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O Prophet! Let Your Sandals Honor My Throne!

Sultan ul-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani

20 July 2010 Lefke, Cyprus

Dastoor yaa Sayyidee. (Mawlana Shaykh stands) Laa ilaaha illa-Llah, Laa ilaaha illa-Llah, Laa ilaaha illa-Llah Sayyidina wa nabiyyina Muhammadun Rasoolullah (s) zidhu ya rabbee `izzan wa sharafa wa karaman wa maj-jada wa jam'an! thumma salaatu was-salaam `ala jami`ee al-anbiya wa 'l-awliya wa `alayna ma`akum min rabbee samawaati wa 'l-ardeen, narju rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. (Mawlana Shaykh sits)

We know nothing.We know nothing. And we must try to learn, who is not learning anything, their value or their level is going to be on the level of animals. And Allah Almighty is honoring Mankind with such an honor that He never granted to any other creatures. That is our understanding level, beyond which we are not seeing anything. We may say only from a small drop from an endless ocean.

As-salaamu `alayka yaa Qutb al-Mutasarrif, Saahib al-`Asr, Saahib az-Zamaan. We are asking from your heavenly presence that is prepared for servants of our Lord. They are azi nadar, treasurers, and are calling to people day and night, "O People! Come and take from the endless treasures of your Lord, because you are deputies forever! Come and take more and more, and carry as much as possible!" You must be as eager as a sultan bringing a heap of golden treasure, but people are eager for dirty things.

We are addressing our attenders, especially to those who claim they are `ulama. They are not happy to be ordinary `ulama, but they are bringing a new title for them, to be "Salafi `ulamas". That has never been used before by anyone in the Muslim world, to refer to themselves as, "Salafi `ulamas," but they are giving themselves that imitated title. It has never been mentioned through Islamic sources. “The ways of Salafi `ulama,” why are you claiming this? We have a judgment on the Day of Resurrection with you. Don’t claim something that you are never reaching! Which Salaaf as-Saalih is accepting you to be Salaaf as-Saalih? No one! But you are making that title for yourself and saying we must come together with you, Salafi `ulamas! And what about the others; what are their titles? Imitated titles, we have real titles, to be Salafi.

What is the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) saying? (Mawlana Shaykh stands) B`ad an aqool a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. Whoever is claiming to be Salafi `ulamas, you must say first, a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaan nir ‘r-rajeem. (Mawlana Shaykh sits) How many people are there? One hundred, one thousand, one million, ten million, a hundred million, or five-hyndred million? I am asking. And you know that the Seal of Prophets (s) was saying, Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. (Mawlana Shaykh stands) Stand up for Allah, don’t worry! (Mawlana Shaykh sits) The Seal of Prophets (s) said:

عليكم بسواد الأعظم

`Alaykum bi 's-sawaadi 'l-`azhaam.

Follow the majority.

What does it mean? You are accusing other `ulamas of not following Salaaf as-Saalih, that only you are, so just a handful of people in the whole world are following Salaaf as-Saalih? What about the thousands of `ulamas throughout the Islamic world? You are on the right way and they are on the wrong way? What is that pride? Allah never likes people to be proud. `Alaykum bi's-sawaadi 'l-`adhaam, "Follow the majority of the people."

The Seal of Prophets (s) is saying, "O People! O `ulamas! All of you are accused with something that you must try to remove from yourself." We are saying according to the holy command of the Seal of Prophets (s), Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem, we are entering a new ocean that has never passed before. We are asking `ulamas that they understand and also make people understand. Now we are knowing nothing but, mu`allimu 'n-naasu 'l-khayr, the Teacher of Goodness to Mankind, who is he? That is the Seal of Prophets' (s) holy title! He is not an ordinary teacher. He is supported by Heavens; that is a real teacher. And he is saying, "I am coming from Heavens to be the best teacher for Mankind." Why is he saying "best teacher?" Because he is coming to teach people what is good for them here and Hereafter, mu`allimu 'n-naasu 'l-khayr, maa huwa 'l-khayr.

Shaykh Hisham, that is a question. What is khayr? To dress in an expensive robe? To wear first-class glasses and make your beards fashionable? To drive a BMW? Why is that the most important? Or to use private planes with every comfort? Is that khayr? The Prophet for every Creation, that no one can reach or approach where he is putting his holy feet, in the Heavens and down on Earth. Living ones are never reaching to where the Seal of Prophets (s) is putting his na`alayn shareef, holy shoes. SubhaanAllah!

The Lord of Heavens is saying to remind people something. It is very important in our days, because there are coming such fashionable things. (Mawlana Shaykh holds a package with nahlayn shareef.) If Salafi `ulamas are seeing this, they will be on fire, so angry, shouting, “What is that? What is that?" We are saying, "na`alayn shareef." This is the most respected na`al, shoe or slipper of the Seal of Prophet (s). They will shout, "Bid`a, haraam!" If we show them, they are going to be on fire! This is showing ta’zeem wa tashreef for the Seal of Prophets (s)! Allah Almighty is glorifying and honoring him, because he passed Jibreel’s (a) station and went up with his slippers! He (s) asked to take them off, but the Lord of rabbul `arsh il-`azheem said, "Put your shoes on My Holy Throne to be honored with your step, and don’t take it away!"

Salafi `ulamas are very angry with this. Why? What happened? If Allah Almighty is glorifying him, why are you jealous? If at night an angel comes and gives you such a shape and puts it on your head, you will be very happy, saying, "I never used this, but a heavenly one came and put it on my head." You should be happy, not jealous, if Allah Almighty is saying to His most beloved, most majestic, and most praised one in His Divine Presence, "O My most beloved and glorified one! Put your steps on My Holy Throne, because you are much more valuable than `Arsh! That is `Arshullah, you are Habeebullah!" Sallahu `alayhi wa sallam. What we are saying is making me to think on it. Allah, Allah.

