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Saint George (Khidr) Slays the Dragon and Becomes a Saint

Sultan al Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

2 September 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. Destur ya rijaal Allah, meded! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! Ya Malika ’l-mulk! Ya Dhul Jalaali wa’l-Ikraam!

Holy ones! Give us from your endless blessings, and O our Lord You created us to give what we are in need here and hereafter. You are so generous. No any limit for Your Generosity.

O our Lord Who created everything from Pre-Eternal to Eternal! Your creation is running (on), O our Lord. Forgive us. We are weak ones. We are in need every second and less of a second (for) Your support. You are giving life. If not we are dead bodies.

O our Lord! You created us. For the honor of this holy month for the honor of the most beloved one, the most glorified one and for the honor of Your most majestic one’s honor, for that one, forgive us and give us strength to make us as You like. Sometimes it is so easy and sometimes most difficult to do as You like. You can make it easy according to the intentions of Your servants. O our Lord! You are our Sultan. You are Subhaan! Give us from Your endless blessings, for the honor of most beloved one Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

We are asking for his honor - in spite of Wahhabi people and Salafi people. You granted to that one that no one can grant what You granted Sayyidina Muhammad (s). In spite of Shaytaan, in spite of devils, Allah may make them under the seventh levels of dark worlds.

O our master, who is following the way, holy way, enlighted way, with true steps, O our master.

We are asking from your holy powers to make ourselves enough strong for following your ways, O beloved ones. Don't leave us to run on dark ways; on Sataanic ways. Whole Glory, whole Majesty, whole Dominions for You O our Lord!

And we are saying A`udhu billahi min as Shaytaani 'r-Rajeem, running to your from Shaytaan and its followers and we are asking from heavens, a spiritual heavenly sword, and we are saying Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. Who coming under that spiritual sword never going to be down or to be worst one. Always who saying Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem he is up. Who not saying, all of them down. And we are saying to whole listeners, as-salaamu `alaykum.

I am a weak one. And my master, who has been permitted to make me to address whole nations through east and west, O my master! Don't leave me in the hands of Shaytaans and Shaytaanic powers. we must be powerful and we are asking power and we are enough powerful. Not Shaytaan and Shaytaanic groups, (they) are always weak and we are always powerful. Istaghfirullah, asking forgiveness (sits).

O people! I am a weak one. I am a very weak servant. But when the honor of most honored in Divine Present, for the honor of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), whole salutes from heavens on him, we are enough powerful. We are not weak ones. We are powerful one as well as most honored ones wings on ourselves here protected and sheltered and enjoyed and enlighted.

O people! ! Come and hear. I am weakest one but when from enlighted worlds through the master of this world, coming a Divinely Support, I may be most as powerful or strongest one on earth. but now I am nothing. I am not asking to make a show for myself. No. Whole show I can do for my master and he may do for Most Glorious One's show and Most Glorious One, he may do show for the Creator of whole creation. I am only trying to make a show as an ant making a show, hehe. My ability or capacity less than that ant. But I am trying to make a show. I can't reach up, only I can reach to my master's ocean, to come a little bit closer and asking to show people about holy ones power and honor. Particularly now you are, O people!

In the holiest month, Ramadan. Blessed month. And through this blessed month I am trying to reach something from spirituality. Through spirituality I am asking to reach the level of holy ones, that holy ones they are blessed ones. Blessed ones and O people! If you are not going to reach blessings from heavens through your whole life, what is the benefit of your existence here? What does it mean? It means nothing nothing! Why? Why you are not asking "Am I in existence to be nothing? To be like a dust?” It is big blame, O people! if I am not asking that question, “For what I am in existence? What is the main aim of my being in existence? For what I have been granted eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet and a perfect figure.” Yes, man just created on a perfect figure. No any other created as a man. The creation of man it is perfect. SubhanAllah, the Glory to Allah!

What is bu bizi temsil (representative) eh I mean to say that word to you. Ahsani taqweem. cok guzel bir kelime var. ahsana taqweem that word that I am asking effendim, this building mutasawwar, designer. I am looking that word but all of you never giving your attention. Who designed ourselves? Who Designed? Who is designer of man, and our design is best design, yes? Ahsani taqweem. He, someone designing you through your mom's womb. Who is that one? Why giving two ears, two eyes, one head, two hands, two feet? O big ones! O who claiming that they areNumer One, Number One through nations! SubhanAllah, Glory to Allah, that I am always thinking that there is “First Lady” but why there is not “First Gentleman”? What is the reason? Who can give the wisdom of that why they are saying First Lady? For example first lady of mamon, US, cumhuriye espide, ne diyordir. Why not saying for His Excellency Obama, “First Gentleman” but for his lady they are saying “First Lady"? Because man's understanding over the understanding of ladies and ladies they are always happy to be first ones, number one. But man never taking care for that. Yes, both of them coming from the wombs of their moms. Do you think that angels writing on man only “man” and on girl writing “First Lady"? Written through the wombs of moms for their girl babies "Ladies"? No. Why we are going that way I don't know. Yes, I know sometimes. Sometimes I don’t know. but it is an important point.

