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Learn Wisdom and the Ability to Accept Changes in Life

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

25 June 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

(Translated from Turkish)

There is turmoil everywhere. Nothing remains the same, as every day’s manifestation is different. Today does not resemble the day before, and tomorrow will not be the same as today; each one’s content is different. Yesterday’s events cannot be found here today; that is finished. Similar to al-fulk al-mashhoon, “the loaded ship,” another ship has sailed to dock. It will unload its cargo, take what it will take, give what it will give, and then move on. The next day it will arrive with another cargo and will give and take again. Therefore, one day does not resemble the other.

Now what has been said concerning this? “The believer is someone who complies with each day’s manifestation.” A believer moves toward the direction in which the water flows. A foolish one, however, wants to move against it. But that is impossible, my son, impossible! Move in the direction of the water, not opposite of it! Now all Mankind are going against the stream. They never go toward the easy way, which is why there is trouble everywhere, because they are struggling to move in the opposite direction. What does it mean when I say “opposite direction”? It means, they want to transfer all of today’s matters to tomorrow. That’s impossible! Today’s work is different, tomorrow’s manifestation is different.

We are in the summer season. After three months, autumn will come. Now if you want to apply summer’s manifestations on autumn, is that possible? It’s impossible. After autumn comes winter. Winter’s manifestation is different, yet we want to enforce autumns weather on winter. That is impossible! In a whole year, there can’t only be autumn or only winter. After winter comes a change, comes spring; it is a continuous cycle. The manifestation of spring is different. We want all of them to be one, but no my son, that’s impossible. Why can’t these people ever succeed? Because they don’t know any wisdom. Can summer and winter ever be equal? Can autumn and spring be equal? Never! A man who doesn’t know wisdom will sink in it and remain there; he won’t be able to get out.

That is why (understanding) tajalli, manifestation is important. Today’s work is different than tomorrow’s, so we have to act accordingly. How do you hold the steering wheel of a car? If you hold it the same way you are driving on a straight road, then when you go down or up a hill, or when you enter a curve, it will roll over a hundred times. A hundred times! That is why you need to know the different manifestations. And Allah has shown us the four seasons to teach us, “You will change; you can’t always stay the same! Youth is different, middle-age is different, and old age is different.” These people have no wisdom; they (ignorantly) continue going straight. Can’t be! There is also a curve in the road. Then you will roll over and never get up a second time, God forbid. They know nothing of wisdom, whereas that should be the first thing taught in schools; you have to teach wisdom first! There is no end and no count to this world’s wisdoms, and all are useful for Mankind. When we say wisdom, it means, all of it is for the benefit of Mankind.

Allah created these wisdoms, but they don’t teach us this. Open the books of these donkeys; everything in them is rubbish! Rubbish! Why do you put rubbish in these books? There are jewels! Bring out these jewels. Teach people to search and find jewels.Thousands of students are finishing their studies, but they have no idea what to do after. Then why did you study? For what did you study? All these years, you used up your youth, and now you reached close to a zero, both physically and spiritually. For what? What did you learn? It’s only, “Good,” “Excellent,” “Honor Roll,” gymnastics, this and that. This is idle talk, yaa Hu! Leave this! Change is fard, obligatory. You have to change! Who doesn’t know summer cannot know winter, who doesn’t know winter cannot know summer. Why have you let your children study so much (of rubbish)? What did you teach them? Here, he brings home his report card with, “Very Good,” or “Good.” This is all rubbish! The child cannot survive in life with this. Your son received his diploma, report card. Nowadays, they call it “diploma,“ but back in the days they called it “şehadetnâme“ (Certificate of Witness). For what? Witnessing that this child has learned something, that he has learned these lessons and is now certified to apply them (in real life.)

What will become of these youth now? That’s why, there are at least 40,000 unemployed youth. What can they do? What is it that they learned? They don’t teach anything useful, so how can they know? If it is something to be learned, then let us learn it too. The diploma in his hand is nonsense. That one is a principal, this one is an assistant principal, that one is a teacher, or this and that, all of which is for showing off; it is rubbish work! What is it that you are showing off so much? What will this child do in his life? You had these children study for all these; you took them at the age of five until they reached the age twenty--a total of fifteen years! What will this child do in life now? What can he do? He hasn’t learned anything to be able to do something. If he did, he would apply what he learned. What did you teach him?

Therefore, there is change; life enters into many different phases. Life’s phases are not one. These people’s understanding of the concept of life’s stages is only to study or teach in schools. No! Will the rubbish you teach in schools be valid in life? Tell me! What will this child do now? Eh, he doesn’t know anything, so what can he do? How is it that he doesn’t know how to do anything? “Shaykh Effendi, what to do? He should pee in his pants!“ Then you should have taught him that, and have said to him, “Pee your pants!”

In their most fruitful years, when the brains of youngsters are like fire, you couldn’t give them anything. If you had at least given them one jewel, that one jewel would have sufficed them. What do they have now? These children will stay unemployed. How many thousands of students are loitering on the streets, with no job! How come? Because they didn’t get him accustomed to doing something (i.e. to take on a hobby), and since that is the case, Shaytan got them accustomed to devilry. Do I have to go to school in order to get accustomed to devilry? That is also found at home through these instruments that teach different kinds of shaytanic acts. It’s all corrupt.

It will change! We will change! This way is not the way to go. That’s why I said, this world is not on an open-end road. The road this world is taking is not an open-end road. This is not only limited to Cyprus; however many people there are on Earth, the path they are taking has no way out! Finished.

What are they waiting for now? To fight each other so they die. Eh, did we come to this world to fight or to learn something and to make a service? Later they will say, “You and your service!“ May Allah forgive us. This will be enough. It’s an important declaration. Take it to their principals and present this to them, saying, “You consumed our lives because of these children. We gave these children to you as a trust, and you sent them back to us five times more ignorant! What shall we do now? I have only three or five kurush (pence) left in my pocket, and I will spend that as well on my kid. What will he do at the end?!“ They are saying, “Eh, the kids will take pills.” You taught them to take those pills. For what? For your sultanate to continue. You had those pills made. You made them addicts so they continue using them, to become zero, to make them go and have others come. May Allah forgive us. May Allah send us a Saahib.