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Mawlana stands.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,  ant-Allah ant-Allah, Subhanallah, Sultanallah.

You are our Creator, we are your weak servants. O our Lord give us from Your endless blessings, forgive us we are always doing wrong things but You are forgiving.You are forgiving oceans for ourselves. Don't give us from punishment. We are weak servants. Whole praising and all glory for You, You are our Lord we are happy for that we have reached through Your endless blessings the end of this holy month. That it is one of Your biggest present to Your most beloved one's nation. We are happy, we are full with honor, we are full with Your blessings o our Lord! You are Sultan and You are Majestic and most glorious. We are trying to give to You as much as possible from our salutes. Heavenly salutes Divinely salutes. You have been granted by your Lord our humanity. You have granted whole nations from Your Divinely glory. Countless and endless blessings on you. 

Countless and endless glory for you and whole dominions' blessings on you, O Seal of Prophets, that is your title for ourselves,but your title in Divinely Presence, no one knows except that One, that only One. Divine dominions granted to you eternal glory and eternal majesty, just you have been granted by your Lord Allah Almighty. Ya Rabbee, give to him more and more, O our Lord. Give to him endless praisings and glory O our Divine One.

O our master, that you are following the steps of Heavens, asking to reach Divinely Presence of that one who had been granted by his Lord endless blessings from Divinely Presence. We are only asking from Divinely One from our capacity and our ability. You can't give to an ant what you are giving to an elephant. It is too much, too much therefore we are asking something like an atom from Heavenly Presence of most beloved one's dominions and we are saying A`udhu Billahi min as-Shaytan ir-rajeem. That is an order. (Mawlana sits)

That is His order, Almighty's order. O My people, run to Me because your worst enemy running after you to make you to put in a black hole. Heh heh, black hole very important, very important. O people, try not to fall into black hole and black hole's darkness dominions, no one knows. Not to fall one of that dark black holes. If you falling in it, can't be a second chance for you to come in existence. Therefore, look where you are putting your feet or where you are stepping!

A`udhu Billahi min as-Shaytan ir-rajeem. Big black hole, Shaytan. Don't approach to Shaytan, if approaching, swallowing...don't give to him. Give your mind to me. Big hole, big black hole, that is Shaytan, if taking down, no other chance to come in existence or to reach to enlighten beings. Enlighted beings Allah creating. He is Creator. Enlighted worlds, try to get in it.

When you are going to leave this life and taking out or taken out, look which hole you are going to be taken. If you are lucky one, you are entering through enlighted holes but it is not holes. Holes is a  heavy word and fearful, but this, that is enlighted. When you are entering in it, endless dominions of enlighted territories and oceans you may find there. No measuring, no one knows beginning and ending. Try that you can run in such a dominion for understanding, we are saying enlighted hole. It is not hole, it is just different 100% ffom black holes. May Allah protecting ourselves. If getting in it no getting an end and they should be there forever, finishing and they should be in a terrible position.

Therefore, ....means giving good tidings and black holes, naziran, that means whole prophets they are belonging to enlighted worlds, calling O people follow us, reaching endless dominions of enlighted worlds. Come and follow me. beware not to fall into black hole. that black hole that making anyone falling in it one part from that darkness world, and finishing...up to eternal. Come and accept, O people, eternal life! eternity through that enlighted dominions giving you more and more lights, giving to you more and more unexpected territories, you never seen or heard or knowing about that ones. Come and follow us, the Seal of Prophets saying, come to me to the lighted dominions. 

O our Lord, you can only say His holy name (stands) Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. This is the last day of holy Ramadan, that holy command from Heavens reaching to our planet. Don't think it is one planet. countless, countless. Creation like stream, getting out and running, running. Some of them running through enlighted dominions, some others running after black holes that people there knowing that black holes... finishing, finishing, swallowing. No any chance to come back for reaching enlighted dominions, enlighted oceans of dominions.

O people! O people! Assalamu alaykum. I know nothing, but it's a grant from our master that he is responsible for this world. Master, he is captain, pilot. So many helping in plane, but one, one it is captain, pilot. Yes? (na'am, captain) Captain on this planet, there is one as there is one pole star that never moving east or west or north or south. Fixed. This for each planet, there is one for countless planets, not planets, countless, countless galaxies. Each galaxy, no computer may add them...what is unique, He is Lord Creator, means never stopping His creation creating, creating, creating. On this planet there is captain who looking for everything, countless command for ...our small planet belongs to that one, never changing pole star. He is that one what sending someones' hearts or their understanding, to know and to follow. 