“Ya Shaykh come and say to us.”

“Yah. I am not claiming that I am a shaykh, no.”

I am zero shaykh. Ama, but no one accepting to be zero, everyone accepting to be something and everyone asking to try the top point of undurma, (fake) imitated gurursumuz, everyone asking to be something but everyone whom they are asking to be something their titles all of them it is imitated, not real. Real titles in Divinely Present. But ladies they are happy to be something and according desires of ladies, their men are asking also to show that "we are also Number One." You are “First Lady"but I am number one through US. therefore if I am going to be number one I must dress morning dressing and afternoon dressing and night dressing and to use morning car and then official car and then charming car, then I am coming. YaHu all this belongs to cars or your clothes? What about you? You are not. Yesterday you were walking on street selling and buying and shouting. Today when you are dressing a dressing you think you changed yourself? no. But Satan cheating his, its, followers. and making them to try for reaching empty titles or or imitated personalities.

No, the Lord of heavens who created you, creating you on a perfect shape, figure. Look that One. and then always you should be number one among creation.

But if you are not thinking Who granted to you who is figure, designer, for you, for what granted that to you , you must think on it. Designer of man on same womb, designing some babies as a man. Designing some babies as a baby girl or baby boy. As He likes. You are not putting your will there to say “I must be figure of man.” Or “I must be figure of lady.” Or no one can say, “I must be red color or white color or ? color or green color.”

“O Shaykh we are never hearing of green color man!”

“Yes, we must be. You are not looking east and west. Say to top people that you must do and you must look and find green men also.”

Yes there is green men, it is true. there is green man. Only one, but he is not also, his face green, but that is then Christians saying St. George, but we are saying Khidr (as) . Green man, chevalier St. George. Always in his hand he is killing a dragon. Very good timsal. It is very very important symbol that they are making a figure on a horse through his hand a spear and killing a dragon. So many people they are taking only looking to that figure, but really that figure asking to teach people.

O people! That one who is a famous personality through creation, through his hand with a spear killing a giant gigantic dragon.

O people! Look what does it mean? It means that St. George going to be a saint because he killed that dragon that it is, yumathil, representing our egos. Killing and going to bury the same. O people! ! Enough to carry your feelings that belongs all of them to your dragon. Leave that feelings and kill that one then everyone going to be a St. George, a blessed one in the Divine Presence. And that Green Man is only one. And asking to teach people "O people! Til your most terrible enemy, the dragon is killed...but you are not taking any care of it.

O people! this is an ocean and our masters making me to speak on first level, O people!

As everyone knows that every prophet they were sitting on earth, not on thrones. There are some exceptions, doesn't matter, but mostly whole prophets sitting on earth with poor people, weak people, native people, and aseer, (slaves) slave people. They were sitting with those people and that not taking honor from them but giving honor because they are trying to give something to our Lord's creatures. They tried to make people best ones, not the worst ones. Who is working for their egoes and no other aim for them is except their dragons. Therefore don’t try to be “First Lady"or “Number One” in America, in Turkey, in England, in Russia.

Who is first one? Who is best one? Don’t think that every first one going to be best one. Every... thinking first one. First one they claim but it is not important. Important is that one who is claiming to be best one. Are you best one? Give answer to me. To be “First One” if making you best one, bravo, capitol to you. If not then it is a very dangerous situation to be “First Lady"or “Number One” through nations. No. You are asking our honor in Divinely Presence. Yes, you may claim, “I am first one on earth” but on heavens do you think your name written under tables of best ones? Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Holy Quran what saying? What are they teaching people? Teaching them to be best ones or worst ones? Say! Popes say! Archbishops say! Patriarchs say! Presidents say! Philosophers say! Hindus say! Buddhists you may say! The Lord of heavens asking from you to be first ones or best ones? That is the main source of troubles on earth.

May Allah forgives us. I don’t know but they are making me to speak to address whole people from east to west from north to south. If I am saying wrong they may say what is true. if I am on wrong way they may show me true way. May Allah forgives me and forgives all mankind not to follow Satanic teachings. Please come and try to learn heavenly ways. Listen. Top-station people come and try to teach your children how they should be best ones in the Divinely Presence. First ones and best ones, try to be best one for the honor of most honored one in Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s).



Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm

this only for number ones

this is only for first ladies

this is music

heavenly singing

giving to you

something that

you are never

thinking on it

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

You are the Lord Almighty

and Glorious

and Majestic

Mighty One.

that you are doing as You like.

Everything O our Lord,

forgive us

we are weak servants

we are singing

only for You,

not for this Satan

and its followers

O First One and Last One

no one before You,

no one after You.

Our Lord Allahu

Thanks to Allah not, to you also that you are hearing, you are asking to listen to something. I dont know but He knows. This is endless oceans of knowleges that granted to mankind through holy ones.

Fatihah. (Shaykh Hisham Effendi, Hajjah Naziha, and Omar also, giving salaams to yourself to Hajjah Rukkiya and Memo)

(47 minutes) Ey, enough. Must listen everyone, must listen and must learn and must obey, must be holy ones.