Respect endlessly, as there is no limit for respect. If Allah Almighty is giving respect to someone, it is immeasurable. But you are using that hattaa (head-cover) and that is what you understand about khayr. What is khayr? The Seal of Prophets (s), did He teach you to use such an instrument that can only reach rich ones, or mulook or sultans? Is the Seal of Prophets (s) saying that is real khayr, goodness? He is teaching you to use such things? He taught you to make a level for yourself from the level of common people! Allah, Allah.

Once upon a time; there is a story, but when we are saying "story", Salafi `ulamas get very angry. They say, “They are never knowing anything. We are not listening to such qassas." Allah Almighty is saying asta`eedhu billah, (Mawlana Shayh stands):

فَاقْصُصِ الْقَصَصَ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَتَفَكَّرُونَ

faqsus al-qassas la`alahum yatafakaroon

Relate to them (yaa Muhammad) the story that perhaps they may think. (Al-A`araaf 7:176)

Is this ayatu 'l-kareemah or not? How are you refusing qissah? (Mawlana Shaykh sits) That is the holy command from Allah Almighty; am I bringing it from myself? Why are you not reciting that ayatu 'l-kareemah to mulook, to presidents, prime ministers, and shaykhs? Whay are you not reciting to them, O Salafi 'ulama? Go to jalaalatu 'l -malik and say one story of the Banu Isra`eel! But you are never accepting, because if you are saying qissah they will say you are a story teller! Allah is saying, faqsasu 'l-qassas, alif laam, imma yakoon lil-khaas, aw yakoon alif laam yusheer `ala 'l-ahad, wa `alal jins aw lil-`umoom yusheer, al-qassas, maa ja`alallah Subhaana wa ta`ala one kind of story, no. He may say any story is for what? Saying the reason also that, la`alahum yatakfaroon, “You may say any story,” for what? "To make people take some benefit, to think on it."

Therefore, I am telling now one story, qissah, at the the time of Iskandar, Alexander the Great. He reached India, the last point of his conquest. He asked to make a parade to show people his power, majesty, and might. People had never seen such a parade. His armies were passing with gold and silver armors, and precious stones and jewels. He was passing and looking. Behind him there was one person sitting, he had only a sarong. He was not facing the parade, but was looking back.

Alexander the Great held the reins of his horse and said, "Why are you not turning your face to look at my majesty?"

The man replied, "O Sikandar, the son of Philipos! Once upon a time I was interested in such things that we have every day. We have such a parades," and today we have these parades in Cyprus also. "I was so interested but one thing happened and I just left it."

Alexander the Great asked, “What is that?”

The man said, "Once I was walking from one village to reach another place, the darkness of the night was decending. I thought to myself that dangerous and wild animals come out in the dark." Because at night, every badness and all kinds of shaytans are going to be around.

O Salafi `ulamas! The Seal of Prophets (s) is saying, "O People! ahbisoo awlaadukum ba`da ghuroob ish-shams, "Keep your children in homes after sunset." You are saying, "We have amr bi 'l-m`aroof!" Why you amr bi 'l-m`aroof wa 'n-nahya `an i'l-munkar people are not going around to make youngsters go to their homes? No such order from jalaalatul malik? Why are you not doing this? The Seal of Prophets (s) said, ahbisoo awlaadukum ba`da ghuroob ish-shams. “Keep your children in homes after sunset,” because it is the time of intishaar ash-shayateen, "Devils going out and around." You are not doing that, so you have a heavy responsibility.

O Salafi `ulamas! Look at what that faqeer is saying. “I was looking at that time to get some protection from the darkness, from zhulmatu 'l-layl, oppression of night, and wahshatu 'l-layl, wildness of night time. I saw one place that is using Indian ruhbaan, a monastery. I opened the door, entered, and looked for a place to rest. It was dark, but I found a place and thought to sleep there. I woke up in the morning, and the priest of that monastery came and looked at me, saying, 'Where are you from?' And I told him my story. The priest said, 'You know the story of the one that you were sleeping with? He is naked, do you know that one?' and I said, 'I don't know him.' He said, 'That is the king of this area. He passed away, they brought his dead body to be in this temple.' And then I saw him and thought, 'I am a beggar and that is the emperor. I see no difference between me and him!' From that day I am disgusted. When I saw that manzhar, view, I thought there is no difference between your king and a beggar! I was thinking, 'That king is different than me,' but I saw him and I were on the same level. Therefore, that interest in my heart just fell down."

Iskandar Kabeer, Alexander the Great, said, “You said the truth and I am never stepping more than this limit.I am moving back!” He was ashamed!

O Salafi `ulamas! You are so interested in such a society, you and your ladies, your daughters, your sons, your kings, your presidents, and your shaykhs, must take a lesson from this story. Allah Almighty is saying (Mawlana Shaykh stands) astaa'eedhu billah, faqsasu 'l-qassas l`alahum yatafakaroon, "relate to them the story for them to reflect upon." (59:21) (Mawlana Shaykh sits)

O Allah! Tawbah yaa Rabbee, amaan yaa Rabbee, that is all from our egos' tashji`a, encouragement. Our egos and Shaytan encourage us to run after such nonsense things!

O People! Come to Allah and do your best for Him! Try to make everything for the pleasure of Allah. Don’t try and make your egos pleased with you and make Allah Almighty displeased with you.

Fatihah. May Allah forgive us.

O our Attenders! Come and listen before a slap comes on your heads; do not run away!