I am nothing and we are nothing, but some ways from Heavenly dominions reaching to masters of creation and their command reaching. They are so small ones, but for directing people not to fall into, into, what saying? trap (tricks and traps) trap of black ones, black holes. Sending these planets, how it is moving no one knows. Only that one knows, captain, he knows and he is making its way. O people, today last day of holy Ramadan, glory to Allah Almighty! we are so small beings but granting us big understanding. Therefore, Allah granting mankind to be His deputies, physically so small but giving us such big understanding.

You are perhaps less than an atom but your understanding so big therefore, rabbi in time of Prophet, the Seal of Prophets (s), most glorified one in the Divinely Presence. Jewish people asking, "O Muhammad, can you tell us about our spirit? (soul) soul, soul... what is soul?" and Holy Command coming,and saying, 'you can't understand'. That is coming from the Lord's command, that is something from the Lord's will. Another level. 

There is a level of creation, only the Lord saying... Be and it will Be. No one can understand the secret power, that only going to be the Lord's representative, to be for the Lord of Heavens deputy. Who is deputy? He never needs for a deputy, but for giving this highest honor among whole creation, from (eternal) up to eternal, pre Eternal up to Eternal. Highest honor that granted any creation, that level be level muntaha (absolute) no, this level highest, last horizon that may reach anything from creation. Last horizon, beyond that no one can find a way. We have been granted therefore saying for rabbis, you can't ask this, you never going to understand it. Leave this, that is Lord's Heavenly statement. Yes? O the Lord's whole creation, you can't ask this, you can't understand it. Stop there. That is only His holy command, to say 'Be' and it come in existence. No one can understand that last level.

And today we are reaching the last day of holy Ramadan, and as we saying, I know nothing but can only understand the spiritual relationship of such levels of spiritual worlds, making me to speak something that myself or you never knowing. No one (can) spoke on it before also. Therefore, Subhanallah, whole glory, absolute glory for Allah, He is keeping that secret.

Today, people so proud for their knowledge and showing them something through space. Knowing nothing. Space can be space. What is it? majestic, gigantic, another star? Galaxies, coming and disappearing, they reached. The Lord of Heavens making them to look and to understand through their arithmetical authority that they have been granted and they are not looking and seeing this, but through their ? (calculations, arithmetic,) mathematic authority making them to looking and seeing but not understanding. There is one number, may be this a key for opening countless openings...what is that number? ...that is, for space from this countless energy power you can't imagine and going to be under control of nineteen kinds of powerful beings. That may be, not may be, but that nineteen numbers opening countless haqiqat, more than realities (truths) true? opening countless and endless majal, dominions. That nineteen is such a powerful number that everything on this world and through this space and through endless dominions of Heavens, this nineteen, number nineteen, giving, giving, giving from unknown through endless realities.

Therefore, not seeing through telescopes, no! Looking and seeing through that number that opening high mathematic knowledge openings. Mathematics is endless oceans. Mathematics, if you are entering, you can't find a beach, if digging you can't find an end. Allah! that is mussakhkar..just, just that number granted for man's understanding, to look and to find such a very, very secret points of this being of this worlds universe. They are...small understanding people, they are joking with people and saying, "O the beginning of this universe was only one atom and coming from Big Bang." That is only for small ones.  They know it is baatil, false but they are saying it to come peoples understanding upside down. Lord's creation from pre Eternal up to Eternal... how you prove? but they are graduated by Shaytan. 

May He forgives us but this is last day of holy Ramadan and we hope that our Lord forgives us from every wrong imagining, every wrong thinking, actions, actings. We are asking, O our Lord, give us, grant us something, some knowledge for Your creation. we can ask from you, O our Lord, grant in this last day endless mercy oceans and blessings. Don't let us to be those people who coming your cursings and send us someone teaching and coming in front of You with our faces shining and happy.

dome dome dome dome dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome dome dome dome dome

to hear your heavenly singing

it is so nice O our Lord

leave us to hear that beautiful and sweet singings

of Your angels through Your Divinely Presence

O our Lord

dome dome dome dome dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome ......may fire,

may firing Heavenly artilleries, you know artillery, top?

may, you may hear for the honor of Holy Ramadan,

guns and artilleries through heavens, shooting and angels saying

dome dome dome dome dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome dome dome dome dome

dome dome dome dome dome dome dome dome


(50 min)

In honor of last day of holy Ramadan and welcoming `Eid mubarak

`Eid mubarak for all of you. Forgive me, O my listeners. Sometimes I am shouting, but my shouting like guns for Shaytanic to make its castles down

and we hope for all of you long life and Eternal life. For all of us, insha'Allah.