't hold on (to your wealth)!

Their insolence has caused fire to rain on Qaddafi's head. (And now) they're attacking those in Damascus; they never get enough. The ones in Yemen were also unable to give to their people. Therefore, they were beaten down from poverty, and the others just kept collecting. Now the people shout, "That's enough! We want our share too! You collected loads of wealth and saved them in banks, but we poor ones are continuously getting pushed further down. Why do you put them in banks? Why won't you bring and give to us? We are fuqara, the indigent. As you see, we don't have any jobs and we have very little to eat. Why won't you give to us instead of sending billions and trillions to banks?"

Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah! Aren’t you from the nation of Prophet Muhammad (s), the Master of this Universe, who is described as dhi ’l-karami wa ‘l-jood? He in himself is a prophet who loves to be generous, and who, at the same time, watches over the people and grants to them. If we were to truly follow our Prophet (s), this whole world would turn into a garden of roses. But what happens? Someone comes up, claiming, "Everything is mine!"

Now if you put some toys in front of a child, he would stay sitting there. But if you bring in another child and ask the first child to share the toys with the second one, immediately he would object, saying, "No! No, all these toys are mine!" This is the attribute of children, so leave it! Be a man! Who is a man? He is the one who has karam, the one who gives ease to people. A man is the one who protects the people, not the one who kills them, not the one who takes people’s lives! He is not someone who treats people as beggars. Give to others the goods which has been granted to you from Allah Almighy. These people are not gypsies, so give! Give!

Anfiq bilalan wa laa takhaf man dhil `arshi ‘l-iqlaala (give freely without saying ‘no’ and don’t fear from the One on the Throne reduction). Let the Arabs explain to you (the meaning of this)! O Man! Give! Do not say, "I don't have any!" Don't say, "It's finished, there's none left, get away from me!" Do not be afraid that the Owner of the Throne will make you poor after you have given. But people no longer have imaan; all of them are listening to Shaytan who has no imaan, and are not listening to Rahman. May Allah forgive us.

(In the old days) people were generous and benevolent and always giving. Now, those people have been replaced by these mountain bears, who are like wild animals. They don't know what it means to be charitable. If you throw food in front of a cat, and if anyone comes near it, you will see the cat defending its food with his claws to hold everything for itself. Be human! Be kaamil (perfect), so you may also be accepted in the eyes of the people, and in front of Haqq your face may be enlightened. What a pity! We walk around as "humans" (but do not behave like humans). Tawbah yaa Rabbee, astaghfirullah! This will be enough.

One person said, "He doesn't ask, so how would he know!" And the other one replied, "But he doesn't know, so how could he ask!" Why won’t you come and teach such things to the society! They say, "Democracy is like this," "Republic is like that," or "This is the way management works." What is this? Leave these things. Try to bring up humans; educate them! Bring them up to be well-mannered people. This are what needs to be learned. They ruined the whole society. Ninety-million people are just ruined; nothing is left in their hands. All the wealth is in the hands of five or ten people, and others remain in the icy cold. Cyprus is the same, Turkey is the same, Arabs are the same, and all others are the same!